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The GMC Jam #16 Voting topic


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#1 GameDevDan


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 09:26 AM




Welcome to the official GMC Jam #16 Voting Topic!

This topic is where you can post your reviews and final votes in the GMCJam. The rules, as always, are listed below for those new members that are participating for the first time and we recommend that you read them before making any posts. For those veterans out there, skip the rules as nothing has changed since previous jams, and "START VOTING"!


Voting Template
You don't have to use this, but it makes my life a lot easier if you do, so please consider adding the following template to your post, even if you wish to add mini-reviews and images for your chosen games.

My votes go to

  • name of the game - author
  • name of the game - author
  • name of the game - author
  • etc...
Best Use Of Restrictions - author
Best Presentation - author
Best Devblog - author
Best use of secret word - author




Voting Rules
You may vote for as many (or as few) games as you wish in order of preference, with 1 being the winner and all subsequent games being runners up, but please vote for at least three! The zip file that is created for the Jam comes with a game "randomiser" so that the order you play the games in does not depend on their title or creator, so we ask that you please use it!

Apart from the voting you are encouraged to post a mini-review of the winning game (and any others you feel deserve it) explaining what you liked/disliked and why you think it deserves to win... Remember, this is a Community Jam and so feedback from the community is all important! We want to know what you think! Apart from that there are a few more rules to stick to...

  • Voting will last approximately 15 days from Tuesday 28th October to Wednesday 12th November.
  • Please post your votes FIRST, before any other text or images, and preferably using the above template.
  • Only ONE post per person (this is flexible but you MUST PM me for permission first). Any further conversation about a given game can be held in the Jam topic or in the topic of the game itself (if it has one). Any posts breaking this rule will be removed.
  • Your top three games MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SHORT REVIEW and posts with no reviews of at least the top three games will be considered <void> at the time of counting.
  • If you are reviewing the games over the course of the 15 day voting period, use the <EDIT> button to add to your post, rather than post twice.Constructive criticism is fine, but comments like "This game sucks" will not be tolerated... so think before commenting! If your reviews are extensive or use images, please encase them in [spoiler] tags.
  • Please vote for at least YOUR TOP THREE GAMES, although you can vote for as many as you like (and every vote DOES count!) Please also vote for  "Best Use Of Restrictions" , "Best Presentation", "Best DevBlog" and "Best use of secret word"
  • NO talk of cheating in the Jam topics please. If anyone has any doubts about a post or a vote, then please REPORT the post or PM me with your thoughts and action will be taken accordingly.
  • For all votes, including the Best Ofs, be sure to include BOTH the game name AND the author name.

So that's it I think... Take your time to play as many games as possible, but don't feel pressured to play them all, and we shall see you all here again in fifteen days time to see who has the honour of being the Jam winner this time around!

Good luck to everybody and thank you all so much for participating!!!!

The secret word was PANDA, by the way!

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See you all on the other side.

Back & share :)

#2 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 09:37 AM

I'm sorry to those whose game I didn't get to play - I became incredibly busy and now when it comes to voting I'm in a different country tapping in the words and post formatting in on my phone. Still, I've gone through the feedback I left and have based my votes around those that stuck out to me :)

My votes go to:

1- Dartmoor Finch
2- Taco Quest
3- Titan Tighten
4- Mine Zombie Failure
5- Brief Case

Original post:

Feedback - Listed in order of username (19/52).

Manjuu by 2Dcube + + -

Tiles of Reim Alpha by Alice + + + -

Mine Zombie Failure by Boysano and Galaxy + + + + + - -

Steam Era War by brainstorm + + -

Size Matters by chance + + -

Taco Quest by DetectivePixel + + + + -

Xandu v Skandy by dadio + + + -

Dartmoor Finch by JackOatley + + + +

David vs Goliath by Joh + + -

Elven Man by Lune + +

Dr Swiss 2 - Failure by HayManMarc + + - -

Roy's Bigger Balloon by Mercerenies + -

Titan Tighten by NAL + + + + - -

Little Nicolas by Nocturne + + -

Daughter by nvrogers + + + -

Small by Oracizan + + -

Err, a Game by RekNepz + + -

Brief Case by Snail_Man + + + + - -

Bigg byTheCh8t + + + -

Stomp by wikaman1 + + - -

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#3 Galaxy


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 10:06 AM

Firstly thx to everyone who entered JAM16, good luck to all.
Will be doing a Video Review soon, already saw some great  entries.

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#4 kepons


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 10:29 AM

Kepon's Reviews of Text


My votes go to:


1. Yal - Kidnap the Princess Because I Don't Know

2. Mercerenies - Barry the Brainless Overlord

3. NAL - TitanTighten

4. Greenblizzard - A Mouse in Space

5. Alice - Tiles of Reim Alpha

6. MrMagnus - Another Fleating Day

7. JackOatley - Dartmoor Finch

8. Parakoopa - Digital Drop

9. Holgerso1966 - The Universe and Randy

10. Snail Man - BriefCase




Edited by kepons, 11 November 2014 - 06:01 PM.

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#5 JackOatley


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 10:40 AM

I'll be doing video reviews of all the games again!



1. Daughter - nvrogers

2. Digital Drop - Parakoopa

3. Kidnap The Princess - Yal


4. Elven Man - Lune 
5. Titan Tighen - NAL 
6. Resetka - Goinbatty 
7. XANDU VZ KANDY - Dadio 
8. TacoQuest - DetectivePixel 
9. A Mouse In Space - Greenblizzard 
10. Expendable Blocks - 95jonpet 
11. Tile Of Reim - Alice 
12. Small - Oracizan
13. When We Were Younger - Robo 
14. Barry The Brainless Overload - Mercerenies
15. Stomp - wikaman1
16. Manjuu - 2dCube
17. Big Foot Small Ball - TerraFriedSheep 
18.Steam Era War - Brainstorm 
19. codeBreakers - Ziggler1 
20. Bigg - TheCh8t 
21. System Failure - AnnoyedGrunt
22. LosTPB - GameDevDan 
23. Little Nicolas - Nocturne
24. Forgotten3d - Camper125lv
25. Agent Guy - ShadowLancer
26. The Universe And Randy - Holgerson1988
27. Slimey - epicular
28. Gemstack - TheM
29. Mine Zombie Failure - Galaxy and Boysano
30. The Miserable Petronella Panda - Nallebeorn
31. David Versus Goliath - Joh
32. Dr Swiss 2 - HayManMarc
33. Size Matters - Chance
34. Teh Kitteh The Liked Clocks - kepons
35. Bot Circuits - NazGhul
36. Erragame - RekNepz
37. Forgiveness - trg601
38. Hippy Business Balloon - Nitemare38
39. MicroMinis - manlk800
40. MicelllI - Exkakx
41. Boss Inc - sirham
42. Lonley Blooban - Hippyman
43. Razortreat - OHKO
44. Sandy vs Handy - strandypants
45. Roy's Bigger Balloon - Mercerenies
46. Another Fleeting Day - MrMagnus
47. Paint ***** - LukanSpellweaver
48. Mother Duck and Baby Duck - 11clock


Best Ofs:

Best Use Of Restrictions - nvrogers
Best Presentation - DetectivePixel
Best Devblog - Holgerson1988
Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn







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#6 The M

The M

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 10:44 AM

My votes go to:

1. The universe and Randy - Holgerson1988

2. A mouse in space - Greenblizzard 

3. When we were younger - Robo

4. Expendable blocks - 95jonpet

5. David vs Goliath - Joh

6. Titan tighten - NAL

7. Kidnap the princess - Yal

8. Taco quest - Detective Pixel

9. Dartmoor finch - JackOatley


The above mentioned games have all scored four or above in my reviews. They have been ordered in order of personal preference. Congratulations!


