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The Sparkling GMC Jam 17 Voting Topic


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#1 GameDevDan


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 09:27 AM



Welcome to the official GMC Jam #17 Voting Topic!

This topic is where you can post your reviews and final votes in the GMCJam. The rules, as always, are listed below for those new members that are participating for the first time and we recommend that you read them before making any posts. For those veterans out there, skip the rules as nothing has changed since previous jams, and "START VOTING"!


Voting Template

You don't have to use this, but it makes my life a lot easier if you do, so please consider adding the following template to your post, even if you wish to add mini-reviews and images for your chosen games.

My votes go to

  • name of the game - author
  • name of the game - author
  • name of the game - author
  • etc...
Best Use Of Restrictions - author
Best Presentation - author
Best Devblog - author
Best use of secret word - author


Voting Rules
You may vote for as many (or as few) games as you wish in order of preference, with 1 being the winner and all subsequent games being runners up, but please vote for at least three! The zip file that is created for the Jam comes with a game "randomiser" so that the order you play the games in does not depend on their title or creator, so we ask that you please use it!

Apart from the voting you are encouraged to post a mini-review of the winning game (and any others you feel deserve it) explaining what you liked/disliked and why you think it deserves to win... Remember, this is a Community Jam and so feedback from the community is all important! We want to know what you think! Apart from that there are a few more rules to stick to...
  • Voting will last approximately 15 days from Tuesday 27th January to Wednesday 11th February.
  • Please post your votes FIRST, before any other text or images, and preferably using the above template.
  • Only ONE post per person (this is flexible but you MUST PM me for permission first). Any further conversation about a given game can be held in the Jam topic or in the topic of the game itself (if it has one). Any posts breaking this rule will be removed.
  • Your top three games MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SHORT REVIEW and posts with no reviews of at least the top three games will be considered <void> at the time of counting.
  • If you are reviewing the games over the course of the 15 day voting period, use the <EDIT> button to add to your post, rather than post twice.Constructive criticism is fine, but comments like "This game sucks" will not be tolerated... so think before commenting! If your reviews are extensive or use images, please encase them in [spoiler] tags.
  • Please vote for at least YOUR TOP THREE GAMES, although you can vote for as many as you like (and every vote DOES count!) Please also vote for "Best Use Of Restrictions" , "Best Presentation", "Best DevBlog" and "Best use of secret word"
  • NO talk of cheating in the Jam topics please. If anyone has any doubts about a post or a vote, then please REPORT the post or PM me with your thoughts and action will be taken accordingly.
  • For all votes, including the Best Ofs, be sure to include BOTH the game name AND the author name.
So that's it I think... Take your time to play as many games as possible, but don't feel pressured to play them all, and we shall see you all here again in fifteen days time to see who has the honour of being the Jam winner this time around!

Good luck to everybody and thank you all so much for participating!!!!

The secret word was ABSURD, by the way!

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See you all on the other side.

Back & share :)

#2 wikaman1


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 09:50 AM

1. Snail_Man - Gnomes

2. Lune - Auditurgatory

3. Jack Oatley & HeyManMarc - Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space


Best Use of Restrictions - Lune - Auditurgatory

Best Presentation - Chronicle Timeflow - ChessMasterRiley

Best Devblog - N/A

Best Use of Secret Word- N/A



Edit: I had to tank through the rest, may not be able to give a review of each one before Dan's getting the votes in  :(

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Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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#3 The Rock Abdo

The Rock Abdo

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Posted 27 January 2015 - 09:59 AM

My votes go to

1st: Gnomes - Snail_Man

2nd: HannaH - GameDevDan

3rd: Auditurgatory - Lune

4th: Sinch Os - Joh

5th: Chronicle Timeflow - ChessMasterRiley

6th: SynClox - Detective Pixel

7th: BeatBoy - Monstr Gaming 

8th: Out of Sync - AntonHuckleberry

9th: NAL - Bullet Hills

10th: Captain Toof vs Da Clone Tentacles - Dadio

11th: Clichéroes - Aamatniekss

12th: Xor - Imposter



Best Use Of Restrictions - Snail_Man
Best Presentation - Lune
Best Devblog - Lune
Best use of secret word - Lune


Full reviews are there below (55/55)  :

GMCJAM17 The Rock Abdo's Reviews

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#4 GameDevDan


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 10:32 AM

Dan's votes and reviews


1st - Jack Oatley & HayManMarc - Attack of the flying saucers...
2nd - Yal - You will become a turret when you die
3rd - Wikaman1 - Clocktower Chaos

4th - Snail_Man - Gnomes

5th - NAL - Bullet Hills

6th - Coolbot4k - Boppy & Zippy

7th - Monstr Gaming - BeatBoy

8th - ChessMasterRiley - Chronicle Timeflow

9th - JimmyBegg - 9 Lives

10th - the ch8t - Dance Dance Detective Pixel 2

Best Use Of Restrictions - Yal
Best Presentation - ChessMasterRiley
Best Devblog - n/a
Best use of secret word - Kepons


Reviews (55 / 55)

LISTED IN FULL RANKING ORDER (so these also technically show votes 11 - 55 not listed above).


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See you all on the other side.

Back & share :)

#5 aamatniekss


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 11:02 AM

Welcome to my reviews! I will play through  and give reviews and votes to all of the games that were entered! It will be strictly my unbiased opinion, could be harsh, I'll just say exactly what I think, so no hard feelings if anyone doesn't like what they see.  Because I am voting for the games, not the people who made them. :)



1.Auditurgatory - Lune (9.5)

2.Boppy and Zippy - Coolbot4k (8.5)

3.Hannah - GameDevDan(8)

4.Bullet Hills - NAL (8)

5.Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space - Jack Oatley & HayManMarc (7.5)

6.Gnomes - Snail_man (7)

7.Destitute 2 - 11clock (7)

8.Chronicle Timeflow - ChessmasterRiley (7)

9.Synclox - Detective Pixel (6.5)

10.SynchOs - Joh (6)


Best use of restrictions - Auditurgatory - Lune

Best presentation - Auditurgatory - Lune

Best Devblog - Circuitboard - Mercerenies

Best use of Secret word - Drusba - Kepons




Here are the Reviews! (56/56)(All done!)




