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The Potatotastic Jam #18 Voting Topic


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#1 dadio


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Posted 29 April 2015 - 09:21 PM

Welcome to the official GMC Jam #18 Voting Topic!



This topic is where you can post your reviews and final votes in the GMCJam. The rules, as always, are listed below for those new members that are participating for the first time and we recommend that you read them before making any posts. For those veterans out there, skip the rules as nothing has changed since previous jams, and "START VOTING"!


Voting Template
You don't have to use this, but it makes my life a lot easier if you do, so please consider adding the following template to your post, even if you wish to add mini-reviews and images for your chosen games.



My votes go to


1st Place - name of the game - author
2nd Place - name of the game - author
3rd Place - name of the game - author


Best Use Of Theme - author

Best Use of Handicap - author

Best Use of Secret Word - author

Best Presentation - author
Best Devblog - author


Best Use of Hidden Potato - author



Voting Rules
You may vote for as many (or as few) games as you wish in order of preference, with 1 being the winner and all subsequent games being runners up, but please vote for at least three! The zip file that is created for the Jam comes with a game "randomiser" so that the order you play the games in does not depend on their title or creator, so we ask that you please use it!

Apart from the voting you are encouraged to post a mini-review of the winning game (and any others you feel deserve it) explaining what you liked/disliked and why you think it deserves to win... Remember, this is a Community Jam and so feedback from the community is all important! We want to know what you think! Apart from that there are a few more rules to stick to...
Voting will last approximately 21 days from Thursday 30th April to Thursday 21st of May.
Please post your votes FIRST, before any other text or images, and preferably using the above template.
Only ONE post per person (this is flexible but you MUST PM me for permission first). Any further conversation about a given game can be held in the Jam topic or in the topic of the game itself (if it has one). Any posts breaking this rule will be removed.
Your top three games MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SHORT REVIEW and posts with no reviews of at least the top three games will be considered at the time of counting.
If you are reviewing the games over the course of the 21 day voting period, use the button to add to your post, rather than post twice.Constructive criticism is fine, but comments like "This game sucks" will not be tolerated... so think before commenting! If your reviews are extensive or use images, please encase them in [spoiler] tags.
Please vote for at least YOUR TOP THREE GAMES, although you can vote for as many as you like (and every vote DOES count!) Please also vote for "Best Use Of Restrictions" , "Best Presentation", "Best DevBlog" and "Best use of secret word"
NO talk of cheating in the Jam topics please. If anyone has any doubts about a post or a vote, then please REPORT the post or PM me with your thoughts and action will be taken accordingly.
For all votes, including the Best Ofs, be sure to include BOTH the game name AND the author name.
So that's it I think... Take your time to play as many games as possible, but don't feel pressured to play them all, and we shall see you all here again in 21 days time to see who has the honour of being the Jam winner this time around!

Good luck to everybody and thank you all so much for participating in this most potatoriffic of occasions!

The secret word was TREE!

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#2 Detective Pixel

Detective Pixel

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Posted 29 April 2015 - 09:24 PM

Notice: All votes are mostly based on how much fun I had playing them. Mostly.


1, Revamped - Warp 2 War
2. TehPilot - Echolotrate
3. Yal - Gun Princess Zero


Best Use Of Theme - Yal - Gun Princess Zero

Best Use of Handicap - Makerofthegames - Rushed Jam Game

Best Use of Secret Word - ???

Best Presentation - GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propaganda
Best Devblog - ???


Best Use of Hidden Potato - Aamatniekss - Arctic Clash


Reviews for the top 3:



Oooo, Meh, or Eeh Games: Now in order! (These are my votes)


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#3 Yal


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Posted 29 April 2015 - 09:39 PM

Votes (subject to change as I play more stuff)

  1. Game: Voyage Vikings By: JackOatley, HayManMarc, Speedchuck (11 pts)
  2. Game: Ice Queen By: Blake (10 pts)
  3. Game: Damaged By: Floofpaws (9½ pts)
  4. Game: Cards on Table By: Joh
  5. Game: A Very Normal Antarctic Day By: Nallebeorn (7½ pts)
  6. Game: Sword Soldier By: Fel666 (6 pts)
  7. Game: Coalition By: Shadowspear1 (6pts)
  8. Game: A Game About A Spy With Buttons By: Team Magnus Alice (5 pts)
  9. Game: Kapitalist Klown By: Kepons (4½ points)
  10. Game: The World Has Gone M.A.D. By: Snail_Man, TheUltimate, ParodyKnaveBob (3 pts)
  11. Game: Game: The Battle for Peng-Winterfell By: Blopit (2½ pts)
  12. Game: Potato Blaster By: Merceneries (1 pt)
  13. Game: Cold Potato By: TerraFriedSheep
  14. Game: Potatomon By: Barvix (0 pts)
Disqualified because of installers:
Game: Major Kong, the Wild Ride By:Pandoomic



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- The above is my personal opinion and in no way representative of Yoyogames or the GMC, except when explicitly stated -


Open this spoiler for my games:


Some useful game engines, music and other resources at affordable prices:

My collection of game resources at itch.io


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#4 TheUltimate


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Posted 29 April 2015 - 09:44 PM

Ult's Review Post!


My Votes:

  1. Coalition (shadowspear1)
  2. Snotty Vikings (Greenblizzard)
  3. Cards On Table (Joh)
  4. Echolotrate (TehPilot)
  5. Ice-Bot 3000 (Mercerenies)
  6. White Mist (The M)
  7. A Very Normal Antarctic Day (Nallebeorn)
  8. Tactical Box (Goinbatty)
  9. Ice Queen (Blake)
  10. Little-Known Struggles of the Cold War (DocNogloff)
  11. Cold War Kitty (liliththepale)
  12. Warp 2 War (Revamped)
  13. The Warning (Chaosmore)
  14. Anton (trg601)
  15. Kirov Rampage (Shadow_Lancer)
  16. Arctic Clash (aamatniekss)
  17. Silent Warfare (Mrbear91)


Mini-reviews for the top 3





The way I review Jam games is based mostly on “HOW AWESOME WAS THE CONCEPT?” followed closely by “How well was it done/how fun is it?” cause as we all know, everybody’s totally rushed when they’re doing one of these 72-hour things and the execution sometimes doesn’t quite match what you envisioned. (so in other words, don’t mind too much if I complain about the controls lol.) I believe that creating something different and taking risks is more important than sticking to the same tried-and-true formula with a few changes. There's a trade-off between polish/completeness and innovation, and I don't think that doing something outside your norms should count against you.
The reviews themselves are by PM request. I'd rather write a few detailed reviews that will be meaningful to the reviewee, rather than 60 short reviews that might not get read. All I ask of you if I review your game is to reply and let me know your thoughts on it. And please reply with more than one sentence, these reviews aren't short to write! The reviews will be edited into this post. The first 5 requests are guaranteed a review; subsequent reviews will only be done if there's time.
Oh, and let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to mention about your game!
Good luck to everybody!


Random comments - Sorry it's imcomplete, I didn't manage to finish the comments but I did play each game!




Actual Reviews



Random Stuff:

List of all game topics as of 8 May:
The World Has Gone M.A.D.!
Silent Warfare
Gun Princess Zero
Balls of War (Starring Ramballs)
Arctic Wars
Kosmonaut Kombat
List of all 61 games in alphabetical order: (from the zipfile)
PM me if something's missing.