Best use of restrictions - Nocturne

Best presentation - NAL

Best devblog - Mercerenies

Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn


How the reviews'll work:



The list: (Sorted A-Z after game name)



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#7 dadio


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 10:57 AM

Progress: 53/53 *final votes are in!*


My votes go to


1. DetectivePixel - TacoQuest

2. Parakoopa - Digital Drop

3. NAL - Tighten Titan

4.  Jack Oatley - dartmoor-finch

5.  Nocturne - Little Nicolas

6.  Yal - KTPBIDK

7.  AnnoyedGrunt - SystemFailure

8. MrMagnus - Another Fleating Day

9. Nallebeorn - The Miserable Petronella Panda

10. Mercerenies - Barry the Brainless Overlord

11.  GameDevDan - LosTPB

12. Holgerson1988 - The Universe And Randy

13. Lune - ElvenMan

14. kepons - Teh Kitteh That Liked Clocks

15. WIkaman - Stomp

16. Robo - When We Were Young

17. Greenblizzard - A Mouse in Space



Best Use Of Restrictions - Parakoopa - Digital Drop
Best Presentation - NAL - Tighten Titan
Best Devblog - didn't check any... N/A
​Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn - The Miserable Petronella Panda
2Dcube - Manjuu
+ simple score chasing gameplay, cute & clean presentation, follows the theme
- not enough to it, no music

11clock - MotherDuck And BabyDuck
+ follows the theme & handicap I guess...
- possibly one of the greatest games of all time, so much depth!*

95jonpet - Exendable Blocks
+ nice music & sound, nice presentation, simple gameplay, follows the theme & handicap
- kinda boring, gameplay isn't really my thing

Alice - Tiles Of Reim Alpha
+ kinda interesting concept, nice presentation, had music, didn't play long enough to see use of the theme/handicap
- concept not well executed, too many instructions, not very exciting

AnnoyedGrunt - SystemFailure
+ really nice concept, nice presentation, nice graphics, creative use of the theme & handicap
- Argh! no sound at all!, gameplay potential not realized

brainstorm - Steam Era War
+ had music, kinda incoporated the theme & handicap...
- gameplay was too simple, boring
Camper125lv - Forgotten3d
+ I love this retro 3D style, the mirror thing was cool, music was good, had sound effects
- there was nothing to the gameplay (just walk around, hear the monster, & die lol)
chance - size matters
+ blob physics rock, love the faces on the germs, kinda liked the simplicity of the click gameplay
- no music!!!, no replayablity, it didn't really make much sense... this *could* have been good!
dadio - xanduvskandy
+ awesome music!, action packed gameplay!, gorgeous graphics!
- nothing, this game was perfect in every way!
11/10 (just kidding, I think my game sucks & won't be considered for my votes) - 0/10
DetectivePixel - TacoQuest
+ fantastic music! (was that music legal out of curiosity?), lovely presentation, upbeat mood, nice text system, amusing & enjoyable story, nifty simple animations, felt very complete, just about perfect for a Jam game, YoYoGames name dropping!, had me behind a door making Maggot in a Frying Pan 5!!! (^o^)b, I really liked this! Great work!
- theme use was sketchy... & would much rather the controls were *entirely* keys based (rather than having to use the mouse at all)
epicular - slimey
+ had music, had online highscores, stuck well to the theme & handicap, gameplay was ok
- graphics were very basic, just not enough variety to keep interest
Exkakx - MiceIIII
+ stood out of the crowd, so you get bonus points for that - not every day you see a text adventure, had appropriate sound, what was there was interesting...
- errored out - to fit the theme or ran out of time (or both?) dunno..., way too short
Galaxy and boysano - MineZombieFailure
+ looks like effort was put in, lots of detail...
- music was baaaaad!, too cluttered & confusing, couldn't actually figure out what I was doing at all
GameDevDan - LosTPB
+ nice presentation, clean graphics, decent music & sound, random variety, cool assortment of Boss attacks
- the randomness of the attacks always makes your death feel like the games fault rather than your own, you die too easily, just not fun
Goinbatty - Resetka
+ clean retro graphical style, had sound
- don't really see use of the theme or handicap in what I played, movement was odd & not so much fun, have a feeling I missed something
Greenblizzard - A Mouse In Space
+ 3D is cool, had music & sound, nice little intro, good graphics in-game, simple gameplay, lots of potential
- menu/HUD was badly designed, play area was much too small & restrictive, got bored pretty quick, just not enough there...
HayManMarc - DrSwiss2 failure
+ amusing intro, had music, funny photo use, lots of interface stuff, lots of different levels, liked the old TV Batman style "Pow!"
- didn't know what I was really doing!, gameplay seemed too simple
Hippyman - LonelyBlooban
+ the character animation was pretty cool...
- theme use?, no sound at all!, too much text on screen, visuals too simple, not really fun
Holgerson1988 - The Universe And Randy (played it on my work computer :whistle: )
+ nice lil idea that was well executed, tense & solid gameplay
+ graphics coulda been prettier, would have liked more depth
Jack Oatley - dartmoor-finch
+ nice presentation, good music & sound use, clean retro pixel style, fun & addictive gameplay, online highscores! *but*...
- those online highscores are now offline & mean the game gets stuck at the highscore screen now! (+o+') *gulp!*
Joh - David Vs Goliath
+ good music & sounds, nice simple little concept, decent visuals
- gameplay is too repetitive, the usual "can't win" interpretation of the handicap (I'm guilty of it too, but it sucks!)
kahvana166 - cubesadventure
+ 3D was nice & the textures were good, you entered something
- no use of theme of handicap, no sound at all, no gameplay at all, suspect was made before the Jam even began...
kepons - Teh Kitteh That Liked Clocks
+ nice lil intro, interesting photo use, oddball nature will make this one stick in my mind, liked that everything jiggled
- no sound at all!, too short
LukanSpellWeaver - Paint*****
+ it's Paint..., bonus point for entering something!
- nothing to do with anything, it's an app... in a game jam
Lune - ElvenMan
+ lol this was kinda fun, nice presentation (as always), tasty graphics, good music, haven't seen a "simon says" jamgame before
- could easily cheat by spamming the keys (I beat it like this on my 1st go & got the "cheat" screen, not much replayability
manlk800 - Micro Minis
+ I kinda like these virtual pet things, cute music...
- not really seeing the theme or handicap here, gameplay is too boring to play too long...
Mercerenies - Barry the Brainless Overlord
+ nice isometric engine, nifty lemmings-like gameplay, has music & sound, looks like effort put in, sticks to the theme
- too much text at start-up, pacing is quite slow/tedious
Mercerenies - Roy's Bigger Balloon
+ best joke game so far, lol
- no sound at all! (coulda been more amusing with sound!)
MonstrGaming -  Mr Big and Dr Small
+ loved the music!, had sound effects, nicely presented, used the theme well
- level layout wasn't so great, graphics were very simple, gameplay was dull...
MrMagnus - Another Fleating Day
+ Always like games that use voice acting - adds a lot in this one, nice use of the theme, interesting concept, quite fun
- presentation & art could be better, music got a bit grating after a while
NAL - Tighten Titan
+ Gorgeous presentation, nice clean art style, cool lil intro, nice music, very creative use of both theme & handicap (best use so far), fun to play
- control of your physics-ish robot guy is often frustrating, positioning of some platforms makes me wanna smash my monitor
Nallebeorn - The Miserable Petronella Panda
+ Good use of theme & handicap, nice progression, quite a lot to it, good music & sound
- clashing art styles, controls aren't the best
NazGhul - Bot Circuits
+ Used the theme & handicap, had music & sounds
- gameplay was just fiddly & time consuming...
Nitemare38 - Hippy Business Balloon
+ Good use of theme & handicap, nice background art
- no sound at all!, controls weren't very balloon-like, kinda dull gameplay
Nocturne - Little Nicolas
+ very tasty physics use, creative use of theme & handicap, impressive for the time frame, slick presentation, appropriate music & sounds, hilarious on the 1st play, mindless fun!
- should have online high-scores!, no real replay value... (but still kinda fun to fire up again & watch it! lol)
nvrogers - Daughter
+ interesting concept, nice use of theme, ok music & sound
- odd musical choice & mood, much too difficult
OHKO - razortreat
+ nice retro graphics, neat text system, decent music but...
- music got annoying fast, I couldn't get damaged at all!, wasn't sure what I was meant to do...
Oracizan - small
+ cool retro pixel style, nice little animations, cute scene
- Noooo! no sound at all, gameplay not satisfying
Parakoopa - Digital Drop
+ very cool & imaginative use of the theme & handicap! groovy retro style visuals, very nice music & sound, I just love the simplicity of the gameplay!
- A bit cluttered/text heavy to begin with
RekNepz - Erragame
+ I liked the Alice In Wonderland nod, good use of theme
- graphics were very simple, no music!, not very exciting to play...
Robo - When We Were Younger
+ Nice consistent retro graphics, cute!
- bit too simplistic
Shadowlancer - Agent Guy
+ quite nice art going on, had voice-overs, good music & sound
- gameplay wasn't up to much, kinda tedious, got to a point & then wasn't sure what to do next...
sirham - Boss Inc
+ umm... it's definitely something, seems to be just a dice roll vs dice roll... thing...
- no music, no idea what I was really doing, not fun
SnailMan - BriefCase
+ had a lil intro thing to set the scene, had decent music & sound, slopes worked perfectly
- quite boring platforming gameplay, enemy movement was odd, couldn't complete it (I lost my suitcase & then wasn't sure where to go...)
strandypants - SandyvsHandy
+ used the theme well, you submitted something!, it plays...um...
- graphics are really clashy & bad, difficult to know what was solid & not, didn't know what to do really, very slow pace
TerraFriedSheep - BigFootSmallBall
+ acceptable use of theme, decent visuals, nice lil golf like gameplay, had music & sounds
- would have preferred the levels to be smaller, not so exciting to play..., needed more to it
TheCh8t - Bigg
+ nice presentation, fast paced fun gameplay, nice retro sounds, had music but...
- that music got old fast!, like alotta games in the Jam... there just wasn't enough to it, got boring quite fast
TheM - Gemstack
+ upbeat mood, cute music & sound effects, looked real nice, enjoyable gameplay but...
- I'm not a big fan of this type of puzzly game (sorry!), I didn't find it so interesting to play...
TheM - keep Them Small
+ it's a game I guess...
- barely anything to it, just click on the growing circles lol, no sound at all
trg601 - Forgiveness
+ used the them well, character movement was interesting...
- Argh! no sound at all!, very slow paced, not really exciting or interesting
Wikaman - Stomp
+ nice use of the theme & handicap, cute pixel style, kinda funny, good music & sound
- collisions were wayyy off & ruined the gameplay!, needed better animations, bit too simplistic
+ funny take on Bowser! lol, quite enjoyable gameplay, nostalgic value (cos like playing a Mario game), nice music & sound, the story was good, nice job!
- blurry up-scaled graphics, screen tearing, wished there was a bit more to the gameplay...
Ziggler1 - codeBreakers
+ good control, smooth gameplay, decently presented
- not engaging enough, would have liked more action