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There was a Caveman - Out on Steam!     Bacon Rebellion - Greenlit on Steam!
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#6 Epicular


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 12:31 PM


Just in case I don't manage to finish my reviews: my final votes go to:

1. Snail_Man: Gnomes
2. GameDevDan: HannaH
3. coolbot4k: Boppy and Zippy
4. Lune: Auditurgatory
5. Mercerenies: Circuit Board
6. Detective Pixel: Synclox
7. HayManMarc + Jack Oatley: AOTFSFOS
9. RekNepZ: Converge
10. DocNolgoff: The Agonized Lanks

So this time I'll be voting on at least 10 games, rating each entry on a 0-20 scale:
  • 12 points for general gameplay
  • 5 points for usage of theme/handicap
  • 3 points for game quality
More details on ratings:

I'll also write a brief review on each game as well as what made me quit playing, such as boredom, lack of replay value, difficulty etc.
Beware! My reviews are typically quite blunt. Don't take them too seriously.
My final votes will be based on the ratings, but a high rating does not mean I will be voting for it!
Games will be played in a random order, but ratings/reviews will be ordered alphabetically by username.
Reviews (48):

Current standings (not votes!):

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#7 Soki


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 02:08 PM

Soki's Boats & Reviews

1st - Gnomes by Snail_Man
2nd - HɑnnɒH by GameDevDan
3rd - 9 Lives by JimmyBegg

4th - Circuitboard by Mercerenies

5th - Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space by JackOatley

6th - Auditurgatory by Lune

7th - Bobby and Zippy by Coolbot4k

8th - Out of Sync by AntonHuckleberry

9th - SynClox by Detective Pixel

10th - drusba by kepons


Best Use Of Restrictions - 9 Lives
Best Presentation - Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space
Best Devblog - GameDevDan
Best Use of Secret Word - Drusba


Reviews (49/56)

These reviews are through my perspective and completely my opinion alone.

I am in no way attempting to insult any game as I enjoyed testing out every game entered.

Ordered by original topic's submission order with the rating (out of 10) in parentheses.


First 10 (1-10):



Next 10 (11-20):



Next 10 (21-30):



Next 10 (31-40):



Last 16 (41-56):


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#8 kepons


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 03:27 PM

Kepon's Absurd "Reviews"

(why are you even reading these)


My Votes go to:

1.Gnomes by Snail_Man

2.Boppy and Zippy by Coolbot

3.Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space by HayManMarc & JackOatley

4. Circuitboard by Mercerenies

5. Captain Toof vs Da Clone Tentacles by Dadio

6. Synclox by Detective Pixel

7. Auditurgatory by Lune

8. Chronicle Timeflow by ChessMasteRriley

9. Clocktower Chaos by Wikaman1

10. You Will Become a Turret when You Die by Yal


Reviews (All but one ( :()/All(Feel free to not take those seriously)):


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#9 dadio


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 03:33 PM

Dadioz voet ting


1st - Andrew Cay - Toro Jump!
2nd - Jack Oatley & HayManMarc - AOTFSFOS
3rd - GameDevDan - HannaH


4th - Snail_Man - Gnomes

5th - Mercerenies - GMCynchronised

6th - Aamatniekss - Clicheroes

7th - Detective Pixel - SynClox

8th -  Lune - Auditurgatory

9th - Bret Hudson - Synchrobeatings

10th - Wikaman1 - Clocktower Chaos


11th - ChessMasterRiley - Chronicle Timeflow

12th - NAL - Bullet Hills

13th - Coolbot4k - Bobby and Zippy


15th - Monstr Gaming - BeatBoy

16th - Xor - Imposter

17th - the ch8t - DanceDanceDetectivePixel2

18th - Goinbatty - Ninja Arena Cube of Deaderness

19th - The M - I am Virus

20th - Soki - The Many Lives Of Greg


21st - Gizmo199 - The Machine

22nd - Anton Huckleberry - Out Of Sync

23rd - Alice - Long Range Delivery Service

24th - DocNogloff - TheAgonizedLanks

25th - Nallebeorn - Dash-Gunner

26th - 11clock - Destitute2

27th - shadowspear1 - Drawn Forth

28th - The Rock Abdo - Circolors

29th - Greg Squire - The Not So Great Escape

30th - Snotling Master - Robot Boogie




Best Joek Gaem - Mercerenies - GMCynchronised

Best Presentation - NAL - Bullet Hills
Best Use Of Restrictions - YAL - YWBATWYD



11clock - Destitute2 - Atmospheric, Good music. Decent concept. Bit too difficult.

Aamatniekss - Clicheroes - Looked great. Consistent style. Nice lil game. Controls shoulda been clearer at the start.

Alice - Long Range Delivery Service - Nice lil idea. Clear visuals. Very simple. No sound at all! *dies* No animation.

Andrew Cay - Toro Jump! - Very cool simple idea well executed. Nice retro jump sound & crowd cheer. Loved the SouthParkish guys jumping in the background. Nice use of theme! I dig this a lot.

Anton Huckleberry - Out Of Sync - Enjoyable music. Good sound fx. I liked the visual simplicity of the black & white. Nice idea. Felt the level layouts could have been better (or I just  suck at the game!) - suggest defaulting to *non*  full-screen mode at startup.

brainstorm - Bad Ducks with Bad Karma - ... interesting. Had no idea what was going on. Paint art. Random text to speech gibberish. I liked it.

brainstorm - SYNCHoROandNISE - ... hmmm. Had even less of an idea about this one, lol!... definitely... something.

Bret Hudson - Synchrobeatings - Argh! I really want to like one! Great pixel art. Nice music. Nice animations. Cool concept. Good theme use. Problem is... I didn't know what to do!!! Needed instructions!

Camper125Lv - Missile Def - Base game was actually ok. Didn't really see the theme or handicap anywhere. Woulda been better using retro/pixel art rather than "paint" art with those sound fx.

ChessMasterRiley - Chronicle Timeflow - Full marks for: Presentation/Art/Music/Sound/Animations. Conceptually lacking. Not enough to it. I'd question the theme/handicap usage. Still, looked freaking sweet. (Very polished/pro feel)

Coolbot4k - Bobby and Zippy - Nice lil retro styled game. Had good music & sound. Good theme use. Solid gameplay. Level design coulda been tighter. I enjoyed it. (I didn't get far tho!)

dadio - Captain Toof Vs Da Clone Tentacles - this fools games get worse every time...

Delerium Boy - Sheeple - I liked the music & the lil pig animations. I like this idea & even that pig sound... but there just wasn't enough game here! (& it lacked in instructions)

Detective Pixel - SynClox - Gorgeous retro graphical style. Very cool music. Tasty physics-ish explosions. Lovely lil base engine. But... I wasn't sure what I was meant to do!!! (another one here that I really *want* to like.. but can't!)

DocNogloff - TheAgonizedLanks - I like this. Nice simple gameplay mechanic. Enjoyable (if odd) music. Had sound fx. Woulda prefered the camera to be more pulled back to see more of the screen at any given time.

GameDevDan - HannaH - Very nice. Consistent & clean graphical style. Cool presentation/story intro. Polished. Appropriate mood/music/sound sfx. Nice theme use. Very neat Boss. (And *dat* game over screen, lol). Felt the core of the game to be kinda weak (slow paced) but the "wrapper"/overall feel was very slick.

Gizmo199 - The Machine - Hmmm... don't know what to make of this one cos no real idea of what I'm doing. Needs instructions. I liked what I saw. Had a unique feel & interesting music/sound fx.

Goinbatty - Ninja Arena Cube of Deaderness - Nice! Very cool mechanic here. Good music. Very NAL-esque vibe with the dub & the wobbly effects... I enjoyed this! Bit too hard maybe...

Goinbatty - Super Pixel Adventure - folder either empty (or my antivirus flagged & deleted it - sorry!)

