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GameMaker: Marketplace Q&A Rules And Guidelines

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Posted 16 July 2014 - 07:59 PM

GameMaker: Marketplace Q&A Rules And Guidelines


The GameMaker: Marketplace is a an online market for your resources and assets. You can create asset packages and upload them to the Marketplace for selling (or for free!) and then post a topic in the main Marketplace forum to tell us about them. However should you have any issues then the MarketPlace Q&A Forum is the place to post them. The topics acceptable to this forum can cover the following things:


  • General questions about the GameMaker: Marketplace
  • Bugs, either with the GMS IDE windows for using the Marketplace, or with the Marketplace pages themselves (we would prefer that you post these to the helpdesk, but if you cannot then please post here)
  • Issues with either GMS or the Marketplace, like uploading, installing, market listings, etc...
  • Discussions about the possible plagerism of assets from other users, and other legal issues.


The following forum rules should be followed when posting:


  • Do NOT post requests for people to make you Marketplace resources. These topics will be removed.
  • Do NOT post advertisements or topics promoting your Marketplace packages, as we have a whole forum dedicated to that. These topics will be removed.
  • Do NOT post to criticise or comment on another asset in the Marketplace, or purely to point out cheaper/better/free alternatives. If you post about a Marketplace asset created by somebody else, it should be related to legal issues (like plagiarism of resources or scripts) only.
  • Please do not post suggestions for improvements or changes to the Marketplace or GMS, as we already have a forum for those things here: Suggestion Box
  • When posting, please use the available tags (where appropriate) to mark your topic.
  • If your topic is about a bug or issue with the Marketplace, or the GameMaker: Studio uploading/downloading process, please provide as much information as possible and the version number of GameMaker being used.


Consider too the following guidelines:


  • If your question has been answered, please do not delete or edit the contents of the original post as other members searching may benefit from it later.
  • Before posting, please use the Search feature, as you may find your question is already answered in another topic.
  • If answering, please be polite and concise, giving the maximum information possible.

The general GMC Rules also apply.

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