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#8 xNyo


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 11:03 AM

Nyo’s GMCJAM 16 Votes!

I'm sorry but I couldn't review all games. Here are the votes for the games that I've played.


My votes go to...

1. Tiles of Reim by Alice

2. Big foot Small Ball by TerraFriedSheep

3. Titan Tighten by NAL


Other votes





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#9 wikaman1


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 11:06 AM

The results are in!


1. Another Fleating Day - MrMagnus

2. Tighten Titan - NAL

3. Gem Stack - TheM


These were VERY closely followed by:

Tiles of Reim Alpha - Alice

Daughter - nvrogers

Dartmoor Finch - JackOatly



Best Use Of Restrictions - Little Nicolas - Nocturne
Best Presentation - Robo - When We Were Young
Best Devblog - N/A
​Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn - The Miserable Petronella Panda
Games played 52/52
Played in a random order, I'll say a bit about each game and then give a rating out of 100.

Edited by wikaman1, 11 November 2014 - 08:40 PM.

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#10 Rusty


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 11:39 AM

Welcome to

Sick Rusty's Incredibly Ill Topic of Disease, Strife and Mayhem

(Comic Sans is clearly the most appropriate way to announce illness)


For this Jam, I am offering something that will never be seen again if I can help it. You've got your Jam reviews, but these ones are sick! Let's see if your flashing imagery can pound my headache, pierce my sensitive ears and double points if I need to clean sweat, tears, blood or vomit from my keyboard and/or screen. It's incredibly disgusting! Woo! The Rustic Awards are here (fo real this time dawg) and let's see who becomes the first (and hopefully only) winner of the brand new category in honour of the virus that has trenched itself deep inside my corrupted blood, the YOU KILLED RUSTY award! Optimism shows that you're only dying on the outside. Be excited!


WARNING: I am now officially at my worst, so I will no longer be using my computer with the sound on at all. I am sorry to all the authors who games are still waiting to be reviewed but your horrendously painful sound effects will not be experienced or reviewed upon.


Rustic Awards:


GMC Jam #16 Mustplays:


Reviews (not votes):


Votes (not reviews):


Important Notice:


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#11 GameDevDan


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 12:23 PM

GameDevDan's Reviews and Votes


1. NAL - Tighten Titan
2. Detective Pixel - Taco Quest
3. Chance - Size Matters
4. Nocturne - Little Nicolás
5. Oracizan - Small
6. Yal - KTPBIDK
7. Nitemare38 - Hippy Business Balloon
8. Goinbatty - Resetka
9. Parakoopa - Digital Drop
10. JackOatley & Team - Dartmoor Finch
11. Dadio - Xandu Vs. Kandy
12. Lune - Elven Man
13. Wikaman1 - Stomp
14. TheM - Gemstack 
15. Ziggler1 - Code Breakers
16. Shadow_lancer - Agent Guy
17. Mercerenies - Barry the Brainless Overlord
18. Snail_Man - Brief Case
19. OHKO - Razor Treat
20. Nallebeorn - The Miserable Petronella Panda
21. Camper125lv - Forgotten3d - 33/100;
Best Use Of Restrictions - author
Best Presentation - author
Best Devblog - author
Best use of secret word - author
Scores & reviews (21/52);

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See you all on the other side.