Greg Squire - The Not So Great Escape - I liked the look of this one. Cute scribble art. Nice lil descriptions. No sound tho! *dies* And unfortunately it crashed out on me... twice. Better to test more before submitting!

Jack Oatley & HayManMarc - AOTFSFOS - very sexy intro. Fantastic mood. Great to see so much speech used throughout. Awesome music. Theme/handicap maybe a bit lacking but this is a definite contender.

JimmyBegg - 9Lives - sorry! Antivirus ate it! Nothing to play. Argh!

Joh - Sinch Os - I'm not a big puzzle fan (& I suck at these kind of things) but... it looked nice & sounded nice. (I didn't do well at all... but seemed decent.) Should have made the window bigger.

Kepons - Drusba - A bit mad really. Odd presentation. Wasn't sure what was going on. Sometimes i'd get the letters, sometimes not. That music was beyond annoying lol. Was... interesting lil thing tho!

Lan shade - Galactic Chaos - Antivirus ate it! So sorry!

LukanSpellWeaver - Synchro Psymon - I sucked at this. Was nicely presented tho with decent music & distorted voice thing. Needed more depth I think.

Lune - Auditurgatory - Another well presented & polished piece. Nice art. Animation. Creepy music.The works. The core game wasn't *so* exciting for me tho.

Mercerenies - Circuitboard - Nice little game here. It's a "waterpipe" puzzle thing, done very well. Good music & sound too. Felt it would have been better with more colorful art. What's there is pretty damn nifty tho! (Just wish there was more theme/handicap/some more original stuff in there!)

Mercerenies - GMCynchronised - What probably started as a joke game is actually surprisingly addictive & fun to play! I really liked this one!

mnsingh367 - Lose Control - Simple lil platformer game... not quite sure what I was meant to do to progress tho... there was music & sounds.

Monstr Gaming - BeatBoy - Good concept (& theme use), but doesn't quite work as a game (so much waiting!) I liked the style & the music was cool!

Mr Magnus - Beyond Limbo - A text adventure! You don't see those very often! Was good - for a while... but got a kinda tedious. I think white text on black woulda suited me better also. Kinda stressed my eyes all that white. Props for going for a text adventure tho!

NAL - Bullet Hills - *Very* slick presentation here. Pro look & feel across the board. Cool tunes too. Problem is... I suck at this! (can't touch type so well) & the reduced button modes aren't so satisfying. Really neat concept here tho & mad props for doing this kinda thing in GM.

Nallebeorn - Dash-Gunner - Unusual control scheme. Liked that bassy music. Quite an interesting lil game. Bit too difficult. Graphics coulda been better.

nvrogers - Burning Time - Another one where I wasn't sure what I was doing! Needed clear instructions. I liked the music & sounds!

peps1992 - Cynthia - My Antivirus ate this one! So sorry! Argh!

pinisir935 - Super Symmetry - No sound at all *booo!*. Looked kinda interesting, but didn't really know what I was meant to do!

RekNepZ - Converge - Lil pixel platformer. Simple idea. Ok music & sounds. Needed more to it.

Rusty - Pancake Island - No sound at all! *dies* Tiny lil platformer type game... not quite sure what I was doing tbh. (Hoping for better from you Rusty!)

SampanVermaGreat - BlackFlag - Mmm... blurry! Better to start in windowed mode. Odd screen resizing between rooms going on. Very clashy graphics. Didn't get too far.

shadowspear1 - Drawn Forth - Cool dark mood. Liked the ambient "music/sfx". Got to a green room & couldn't get any further. I liked it.

Sirham - Roy G. Biv - Hmmm... nice lil concept. Good music. Clearly presented. Mechanic doesn't quite play well enough to keep my attention.

Snail_Man - Gnomes - Cool mechanic. Appropriate music & sfx. Cute lil intro bit. Smart level design. I dig this one.

Snotling Master - Robot Boogie - Robot platformer. I liked the music & sfx. Bit too simple (no "hook").

Soki - The Many Lives Of Greg - This is a lil story more than a game. But I liked it!!! :)

STDev - Juliet - Ah., one of these games... quite a few of these "multiple character" games in the Jam. It was quite nice. Some pretty art bits. Straightforward platforming stuff. Level design coulda been better.

TcMaX - Stuck in Sync - Hmmm... not so fun. Paint art. Props for getting something done for the Jam!

Team Ettin - Gemini - Platformer. Quite simple. Good ambient music.

TehPilot - Soul Synch - Neat lil intro. Cute pixel graphics. Woulda have preferred levels to be smaller & tighter. Pretty good job tho!

the ch8t - DanceDanceDetectivePixel2 - Lol! The dadio switch when you're doing crap! :D! Bonus points there. Also the music was kinda so bad I really liked it! Haha! Neat lil game.

The M - I am Virus - This was actually pretty cool! I liked the sounds especially! Good game (but severely lacking in theme/handicap...)

The Rock Abdo - Circolors - Oooh. I quite like this simple concept! *Really* needed music! (And more to it in general!)

trg601 - Innocence - Argh! Sorry, my antivirus ate this one!

wikaman1 - Clocktower Chaos - Nice! I like the level layouts. Consistent graphics. Appropriate music. Pretty good stuff!

Xor - Imposter - Good graphics. Cool music. Nice idea. A bit too slow paced.

Yal - YWBATWYD - No sounds let this down a lot, some crunchy explosions woulda added so much. Nice art. I quite liked this one. Simple, but fun. The music was *atrocious* tho, lol.

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#10 Sirham


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 03:42 PM

                                                      HAM's VOTES
1. Gnomes - Snail_Man
2. Auditurgatory - Lune
3. Hannah - GameDevDan


Gnomes - Snail_Man



Auditurgatory - Lune



Hannah - GameDevDan


Sadly, I was busy and I couldn't play as many as I should have. Please ask me if you want your game reviewed.

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#11 HayManMarc


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 04:22 PM



The Votes:
1st Place – "You Will Become A Turret When You Die" by Yal
2nd Place – "Dash Gunner" by Nallebeorn
3rd Place – "Gnomes" by Snail_Man
4. Circuitboard by Mercerenies
5. Toro Jump by AndrewCay
6. Dance Dance Detective Pixel 2 by the ch8t
7. HannaH by GameDevDan
8. Auditurgatory by Lune
9. Synch OS by Joh
10. SynClox by Detective Pixel
Rankings 11 thru 55:
The Reviews (55/55):
Great Jam, everyone!  I'm always amazed and shocked by how my votes turn out, and this time is no exception!  My final results may seem odd and wrong to some of you, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.  I love you all (like a sister or a brother, not a lover, no mistake) and see you for Jam #18!!  