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- Awesome games from around here: Unlimited - Legena: New Dawn - PlanIt - Tinha War - CountAir Strike -

#5 aamatniekss


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Posted 29 April 2015 - 09:44 PM

1. GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propaganda

2. Blake - Ice Queen

3. Tehpilot - Echolotrate


Best Use of Handicap: Jack Oatley - Voyage Vikings

Best Use of Theme: GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propaganda

Best Presentation: GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propaganda



My try on honest and fair reviews. (Sorry didn't have time to review all the games)

Will be reviewing all of the games. Some reviews might be longer, some might be short, depends on how much I have to say about game.


I decided on how I will review the games, I will give score divided in 5 categories -

Gameplay[0/4]-  How fun the game is to play.

Visuals[0/2] - How good does the visual part of the game look.

Audio/Handicap[0/2] - How good does it sound. And if handicap is included

Theme use[0/2] - How well is the theme used, and if it's used at all.



Total[0/10] - total score for the game.



Reviews: 3/all (SORRY THERE WON'T BE ANYMORE REVIEWS, I have no time for it, this time around)

P.s stuff might change as more of the games are reviewed. 


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There was a Caveman - Out on Steam!     Bacon Rebellion - Greenlit on Steam!
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#6 Xor



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Posted 29 April 2015 - 10:17 PM


  • Blake - Ice Queen (41/50)
  • 11clock - ByteStack (38/50)
  • liliththepale - Cold War Kitty (35/50)
  • AimkidProductions - Cold War, Warm Pizza (33/50)
  • aamatniekss - Arctic Clash (32/50)

The rest (34):



Best Use Of Restrictions - Doc Nogloff
Best Presentation - Detective Pixel
Best Devblog - liliththepale
Best use of secret word - Blake

Reviews [34/55]
Users 11clock - brainstorm:


Users Camper125LvZ - Freaknarf

Users GameDevDan - Lukasmah:

Users makerofthegames - MikeDark_x:


Sorry I couldn't review everyone!

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#7 trg601


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Posted 29 April 2015 - 11:02 PM

Votes: (Out of the some that i've played already)


1. Voyage Vikings by JackOatley, Haymanmarc and speedchuck.

2. Gun Princess Zero by Yal

3. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang by liliththepale


Reviews: [9/60-ish]


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Because of the forum being archived, the above post is probably pretty old and may not reflect my current opinion.
If you want to find some of my games go to: Mutantbrain

#8 HayManMarc


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 12:00 AM

All done.  Love it or hate it, this is it.
  1. liliththepale - Cold War Kitty
  2. Shadow_Lancer - Kirov Rampage
  3. The M - White Mist


Best Of's

Best Use Of Theme - RekNepZ

Best Use of Handicap - Nallebeorn
Best Use of Secret Word - dumb
Best Presentation - GameDevDan
Best Devblog - ???
Best Use of Hidden Potato - aamatniekss
Most Rewarding Ending - Alice and mr magnus

Full List (40)

View the spreadsheet with the mini-reviews here:  HVRs GMC Jam18
(For those whose games I skipped for various reasons, feel free to PM me if you'd like a review, but understand I still will not install a jam game.)
Quick play-thru of games gives this line-up of first impressions.

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#9 11clock


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 12:13 AM

Justin & Aaron's Votes of Idiocy


Picture of us! :D



Aaron (RayRay26) and I will be casting our own votes of different halves of the games. We count as two separate entities in terms of tallying, but the fact that we are covering all games as a whole will balance things out!

We will be voting on as close to the same amount of games as we can between us! Fairness rules!


Joke Video Review Mashup


Justin's Votes (COMPLETE!)



Justin's Written Reviews (COMPLETE!)



Aaron's Votes (COMPLETE)



Aaron's Written Reviews (COMPLETE!)


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#10 Mrbear91


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 05:29 AM

Finished! Great Work Everyone! Im already excited for the next jam! Who knows what will happen =D


Scoring System:

12 Points Total:
3 to art

3 to controls

3 to gameplay

3 to sound (if followed handicap only)

Best use of secret word - Cold War Kitty


Top 10, My votes go to these games in this order.
1. The world has gone M.A.D - (TheUltimate, ParodyKnaveBob,Snail_man): 10/12
2. Kirov Rampage - (Shadow_lancer) :  9/12
3. Major Kong - (Pandoomic): 9/12
4. Potato Patch Propaganda- (GameDevDan): 9/12
5. Sword Soldier - (fel666): 9/12
6. Ice-bot 3000 - (Mercerenies): 9/12
7. Snotty Vikings - (Greenblizzard): 8/12
8. Voyage Vikings - (JackOatley, HayManMarc, speedchuck) : 8/12
9. Orange Vs Black - (AntonHuckleberry) : 8/12
10. Bytestack - (11oclock) : 8/12


Games/ Score that did not make my top 10



GMC Jam Zip Reviews (55/55)

If anyone wants a more in depth review please pm me with the link to your wip post or i can just pm it =)


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Silent Warfare v1.3 Out NOW! Jam 18 Rank: 47


#11 Hulle


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 08:25 AM

Going to play all of them and make a mini review of each one.

My favorites by order (changes during reviews):

  1. Cold War Kitty
  2. Gun Princess Zero
  3. Ice Queen
  4. ByteStack
  5. Artic Clash
  6. Echolotrate
  7. Orange VS Blackcurrant
  8. Little Known Struggles of the Cold War
  9. Duck
  10. Silent Warfare
  11. Torch Runner
  12. Laika ****
  13. Balls of War
  14. Crazy Old Lady of Ducks Wedded with Amazing Richmans
  15. Daughter - Mother

Best Use Of Restrictions -
Best Presentation -
Best Devblog -
Best use of secret word -


Cold War Kitty 



Little Known Struggles of the Cold War



Ice Queen



Gun Princess Zero






Balls of War






Daughter - Mother



Torch Runner



Crazy Old Lady of Ducks Wedded with Amazing Richmans



Orange VS Blackcurrant






Artic Clash



Laika ****



Silent Warfare


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#12 JackOatley


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 09:42 AM



Turns out that even when I want to, I don't physically have the time to do this.

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#13 Revamped


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 03:56 PM

Downloading, with a 3mb bandwidth so it's going to take a while yupee :D


I'll be reviewing all the games in the zip. My score will be splitted, as aamatnieks, into these categories:


Gameplay [2]: It is fun? Innovative? Risky?

Graphics [2]: Does it looks good? Original?

Audio [2]: Music/SFX sounds good? Original? Well mixed? Using the handicap will be considered also in this category.

Theme [2]: Is the theme used? Fits the game? Is it well done?

Handicap [2]: Is the handicap used? How well is it used?




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#14 TehPilot


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 06:12 PM


tehpilot television: televised reviews
gmc jam #18 edition

Live from the Game Maker Community, TehPilot and his comrades in game design will walk you through a potatotastic menagerie of competitive entries to let you know what's the hottest (coldest?) in 72-hour creations this Spring (fall?). This multi-day review session will culminate in a delicious potato salad meal in honor of the top games this Jam.

TehPilot Television is a subsidiary of the World Coalition of Public Radio, and all rights reserved.


Unfortunately, due to final exams and other obligations, I couldn't do most of my intended review activities in-depth. I managed to play through 31 games, at least, so there's that.

If you'd like me to go more in-depth with my opinion on your game, shoot me a PM and I'll give you an entire rundown as need be.