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#12 Alice


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 12:30 PM

In case you didn't know, since I had rather little time recently, I left voting and reviewing to some program of mine. It ran games in a random order, and then used Monte Carlo method to determine amount of fun, as well as other qualities of a game, then made decision based on some arbitrary attribute values.


Alice out~!


Current status: Done
Playing progress: 52 out of 52
Evaluation progress: 52 out of 52
Accepted entries: 32 out of 52
Rejected entries: 20 out of 52

You can see full debriefing of "The Stupendous GMC Jam #16" mission here!
Click on game title to see its feedback!

1st place: Kidnap the Princess Because... I don't know by Yal
for an adorable story about struggling with own flaws and finding true friendship

2nd place: Another Fleating Day by mr magnus
for realistic voice acting of a flea, a dog and a narrator

3rd place: D1G1T@L_DR0P by Parakoopa
for excellent execution of mission objectives (theme, handicap, secret word)

Best use of restrictions: "D1G1T@L_DR0P" by Parakoopa
Best presentation: "Titan Tighten" by NAL
Best devlog: "A Lonely Blooban" by hippyman
Best attempt at secret word: "D1G1T@L_DR0P" by Parakoopa

Full ranking:
1. Kidnap the Princess Because... I don't know by Yal
2. Another Fleating Day by mr magnus
3. D1G1T@L_DR0P by Parakoopa
4. Titan Tighten by NAL
5. Barry: the Brainless Overlord by Mercerenies
6. Gem stack by The M
7. Expendable Blocks by 95jonpet
8. XANDU VS KANDY by dadio
9. The Miserable Petronella Panda by Nallebeorn
10. Taco Quest by Detective Pixel
11. A Mouse in Space by Greenblizzard
12. BIGG by the ch8t
13. The Universe! And Randy by holgersson1988
14. Brief Case by Snail_Man
15. Daughter by nvrogers
16. Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage by GameDevDan
17. System Failure by Annoyed Grunt
18. Agent Guy by Shadow_Lancer
19. Steam era war by brainstorm
20. Little Nicolas: The Unlucky Elephant by Nocturne
21. Teh Kitteh that Liked Clocks by kepons
22. David vs Goliath by Joh
23. Bot Circuits by NazGhuL
24. Mr Big and Dr Small by Monstr Gaming
25. Stomp by wikaman1
26. Err, a game by RekNepZ
27. The Adventures of Slimey by Epicular_
28. Dartmoor Finch by JackOatley & Jamie Gupta
29. Size Matters by chance
30. Boss Inc. by Sirham
31. Mine Zombie Failure by Galaxy & Boysano
32. Forgiveness by trg601 & moon489
----- rejected (for missing theme, handicap, gameplay or fairness) -----
33. When We Were Younger by Robo
34. Code Breakers by ziggler1
35. Big Foot Small Ball by TerraFriedSheep
36. A Lonely Blooban by hippyman
37. Hippy Business Balloon by Nitemare38
38. Roy's Bigger Balloon by Mercerenies
39. Dr. Swiss 2 by HayManMarc
40. Razor Treat by OHKO
41. Micro Mini's by mAnIk800 & Armoured Boar
42. Manjuu by 2Dcube
43. Resetka by Goinbatty
44. Forgotten 3d by Camper125Lv
45. Mice lllI by Exkakx
46. Keep them small by The M
47. Sandy vs Handy by Strandypants
48. Mother Duck and Baby Duck by 11clock
49. Cube's 3D Adventure: How to become stronger by Kahvana166
50. Elven Man by Lune
51. PaintB***h by LukanSpellweaver
52. small by Oracizan

Your friend Computer

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#13 Epicular


    Failed the Jam

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 01:53 PM

Epicular's Votes/Reviews

So I'm going to be writing a brief review of each game as time goes by.
My votes are as follows:

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

Best Use of Restrictions: -
Best Presentation: -
Best Devblog: -
Best Use of Secret Word: -
Each review will consist of a few sentences telling about my thoughts of your game, as well as a numerical score ranging between 1 and 10 to help me determine my final votes (and because I saw Mercerenies using a similar system, which I thought was ideal)

I can be a bit blunt sometimes, so if I am, don't let it discourage you! Also I don't generally give out high ratings. If you get a 5 of 10, you probably didn't do that badly. I am just a very critical person!


Games will be played and reviewed randomly, but they are ordered alphabetically by username. After a few days, everyone's game should eventually show up here.


Completed reviews: 34 / 52


If you have anything to say about one of these reviews (even if it isn't a review for your game) please feel free to PM me

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#14 Mercerenies


    Koopa King

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 02:10 PM

Mercerenies' Votes and Reviews


1. NAL - Titan Tighten

2. Yal - Kidnap the Princess

3. TerraFriedSheep - Big Foot Small Ball

4. Robo - When We Were Younger

5. greenblizzard - A Mouse in Space

6. Alice - Tiles of Reim

7. Parakoopa - Digital Drop


9. sirham - Boss Inc

10. Detective Pixel - Taco Quest

Full Rankings:

Best Use of Restrictions: Yal - Kidnap the Princess
Best Presentation: Detective Pixel - Taco Quest
Best Devblog: (Undecided)
Best Use a Secret Word: GameDevDan - LosTPB

Games Not Reviewed (2)

Review Format

I do give each game a numerical score. Note that this is only to help me determine the rankings; having the highest score does not guarantee that a game will be my first place vote. Each score, unless otherwise noted, is rated from 0 to 5.
Gameplay - Is your game fun to play?
Interface - Were the menus easy to navigate? Were clear instructions provided?
Graphics - How does the game look and feel?
Audio - Does the game sound good?
Story - Was there a plot? Did it surprise or entertain me?
Theme - Was there a contrast between big and small? Did the game seem to fit the theme?
Handicap (0-3) - Was your protagonist a failure? Was it clear that this was the case?
Secret Word (0-2) - Did you attempt the secret word? Did you correctly guess it?
Balance - Was your game too hard? Too easy?
Opinion (0-10) - Did I like playing your game?
Additionally, I'll leave a small comment detailing the most memorable parts of your game for me. Please note that I am incredibly blunt when I review. The very fact that you completed a game in 72 hours shows that you are indeed a skilled developer, so don't for a moment let my reviews deter you from doing what you love.

I'll be playing the games in a random order as determined by the zip randomizer program. I will try to play all games, but depending on time I may or may not be able to finish. If you would like me to play and review your game sooner, feel free to message me.