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#12 Xor



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Posted 27 January 2015 - 04:50 PM

1. Chronicle Timeflow By ChessMasterRiley (37/50)
2. Auditurgatory By Lune (36/50)
3. Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space By Jack Oatley & HayManMarc (35/50)
4. HannaH By GameDevDan (34/50)
5. Clicheheroes By Aamatniekss (33/50)
6. -SynClox- By Detective Pixel (31/50)
7. Circolors By The Rock Abdo (31/50)
8. Gnomes By Snail_Man (31/50)
9. BeatBoy By Monstr Gaming (31/50)
10. Roy G. Biv By Sirham (31/50)
The rest:


Best Use Of Restrictions - Detective Pixel
Best Presentation - ChessMasterRiley
Best Devblog - GameDevDan
Best use of secret word - kepons

Quick Reviews (55)

And here's a review for my game (though I won't vote):

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#13 trg601


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 04:57 PM



My votes are:

\  1: Gnomes by snail_man

 \   2: Clocktower Chaos by wikiman1

  \    3: Destitute 2 by 11clock

   \   More rankings:



   /    Best use of theme goes to: wikiman1

  /   Best use of handicap goes to RepNepZ

 /  Best presentation goes to: 11clock


Games I couldn't run:*

Auditurgatory by Lune: I downloaded the game from your post and it still wouldn't run.

Synclox by detectivepixel: Would not run from the game's zip. But for some reason when I downloaded the standalone it would run.


*From the games zip


(No, I don't read your devlogs. Which is why I don't feel it is necessary to make one myself. )

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Because of the forum being archived, the above post is probably pretty old and may not reflect my current opinion.
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#14 AntonHuckleberry


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 07:01 PM





If you would like to see play-throughs of all the game jams, have a look at the links below:


Part 1

Part 2

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#15 RekNepZ


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 08:56 PM






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#16 The M

The M

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Posted 27 January 2015 - 09:33 PM

The Votes:


1. Auditurgatory - Lune

2. Gnomes - Snail_Man

3. Beyond Limbo - Mr. Magnus


The whole list:



Best use of restrictions: Boppy & Zippy - Coolbot4k

Best presentation: Clichéros - Aamatniekss

Best devblog: Auditurgatory - Lune

Best use of secret word: Drusba - Kepons



I'll be reviewing every game and this time, I will also be ranking all of them!


Reviews in alphabetic order after game name (56/56 all done!)


Because you can't have fifty images in a post and I don't want to manage three posts when adding reviews: 

The reviews can be found here!

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#17 Otyugra


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 09:40 PM

                                                                                   N38's Long Game Reviews
My votes go to in order:
 1.                            Gnomes - Snail_Man 

 3.             Hannah - GameDevDan
 4.       I Am Virus - 
The M
Best Use Of Restrictions -   N/A                                                 Best Presentation -  N/A
Best Use of Secret Word -  I'm boycotting this section               Best Dev Blog -  N/A
Top Vote Reviews:

Auditurgatory (By: Lune):





Things to know about my reviews:


---- - My Requested Reviews - ----
Converge (By: RekNepz): 



Clicheroes (By: aamatniekss): 



Gnomes (By: Snail_Man): 



Captain Toof vs the Clone Tentacles (by: Dadio):



HannaH (by: GameDevDan): 



The Machine (by: Gizmo199):




Do you not want your game reviewed under any circumstance? Let me know via PM! I plan to do a video play-through of a handful of jam games so if you don't want your game filmed then please contact me. If you PM me to play your game in a video, I won't consider it all that hard since I-alone like to pick which games I play.

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Two and a half years of game development taught me the joy of making something unique and unconventional. It is not good enough to make a game fun when there are way too many other freeware games that make fun their selling point.

#18 AndrewCay


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Posted 27 January 2015 - 10:18 PM

RANKING (game rating did not effect ranking )

Other Ranking





Best Presentation -  No doubt, Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space
Best use of secret word - Kepons-Drusba 

My categories...

Most odd game: The not so great escape

Most Creative Name: Stuck in Sync wow

An underdog, but I still kind of enjoyed it: Alice-Long Range Delivery Service

Game I laughed the hardest watching the video again: TcMaX-Stuck in Sync - 10/10 obvious winner 



Tell me how I did for a first shot at this kind of thing :D

(13 Reviews!)


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#19 Goinbatty


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Posted 28 January 2015 - 02:10 AM









Sorry I wasn't able to finish reviewing every game. I was busy with school and lost track.


1st: The Agonized Lanks, DocNogloff

2nd: Clocktower Chaos, Wikaman1

3rd: Destitue 2, 11clock


Other Rankings:





:( Games I wasn't able to play:  :( 


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#20 nvrogers


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Posted 28 January 2015 - 03:59 AM

Nvrogers' Very Harsh Reviews That May or May not be Completed

1. Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space by Jack Oatley and HaymanMark

2.Sinch OS by Joh

3.Circuit board by Mercerenies


Ok, this is how I'm doing things:


NOTE: These reviews will probably be very harsh. I am more likely to point out flaws than triumphs. 
NOTE 2: Final rankings may not reflect scores perfectly


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Hello. It seems the forum has been sucked into the abyss. What fun!


#21 the ch8t

the ch8t

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Posted 28 January 2015 - 04:18 AM

The ch8t's byte-sized reviews










***Important Note***

I only played these ten games. It's not that I think my nth ranked game is the nth best game in the jam, but rather the nth best game that I played.


1. NAL - Bullet Hills - 11101101

2. Coolbot 4k - Bobby and Zippy - 11111101

3. Mercerenies - GMCynchronized - 00010010

4. Detective Pixel- Synclox - 11101101

6. 11clock - Destitute 2 - 11100101

5. Yal - YWBATWYD - 01000101

7. AndrewCay - Toro Jump - 1101110

8. Kepons - Drusba - 00011101

9. Dadio- Captain Toof - 10011101

10. Alice- Long range delivery service - 01000101

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#22 brainstorm


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Posted 28 January 2015 - 03:12 PM

Brainy awards!!!!


Well, I'll review as many games possible, but I can't promise nothing!!!!


Brainful awards (The normal GMC Jam awards):


Here are the titles that I'll award


1st (Lord of gamedevs' brains): Snail_man I

2nd (Lord of gamedevs' toes): HayManMarc I & JackOaley I

3rd (Lord of gamedevs' teeth): Detective Pixel I

Best Use of the Theme (Lords Thematic Park's Owner): Detective Pixel I

Best Use of the Handicap (Lords' secretary): Mr. Magnus I

Best Use of the Secret Word (Lords' seer): Kepons I


Brainless awards (Awards ):

Court's clockwork-Best clock game award (I'd seen a lot of them): Detective Pixel I

Court's clown-Best joke game award (they are sometimes misunderstanded :P): the ch8t I

Court's MS Painter-Weirdest MS Paint graphics award (For those who haven't time or skills to work on the graphics like me!): Goinbatty I

Invader Barbarian-All your computer belong to us award (Most addicting game): Snail_man I


I also will give a useless title for everyone.


Reviews (9/54)



It's funny beacuse before starting playing that I played geometry dash and the first game on the zip was a rythmim game too (Bullet Hill)


If I missed any aspect of our game, like controls, please contact me via PM to explain it to me.

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Posted 28 January 2015 - 04:05 PM

Reviews are...





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#24 Yal


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Posted 28 January 2015 - 04:32 PM

Yal's Catgirl Reviews

- Where your Game gets Slashed to Pieces :3 -


As usual, I'll keep my scores on a low scale so that it's easy to judge where a game belongs. Ties are solved using personal bias, and I usually prefer emotional impact to gameplay and gameplay to resource quality.



