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The Gmc Jam #14 Voting Topic


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#1 GameDevDan


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 03:19 PM




Game Zip (300MB)

Dropbox :: MEGA :: MediaFire



Jam14_2_zps4314da24.png  Jam14_1_zps96695a31.png  Jam14_3_zps8df33a53.png


1st Place

Blake - Eidetic


2nd Place

DetectivePixel  - Mind Therapy


3rd Place

Diptoman  -  John


All other ranks and awards:


Original Post

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See you all on the other side.

Back & share :)

#2 Alice


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 03:35 PM

~ The ultimate Alice's choice ~
♥ 1. Eidetic by Blake
2. Mind Therapy by Detective Pixel
3. Wizard Amnesia by turgon

~ Honourable mentions ~
4. Remember, Dummy! by UKDutyPaid
5. Alois by Snail_Man
6. Twisted Memory by TeamSteeve

~ Best ofs ~
Use of theme: Eidetic by Blake
Use of handicap: Blind Memory by nvrogers
Presentation: Eidetic by Blake
Devlog: Memory Lane by The M
Story: The Bedroom Door by mr magnus

~ And the others... ~


Here you can see a fancy spreadsheet describing how which games complied to my requirements and the time of the game being reviewed or commented on. Not that it's really relevant, the order of providing feedback was entirely random. *shrugs*

A bunch of statistics and conclusions:

Actual feedback:

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#3 kepons


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 03:37 PM

One Sentence Reviews of Kepons!

(with cheaty multiple sentences for my 3 favorites)

(and maybe an image instead of a sentence)



MY W0075 G0 70 (my votes go to):


1: Eidetic by Blake

2: Mind Therapy by Detective Pixel

3: Parting by Lune


4: Psychosomatica Optima by Darkwalker247

5: John by Diptoman

6: Memory of Fallen Heroes by Squarebit

7: Wizard Amnesia by Turgon

8: Remember, Dummy! by UKDutyPaid

9: Veggie Penguin by Greenblizzard

10: Dark Lord's Memoir by Joh




Here we go:


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#4 Lukan Spellweaver

Lukan Spellweaver

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 03:49 PM

LukanSpellweaver's Voting Post of Voting-Reviewyness


1st: Mr Magnus | The Bedroom Door



2nd: UKDutyPaid | Remember, Dummy



3rd: Detective Pixel | Mind Therapy




Best Use of Theme : Blake | Eidetic

Best Use of Handicap : Shadowrend | Memory Piano

Best Development Log : Not voting...sorry.

Best Presentation : The M | Memory Lane


Honourable Mentions(in no particular order):

TerraFriedSheep | Fading Fast

Squarebit | Memories of Fallen heroes

RekNepz | Old Jamz

darkwalker247 | Psychosomatica Optima

Diptoman | John

LukanSpellweaver | Psymon Says


You can see my reviews being written live here.


I have decided to keep the reviews off site, as editing them twice is a hassle.

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#5 Detective Pixel

Detective Pixel

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 04:45 PM


Sorry that I haven't made very many comics. I am lazy, and I just want to get this done. :P

My votes go to

  • Psychosomatica Optima- Darkwalker247
  • Eidetic - Blake
  • John - Diptoman
  • Parting - Lune
  • Memories of Fallen Heroes - Squarebit
  • Wizard Amnesia - Trugon
  • Memory Lane - The M
  • From Memory - Beaver
  • Remember Dummy - UKDutyPaid

Memory X-Treme - Shadow Lancer

  • I Do Remember - Ghandpivot
  • Old Jamz - Reknepz
  • Yal's Memory Training - Yal
  • Long Shot Pot - Kepons
  • Jam Tart - Rani_sputnik

Best Use Of Theme - John - Diptoman
Best Use Of Handicap - Memory Piano - Shadowrend
Best Presentation - Eidetic - Blake

Best Devblog - UKDutyPaid


Laziness Award - GameDevDan.