Reviews (Done)


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#15 holgersson1988


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 02:29 PM

My votes go to

1st: Dartmoor finch - JackOatley

2nd: Gemstack - TheM

3rd: Tiles of Reim Alpha - Alice

4th: Small - Oracizan

5th: Expandable blocks - 95jonpet


Best Use Of Restrictions - Alice
Best Presentation - Nocturne
Best Devblog - N/A
Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn


Feedback for more jams. I don't think the secret word helps. I would prefer if it were removed. I know it is completely optional and you should not bother if I do not want to. But I found it a bit distracting anyway and i have seen others with similar concerns. Just a thought. Next jam I'm not going to bother with the secret word anyway. Great Jam though! :)


Reviews/comments/played games

Played 52/52


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#16 HayManMarc


    The HayMan

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 03:38 PM

Gonna vote. Here's my post.
My votes go to:

  1. Taco Quest by DetectivePixel (23 points)
  2. Bigg by TheCh8t (22 points)
  3. Davids vs Goliath by Joh (22 points)
  4. Kidnap The Princess Because IDK by Yal (21 points)
  5. Titan Tighten by NAL (18 points)
  6. Bot Circuits by NazGhul (18 points)
  7. Daughter by nvrogers (18 points)
  8. Another Fleating Day by MrMagnus (18 points)
  9. A Mouse In Space by greenblizzard (17 points)
  10. Big Foot Small Ball by TerraFriedSheep (17 points)
  11. When We Were Younger by Robo (17 points)
  12. The Miserable Petronella Panda by Nallebeorn (17 points)
  13. System Failure by AnnoyedGrunt (16 points)
  14. The Universe And Randy by Holgerson1988 (16 points)
  15. Expendable Blocks by 95jonpet (16 points)
  16. Dartmoor Finch by JackOatley (16 points)
  17. Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage by GameDevDan (16 points)
  18. Little Nicolas by Nocturne (16 points)
  19. XANDU VS KANDY by Dadio (15 points)
  20. Brief Case by SnailMan (15 points)
  21. Gem Stack by TheM (15 points)
  22. Agent Guy by ShadowLancer (15 points)
  23. Mine Zombie Failure by Galaxy_and_boysano (15 points)
  24. Razor Treat by OHKO (15 points)
  25. Elven Man by Lune (15 points)
  26. Erragame by RekNepz (14 points)
  27. Code Breakers by Ziggler1 (14 points)
  28. Small by Oracizan (14 points)
  29. Stomp by wikaman1 (14 points)
  30. Barry: The Brainless Overlord by Mercerenies (13 points)
  31. Forgiveness by trg601 (13 points)
  32. Teh Kitteh That Liked Clocks by kepons (12 points)
  33. Resetka by Goinbatty (12 points)
  34. BOSS INC. by sirham (12 points)
  35. Slimey by epicular (11 points)
  36. Manjuu by 2Dcube (10 points)
  37. Size Matters by chance (10 points)
  38. Tiles Of Reim by Alice (10 points)
  39. Hippy Business Balloon by Nitemare38 (10 points)
  40. Mice lllI by Exkakx (10 points)
  41. Lonely Blooban by Hippyman (09 points)
  42. Micro Minis by manlk800 (09 points)
  43. Steam Era War by brainstorm (09 points)
  44. Mother Duck And Baby Duck by 11clock (09 points)
  45. Roy's Bigger Balloon by Mercerenies (08 points)
  46. Digital Drop by Parakoopa (08 points)
  47. Forgotten by 3dCamper125lv (07 points)
  48. Keep Them Small by TheM (07 points)
  49. Sandy vs Handy by strandypants (04 points)
  50. Cube's 3D adventure by Kahvana166 (03 points)
  51. PaintB***h by LukanSpellWeaver (02 points)

Best of's:


Best Use Of Theme –—— Small by Oracizan
Best Use Of Handicap ––  System Failure by AnnoyedGrunt
Best Presentation –——- Taco Quest by Detective Pixel
Honorable Mentions:
System Failure by AnnoyedGrunt (Best unpolished)
Code Breakers by Ziggler1 (Best innovation)
Teh Kitteh That Liked Clocks by kepons (Best sillyness)



(Mr Big and Dr Small by MonstrGaming didn't run -- not reviewed/rated.)

You can view my reviews at ---->  HayMan's Really Real Reviews



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#17 Nallebeorn


    Valar Morghulis

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 04:20 PM

Let's play! And vote. And review.

Won't give any scores this time -- I'll simply write a (short) review for every game and rank them as I feel fit.


VOTES (these will change as I play more games)

  1. The Universe and Randy - Holgerson1988
  2. Daughter - nvrogers
  3. Digital Drop - Parakoopa
  4. Barry, the Brainless Overlord - Mercerenies
  5. Expandable Blocks - 95jonpet
  6. Another Fleating Day - Mr Magnus
  7. Tiles of Reim - Alice
  8. Gemstack - TheM
  9. Bot Circuits - NazGhul
  10. Dartmoor Finch - Jack Oatley
  11. A Mouse in Space - Greenblizzard
  12. The Adventures of Slimey - epicular
  13. Big Foot, Small Ball - TerraFriedSheep
  14. Code Breakers - Ziggler1
  15. System Failure  - AnnoyedGrunt
  16. TheCh8t - Bigg
  17. Taco Quest - Detective Pixel
  18. Kidnap the Princess Because I Don't Know - YalG
  19. Resetka - Goinbatty
  20. Agent Guy - ShadowLancer
  21. When We Were Younger - Robo
  22. Mr. Big and Dr. Small - MonstrGaming
  23. Manjuu - 2DCube
  24. Teh Kitten that Liked Clocks - kepons
  25. Xandu vs Kandy - Dadio
  26. Little Nicholas - Nocturne
  27. Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage - GameDevDan
  28. Steam Era War - brainstorm
  29. David vs Goliath - Joh
  30. Titan Tighten - NAL
  31. Forgiveness - trg601
  32. Hippy Business Balloon - Nitemare38
  33. Lonely Blooban - Hippyman
  34. Small - Oracizan
  35. Stomp - wikaman1
  36. Exkakx - Mice llli
  37. Forgotten3D - Camper125lv
  38. The Randy Reemergence of the Surreptitious Dr. Swiss - HayManMarc
  39. Size Matters - chance
  40. Elven Man - Lune
  41. Razor threat - OHKO
  42. MicroMinis - manlk800
  43. Boss Inc. - sirham
  44. Sandy vs Handy - strandypants
  45. Cube's 3D Adventure: How to Become Big - kahvana166
  46. Roy's Bigger Balloon - Mercerenies
  47. Brief Case - Snail_Man
  48. Paint B*tch - LukanSpellweaver
  49. Mother Duck and Baby Duck - 11clock

Best use of Restrictions: Parakoopa (Digital Drop)

Best use of Secret Word: Mr Magnus (Another Fleating Day)



Reviews (in alphabetical order)


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#18 NAL


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 04:49 PM

#1 - GameDevDan - LOS:TPB
#2 - JackOatley - Dartmoor Finch
#3 - Elven Manexe - Lune

#4 - DetectivePixel - TacoQuest
#5 - TerraFriedSheep - Big Foot Small Ball
#6 - dadio - XANDU VS KANDY
#7 - AnnoyedGrunt - System Failure
#8 - GreenBlizzard - A Mouse In Space
#9 - wikaman1 - Stop
#10 - Nocturne - Little Nicolas
#11 - TheM - Gemstack
#12 - Nazghul - Bot Circuits
#13 - sirham - BOSS INC
#14 - Nitemare38 - Hippy Business Balloon
#15 - 11clock - Mother Duck and Baby Duck


Best Use Of Restrictions
AnnoyedGrunt - System Failure

Best Presentation

Best DevBlog
Mercerenies - Barry: the Brainless Overlord

Best Use of Secret Word
None, the only one I remember containing pandas was Dan's and he knew what the word is

Apologies for not reviewing them all, I saw some excellent entries I didn't have the time to play and will do in the future.