My votes:


<Coming soon>



My reviews:


<See this nifty document that is also coming soon>

  • 0

- The above is my personal opinion and in no way representative of Yoyogames or the GMC, except when explicitly stated -


Open this spoiler for my games:


Some useful game engines, music and other resources at affordable prices:

My collection of game resources at itch.io


New user? Can't draw but want to look unique? You can request a new avatar in this thread!

#25 Snotling Master

Snotling Master

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Posted 30 January 2015 - 02:45 PM

Top Three:


1 -  Yal - You will become a Turret when you Die

2 - Gizmo199 - The Machine

3 - Xor - Imposter






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#26 Snail_Man


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Posted 30 January 2015 - 06:46 PM

1st: Beyond Limbo by Mr. Magnus
2nd:Out of Sync by AntonHuckleberry
3rd:I am Virus by The M
4th:SynClox by Detective Pixel

5th:Circuitboard by Mercerenies



Full Rankings



Snail_Man's Recovered Reviews



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#27 VideoHead


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Posted 30 January 2015 - 11:13 PM



These reviews and rankings are mostly based on:

A. How much fun the game is

B. How polished the game is.


Sorry if I didn't get around to reviewing your game.


My Lazy Rankings:

1. Boppy and Zippy- Coolbot4k

2. Gnomes- Snail Man

3. SynClox- Detective Pixel

4. Bullet Hills- NAL 

5. Attack of the Flying saucers from Outer Space- Jack Oatley and HayManMark 

6. The Machine- Gizmo199

7. Captain Toof vs Da Clone Tentacles- Dadio

8. Chronicle Timeflow- ChessMasterRiley



Best use of Restrictions: Boppy and Zippy- Coolbot4k

Best Presentation: Chronicle Timeflow- ChessMasterRiley

Best use of Secret Word: Bad Ducks with Bad Karma- Brainstorm

Best Devblog: I am Virus- The M


My Lazy Reviews:


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#28 Coolbot4k


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Posted 31 January 2015 - 05:14 AM

Noah's Votes

1 - GameDevDan - Hannah
The presentation was fantastic. It followed the theme well, but it didn't utilize the handicap. It played well except for a feeling no control due to the characters' sluggishness in stages with the moving hazards. Great job!

2 - Snail_Man - Gnomes
It was a very unique game. The puzzles were fun to solve, and presentation was great. The integration of synchronization was really cool, though it felt less fluid and more trial and error than I had hoped.

3 - mr magnus - Beyond Limbo
I've never really taken the time to play a text adventure before, but I can say I enjoyed this one. There were some instances of buttons taking me to the wrong room (or seemingly taking me to the wrong room) at times, but other than that it was an interesting experiences.

4 - AntonHuckleberry - Out of Sync
I enjoyed the presentation and idea of this game quite a bit. Controls for the player felt off, which resulted in some unfair deaths, but I adjusted for it. I wouldn't mind a longer version with more features.

5 - NAL - Bullet Hills
I love rhythm games, and this is my keyboard, so I enjoyed this one. The visuals were impressive, though repetitive and sometimes interfered with seeing notes. The songs were a nice selection, and I was surprisingly happy with just a selection of 3. Also, everyone beat this!

Extra Feedback
I am Virus
I REALLY wanted to finish this game. It was really cool, but the game kept crashing for me. I even used GM's built in save feature to try and get through it, but to no avail.
I loved Bridges and hoped this would be similar. I got stuck on level 13 before I realized the game felt much more simplistic and less rewarding than its predecessor. Though that might not be true of the rest of the game, I didn't want to spend hours solving that stage.
I loved the aesthetics and gameplay. With that said however, it really didn't feel rewarding to play or complete.

The presentation was great. I couldn't for the life of me determine how the day by day thing worked or what the numbers meant. I also couldn't figure out how to perform that weird wall-jump maneuver you need later on in the game.

I'll complete as much of each game as possible then list them below. I will only review my top games. If you want in-depth feedback, just ask!

I may leave one or more symbols after a game's name based on specific criteria, here's what they mean:

* - I liked this game a lot
% - I only partially completed the game (ask me why!)
! - Bugs worsened the experience
? - The game appeared crudely incomplete
< - I'm not finished and will get back to it

Games Played

Requested Reviews

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#29 STDev


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Posted 01 February 2015 - 09:05 PM

Hey GMC, great job to all who submitted a game! Our team divided the games and wrote reviews for all the games to help us fairly vote. We decided to post all the reviews in case some people want some constructive criticism on their game. Of course these are just our opinions, but it may still be worth your while to read about your game. The template we used can seem a little harsh, especially because we dedicated quite a bit of points to theme usage. Feel free to PM us if you have any questions or concerns about a review. 


Link to Reviews


Our official rankings are not determined solely by score, but by an overall consensus among our group.

So without further ado, our votes go to...

  1. Snail_Man - Gnomes
  2. Lune - Auditurgatory
  3. nvrogers - Burning Time
  4. Jack Oatley & HayManMarc - Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space
  5. NAL - Bullet Hills
  6. Coolbot4k - Boppy and Zippy
  7. ChessMasterRiley - Chronicle Timeflow
  8. TehPilot - Soul Synch
  9. Xor - Imposter
  10. 11clock - Destitute 2

Best Use Of Restrictions: Snail_Man - Gnomes
Best Presentation: Lune - Auditurgatory
Best Devblog: GameDevDan
Best use of secret word: Snail_Man - Gnomes

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#30 Detective Pixel

Detective Pixel

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Posted 02 February 2015 - 06:36 AM

Detective Pixel's Sleepy Rankings.


Disclaimer: All of these votes are my options late during the night. It is Ok to downvote if you don't like them.



1 Snail_Man-Gnomes
2 GameDevDan-HannaH
3 Lune-Auditurgatory


Top 3 reviews cause I am lazy.



Best use of theme: Monstr Gaming

Best use of handicap: Lune

Best use of secret word: Kepons

Best devblog: ChessMasterRiley


The rest! (See what I did there? Huh? Huh? ok....)




Good night.

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#31 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 03 February 2015 - 06:01 PM

My votes go to:


1: Gnomes by Snail_Man


2: Attack of the Flying Saucers From Outer Space by JackOatley and HayManMarc


3: Bullet Hills by NAL


Best Use of Theme: NAL



Short on time but will review some games as and when there is some! Folder randomiser done- here we go!

Attack Of The Flying Saucers From Outer Space by JackOatley and HayManMarc + + + -




Beatboy by Monstr Gaming + + + -




Bullet Hills by NAL + + + -




Drawn Forth by shadowspear1 + + -




GMCynchronized by Mercerenies + +




Gnomes by Snail_Man + + + + -




Long Range Delivery Service by Alice + +




Pancake Island by Rusty + +




The Many Lives of Greg by Soki + -




Toro Jump by AndrewCay + + + -


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#32 Lune


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Posted 05 February 2015 - 08:43 AM

1. Detective Pixel // SynClox
2. Snail Man // Gnomes
3. Joh // SinCh OS

Full ratings and comments in a sortable spreadsheet below



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#33 Alice


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Posted 05 February 2015 - 12:59 PM

In case you didn't know, since I had rather little time recently, I left voting and reviewing to some program of mine. It ran games in a random order, and then used Monte Carlo method to determine amount of fun, as well as other qualities of a game, then made decision based on some arbitrary attribute values.