Top Rankings
  • Arctic Clash by aamatniekss - This game was one of the first I played, and it's left the strongest impression out of anything I've played. I found a good deal of the game's minor details very charming (things like the eskimo-themed powerups and losing clothes upon losing health). I can forgive the noncompliance with the handicap, as everything else was fantastic - the game controlled well, and it kept me enthralled long enough to play through the entire game. I had a blast doing this one live, although my mediocre platforming skills were likely the bane of my viewer's experiences. Well done!
  • Spring Rebounds by chance - I was drawn to this game for its simplistic charm. I immensely enjoyed the little physics-based puzzles, and loved the clever ideas presented in them. Relating the winter and spring patterns in nature to the tasks (spearing snowflakes, the worm coming out of the ground after winter, etc) really struck me as creative. It was probably the most unique entry I played, and definitely hit a positive note in my mind. A high ranking I have thus awarded it.
  • Warp 2 War by Revamped - Although I initially skipped this one on stream (OBS wasn't behaving with full-screen mode), I went back to try it and found it was exceedingly difficult for me. Frustration in slow motion aside, this game was undoubtedly another visual gem and expertly done. I would argue it was the best game atmospherically that I played. I am also a sucker for the stealth genre with Jam games - I've done that style of game twice, and I enjoy a well-executed stealth game. The considerable amount of polish going into it awards it a top spot as well.
Best Presentation - Gun Princess Zero
Best Use of Handicap - Ice-Bot 3000

The Rest

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To infinity, and surround!

#15 amosmyn


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 07:21 PM

RE: Kosmonaut Kombat

If you are encountering an issue regarding a missing .dll, please download & install the following:


Basically, I added an audio extension to the game that I didn't end up using that uses the OpenAl32.dll, used for audio programming. My computer happened to have the file necessary to run the extension (and thus had no issue running the game), but 80%~ of players in the Jam received the missing .dll error. The package installs the .dll into your system and was created by the folks who made the .dll.



Hi folks, I'll do some quick reviews too I guess.

If you're interested in a more in-depth review send me a PM.

Those who have requested such will have an asterick next to their game in my review spoiler. (*)



Best Use Of Restrictions - Potato Patch Propaganda
Best Presentation - Potato Patch Propaganda
Best Devblog - Voyage Vikings
Best use of secret word (Tree) - Notes Aux


Top Three:

The Best of the Best

1. Gun Princess Zero

2. Potato Patch Propaganda

3. White Mist


Runner Ups:

The Best of the Rest

4. Kirov Rampage

5. Ice Queen

6. Arctic Clash

7. ByteStack

8. Voyage Vikings

9. Warp 2 War

10. Ice-Bot 3000



My favourites that didn't make it in the top 10.

11. Cold War Kitty

12. Kapitalist Klown

13. Kalter Kreig

14. Acid Dough

15. Echolotrate


Rating System (out of 10):

Gameplay [2.5]: Is the gameplay fun? Intriguing? Inventive? Is the intended gameplay accomplished well?

Visuals [2]: How does it look? Is the visual theme consistent and enticing? (ps I'm a design student)

Controls [1.5]: Do the controls feel natural? Are they explained from the get-go?

Audio / Handicap [1.5]: How does it sound? How well was the handicap employed? How well is the volume balanced? Did you brush your teeth?

Theme [1.5]: Cold War / Secret Word Points, the latter of which employed as a bonus point.

Bonus [0.5]: Awarded for games that I feel stand out in a particular fashion. If they get the bonus point I'll usually explain why.

Higher rated games are not necessarially better than lower rated ones, but they do tend to follow the Jam criteria better.

Dull green highlights solid games.

Bright green highlights standout games and categories that particular games really excelled at.

Yellow hearts (<3) are games that I want to highlight because I really enjoyed them for some reason. It's not score based.

I'll also use (+) to highlight games with Multiplayer. There were only two other titles with this feature besides my own.


Remember folks! This isn't academics. If you don't get a high score, there's nothing to feel bad about!

Everything's a learning process and I'm sure we all have areas to improve.


RATINGS (completed)


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aka amosmyn

#16 liliththepale


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 11:25 PM

My votes go to
Gun Princess Zero - Yal
Ice Queen - Blake
Kapitalist Klown - Kepons

Best Use Of Restrictions - Jack Oatley, HayManMarc, Speedchuck (Voyage Vikings)
Best Presentation - Shadow Lancer (Kirov Rampage)
Best Devblog - GameDevDan (Potato Patch Propaganda)
Best use of secret word - N/A

breakdown (arranged by rank, with highest first):

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#17 shadowspear1


    The Penumbra

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Posted 01 May 2015 - 12:59 AM

Who I am voting for:
 - res; by res
 - res; by res
 - res; by res

 - res; by res

 - res; by res

Best Use Of Restrictions - res
Best Presentation - res
Best Devblog - res
Best use of secret word - res


Games I have reviewed


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#18 GameDevDan


    RIP current GMC

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Posted 01 May 2015 - 08:06 AM

GameDevDan's Votes


My votes go to:

1st :: JackOatley, HayManMarc and Speedchuck :: Voyage Vikings
2nd :: Shadow_Lancer :: Kirov Rampage
3rd :: TehPilot :: Echolotrate


Full Votes:



Other Awards:

Best Use Of Theme - Greenblizzard (Snotty Vikings)
Best Use of Handicap - Jack Oatley, HayManMarc, Speedchuck (Voyage Vikings)
Best Use of Secret Word - Chance (Spring Rebounds)
Best Presentation - Jack Oatley, HayManMarc, Speedchuck (Voyage Vikings)
Best Devblog - LilithThePale (Cold War Kitty)
Best Use of Hidden Potato - aamatniekss (Arctic Clash)


Reviews (completed).


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See you all on the other side.

Back & share :)

#19 brainstorm


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Posted 01 May 2015 - 08:24 AM

Making the same as the last time (changing the brainless titles thought)


Brainful awards (The normal GMC Jam awards):

Here are the titles that I'll award

1st (Lord of gamedevs' brains):
2nd (Lord of gamedevs' toes):
3rd (Lord of gamedevs' teeth):
Best Use of the Theme (Lords Thematic Park's Owner):
Best Use of the Handicap (Lords' secretary):
Best Use of the Secret Word (Lords' seer):

Brainless awards (Awards ):
Court's potato-Best potato game award (Potatoes are going to invade us and we can't do nothing!):
Court's clown-Best joke game award (it's good to see some of them :P):
Court's bug-Game with more bugs (There are usually some in a 3-days competition)


I also will give a useless title for everyone's joy and pride.




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MTGC2_WINNER_BANNER_brainstorm_100x100.p    5b05b309e42fdd73842f2fda3837eea1.gif


#20 GameGoblin


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Posted 01 May 2015 - 11:53 AM

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#21 Nallebeorn


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Posted 01 May 2015 - 12:35 PM

**Nallebeorn's Very Much Reviews**


Positions are determined primarily based on the total score (as seen in the reviews). In case of ties, I simply use my intuition to order them.


These will of course change as I play more games.


