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GameMaker: Player Rules and Guidelines

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 06:56 AM

GameMaker: Player Rules and Guidelines

The GameMaker: Player  forum is for posting your GameMaker projects that are in development or finished and hosted on the GameMaker: Player. The games posted here must be playable and reasonably bug-free, have a good amount of content, with a clear objective and endpoint and be available on the GameMaker: Player. Incomplete and underdeveloped games belong in the Works in Progress forum.


  • Please read this topic for creations that are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Do not post games that are vulgar, pornographic, or offensive to any ethnic or religious group. Post a warning if your game contains mild swearing or graphic violence.
  • Prank programs are not allowed.
  • Post one topic per game, per forum and game updates should use the original topic, not a new topic. If your game is available on multiple platforms, you may post one topic in each of the applicable games forumsexcept in the Windows, Mac or Linux forums as they are covered by the Player (unless you have the game on an appstore other than the Player).
  • Always follow the Bumping Rules.




  • Screenshots are required for your game to be shown in this forum and should match those uploaded to the Player for your game. Any game without at least one screenshot may be removed by the moderators without notification.
  • Try to keep posted images under 1024 x 768 pixels, and under 3MB per image. You may include up to 5 images per post.
  • Do not post screenshots with vulgar or offensive content.




  • When posting your game topic, make sure it includes a Player URL so that users can find it on the YoYo Games Player web pages.
  • Topics with broken links will be closed. If this happens, report your game and provide a working link.



  • Reply with compliments or criticism but do not flame or insult the author. Rude or offensive comments may result in your account being closed.
  • Do not post unless you have played the game, or have questions about the topic. Off-topic spam will be deleted.
  • Report broken links with the REPORT button. Do not post just reply to say the link is broken.


Topic Format


We recommend the following general outline for topics, but it is optional, although we strongly urge people to follow it:

  • Game Name
  • Category: Arcade, puzzle, shooter, etc.
  • Player URL
  • Price
  • Description
  • Screenshots

This will provide more structure to the forum and more information for people wishing to download games. You should also use Topic Tags when you create the topic as this is a great help to the people that are looking for a specific type of game.



Information on Selling Games And Crowdfunding


You may post games that are paid only, and you may also include links to crowd-funding sites like KickStarter, if you follow these rules:

  • Make it clear in your title and in the topic that the game is for sale and include the price in the topic, near the top and in an obvious way.
  • Do NOT discuss payment in the topic. All payment issues must be dealt with through direct contact with the publisher, or through YoYo Games. If you wish to discuss payment with the author, use PM or e-mail.
  • You can add a link to any crowd-funding site that you have submitted your game to, but the topic must be about the game and the Player and not its funding.

As usual, the general GMC Rules apply too.

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