Edited by NAL, 12 November 2014 - 01:56 PM.

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Posted Image

#19 RekNepZ


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 05:47 PM

Current toplist (subject to stay the same as I believe I have finished).



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#20 Yal


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 05:48 PM

Yal's incredibly harsh PDF reviews


My votes go to

  1. Dartmoor Finch - Jack Oatley
  2. The Universe and Randy - Holgerson1988
  3. Barry the Brainless Overlord - Merceneries
  4. DigitalDrop - Parakoopa
  5. Xandy vs Kandy - Dadio
  6. Another Fleatin' Day - MrMagnus
  7. Manjuu - 2DCube
  8. The Kitteh That Liked Clocks - Kepons
  9. Resetka - Goinbatty
  10. Brief Case - Snailman
  11. Mr.Big and Dr.Small - MonstrGaming
  12. Cube's Adventure - Kahvana166
  13. Paintb***h - LukanSpellWeaver


Best Use Of Restrictions -  Another Fleatin' Day - MrMagnus

Best Presentation -Dartmoor Finch - Jack Oatley

Best Devblog - N/A
Best use of secret word - N/A

Best Soundtrack: "We Fly Together" - Dartmoor Finch


Biggest LOL: "I hope something bad happens to him before he kills me."

Most Annoying Glitch: "No matter if my friends are dead or joins me in the attack, we always lose 4 seeds whenever we shoot together"

Least Annoying Glitch: "I hate getting kicked, so I'm gonna get above the screen and skip those boots altogether"

Most Descriptive Name: "PaintB***h"

Least Descriptive Name: "Cube's 3D Adventure"

  • 7

- The above is my personal opinion and in no way representative of Yoyogames or the GMC, except when explicitly stated -


Open this spoiler for my games:


Some useful game engines, music and other resources at affordable prices:

My collection of game resources at itch.io


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#21 Detective Pixel

Detective Pixel

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 07:44 PM



Notice: All game ranking are based on fun and concept.
1. The Universe And Randy
2. Daughter
3. Digital Drop
Best Use Of Restrictions - YAL
Best Presentation - NAL
Best Devblog - 95jonpet
Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn
Most Rankings: [49/51]
Game Reviews: [38/However many were entered.]

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#22 Jimac


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 08:26 PM

My votes go to





4. Every other game.


Playing through them all exhausted me, and tbh they all had something to offer, that said my top 3 votes have been cast.


PS. how did you make the exe's for these, no install?

Edited by Jimac, 10 November 2014 - 05:31 PM.

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#23 Otyugra


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 08:44 PM

Welcomed to "N38's Long Game Reviews"!

My votes go to in order:
 1.  When We Were Young - Robo                  

 2.  Kidnap the Princess 'Cus I Don't Know - YAL

 3.  Taco Quest  - Detective Pixel

 4.  Big Foot, Small Ball - TerraFriedSheep

 5.  Digital Drop - Parakoopa

 6.   BriefCase - Snail_Man

 7.   Barry The Brainless Overlord - Mercerenies 

 8.   Xandu vs Kandy - Dadio

 9.   Tiles of Reim - Alice

10.  Titan Tighten - NAL

11.  LOS: Tiny Panda Barrage - GameDevDan

12.  Forgotten3d - Camper125

13.  Daughter - nvrogers

14.  Agent Guy - Shadow Lancer

15.  Dr. Swiss 2 - HayManMarc

 16.  Another Fleating Day - MrMagnus

 17.  Micellli - Exkakx

 18.  Bigg - Ch8t  (you broke my size rule, the game is too wide)

 19.  TehKittehLikedClocks - Kepons

 20.  Slimy Adventure - epicular

 21.  Little Nickolas - Nocturne

 22.  The M P Panda - Nallebeorn

 23.  Mine Zombie Failure - Galaxy & boysano

 24.  Manjuu - 2dCube

 25.  Razor Treat - OHKO

 26.  PaintB***h - LukanSpellWeaver

 27.  Randy vs. Handy - Strandypants

 28.  Roy Bigger Balloon  - Mercerenies

 29.  motherduckbabyduck - 11Clock


Best Use Of Restrictions -  Yal                                                Best Presentation - ParaKoopa
Best Use of Secret Word - I'm boycotting the secret word              Best Dev Blog - Three-way-tie: Nitemare38 (me), Snail_man, and Mercerenies


Top Vote Reviews:



Things to know about my reviews:
-These reviews are only my opinion, if you liked a game or disliked a game more, then too bad
-I review games at random but because I don't have time to review all the games, those who request a review are reviewed first
-I give out ribbons for those who do really good in a subject or really bad, also for simply standing out in a notable way
-I'll try to finish your game and I'll say so if I don't
-I do consider strongly theme and handicap even if I don't write about it directly
-My reviews are really long so be prepared

-Any game larger than 1100 wide or 750 pixels tall (without fullscreen mode or the ability to resize the screen) with have one point docked from my reviews and it could even lose you favor when I'm deciding my votes.
-I may seem supercilious in the harshness of my reviews but remember that I'm doing it for constructive criticism 

---- - My Requested Reviews - ----

Tiles of Reim (By: Alice): 



Big Foot Small Ball (By: TerraFriedSheep): 



Brief Case (By: Snail_Man): 

Titan Tighten (By: NAL): 
Daughter (By: nvrogers):


Mine Zombie Failure (By: Galaxy & boysano): 



Xandu vs Kandy (By: Dadio): 



Do you not want your game reviewed under any circumstance? Let me know via PM! I plan to do a video play-through of a handful of jam games so if you don't want your game filmed then please contact me. If you PM me to play your game in a video, I won't consider it all that hard since I-alone like to pick which games I play.

Edited by Nitemare38, 12 November 2014 - 01:03 PM.

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#24 Exkakx


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 08:54 PM

Exkakx's Amazing Votes.


EDIT: I'm probably not going to have time to play/review enough games this time around. If I don't edit this out before the topic is locked then don't count my votes.


Ranks [Not final]

1. Nallebeorn - TheMiserablePetronellaPanda

2. Kepons - TehKittehThatLikedClocks

3. NAL - Titan Tighten

4. LukanSpellweaver - Paintb!tch

5. Lune - Elven Man



Edited by Exkakx, 08 November 2014 - 04:36 AM.

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#25 OHKO


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Posted 29 October 2014 - 01:06 AM

Game Jam #16 Votes and Reviews!


Top overall and the Best of's




I don't think my votes are as fine tuned as I want them to be, but I'll have to settle for how it is :/


S Rank: My Favorites
1.Kidnap The Princess - Yal Most well-rounded. Memorable and Satisfying.
2.Code Breakers - Ziggler1 This is the definition of "having a blast". Found myself pulling off the zaniest plays for the zaniest situations.