Top 3 reviews


Psychosomatica Optima- Darkwalker247




Eidetic - Blake



John - Diptoman





Batch 2 of Reviews. (Big Image)



Batch 1 of Reviews. (Big Image)



Great Design Awards



Fun Fun Games


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#6 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 05:17 PM


Sorry for the small number of games I managed to leave feedback for, I just haven't had much time! Still, all those who did get in contact got some feedback and a couple of extras :)

My votes go to:

1 - Eidetic by Blake
2 - John by Diptoman
3 - GMC Memories by chance
4 - Alois by Snail_Man
5 - Call of Obligation 19 by nvrogers
6 - Dance Dance Detective Pixel by thech8t

Alois by Snail_Man

Call of Obligation 19 by nvrogers

Dance Dance Detective Pixel by thech8t

Eidetic by Blake

GMC Memories by chance

John by Diptoman

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#7 petrus_ward


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 05:19 PM

my top 10 games

(add names when i played them all)


1   lune -Parting

2   ukdutypaid - remmemberdummy

3   programmer5 - beat

4   darkwalker - psychosomaticaoptima

5   manlk800 - Dreamdoctor

6   mrmagnus - thebedroomdoor

7   alice - define

8   snail-man - alois

9   diptoman - john

10 detective pixel - mind therapy

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#8 Sirham


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 06:31 PM



My Votes:










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#9 The M

The M

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 07:03 PM


1. Mind therapy     - By Detective pixel

2. John                  - By: Diptoman

3. Memory Xtreme - By: Shadow lancer

4. Eidetic               - By: Blake


The reason:

All those games scored top score in my reviews. They are all very well made and polished but I personally found Mind therapy funnier and more inventive than the rest, even though it may not have as strong connections to the theme, hence the first spot. For any more detailed reasons why I liked the games, see their reviews.


Best use of Theme: The bedroom door    - By: Mr Magnus

Best use of Handicap: Memory piano        - By: Shadowrend

Best Presentation: Eidetic                         - By: Blake


Random award of luck: Twisted memory   - By: Teamsteeve (Award given to a random game)





How it'll work:



The list: (44/44, 100%)


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#10 Exkakx


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 07:56 PM

Exkakx's Votes!


1. Psychosomaticaoptima

2. Eidetic 

3. Memory Lane

4. John

5. Everlasting Night

6. Call Of Obligation

7. GMC Memories

8. Psymon Says


10. Dance Dance Detective Pixel 

11. AmitpoAcitamosohcyct 


Best Use Of Theme: Eidetic by Blake


Video Reviews! (Featuring Exkakx and Polychrome. Take nothing we say seriously.)

Note: I'll be making a few video reviews every day if I can. If you want me to review your game, don't hesitate to sent me a PM and tell me!


DarkWalker247 - Psychosomaticaoptima

Comment: Nice



Nitemare38 - Everlasting Night

Comment: Good idea/layout for a longer game, but not finished.



chance - GMC Memories

Comment: Not bad I guess



the M - Memory Lane

Comment: Unique concept, fun, took me a while to figure out



Thech8t - Dance Dance Detective Pixel 

Comment: Perfectly timed dadio

Darkwalker247 - AmitpoAcitamosohcyct 

Comment: :P

(these are both featured in the same video)



Call Of Obligation by Nvrogers

Comment: Interesting!



John by Diptoman

Comment: Nice combination of themes, nicely made



JENNY by Sirham 

Comment: I didn't mean to kill you, Jenny! I'm so sorry o_o



Eidetic by Blake

Comment: Very unique concept! Nice level design.

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#11 ghandpivot


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 08:26 PM

Here are my votes! I've played through all of the games and I'm ranking them mainly after how much I enjoyed them, because that is after all why we play games in the first place, but I also wanted to see a clear connection to the theme "memories".

Do note that I wanted to vote for TheM's game as well, but seeing as we're siblings I feel that that might be unappropriate (I'd be dead if he ended up anywhere but first).


Please do forgive me if I miss out on some of the deeper meanings of your games, I eyed through a lot of them quickly.


Anyhow, here goes:

1. Remember Dummy by UKDutyPaid - Big emphasis on the theme, very good graphics, well scripted and executed platformer in general. It was not going to end up in the first place, but on my second run I found out about the powerups by playing the tutorial, which gave the game a whole new level of depth. Well crafted!


2. John by diptoman - Beautiful game, lots of drawings and work put into it. Not really all that fun and you've seen most of the content after the first playthrough (I think?), but no other game built on the theme as well as this one. Well done!


3. Eidetic by Blake - Great concept, sadly for you I'd very recently played through "Thinking with time machine", which is built on the exact same foundation, so I was a bit tired of it really :<

However, it's a great platformer, well scripted, plays smoothly. Didn't manage to win it though, so I might have missed out on any story based goodies later on in the game, sorry!


