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Beta Projects Forum Rules

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Posted 09 October 2014 - 08:27 PM

Beta Projects Forum Rules

The Beta Projects forum is for posting your GameMaker projects for Windows, Mac, Linux and HTML5 games that are in development and have most, if not all, of the main game mechanics in place and most, if not all, of the audio and graphics too. These games should have plenty of quality content even though they are not finished, since the purpose of this forum is to get as much general feedback as possible before releasing the game "officially" to the public. If you wish opinions on a prototype, or your game is still in its infancy, or you require feedback on one particular mechanic, then you should post in the Alpha Projects Forum
This is a MODERATED forum. This means that your topics may take up to a day or two to be visible after posting, or that they may be moved to the Alphas forum if they do not follow the Beta Projects Forum Rules, or if a moderator thinks that the game is inappropriate for this forum. Please do NOT contact moderators if your topic is not accepted or has been moved, as most of the time they will leave a message in the topic explaining why it was moved and what you can do about it.
Basic Rules
All topics MUST contain a playable demo, and the demo must have a more than a minimum of polished, quality content. The demo must be publicly available without restrictions like requiring members to join a website, or sign up for a newsletter, etc... and you must provide a DIRECT LINK to the demo. Don't just post a link to your website, or use advertising links. If there is no demo or the link is not direct to a download, the game topic will be deleted (not moved).

All topics MUST contain a playable demo, and the demo must have a more than a minimum of polished, quality content. There must be a direct link to the demo, which can be accessed without requiring membership to any third party sites. If there is no demo or the link is not direct to a download, the game topic will be deleted (not moved).

Please do not post topics from this list: Projects That Are Not Allowed. Any project that falls under anything in that list will be removed instantly from the forum. That also goes for any games that contain anything the moderators may consider offensive to other members of the community, or that breaks any of the General Forum Rules.
All topics MUST follow the style guidelines outlined below. Any topic that does not will automatically be moved to the Alpha Projects forum.

Posting Rules

When posting your Beta Project topic, it is essential that you follow the guidelines laid out below. While we appreciate that you will want a topic that stands out and is individual, there are some things that are required for posting in this forum, and any topic that does not meet these requirements will be moved to the Alpha Projects forum.
The following requirements must be met for a topic to be accepted on this forum:

  • While we accept that you may wish to format your topic in a specific way, and we will be flexible about this, there are a few things that we expect
    • The game title must be displayed prominently -  either as text or as a graphic - at the top of the post
    • The Download link must be displayed under the topic title
    • At least two screenshots must be included in the topic
    • A game description is obligatory, and it should include any special information about controls, cheat modes, or known issues.
    • If your game has a Crowdfunding campaign or is going through Greenlight etc... Then you can add links to these sites as part of the topic. They cannot be more prominent than the Title or Download Link, and the topic should be about the game and not the campaigns.
  • The topic title must be relevant - We don't want "My New Game" as a topic title, or "Feedback anyone?" etc.... Give the name of your game and (optional) the company that is publishing it, eg: "Catch The Haggis by MacSweeney"
  • Topic tags are obligatory. They help people finding the specific game genre. You should choose the closest appropriate Genre tag - like "Platformer" or "RTS" - to precede your topic title, and then add any further tags as required.

Posting Guidelines
Other than the above rules, we also recommend that your topic contain the following (although this is not obligatory):

  • A video to showcase the game - users like to watch videos!
  • The current version number of the game beside the download or title - this makes it easier for members to see at glance whether they need to update or not if they have been playing the beta already.
  • Links to any developer logs or social media associated with the game - member engagement is key to a successful game, so let your topic help you, but don't over do it!
  • Any further information about specific issues you have, or areas that need testing - help our members to give better feedback by supplying them with all they need to know to help you.
  • Release notes and then further change logs should be used and updated as you update the game (they can be spoilered to save space). Members need to know what has changed from one version to the next in order to give proper feedback.

We can't stress enough how important a Beta projects topic is to getting a good reception, building an audience and getting constructive feedback, and as such the moderators take this forum very seriously, as we want you and your game to succeed and get the attention it deserves. Therefore please be polite to the staff if your topic is moved (or removed) from the forum and try to take on board any comments from members, no matter how much you may not like them. We will not tolerate rude or abusive comments or replies, but a negative comment can still be constructive and you should be thankful that the members have dedicated some time to playing and replying.

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