  1. GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propaganda (17)
  2. liliththepale - Cold War Kitten (15)
  3. aamatniekss - Arctic Clash (13.5)
  4. 11clock - ByteStack (13.5)
  5. TehPilot - Echolotrate (12.5)
  6. Mercerenies - Ice-Bot 3000 (12)
  7. JackOatley, HayManMarc, speedchuck - Voyage Vikings (12)
  8. Blake - Ice Queen (12)
  9. Greenblizzard - Snotty Vikings (12)
  10. Shadow_Lancer - Kirov Rampage (11.5)
  11. Revamped - Warp 2 War (10.5)
  12. AimkidProductions - Cold War, Warm Pizza (10.5)
  13. Pandoomic - Major Kong: The Wild Ride (10.5)
  14. Goinbatty - Tactical Box (10)
  15. Yal - Gun Princess Zero (9.5)
  16. The M - White Mist (9.5)
  17. Alice, mr magnus - A Game about Spy with Buttons (9.5)
  18. monstrgaming - Snowball Wars (9.5)
  19. Xor - Arctic Wars (9.5)
  20. shadowspear1 - Coalition (9.5)
  21. AntonHuckleberry - Orange vs Blackcurrent (9)
  22. Joh - Cards on the Table (9)
  23. Hulle - Kalter Krieg (9)
  24. Peps1992 - Daugher Mother (9)
  25. yodamerlin - Shaking Soldiers (8.5)
  26. Freaknarf - Laika Shit (8.5)
  27. fel666 - Sword Soldier (8.5)
  28. RekNepZ - Duck (8.5)
  29. Chaosmore - The Warning (8)
  30. Snail_Man, TheUltimate, ParodyKnaveBob - The World Has Gone M.A.D. (8)
  31. trg601, Moon489 - Anton (8)
  32. makerofthegames - Rushed Jam Game (8)
  33. chance - Spring Rebounds (8)
  34. kepons - Kapitalist Klown (7)
  35. chainsawkitten - Notes aux Plusieurs Espions (7)
  36. Mocgames998 - Balls of War, Starring Ramballs (7)
  37. Camper125Lv - Penguin SLaughter (6)
  38. Sirham - Torch Runner (6)
  39. Nitemare38 - Acid Dough (6)
  40. brainstorm - Crazy Old Lady of Ducks Wedded with Amazing Richman (6)
  41. Mr_Y_not - Kosmonaut Kombat (5.5)
  42. Mrbear91 - Silent Warfare (5.5)
  43. augeacc35 -  Warehouse Mayhem (5.5)
  44. Dog Nogloff - The Little Know Struggles of the Cold War (5.5)
  45. CaptainPuddleboat - Snowball (5.5)
  46. Blopit - The Battle for Peng-Winterfell (5)
  47. Detective Pixel - Arctic Flame (5)
  48. Barvix - Potatomon (5)
  49. MikeDark_x - *untitled* (5)
  50. Floofpaws - Damaged (4.5)
  51. Lukasmah - Nut a Joek Gaem 4 (4)
  52. Mercerenies - Potato Blaster (4)
  53. GVmakesGames - Potato Clicker (4)
  54. TerraFriedSheep  - Cold Potato (3)


Best use of theme : shadowspear1 - Coalition

(creative interpretations are all right, but you've made one of the few correct, literal interpretations–-the game is all about managing a state during the Cold War)

Best use of handicap : JackOatley, HayManMarc & speedchuck - Voyage Vikings

(a close race between you, GameDevDan and Greenblizzard (because of his awesome music. But hey–-with narrator, voice acting, catchy song AND no missing sound effects, you deserve this)

Best use of secret word : liliththepale - Cold War Kitten

(trees everywhere, tree as catapult)

Best use of hidden potato : Revamped - Warp 2 War

(because attacking soldiers with potatoes from their comrades' pockets)


Best presentation : GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propaganda

(there's nothing to discuss here)

Best devlog :  Alice - A Game about a Spy with Buttons

(the first day is good, anyway)




Edited by Nallebeorn, 21 May 2015 - 02:05 PM.

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#22 peps1992


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Posted 01 May 2015 - 09:50 PM

My votes go to...


1st Place - Snail_Man, TheUltimate, ParodyKnaveBob - The World Has Gone M.A.D

2nd Place - GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propaganda

3rd Place - Chaosmore - The Warning



Full Rankings!





How this works



Game Reviews [55/55]


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#23 Pandoomic


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Posted 04 May 2015 - 05:02 AM

My top 3 are as follows! Thanks for the fun jam everyone! I hope some of you enjoyed Major Kong's Wild Ride!


  • 2

#24 RekNepZ


    GMC Historian

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Posted 04 May 2015 - 09:29 PM








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^kept in my sig for historical purposes^

#25 Chaosmore


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Posted 05 May 2015 - 11:00 AM

My review post here embrace games that has more eccentric value, and if your game is not in a good rating remember this is just my own reviews. Also if your game isn't finished, it's not gonna have a decent rating.


My votes go to:

A Normal Antarctic Day - by Nallebeorn

Notes aux Plusieurs Espions  - by chainsawkitten

Cards on Table - by Joh

Cold War Kitty - by liliththepale


New votes:

Spring Rebounds - by chance
Kapitalism Klown - by kepons
Thought real hard for these two, but you know what, lets have them in.


Best Use of Theme : Cards on Table - by Joh

Best Use of Handicap : Orange vs Blackcurrent - by AntonHuckleberry

Best Use of Secret Word : Cold War Kitty by liliththepale Notes aux Plusieurs Espions  - by chainsawkitten
(When I realise what chainsawkitten does with the "actual" tree I'm kind of surprised, and immediately this makes me decided to vote use of best secret word for Notes aux Plusieurs Espions. Surely this vote would go to Cold War Kitty if what counts is the effort, but I really like how the game present the secret word in an interesting way, rather than just put them in the game just to make some sense. If I could vote for 2 persons, I would put Cold War Kitty in, too bad it's against the rule. Sorry liliththepale, I still loves your trees!)


Best Presentation - Potato Patch Propaganda by GameDevDan (voted this because the intro of this game had the most lasting impression)

Best Devlog - lazy


Reviews: [55/55]


Edited by Chaosmore, 15 May 2015 - 04:29 AM.

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#26 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 05 May 2015 - 10:19 PM

I'm listing votes as I go for a change! So these will change as more games are reviewed!






My votes go to:

1st Place - Voyage Vikings - JackOatley, HayManMarc & speedchuck
2nd Place - A Very Normal Antarctic Day - Nallebeorn
3rd Place - Shaking Soldiers - yodermerlin
4th Place - The World Has Gone M.A.D - Snail_Man & TheUltimate

5th Place - Warp 2 War - Revamped

6th Place - Snotty Vikings - GreenBlizzard

7th Place - Spring Rebounds - chance

8th Place - Tactical Box - GoinBatty

9th Place - Crazy Old Lady of Ducks Wedded with an Amazing Richman - brainstorm


Best Use Of Theme -

Best Use of Handicap - Voyage Vikings by JackOatley, HayManMarc & speedchuck

Best Use of Secret Word -

Best Presentation - Voyage Vikings by JackOatley, HayManMarc & speedchuck
Best Devblog -






Game folder randomised- reviewing started!


Listed in order of username whose games I've played and left feedback for in the spoiler below:

brainstorm,  chance, GreenBlizzard, Goinbatty, JackOatley & HayManMarc & Speedchuck, Nallebeorn, Revamped, Snail_Man & TheUltimate, yodamerlin







Edited by TerraFriedSheep, 20 May 2015 - 09:54 PM.

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#27 dadio


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Posted 06 May 2015 - 07:51 AM

dadio's spudtastic votes!



My votes go to...