Alice out~!


Current status: Done
Playing progress: 55 out of 55
Evaluation progress: 55 out of 55

You can see full debriefing of "The Sparkling GMC Jam #17" mission here!
Click on game title to see its feedback!

1st place: HannaH by GameDevDan
for wondrous story about adventure, friendship and sharp devices

2nd place: Auditurgatory by Lune
for well-polished and quite fun in gameplay entry

3rd place: Out of Sync by AntonHuckleberry
for more creative than usually and still enjoyable approach to simultaneous-control platformer

Best use of restrictions: Beyond Limbo. by mr magnus
Best presentation: Auditurgatory by Lune
Best devlog: I Am Virus I Eat Your Face by The M
Best attempt at secret word: Drusba by kepons

Current ranking:
1. HannaH by GameDevDan
2. Auditurgatory by Lune
3. Out of Sync by AntonHuckleberry
4. Bullet Hills by NAL
5. Gnomes by Snail_Man
6. Juliet by STDev
7. Destitute 2 by 11clock
8. Clocktower Chaos by wikaman1
9. Dash-Gunner by Nallebeorn
10. Beyond Limbo. by mr magnus
11. Boppy and Zippy by Coolbot4k
12. Soul Synch by TehPilot
13. Circuitboard by Mercerenies
14. You Will Become a Turret When You Die by Yal
15. Clichéroes by aamatniekss
16. Gemini by mystborn & Sheepton & Thatnotsogreatgamer
17. SynClox by Detective Pixel
18. Dance Dance Detective Pixel 2 by the ch8t
19. Toro Jump! by AndrewCay
20. Drusba by kepons
21. Chronicle Timeflow by Chessmasterriley
22. Captain Toof vs Da Clone Tentacles by dadio
23. Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space by HayManMarc & JackOatley
24. I Am Virus I Eat Your Face by The M
25. Converge by RekNepZ
26. 9 Lives by JimmyBegg
27. BeatBoy by Monstr Gaming
28. Ninja Arena Cube of Deaderness by Goinbatty
29. Roy G. Biv by Sirham
30. Burning Time by nvrogers
31. Innocence by trg601
32. The Agonized Lanks by DocNogloff
33. Super Young Nerd Crazy Hater of Rott Oasters and Nasty Idiot Seals Explosives by brainstorm
34. Imposter by Xor
35. The Not So Great Escape by Greg Squire
36. Missile Def by Camper125Lv
37. Sinch Os by Joh
38. Circolors by The Rock Abdo
39. GMCynchronized by Mercerenies
40. The Machine by Gizmo199
41. Bad Ducks with Bad Karma by brainstorm
42. Synchrobeatings by BretHudson
43. Galactic Chaos by Lan shade
44. Drawn Forth by shadowspear1
45. Robot Boogie by Snotling Master
46. Synchro Psymon by lukanspellweaver
47. Black Flag by SampanVermaGreat
48. Pancake Island by Rusty
49. Sheeple by DeliriumBoy
50. Stuck in Sync by TcMaX
51. The Many Lives of Greg by Soki
52. Supersymmetry by pinsir935
53. SUPPER PIXL ADVETUR!!1!!111! by Goinbatty
54. Lose_Control by mnsingh367
55. Cynthia by peps1992

Your friend Computer

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#34 Mercerenies


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Posted 07 February 2015 - 02:28 AM

Mercerenies' Voting Emporium


1. Snail_Man - Gnomes

2. mr magnus - Beyond Limbo

3. dadio - Captain Toof vs Da Clone Tentacles

4. GameDevDan - HannaH

5. The M - I Am Virus

6. NAL - Bullet Hills

7. 11clock - Destitute 2

8. Lune - Auditurgatory

9. STDev - Juliet

10. Detective Pixel - SynClox

Full Rankings:

Best Use Of Restrictions: mr magnus - Beyond Limbo
Best Presentation: NAL - Bullet Hills
Best Devblog: (TBA)
Best use of secret word: the ch8t - Dance Dance Detective Pixel 2

Games Not Reviewed (1)


I'll be giving each game a numerical score, as well as a few sentences' worth of critique. Note that the numerical scores are simply indicators, and that having the highest score does not guarantee that a game will be my first place vote. In particular, the score represents how well rounded your game is, whereas in voting I place much more emphasis on raw gameplay and fun factor. The score is based on the following factors (0-5 each unless otherwise noted):
Gameplay - Is your game fun to play?
Interface - Are the menus nice to look at? Are the instructions clear?
Graphics - How does the game look and feel?
Audio - Does the game sound good?
Story - Was there a plot? Did it surprise or entertain me?
Theme - Was there synchronization? How apparent was it? Was it crucial to the game?
Handicap (0-3) - Does dying have twisted benefits?
Secret Word (0-2) - Did you attempt the secret word? Did you correctly guess it?
Balance - Is the game too easy? Too hard?
Opinion (0-10) - Did I enjoy your game personally?

Remember, you made a game in 72 hours. Even if my review is harsh, the fact that you finished a game is indicative of programming prowess.

I'll be playing the games in random order. If you want me to play yours sooner, PM me and I'll put you at the top of the queue.

Reviews (53)


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#35 Spydog


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Posted 10 February 2015 - 04:47 PM

Didn't have time to review all the games, but I did play them all! Here are my votes:


1. Circuitboard by Mercerenies

I'm not usually a fan of puzzle games, but this one entranced me for quite a while. Excellent, intuitive controls, tricky puzzles, and humorous writing.


2. Gnomes by Snail_Man

Very charming intro cutscene. Great puzzles and great sound effects. The game feels very polished.


3. Captain Toof vs. Da Clone Tentacles by dadio

So much juiciness! There's not much to the gameplay, but it feels great with the wobbly character and sound effects. The difficult levels always made me want to give them one more try.


4. Boppy and Zippy by Coolbot4k

Nice, polished puzzle-platformer. Reminds me of Ice Climbers. :)


5. Imposter by Xor

The premise was cute and the ending made me smile.


6. HannaH by GameDevDan

Nice graphics and writing. I found the gameplay kind of boring, though.


7. Bullet Hills by NAL

Great idea to combine a rhythm game with a typing game!


Best Use of Restrictions: Gnomes by Snail_Man

Best Presentation: Auditurgatory by Lune

Best Devlog: Clicheroes by aamatniekss

Best Use of Secret Word: Bad Ducks with Bad Karma by brainstorm

Edited by Spydog, 10 February 2015 - 04:54 PM.

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College-aged game developer.