3.BarryTBO - Mercerenies I'll be honest and say that I was originally put off by the slow pace of the minions, the rushed intro, and the door glitch. It's not the type of game great for a jam where I gotta play 50 other games as equally as this. Yet, I continued onward, and played this up to level 16, and was the only entry I actually came back to complete a few days later ("hmm", I thought, "what challenges awaited me?"). The thing is, I really like this, not just as a jam game, but as a "game" game. You cannot deny the reward of feeling like a super evil-genius when solving each and every room, great work~!

4.Gemstack - The M

5.Tiles of Reim Alpha - Alice

A Rank: Must plays, all of these were viable for 1st: (No Order)


B Rank: Great plays. Seems to be missing something... (No Order)


C Rank: Worth a shot! A lot of potential, unfortunately are definitely incompleted :( (No Order)

D Rank: Nothing really there to play :( Yet be proud, my fellow D-rank comrades, atleast we entered! (No Order)


Best Presentation (Ties)

Gemstack - The M (Most polished)

TacoQuest - Detective Pixel (Most immersive)

A Mouse In Space - (Best visuals)


Best use of Restrictions:

System Failure - Annoyed Grunt


Best Use of Secret Word:

Digital Drop - Parakoopa



Edited by OHKO, 12 November 2014 - 08:42 AM.

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#26 ThePC007



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Posted 30 October 2014 - 09:38 PM

My votes go to

  1. TacoQuest - DetectivePixel
  2. Dartmoor Finch - JackOatley
  3. LittleNicolas - Nocturne

Best Use Of Restrictions - chance
Best Presentation - N/A
Best Devblog - N/A
Best use of secret word - N/A



Lune by ElvenManexe:



Dartmoor Finch by JackOatley:



Kidnap the Princess by Yal:



TehKittehthatLikedClocks by kepons:



BriefCase by SnailMan:



TacoQuest by DetectivePixel:



Size matters by chance:



Resetka by Goinbatty:



small by Oracizan:



LittleNicolas by Nocturne:



Manjuu by 2Dcube:



Roy's Bigger Balloon by Mercerenies:



Paint***** by LukanSpellWeaver: <-- Wow, the GMC censors swear words. Good to know, haha. 



Forgiveness by trg601:



Forgotten3D by Camper125lv


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#27 ziggler1


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Posted 02 November 2014 - 05:37 PM

My votes go to

  • Dartmoor Finch - Jack Oatley

  • Gem Stack - The M
  • A Taco Quest - Pixel Detective
  • When We Were Young - Robo

Best Use Of Restrictions - Parakoopa (Digital Drop)
Best Presentation - greenblizzard (A Mouse in Space)
Best Devblog - Hippyman (A lonely Blooban)
Best use of secret word - GameDevDan (LosTPB)




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#28 Greenblizzard


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Posted 02 November 2014 - 09:10 PM

My votes go to

  1. Dartmoor Finch - JackOatley
  2. Barry the Brainless Overlord - Mercerenies
  3. Gemstack - TheM
  4. Another Fleating Day - MrMagnus
  5. Taco Quest - Detective Pixel
  6. Titan Tighten - NAL
  7. Expendable Blocks - 98jonpet
  8. Kidnap the Princess - Yal
  9. David VS Goliath - Joh
  10. teh kitteh that liked clocks - kepons
  11. small - Oracizan
  12. The Universe and Randy - Holgerson1988
  13. Little Nicolas - Nocturne
  14. System Failure - AnnoyedGrunt
  15. BigFoot SmallBall - TerraFriedSheep
  16. Forgiveness - trg601
  17. When We Were Young - Robo
  18. XANDU VS KANDY - Dadio
  19. TilesofReimAlpha - Alice
  20. Mr Big and Dr Small - MonstrGaming
  21. AgentGuy - ShadowLancer
  22. slimey - epicular
  23. The Miserable Petronella Panda - Nallebeorn
  24. Elven Man - Lune
  25. Err a game - RekNepz
  26. Size Matters - Chance
  27. Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage - GameDevDan
  28. Manjuu - 2DCube
  29. BriefCase - SnailMan
  30. Lonely Blooban - Hippyman
  31. codeBreakers - Ziggler1
  32. Daughter - nvrogers
  33. Dr Swiss 2 - HayManMarc
  34. DigitalDrop - Parakoopa
  35. Resetka - GoinBatty
  36. Bigg - TheCh8t
  37. Hippy Business Balloon - Nitemare38
  38. Bot Circuits - NasGhul
  39. Boss Inc. - sirham
  40. MicroMinis - manlk800
  41. Forgotten 3d - Camper125lv
  42. stomp - wikaman1
  43. Steam era war - brainstorm
  44. Razor Treat - OHKO
  45. MineZombieFailure - Galaxy and boysano
  46. Sandy vs Handy - strandypants
  47. How to become big - kahvana166 - Cube's 3D adventure
  48. RoysBiggerBalloon - Mercerenies
  49. MicelllI - Exkakx
  50. Paint***** - LukanSpellWeaver
  51. mother duck and baby duck - 11clock


Best Use Of Restrictions - Mercerenies (for Barry the Brainless Overlord, obviously)
Best Presentation - Nocturne
Best Devblog - N/A
Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn


Comments: (in random order)



Please PM me if I've forgotten someone.

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#29 Robo


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Posted 03 November 2014 - 04:35 AM

I didn't have the most time to do this, but I did play all the games. Some I couldn't play because of errors and those are noted in the reviews. No scores posted, just what I liked and what I feel could be improved if you wanted to keep developing the project. Sorry this couldn't be fancier or more detailed. Feel free to PM me if you'd like any additional feedback or a rating of your game. I do have ratings for every game, I just didn't post them.



1. Expendable Blocks by jonpet


2. Titan Tighten by NAL


3. Barry TBO by Mercerenies


4. A Mouse In Space by Green Blizzard


5. Kidnap the Princess BIDK by Yal



(52 / 52)


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#30 thegame



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Posted 08 November 2014 - 01:24 AM

My votes go to
  • Kidnap the Princess because I Don't Know - Yal
  • Gemstack - TheM
  • Another Fleating Day - MrMagnus
  • Taco Quest - DetectivePixel
  • The Universe and Randy - Holgerson1988
  • System Failure - AnnoyedGrunt
  • Stomp - wikaman1
  • Forgiveness - trg601
  • Brief Case - SnailMan
  • Mice lllI - Exkakx
  • Sandy vs Handy - strandypants
  • Cube's adventure - kahvana166
Best Use Of Restrictions -
Best Presentation -
Best Devblog -
Best use of secret word -

I'm going to try to do as many as I can, hopefully all of them, but I'm getting off to a late start... Life is much too busy. :(
I wrote reviews for the first ones but I think I'll start just doing scores, except maybe my favourites from here on. Takes so long I'll never get them finished


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Examples: Inventory and Shop Example ||| Dialog System with messages, questions, input and more ||| Old dialog box example (May not work in new versions of GM:Studio)
Jam Games: 11: Abby and Elliot - 21st place ||| 12: Forks - 16th place ||| 13: White - 19th place
Completed games: White

#31 NazGhuL


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Posted 09 November 2014 - 12:30 PM

My votes:


1. When We Were Younger - Robo



2. The Universe And Randy - Holgerson1988



3. Expendable Blocks - 95jonpet



4. David vs Goliath - Joh


5. Taco quest - Detective Pixel

6. Gemstack -

Best Use Of Restrictions - Another fleating day - MrMagnus
Best Presentation - Gemstack - TheM
Best Devblog - NAL
Best use of secret word - Nallebeorn


I really liked to write more reviews, but I don't have too much spare time.