1st Place - Voyage Vikings - Jack Oatley
2nd Place - A Very Normal Antarctic Day - Nallebeorn

3rd Place - Bytestack - 11clock

4th Place - Kirov Rampage - Shadow_Lancer

5th Place - Warp 2 War - revamped
6th Place - Gun Princess Zero - Yal

7th Place - Ice Queen - Blake

8th Place - Arctic Clash - Amatneikss

9th Place - The World Has Gone Mad - Snail_Man, TheUltimate, ParodyKnaveBob

10th Place - Cold War Kitty - Lilith The Pale

11th Place - Potato Patch Propaganda - GameDevDan

12th Place - Echolotrate -

13th Place - Cold War, Warm Pizza - AimkidProductions

14th Place - Notes Aux Plusiers Espions - chainsawkitten

15th Place - Kapitalist Klown - kepons


Best Use Of Theme - Potato Patch Propaganda - GameDevDan

Best Use of Handicap - Voyage Vikings - Jack Oatley
Best Presentation - Potato Patch Propaganda - GameDevDan

Best use of Secret Word - Cold War Kitty - Lilith The Pale

Best use of Hidden Potato - haven't really noticed any yet! Lol!... so.... yeah *shrugs*...

let's give this award to Potato Patch Propaganda for most cleverly, funnily hidden potatoes (hidden in plain sight, lol)





Voyage Vikings

+ Well presented

+ Hilarious Music

+ Addictive

+ High Scores rock

+ Great Audio right through

- Too unforgiving (not being able to outrun the Dragon/get back in the game once you make a mistake)

- Collectibles seem pointless? (would really like some kind of speed up/boost)

- No Theme use!!!

SCORE: 8/10



+ Very nice concept

+ Fun gameplay

+ Nice Audio use

+ Consistent style

- No Online Highscores!

- Too difficult/fast

- No Theme use!!!

SCORE: 7/10


Potato Patch Propaganda

+ Potatoes! :lol:

+ Nice photo-edit artstyle

+ Decent Audio (I like the Animal Crossing style speech)

+ Presentation is slick

+ Nice Theme use

- Gameplay is *boooring!*

- Level layouts are weak

- Wish there was any other kind of game inside this sexy wrapper, lol

- Have no desire to ever play again

SCORE: 5/10


Cold War Kitty

+ Well Presented

+ Very slick Art & Animation

+ Fantastic Music

+ Wonderful Atmosphere

+ Memorable

+ Nice Theme & Handicap use

- Progression felt lacking (I didn't feel like I was "getting better")

- Wish there was more to it

- No Online High Scores!

SCORE: 7/10


Gun Princess Zero

+ Well Presented

+ Consistent NES era retro pixel art

+ Old-school platformer/metroidvania action

+ A lot of content for a Jam game

- No unique "hook"

- Gameplay felt uninspired

- Audio Handicap was ignored!!!

SCORE: 6/10


Spring Rebounds

+ Tentacles are always good

+ Worms are also good (cool movement)

+ Memorable

- Wayyy too short

- More an "interactive experiment" than an "actual game"

- No music *booo!*

- Weak Theme use

- Minimal sound use

SCORE: 3/10


Arctic Clash

+ Nice consistent pixel art

+ Nifty G&G-esque nod with the nakedness

+ Interesting wandering about

+ I like this ultra low res retro style

- Level layouts were confusing

- Audio *may* have been voice sounds distorted beyond recognition through filters (or the Handicap was just ignored) either way...

didn't follow the spirit of the Handicap!

SCORE: 6/10


Cold War, Warm Pizza!

+ Decent pixel art

+ Nice retro myoozak

+ Gameplay basics were solid

+ Nice upbeat mood

- I could only seem to give 1 guy a pizza each life... lol, maybe a bug!

- Bit too difficult

- While I like da myoozak, it didn't follow the handicap!

SCORE: 6/10


A Game About A Spy With Buttons

+ It's a game

+ It used the Theme & Handicap

- Super dull mood

- Wasn't really sure what to do

- Lots of swear words

- It was really, *really* *REEEALLY* boring

SCORE: 2/10



- Blocked by my antivirus - sorry!


Warehouse Mayhem

+ Base game mechanics were in

- Kept just dying for no apparent reason (probably bugged)

SCORE: 1/10



+ I could walk around...

- Kept just getting a fatal error crashout

SCORE: 1/10


Ice Queen

+ Nice retro pixel art style

+ Slick presentation

+ Appropriate & fast paced myoozak

+ Gameplay was nicely polished

+ Online Highscores!

- Too repetitive

- Wish there was more to it...

- Didn't use the Handicap!

SCORE: 7/10


The Battle For Peng-Winterfell

+ Good Basic game mechanics

+ Looked cute

- Wasn't sure how to play

- Didn't use the Handicap! (no audio at all!)

SCORE: 3/10


Crazy Old Lady Of Ducks With An An Amazing Ricman

+ Interesting premise

+ I quite like the kinda retro pixel art style

- Gameplay was kinda... total pants (kept just getting killed, lol)

- Audio was *cough*... bad.

SCORE: 3/10


Pinguin Slaughter

+ Made with GM 3.3!!!

+ Neat pixel style

+ Gameplay was decent

- Wasn't so fun (especially without music & sound to give it some kind of mood...)

- Didn't use the Handicap! (no audio at all!)

SCORE: 4/10



+ Basic gameplay was in there

- Requires 2 Players!

- Didn't use the Handicap!

SCORE: 1/10


Notes Aux Plusiers Espions

+ Interesting concept (I like these kind of games where you can leave permanent small changes in)

+ Neat 3D stuff

+ Nice Handicap use (really added to the mood)

+ Memorable

- 100MB+ game gamefile!!! (XOX)!!! *bends over knee & spanks*

- Interactive experience rather than a "proper game"

- Seemed to have problems with many typed characters...

SCORE: 5/10



+ That was a kinda neat lil story

+ Good mood/feel

- Not really much of a game...

- Didn't use the Handicap!

SCORE: 5/10


Arctic Flame Prototype

+ Cool pixel style

+ Nice animations

+ Interesting stuff...

- It's just a bare bones alpha engine really (tragically! - this coulda been something good)

- Didn't use the Handicap! (no audio at all!)

SCORE: 3/10


Little Known Struggles Of The Cold War

+ It's a game

+ Had audio

- Paint art

- Click the clown gameplay

- Not much fun

SCORE: 2/10


Sword Soldier

+ Gameplay was *aaalright*

+ Good music that used the Handicap well

- Quite dull & repetitive...

- Graphical issues (background ending & displaying red in parts!)

SCORE: 3/10



+ Neat visuals & FX

+ Good atmosphere (if this had more to it I woulda rated it much higher)

- Not enough content!

- Didn't use the Handicap!

SCORE: 4/10


Laiko Sh*t

+ Interesting visuals

+ Unusual Handicap use

- No real idea of what to do or how to do it...

- Crazily glitchy/twitchy

- Not enough to it

SCORE: 2/10


Roy Tato

+ Lol

+ Potatoes

- Everything else

SCORE: 1/10


Tactical Box

+ Used the Handicap

+ Decent mood

- Gameplay wasn't great

- Didn't keep my attention long

SCORE: 2/10


Snotty Vikings

+ Cool Concept

+ Nice hand drawn art

+ Decent handicap use

- Wayyy too slow (faster pace coulda made this much better)

- Wayyy too difficult

SCORE: 3/10


Kirov Rampage

+ Nice Idea

+ Solid (& fun!) gameplay

+ Fun Handicap use

+ Destroying cities is always fun!

