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StarField: Retro 70s Arcade Game.

windows shooter 2d retro arcade

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Posted 05 February 2015 - 02:01 PM

This is one of the many games I wanted to get done to move on to the next one. So here it is. Starfield.


This game operates as should a normal retro arcade game should in 1977. The objective of the game is very simple. Clear the Starfields by shooting mines. each mine is worth 50 points, there are 5 fields of play.


Each field gets progressively harder, adding more mines. There is only one thing you should be aware of, however: The time limit. The blasts from the mines do not harm you, Crashing will destroy your cannon, luckily for you, you have an unlimited supply of cannons at your disposal. But crashing will waste time, by the way the time limit it set to 40 seconds. So, each time a field is completed, the timer resets to 40 seconds.


Two player mode is a little different, two players compete to clear out a field, playing with only one player would be impossible, because time has been deduced to make the playability stable. Keeping the timer set to 40 would make the game WAY too easy. The cannons also act differently,


Player 1: Fires normal blast charges, fast reload recovery.

Player 2: Fires heavy blast charges, slow reload recovery.


The controls also are switched and may be slightly awkward.

Player 1's cannon is located right on the screen while the controls are to the left. Vice versa for Player Two.



5 --------------- Insert Coin

1 --------------- Player 1 Start

3 --------------- Player 2 Start


WASD -------- Move Player 1

X --------------- Player 1 Fire


UHJK --------- Move Player 2

M -------------- Fire Player 2


Interface Controls

F1 ------------- Show Info (also text file)

F3 ------------- Game Reset

F4 ------------- Switch Mode

F9 ------------- Snapshot





Additional Game Artwork



Game Download


Thanks for reading!

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