My voting system is based on 2 factors:

Fun factor



Fun factor overwrite the impression. An ugly but well executed game is a good game.

Impression is the graphic, presentation, musics and sounds.


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#32 Oracizan


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Posted 11 November 2014 - 12:00 AM

I don't have time to play all of the games, unfortunately, but I've used the randomizer and played the first 15 games. If I didn't get to your game and you'd like my opinion on it, or I did get to your game and you'd like me to give you more detailed feedback, just send me a PM!

A special mention goes to Kepons for TehKittehthatLikedClocks. I'm not entirely sure why I liked it so much or how it snagged my second place vote, but you're obviously doing something right.


1. Expendable Blocks - 95jonpet
2. Kepons - TehKittehthatLikedClocks
3. Dartmoor Finch - Jack Oatley


Boss Inc. - sirham [1/7]

DrSwiss2: Failure - HeyManMarc [2/7]

GemStack: Failure - TheM [4/7]

Stomp - wikaman1 [2/7]

RazorTreat - OHKO [4/7]

Resetka - Goin' Batty [5/7]

Kepons - TehKittehthatLikedClocks [6/7]

Mercenaries - Roy's Bigger Balloon [1/7]

RekNepz - Erragame [3/7]

Dartmoor Finch - Jack Oatley [5/7]

MicelllI - Exkakx [1/7]

Brief Case - SnailMan [1/7]

When We Were Young - Robo [4/7]

Manjuu - 2Dcube [3/7]

Expendable Blocks - 95jonpet [7/7]

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#33 Shadow_Lancer


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Posted 12 November 2014 - 08:18 AM

My vote thingies go to

  • TheM__________Gemstack
  • GreenBlizzard__________A Mouse in Space
  • Parakoopa__________DigitalDrop
  • Nocturne__________LittleNicolas
  • Robo__________WhenWeWereYounger
  • GameDevDan__________LosTPB
  • DetectivePixel__________TacoQuest
  • MrMagnus__________Anotherfleatingday
  • Oracizan__________small
  • kepons__________TehKittehthatLikedClocks
  • wikaman1__________stomp
  • Yal__________KTPBIDK
  • epicular___________slimey
  • SnailMan__________BriefCase
  • Mercerenies__________BarryTBO
  • OHKO__________razortreat
  • Nallebeorn__________TheMiserablePetronellaPanda
  • TerraFriedSheep__________BigFootSmallBall
  • Joh__________davidsvsgoliath
  • Alice__________TilesofReimAlpha
  • chance___________size_matters
  • Dadio__________XANDUVSKANDY
  • trg601__________Forgiveness
  • 2Dcube__________Manjuu
  • Ziggler1__________codeBreakers
  • NAL__________TitanTighten
  • Galaxy_and_boysano__________MineZombieFailure
  • nvrogers__________Daughter
  • JackOatley__________dartmoor-finch
  • TheCh8t__________Bigg
  • NazGhul__________BotCircuits
  • Nitemare38__________HippyBusinessBalloon
  • manlk800__________MicroMinis
  • Goinbatty__________Resetka
  • MonstrGaming__________MrBigandDrSmall
  • brainstorm__________Steamerawar
  • 95jonpet__________ExpendableBlocks
  • HayManMarc__________DrSwiss2_Failure
  • AnnoyedGrunt__________SystemFailure
  • Holgerson1988__________TheUniverseAndRandy
  • sirham__________BOSSINC
  • strandypants__________SandyvsHandy
  • kahvana166__________cubesadventure
  • Hippyman__________LonelyBlooban
  • Exkakx__________MicelllI
  • RekNepz__________Erragame


Reviews for the top 3 - (terrible as always...)


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#34 chance


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Posted 12 November 2014 - 09:56 PM

My votes go to:


1.  Tiles of Reim by Alice

2.  Dartmoor Finch by Jack Oatley

3.  Taco Quest by Detective Pixel

4. Xandu vs. Skandy by Dadio

5.  Another Fleating Day by MrMagnus

6.  Digital Drop by Parakoopa

7. Titan Tighten by NAL

8.  Big Foot Small Ball by TerraFriedSheep

9.  When We Were Young by Robo

10.  Little Nicolas by Nocturne


A few reviews:


Tiles of Reim by Alice

I liked the element of puzzle gameplay in this.  The storyline was OK -- I'm not big on stories, but this was well executed and integrated.  I enjoyed the overall style of the graphics too.  I should play games like this more often.


Dartmoor Finch by Jack Oatley

Well done overall.  I didn't think I would get into this at first, because of the slightly retro pixel style.  But it was presented nicely with pleasant music and sound.  And the graphics were well made after all.  But mostly, the gameplay kept me interested.


Taco Quest by Detective Pixel

Not too much to say, other than it was good casual fun.  I liked the music and graphics in this game.  Very simple, but enjoyable.  Quick and easy to play.  Nice entry. bada bing.


Xandu vs. Skandy by Dadio

Did I love this?  Or hate it?  Maybe a little of both.  The graphics were... compelling.  The gameplay was fun but difficult.  I couldn't last longer than 10 seconds or so... why am I still playing this?


Another Fleating Day by MrMagnus

I normally don't go for story-based games, but this was interesting.  A bit slow to start, but not overly so.  And the story was told bit by bit as the game progressed.  The graphics were nice -- who knew I could identify with being a single pixel on the screen? Anyway, fun overall even though I couldn't get very far.  I'm not skilled at jumping and similar stuff.  But I enjoyed this.  Nice entry.


Other games I enjoyed:


Big Foot Small Ball by TerraFriedSheep

When We Were Young by Robo

Little Nicolas by Nocturne

Titan Tighten by NAL

Digital Drop by Parakoopa

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#35 mr magnus

mr magnus

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Posted 13 November 2014 - 12:03 AM

Mr. Magnus' supreme votes


1 - The M -Gemstack
2 - Nvrogers – Daughter
3 - Mercerenies – Barry The brainless overlord
4 - TheCh8t – Bigg

5 -JackOatley – dartmoor-finch

and the votes for the the 24 games I managed to get over.





Well! It's voting season, and you all know what that means!

This jam was a great jam and I saw a lot of awesome games that I really hope will be further edited, developed and finished. I had a lot of fun reviewing this time around and this is the first time for two or three jams where I manage to get trough all the games. without further blabbering let's get to the voting system.


x<100 = below average.

x>100 = above average.
x=100 = average.

uhhhhh. I might add the scores to this post if I have the time. I'm rather hard pressed atm


A game with 200 points is thus twice as good as the average game and a game with 50 points is half as good. 


:( :( :( :( :( I'm sorry, I just didn't have enough time to review all games. :( :( :( :( :(


With that out of the way, Let's get on to the reviews. they are ordered alphabetically by the name of the author.  Thank you all for a wonderful jam and I look forward to seeing what you can come up with for the next one.

This has been Mr.Magnus, enjoy your day and happy jamming. 


reviews, sorted by the name of the author.


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