- Controls could be improved

- Art could be better

SCORE: 6/10


The World Has Gone Mad

+ Cool Idea

+ Nice replayability

+ Sooo much potential here with some refinement...

+ Used the Handicap

- Presentation & Art wasn't so great

- Explanation of everything needed to be clearer

SCORE: 5/10


A Very Normal Antarctic Day

+ Haha! Fun!

+ Clean, simple & cute gameplay

+ Nice consistent pixel style

+ Amusing Handicap use

- Bit too difficult maybe...

- Would be nice if there was a little bit more to it...

SCORE: 7/10



+ Very creative handicap use

+ Cool lighting stuff

+ Nice graphics

- Bit too fiddly to be fully enjoyable

SCORE: 5/10


Warp 2 War

+ Nice Theme use

+ Slick presentation

+ Crisp & consistent retro graphics

+ Atmospheric music & sound

- Bit difficult (or too much "waiting")... or maybe I'm just impatient, lol

- Didn't follow the handicap!

SCORE 6/10


Ice-Bot 3000

+ Good to see "2.5D" stuff

+ Nice mood

- Sorry, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing

SCORE: 2/10


Orange Vs Blackcurrant

+ Kinda amusing handicap use

+ Base game was solid

+ Used the theme well enough

- Wayyyy too much text!

- Sounds got annoying fast

- Was quite boring

SCORE: 3/10


Cards On The Table

+ Looks like it *could* have been good...

- but I didn't have a clue what to do!

- Didn't use the handicap!

SCORE: 2/10


Kapitalist Klown

+ Cool pixel art

+ Well presented

+ Fun to play

+ Nice variety

- No audio at all *Argh!* (so much lost here! this coulda score way more highly!)

SCORE: 4/10


White Mist

+ Cats are always good

+ Decent handicap use

+ I like single screen stuff

- Animations were weak

- Too slow paced

- Bit too much text

SCORE: 3/10


Daughter Mother

+ Slick presentation

+ Gorgeous Art

+ Cool sound

- Argh! errors & crashes! (coulda scored wayyy higher with more testing!)

SCORE: 4/10

Edited by dadio, 22 May 2015 - 09:55 AM.

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#28 The M

The M

    Friendly Bush Thing

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Posted 07 May 2015 - 09:24 PM

The M's catty reviews  and votes





Best Use Of Theme - Nallebeorn

Best Use of Handicap - TehPilot

Best Use of Secret Word - Chainsawkitten

Best Presentation - Shadow_Lancer


Best Use of Hidden Potato - Aamatniekss


About the reviews:




Reviews: (55/55, new entries in bold)


Edited by The M, 22 May 2015 - 09:47 AM.

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#29 GreatandWiseOne


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Posted 10 May 2015 - 06:37 AM

Playing most of these games was a bore and a chore.


Well, I waded through them all, and here are my professionally done reviews (I tried to be honest.)



If I did not play your game, I either couldn't find it, the game crashed, or I just didn't feel like it.


My top three are

1. World has gone mad

2. The Warning

3. Spring Rebounds

4. Ice Queen


1 is buggy because most of the items don't work, it's forgiveable because it's a 72 hour contest

2 and 3 are low on the interactivity, and play more like Philips CDi interactive movies than actual games.

4 is probably disqualified because it reuses the same code from Santa Princess.


I was not a fan of Cold War Kitty, it's animal abuse and the frame rate was just plain laggy. The game was similar to Angry Birds or Wheelchair sim but missing the vital element of dynamic physics or active interactivity.


Overall I was not really impressed, none of these games are something you would take home or talk about with your friends, I would have to say I was mildly entertained by 1 and 4's interactivity, and 2 and 3 were somewhat entertaining due to their restricted interactivity.


Best Use Of Theme - The Warning and World has gone mad

Best Use of Handicap - Spring Rebounds

Best Use of Secret Word - ?

Best Presentation - Ice Queen
Best Devblog - ?


Best Use of Hidden Potato - ArticClash

Edited by GreatandWiseOne, 10 May 2015 - 06:53 AM.

The age old dillemna - 3D Car on 3D Terrain. Over 500 fps. Only 1 script. Maybe works on Studio. Download now.

2vcg7b7.png <3d Car Physics Explained. Vega Drift Physics 3d> 2dl2lug.png

The most advanced drift and car physics in GM.                         

#30 Snail_Man


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Posted 11 May 2015 - 04:45 PM

1st: Cards on the Table by Joh

2nd: Ice Queen by Blake

3rd: Gun Princess Zero by Yal

4th: Bytestack by 11clock\

5th: Warp 2 War by Revamped


Full list (votes)


Best Use Of Theme - Joh
Best Use of Handicap - Anton Huckleberry
Best Use of Secret Word - n/a
Best Presentation - RekNepZ (Didn't expect that one, didja!)
Best Devblog - n/a



Edited by Snail_Man, 20 May 2015 - 06:46 PM.

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#31 Shadow_Lancer


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Posted 12 May 2015 - 03:15 AM

ok, finally finished playing through all the games that would work for me!
My votes go to
1st Place - Cold War Kitty (liliththepale)
2nd Place - Ice-Bot 3000 (Mercerenies)
3rd Place - Kapitalist Klown (kepons)
All Rankings -


"Reviews" for the top 3

Also wanting to leave some information on the Easter eggs in my entry...

Edited by Shadow_Lancer, 18 May 2015 - 09:15 PM.

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#32 AntonHuckleberry


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Posted 17 May 2015 - 11:54 AM

Phew, took me a while, but played all the games and have my votes and reviews below:

My votes go to:


1. Gun Princess Zero - Yal

2. Ice Queen - Blake 
3. Artic Clash - aamatniekss
4. Cold War Kitty - liliththepale
5. Kirov Rampage - Shadow Lancer
Best Use Of Restrictions - shadowspear1
Best Presentation - TehPilot
Best Devblog -  Yal
Best use of secret word - Chainsawkitten

The Reviews (in order I played them):


Edited by AntonHuckleberry, 17 May 2015 - 03:53 PM.

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#33 Alice


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Posted 19 May 2015 - 04:57 PM

In case you didn't know, since I had rather little time (as always...), I left voting and reviewing to some program of mine. It ran games in a random order, and then used Monte Carlo method to determine amount of fun, as well as other qualities of a game, then made decision based on some arbitrary attribute values.


Alice out~!


Current status: Done
Playing progress: 55 out of 55
Evaluation progress: 55 out of 55

You can see full debriefing of "The Potatotastic GMC Jam #18" mission here!
Click on game title to see its feedback!