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#36 Chessmasterriley


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Posted 10 February 2015 - 10:35 PM

Top Votes

1. HannaH by GameDevDan

2. Auditurgatory by Lune

3. Bullet Hills by NAL


Best Use of Restrictions (Theme): BeatBoy by Monstr Gaming

Best Presentation: Auditurgatory by Lune


House Riley does not recognize any other Best of categories! Down with the newfangled categories!





Everyone did a fantastic job this time around! Great Jam!


Here are the reviews in alphabetical order if you don't approve of the scandalous google sheets.


Edited by Chessmasterriley, 12 February 2015 - 05:02 AM.

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#37 mr magnus

mr magnus

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Posted 11 February 2015 - 11:57 PM

  1. 11clock - Destitute 2
  2. AntonHuckleberry - Out of Sync
  3. Snail_Man - Gnomes

Full Ranking


I'm sorry for the awful formatting of the post. I just ran out of time and just finished the last game 5 minutes before deadline. I'll post better scoring later in the discussion post, mkay? There are two games that didn't work and thus aren't ranked here. Nal's bullet hills and trg601's Innocence. Stay tuned to the discussion topic where I'll post the actual scores. THank you for a wonderful jam, and I'll see you next time


11clock - Destitute 2 A suprising zen like experience. It wasn't really modified 'too' much from the original, but what it did it did well. I spent by far the longest amount of time with this one and I really enjoyed all the puzzles that were not too slow paced. Audio was really easy on the ears and I didn't mind it repeating often over the game. I was really interested in the story, and while the ending was somewhat anti-climatic I didn't really feel all that bad having finished it . A great job. 
Aamatniekss - Clichéroes A fun game. The soundtrack wasn't the strongest suit but the simple visuals and entertaining gameplay made for a fun time waster. It isn't quite my cup of tea and I quickly got overrun, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Alice - Long Range Delivery Service For a game made in only three hours I actually was quite impressed. The idea was there, and while the execusion was a bit crude overall I think you could have created a great game given more time. I can't really say much on the game due to the shortness of it, but I'm incredibly glad you participated even if you didn't have the time for it. The more participants the merrier. :)
AndrewCay - Toro Jump It was ok, but it felt a bit unresponsive and only loosely connected the theme into the gameplay. It didn't provide much of a unique or varying challenge but I could spend a minute or two on it. 
AntonHuckleberry - Out of Sync Absolutely stunning. It reminds me a great deal of Hannah, only instead of relying on pure puzzle elements it relies on more precise movement and stronger contrasting theme and visuals. The minimalistic nature of the game coupled with what I felt to be a fantastic soundtracl really is what I feel set this game above many others. I wouldn't be suprised if this ended up as my no.1 bote
Brainstorm - Bad Ducks with Bad Karma I.....I....just.....I......erm......huh?
brainstorm - Super Young Nerd Crazy Hater of Rott Oasters and Nasty Idiot Seals Explosives Could you have picked a longer name? I'm not much for minimalism.  But yeah, not sure what I should make of this game. It's...well.....yeah. :P
Bret Hudson - Synchrobeatings I was rather dissapointed. This looked like it was going to be quite entertaining. Unfortunatly I had no idea what I was doing. I hit a few performers on the head, tried getting them in sync, out of sync, playing, not playing, the entire pack. Unfortunatly I gave up when nothing I did had any effect on anything. A bit better documentation would have been nice. 
Camper125Lv - Missle Def It was a bit inaccurate, but I guess that's where the synchro part comes into play. I quite liked it actually, the audi was a bit retro and catchy and while it wasn't the easiest to handle it was quite enjoyable. 
ChessMasterRiley - Chronicle Timeflow A fantastic first impression A georgius looking game, but unfortunatly there wasn't a whole lot of varyity. The soundtrack and ambient soundtrack really gave the game a great mood and I appriciate the work you put into it. I'd have prefered more emphasize on gameplay over assets but that's just a personal preference. It also reminded me greatly of a jam entry you entered a jam or two back. I can't quite rememer which jam but I felt a similar wibe. I however did entertain myself a bit when I discovered I could synchronize myself outside of the map and enter the foreverlands behind the darkenss. 
Coolbot4k - Boppy and Zippy Really good looking, music got a tad repetative quickly. It relied a bit too much on hand-eye cordination and fast movement which unfortunatly I just don't have. Overall a good game
Dadio - Captain Toof vs Da Clone Tentacles Not my type of game. Was overly tedious and required a lot of fine precision movement. I tried my best however, managed to play for a few minutes before giving up. The game wasn't bad by any means, just not my strong suit. Visual and audio side were perfectly fine. 
Delirium Boy - Sheeple Was extremly confused as to what I was supposed to do here. I spend the first few moments activly trying to chase down the sheep in front of me getting quite frustraded over the fact that they moved just as quikly as I did. It wasn't until I started pressing random buttons that I discovered that I had a slowdown/Speedup ray at my disposal. The idea and usage of theme were there and quite innovative but overall a bit of polish and clearer instruction would have served this game well. I see the idea and potential, the execusion might have gone off a bit better. 
Detective Pixel - SynClox a mesmerize game. It wasn't really the most varied game but the soothing soundtrack (even if the loop was rather short) and the simple but charming enviroment helped nudge this game a bit higher on my list. I'm not sure if I missed what I was supposed to do, if there was much more to do or if there was a single rotating piece hiding from me somewhere. It's not really important, great job. 
DocNogloff - The Agonized Lanks a fun twist on the theme. I liked it, it was energetic. It wasn't the best but I enjoyed it
eam Ettin - Gemini Haunting. The game wasn't a masterpiece but I can see where you wanted to go with it. Musically it was sound, visuals a bit barebones but acceptable. Gameplay might have been a bit more polished
GameDevDan - HannaH A challenging, but entertaining game. Loved the concept and the great execution, both on a visual and auditorial level. I'm complete rubbish in it, but I think you did a splendid job. Honestly I don't have all that many complaints. 
Gizmo199 - The Machine The game quickly got a bit stale. Not quite sure what I was doing beside dogding bullets. I spent a few minutes jumping around until I finally gave up. I would have liked a little more clear objective goal and/or content to match it: varying it up a little bit. 
Goinbatty - Ninja Arena Cube of Deaderness Fun, but extremly tiresome to control and handle. It didn't take long until you just gave up from frustration. The athmosphere was there, the game was somewhat fun, but it required too much fine precision split second controlling to be really up my alley. Music was well fitting and stood out. Graphics, while simple, did their job well and create  a great visual theme. I didn't notice the handicap however, care to correct me?
Goinbatty - Super Pixel Adventure No. Just no.
Greg Squire - The Not So Great Escape An entertaining game at least, but it didn't really serve the theme that well, maybe I just missed it. I loved the character design however
Jack Oatley & HayManMarc - Attack of the Flying Saucers from Outer Space Pre-playtrough note: With a name like that I'm extremly scared of what this game hold for me.  Past playtrough note: God, the most absurd game of the jam so far. I'm honestly shocked I enoyed it as much as I did. The very 50's film grain intro was a gemstone in itself and the fun but quite repetative gameplay was really enjoyable. I quite would have wished that it was more diverse, that you could have had more options of towers, or at least be able to either sell them or upgrade them. Voice acting was supberb. Great job.