1st place: Gun Princess Zero by Yal
for general polish, variety and metroidvanianess

2nd place: Cold War, Warm Pizza! by AimkidProductions
for exceptional adorability

3rd place: Echolotrate by TehPilot
for quite creative and well executed gameplay mechanics

Best use of restrictions: A Very Normal Antarctic Day by Nallebeorn
Best presentation: Gun Princess Zero by Yal
Best variety: Li.Kno.S.Co.W. by DocNogloff
Actually fun joke game: Potato Clicker by GVmakesGames

Complete ranking:
1. Gun Princess Zero by Yal
2. Cold War, Warm Pizza! by AimkidProductions
3. Echolotrate by TehPilot
4. Kirov Rampage! by Shadow_Lancer
5. Warp 2 War by Revamped
6. White Mist by The M
7. Cold War Kitty by liliththepale
8. -ByteStack- by 11clock & RayRay26
9. Arctic Clash by aamatniekss
10. A Very Normal Antarctic Day by Nallebeorn
11. Li.Kno.S.Co.W. by DocNogloff
12. Penguin Slaughter by Camper125Lv
13. Ice-Bot 3000 by Mercerenies
14. Kapitalist Klown by kepons
15. The Warning by Chaosmore
16. Sword Soldier by fel666
17. Ice Queen by Blake
18. Acid Dough by Nitemare38
19. Cards on Table by Joh
20. Orange vs Blackcurrant by AntonHuckleberry
21. Snotty Vikings by Greenblizzard
22. Potato Patch Propaganda by GameDevDan
23. Spring Rebounds by chance
24. Voyage Vikings by JackOatley & HayManMarc & speedchuck
25. The World Has Gone M.A.D. by Snail_Man & TheUltimate & ParodyKnaveBob
26. Duck by RekNepZ
27. Anton by trg601 & moon489
28. Tactical Box by Goinbatty
29. Shaking Soldiers by yodamerlin
30. Balls of War, Starring Ramballs by Mocgames998
31. Potato Clicker by GVmakesGames
32. Snowball Wars by Monstr Gaming
33. Mother Daughter by peps1992
34. Arctic Wars by Xor
35. Coalition by shadowspear1
36. Snowball by CaptainPuddleboat
37. Crazy Old Lady of Ducks Wedded with an Amazing Richman by brainstorm
38. Nut a Joak Gaem 4 by Lukasmah
39. Kosmonaut Kombat by Mr_Y_Not
40. Potato Blaster by Mercerenies
41. Warehouse Mayhem by augeacc35
42. Cold Potato by TerraFriedSheep
43. Silent Warfare by Mrbear91
44. The Battle for Peng-Winterfell by blopit
45. Damaged by Floofpaws
46. Torch Runner by Sirham
47. Rushed Jam Game by makerofthegames
48. Untitled Project by MikeDark_x
49. Arctic Flame Prototype by Detective Pixel
50. Potatomon by Barvix
51. Notes aux Plusieurs Whatever by chainsawkitten

Your friend Computer

Edited by Alice, 21 May 2015 - 01:26 AM.

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#34 Mercerenies


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Posted 19 May 2015 - 07:44 PM

Mercerenies' Jam 18 Votes / Reviews


1. TehPilot - Echolotrate

2. Jack, Marc, and Speed - Voyage Vikings

3. Team Ultimollusk - The World has Gone MAD

4. Yal - Gun Princess Zero

5. Blake - Ice Queen

6. liliththepale - Cold War Kitty

7. GameDevDan - Potato Patch Propoganda

The rest:

Best Use of Theme: chance - Spring Rebounds
Best Use of Handicap: Jack, Marc, and Speed - Voyage Vikings
Best Presentation: TehPilot - Echolotrate

Skipped Games
(These games were skipped either due to installers, game-breaking glitches, or simply some other reason. Anyone whose game appears on this list can feel free to PM me a version fixing the problem before the end of the voting period, and I'll give it another shot.)

Review System
Unfortunately, I've run short on time, so those of you who are used to my fleshed-out 50-point review system are going to be disappointed. I'll be giving each game a score out of 25, based solely on my opinion, and a short review. Additionally, deductions will be made to the score for games that made no effort to follow the theme or handicap or for games that have minor, but not game-breaking, bugs. I'll be playing through the games in a random order, but I'll make an effort to sort the reviews in some accessible way. As always, please remember that my reviews are meant to be constructive and that the mere fact that you made a game in 72 hours is proof of your programming prowess, so don't feel down if I criticize a few things in the process.

Reviews (I've Lost Count / 55)

Edited by Mercerenies, 22 May 2015 - 03:00 AM.

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#35 chance


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Posted 20 May 2015 - 02:06 PM

My votes go to:

1. Cold War Kitty -- by liliththepale

2. Ice Queen -- by Blake

3. Kirov Rampage -- by Shadow_Lancer




Cold War Kitty -- by liliththepale

This is my favorite kind of game.   I enjoy casual games like this, especially when they have some replay value.   Lilith provided that, and tossed in some humor to go along.   I laughed at some of the upgrades and their effect on performance.  The gameplay was smooth and engaging, and the graphics were well made.  Sounds were lots of fun too (what's being whispered in the background?). 


Overall, a VERY well done game and a solid entry.   Not only does it get my vote for first place, but it's a game I expect to play after the Jam ends.


Ice Queen -- by Blake

I had lots of fun with this.  I played several times -- sometimes moving around, and sometimes just back and forth like an asteroids game.  The controls have a good feel.  The graphical appearance of the game is quite nice, and I enjoyed the casual gameplay with different levels to try out (although they were similar).  It's a rather simple and straightforward game, but with good polish and gameplay value.  Very enjoyable.


Kirov Rampage -- by Shadow_Lancer
This is a great game.  Excellent use of theme and handicap.  Probably the best worst Russian accent I've ever heard.  Reminds me of Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.  The gameplay is great fun.  Who doesn't want to bomb an orphanage?  The graphics are exceptionally well made.  I loved the destruction FX and collapsing buildings.  Wonderful job overall.   This should be in the top 3 for Jam.
Other games I found noteworthy (unranked):

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Posted 23 May 2015 - 09:33 AM

On behalf of freaknarf:



ByteStack : Cool visuals, hard to play, it took a while to understand I could shoot... then a destroyed falling blocks all the time so I cant break my 9m miserable high score:) hard, music was cool...

Kosmonaut Kombat : Cool start, but if there is a game over I can't find it,,, some mask collision frustrating here but ok... Music and sound were fun:)

SilentWarfare : i can't launch the game, i'm stuck at the start screen:(

the_world_has_gone_mad_fixed : Cool :] I destroyed Beijing ! good use of physics, it made me want to try stuff with it once again ! I'm not a fan of this kind of game but i really liked the destruction / physic aspect. Also it was quite pleasant to play I was nicely surprised.Good.

Shaking soldier : Arg i'm lazy and with a french azerty keyboard I want ARROWS !!! also this is an excuse. truth is also it's a bit too much ugly for me so i'll skip it for now.

gun_princess_zero__jam_final : some nice sprites, quite polished stuff, and the game seems deeper than what i experienced (the sneak thing , collecting coins... didnt tried :) but that's a cool jam game. I couldnt beat the boss and ragequit BTW.

Arctic Wars : haha shooting animals/humans for no reason in games make me laught... The gameplay is a bit simple... I like the ambiant sound :] It feels evil.

White Mist. : haha nice , a bit easy as it crashed (?) after taking documents and going into the room upside...

echolotrate-v1_1 : I scored 135 blasting keyboard that was intense : ) i dont know if that was the way to play it but i had fun hahaha :) i didn't really enjoyed graphics but cool concept and fun.

Sirham - Torch Runner : a bit lame : / i stoped after buying the super torch but nothing just happened:( i have a runner game phobia and he don't even run or i missed something. Well it frustrated me a bit.

Kirov Rampage : good stuff :) destruction + stupid voice acting (sorry if it was not meant to sound stupid...let's say it's fun.) funfunfunfufnufnfun destruction. Good.Fun.Polished. Nice for a jam game.

Warp 2 War : ok cool stuff, i didnt beat it because of azerty keyboard, still too lazy to change settings... But solid stuff and nice visuals.Good gamefeel and music too...

Duck : haha … i liked to kill cops commies hippies and childs but this was really lame ... i did quit after 3 or 4 levels because of uglyness.

MajorKongTheWildRide : haha cool reference... a bit flat gameplay, did i miss the shoot key ?...

A Very Normal Antarctic Day : Haha nice polished stuff ! Funny, playable and simple, great mouth solo during music, and nice use of themes... The most enjoyable so far maybe.

MikeDark_x – (Untitled) : Nice pixel art ! it could be great to enlarge sprites and if animated. Gameplay is a bit slow for a shmup, and level has no end :/

BallsOfWar-GMCJAM18v102 : haha, nice, kinda metal slug friendly gameplay, more work on sprites and juice could be enjoyed here, but i think we have enought blood partciles when a corpse explodes :] Funny, i couldn't kill the boss and stopped after restarting the whole level 2 or 3 times.

Snowbal wars : original control, not really deep, top down snowball shooter...but AI is very mh "lunatic" ;)

Mercerenies - Potato Blaster : a bit boring through time but nice idea. This could make a cool little game with some graphics.

Icebot3000 : Cool sokoban style concept for a puzzle game, but once again, visuals need a bit more work :)

RUSHED JAM GAME by makerofthegames : Game starts on a blank room and close 1 second after.
Things like this affraid me a bit. I'm scared.Sorry guys.

Nut a joek gaem 4 : hahaha wtf glitchy stuff happens,this is laggy, but nice humor and not-a-joke visuals, at least i had fun...

ColdWarKitty : ha good visuals ! Maybe the best so far ? This may be also the most polished. Simple, efficient. I wish i had more gameplay inputs and a more fun bonus management but once again it's nice and polished. Good.

Kapitalist Klown : Hey cool game once again !! Nice pixel art and gamefeel, good theme use :) Bad point is there is no sound. Also jump is not high enough to step on platforms, this could be a bit more fun using them to jump on. But that's a good jam game to me.

Cards On Table : cool concept but i really did not know what was happening at any time. Maybe playing cards on a table can be funnier on the right side on the card …Well i just understood that i did lose.

JackOatley, HayManMarc, speedchuck - Voyage Vikings : hey good addictive stuff !! i'm a bit bad at it compared to high scores aha but that was fun. Nice vector art,nice sounds, nice mouth made music...I just wish there was a restart button when you know you'll not score ;)

Hulle - Kalter Krieg : aha funny concept.... i like to blast keyboard. Funny ennemies walk animations...

SnottyVikings.zip : Hm cool draws and music, but i think the hitbox is broken.. or maybe am i really bad at this game.

Goinbatty - Tactical Box : good idea, not only one possibility to end levels.. Visuals are a bit poor but cool game. I stoped after level 3 because it started to be hard and dizzy with my azerty keyboard...

RoyTato :  Not very fun nor nice "find the potato" game...

PotatoPatchPropaganda. : nice looking stuuf, cool sounds, a bit boring but that's well polished. Good for some mobile game style i guess.

aamatniekss - Arctic Clash : Great one ! I found the hidden potato ... good level design and gameplay evolution, super nice pixel art, funny stuff, good platformer.

Cold War, Warm Pizza! : Hey nice one ! I love this pixel art style too ! Cool gameplay and polished stuff, a bit slow sometimes. +1 point because of pizzas (what points?i'm hungrynow). Cool.

OrangevsBlackcurrant.exe : Cool work on AI, a bit boring but sounds funny...

Warehouse Mayhem : Bugexploit at the top of the screen, right key.... end. Gameplay seems to be a bit missing so i wont restart...

Jam 18 game5 POTATOMON : Mh i'm stuck at first fight, i cannot select anything (or maybe i miss the input) but this seems ambitious...

Icequeen : nice stuff and BOI-like gameplay, i liked pixel art quite much too :] Cool game.

pengwinterfell : I don't know if the game is too complicated for me (as i rush tutorials/instructions) or if some gameplay does not work but i'm a bit dizzy... anyway this may have potential with polish.

Crazy Old Lady of Ducks With an Amazing Ricman : aha this can be fun with a bit more work on it... for now it seems a bit difficult to stand long.

Pinguin Slaughter : This looks cute but seriously you should cut AA down. A bit hard maybe ?

Snowball.exe : Hm even if i had some friend with me or if i was schizoid i don't know what i should to to fire... 2p only:/ and hm i'm a bit stuck.

Notes aux Plusieurs Espions : Sorry but :

MSVCP120.dll missing

action number 1
of Create Event
for object objInit:
Error defining an external function.

:/ Tu parles français ?:D

spring_rebounds.exe : Interesting use of physics !!! But i stuck the worm in the hole at level 3 then nothing happens:/

Chaosmore - The Warning : a bit slow and boring to me but this is a good start for this kind of game (i mean top down RPG /adventure or something like this)

Arctic Flame Prototype :: not really a game but nice pixel art and particle effect...

LIKNOSCOW.exe : Haha funny McPixel-like game, i just suggest you to keep the same resolution on every sprite :)

SwordSoldier.exe : First i thought gameplay was hard to handle, and then it became much better with the sword... Cool voice acting;) maybe with more juice...

Damaged : Nice pixel art and ambiance ! A bit short;)

LAIKA **** 28-04 GMC 18.exe : DATS MY GAME !

Ok, installer sucks this should be avoided. Due to rush some tiles and level design polish could be appreciated instead of white blocks...

It seems a bit difficult at first tries, as there are no checkpoint but that was part of the gameplay.

The really bad stuff is collision bugs that really sucks : how is it frustrating to get stuck into a wall...
The name reflects how i felt my game, and myself then ; maybe i wanted it somehow to be displayed in the title,sorry for being vulgar. If there is any re-work on this i'll rename it to Laika Poop not to offend GMC polite people. (From his makers view point) the game could have been fun, but assets and stuff are missing, and collision bugs really enhance frustration.
I'm satisfied with mouth sounds/music (made with an old banger  :).
Any dog was neglected during the making of this game. Also big parts were cut as the dog was supposed to came from space, wich is not obvious at all here.

Sorry for being long, you may understand why !

Also thanks to everyone wwho tried and played it and read this so far ;)

Try all jam games : Done ;)

So my selection in no order :

Voyage Vikings : maybe the most addictive with scoring board, but really top scorers are better players than me ;) Well done, this could become a commercial mobile game or something like that i think !

ColdWarKitty : nice, well polished, simple.

Kapitalist Klown : nice polished, cool pixel art work.

A Very Normal Antarctic Day : Great fun and use of theme, music was the best of the jam's i think.

Icequeen : pleasant gameplay and pixel art, polished stuff

Arctic Clash : nice sprite work, pixel art, game design overall...

Cold War, Warm Pizza! : same here with another pixel art style and a bit less of game / level design…

Kirov Rampage : destruction and voice sfx humor :]

And finally some in a less personal approach :

1st Place -A Very Normal Antarctic Day
2nd Place - Voyage Vikings
3rd Place - Arctic Clash

Best Use Of Theme - A Very Normal Antarctic Day

Best Use of Handicap - A Very Normal Antarctic Day
Best Use of Hidden Potato - Arctic Clash

I did it ! \o/

If I did forget your game here, or if you want some more reviewing on your game just let me know !

Thanks to everyone who tried my game it warms the heart.

Cheers !

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