JimmyBegg - 9 Lives It was interesting, but a bit lacking in some areas. Was a bit hard to control and I had issues properly
manuvering over some edges fast enough
Joh - Sinch Os It was really confusing and a bit hard to get into. When I did get into it I was struck with the problem that for me at least there wasn't enough time to manuver everything I wanted before time running out and often that lead to giant subtractions from my score. It was a fun game however, the idea was there. Just a bit rough around thedges
Kepons - Drusba I'm really happy I'm not sensitive to flashing lights. It's these types of games that cause seizures. Also, wth was going on? x)
Lan shade - Galactic Chaos The tank was much too slow for any actual chance of shooting anywhere but directly up. The game however had an interesting concept and I quite liked the look of it. Just needed to be a bit more mallable
LukanSpellweaver - Synchro Psymon Rehasing old ideas, are we? ;)  No worries, I really enjoyed both the original Psymon and this one as well. This one however was much more difficult since I couldnt rely on geographical patterns due to the spinning mechanic. I did my best for a while but it got stale quickly. The voice was a nice touch, but it was a bit distrorted. A fine entry nonetheless
Lune - Auditurgatory I was slightly dissapointed on how short the game actually was after seeing the visuals and reading the concept. Overall the game controlled well, was smooth and sounded magnificent.not much more to say on it except that perhaps you should expand it a bit. 
Mercerenies - Circuitboard I quite enjoyed it, but it still got stale really quickly. Music was solid, story as entertaining as last time, and overall the game was rather fun
Mercerenies – GMCynchronized I honestly didn't expect much, but my god was that an addicting game. While it quite lacked the polish it was enough; and I loved every minute of it, and trust me, there went quite a few minutes into it. You got pulled up quite a bit just due the the shear enjoyment I found in playing it an the unhealthy amount of time I've spend battling the evil clowns. I've even gotten quite good at it and managed to reach 29 days. +1 For including me.
mnsingh367 - Lose Control The controls where a bit clunky, and for some reason there often where two contradicting audio tracks playing. The idea wasn't all bad. All in all the idea was there, but it was a bit rough around the edges
Monstr Gaming - BeatBoy It was rather slow, getting to your target took forever since 3/4 of your time was spent waiting for the beat to circle around. Perhaps using the keyboard and tapping in sync with that would have made for faster gameplay. The idea, concept and potential all were there; just needed refining, polish and a bit better execution.
nvrogers - Burning Time The hitbox on the clock was much too large, the character much to sensitive and players much to resistant to damage. The idea was great, and I like the idea of bullet hell games, but this one was a bit unfair, and that's a lot for a bullet hell. Audio was great, graphics worked well, and overall quality of production was good. It just wasn't executed well enough. 
peps1992 - Cynthia Not sure I can properly rank this, seeing that you had a fine concept and it wasn't bad graphically. You just never had the time to finish it. So, no hard feelings, I liked what I saw, the little of it
pinsir935 - Super Symmetry it looked all right, but the gameplay was a bit lacking. Not much to say other than that however
RekNepZ - Converge Really entertaining. It quite bothered me that you had to have such incredible precision to manage to solve some of the puzzles but overall I liked the game. Theme and handicap were used really well and while I had my ups and downs I think you pulled it really well off. 
Rusty - Pancake Island I'm fairly uncertain what I was doing, seemed like a rather simple platformer until level 3 which was just a gray room. It was...interesting
SampanVermaGreat - Black Flag I'm sorry, but between the framedrop, what I can only assume to be anti-US/war propaganda, and the somewhat  buggy gameplay I'm not sure what to make of this. I admire the fact that you attempted to create a 2.5D game and for most part it came out ok, but I think you might have benefited better from something a bit more simplistic. I'm awfully sorry, I'm not trying to be mean. 
shadowspear1 - Drawn Forth A reallt interesting game. Right off the bat did it set a chilling, ominous mood. It looked quite good all things considered and in fact I quite enjoyed it all the way until I got stuck. Unfortunatly I did get stuck and no matter where I pointed my light or where I stood I couldn't get out of the room. But that's all right. I didn't quite find the usage of the theme to be all that obvious and gave it most likely less than I should have, but overall I think that you could take this game and create a really chilling, entertaining game. 
Sirham - Roy G. Biv Was really hard to control and manuever correctly. Often it ended with me just walking into death. The idea is interesting, the execution just doesn't add up
Snail_Man - Gnomes Loved the game to pieces. It takes a familiar concept and uses it in a great and charming way. Soundtrack fit the game like a glove and even while it wasn't a looker it still did the job in a brilliant way. Most puzzles where quite simple which is appriciated in the beginning but eventually became stale. 
Snotling Master - Robot Boogie it was interesting enough, utt overall I felt it to be a bit disconnected from the theme. It got stale after a bithe music was rather nice however. 
Soki - The Many Lives of Greg It wasn't really that much of a game. It was just a really really short story. Poor Greg. The message was there, but the wrapping around it was a bit bland. Appriciate that you at least let me wipe out the fog myself. 
STDev - Juliet Pretty entertaining. It was a bit hard to control unfortunatly, but it used the theme in quite standard way and I quite liked it. I don't have many querrils with it except that I had a hard time solving the puzzles since they often relied more on my motor skills than wits, which often was the death of me.
TcMaX - Stuck in Sync I'm sorry. I just didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing. Sometimes I moved, sometimes I didn't. That's really all I have to comment on: Document your game. 
TehPilot - Soul Synch The intro and concept of the game: brilliant. I wished I would have played it for longer but after it broke for the second time making it impossible for me to move after death I gave up. It still scored really high, and I really loved both the audio and visuals
the ch8t - Dance Dance Detective Pixel 2 I'm extremly conflicted right now. [http://i.imgur.com/5endimR.png]
The M - I Am Virus It was unfortunatly a bit too prone to crashing for my taste. I loved the idea an what I managed to see before it crashed for the third time was quite enjoyable. The audio was there, the concept was tehre, the theme was a bit in the backlight, but overall a fun game.
The Rock Abdo - Circolors A fresh and interesting perspective on the theme. It was difficult, which is what the game was designed to be. The music wasn't really up my alley, but the overall game wasn't bad. Was a bit low on content perhaps, but it did its job  nonetheless
wikaman1 - Clocktower Chaos A bit odd, a bit odd placement of a mute button where the music was missing, and handicap a bit vague. Overall the game didn't offer enough content, but the preface was well chosen and he partial movement restriction was quite interesting, you don't often see it. I spend a fair time on this one, but overall it wasn't quite varyin enough for me. Gameplay was really tight however, so that's always a giant plus
Xor - Imposter A bit short, a bit easy, but the soundtrack was fitting and I understood the concept. Not much to say.
Yal - You Will Become a Turret When You Die Extremly difficult: how do people get so many points in this game? Its extremly hard, and I think that's the joy of this game. The music was a tad annoying, but overall I really liked the game and even managed to   play it for quite a while

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