4. Psychosomatica Optima by Darkwalker247 - Beautiful and immersive. The whole memory shard part feel a bit forced though, so it didn't fit the theme good enough for me. (It's still fourth place, that's great!)


5. Memories of Fallen Heroes by Squarebit - This feels like the game with the most potential among all the games I played. There's a lot of content (though it need moaar!), a bunch of spells and a seemingly randomly generated world. I would love 3 things though, which combined are the reason you didn't score even higher.

1. Balance the classes. There seems to be no advantage of using the sword when you can rapid fire from a distance with the bow.

2. The player really has to move smoother along walls. Currently you're getting stuck, it would be such an improvement if you simply ran along walls when pressing yourself against them.

3. I would rather have an ending portal placed out somewhere on the map, rather than having to locate every single enemy (they're often stuck on weird places), and killing them.

Great work mate!


Best use of theme goes to John by diptoman!

Best devlog has to go to TheM (Hurray!)



Honorable mentions:


Veggie Penguin by Greenblizzard - It's a shame that you allowed the player to fly around freely and unlimited, that kinda ruins the point of a platformer. It doesn't have anything to do with memories either. But damn, it does look good! Add some audio to it and restrict the flying (you're a penguin after all), and you have yourself a fine piece of game.


LongShotPot by Kepons - Definitely has the best tutorial on how to play! :D


Old Jamz by Reknepz - The game looks like crap, but the solid platforming and horrible puns makes for a great time! :)


What if your game wasn't listed?

There were a lot of remember-and-match-the-cards games. Those were not original enough for me, sorry!

Other than that, I simply enjoyed the 5 games that you see on my list more than the game you crafted. It doesn't at all mean that your game was bad in anyway, and that's the beautiful cruelty of a voting system.


A lot of people had questions about my game, so here's a few answeres

(it's related to making your review so I thought I'd share it here):


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4th place with "I do remember".

4th place with "God's Laboratory"

6th place with "Charlie's Spiritual Adventure"


#12 turgon


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 09:05 PM

Top Three
1) Eidetic by Blake
2) Remember Dummy by UKDutyPaid
3) I Do Remember by Ghandpivot
Honorable Mentions
(In no particular order)
Memories of Fallen Heroes by Squarebit
Mind Therapy by Detective Pixel
Fading Fast by TerraFriedSheep
Dark Lord's Memoir by Joh
Psychomatica Optima by Darkwalker
Parting by Lune
John by Diptoman
Great work everyone! Here are all my reviews! (in the order I played them in):

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#13 Dummbeest


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 09:12 PM

Awesome job, everyone who made a game for this. Making games of this quality in just 2 days is quite the feat. I apologize if your game didn't make the cut for my top 3, but these ones really went above and beyond and deserve a little extra praise.


My votes go to

  • Wizard Amnesia: Forgotten Spells - Turgon
  • Eidetic - Blake
  • I Do Remember - Ghandpivot

Best Use Of Theme - Turgon and Blake
Best Use Of Handicap - Diptoman
Best Use Of Who Broke The Big Thing - Reknepz


1. Wizard Amnesia has multiple things going for it. First, it has an interesting and extremely unique concept which seems appropriate for a spell-casting game. Not only that, but the developer was able to incorporate the idea of remembering spells into every facet of the game; the spell words are in the air itself trying to remind you which one you're looking for as you grasp with all the powers of your memory to figure out how to use whatever spell you need. Secondly, it has excellent graphics, even if there are a few rough edges with some of the spell collisions etc. It is possibly the most graphically advanced game in this jam. The shortcomings mostly are in the limitations and poor balance of the spells. With only 5 elements and 4 types of spells, it feels a bit limited, especially with some spells being either omnipotent or worthless.


2. Eidetic takes the concept of memory and literally makes it literal. I really enjoyed crafting the memories just right for use in the puzzle, and it was exciting watching the memory play out. The developer took a cool concept and designed excellent puzzles with it. It isn't much to look at as far as graphics go, but that matters little in the long run with how intrinsically fun the gameplay is.


3. I Do Remember has exceptionally fun gameplay, not unlike Eidetic. Along with the gameplay it has a fascinating story playing out that is one part charming and two parts horrific. The game may not have had such a strong connection with the theme of memory, but the gameplay demonstrated a sort of cooperation that was fitting for its being a memoir of a relationship. What mainly turns me off about this game is how the whimsy is totally disrupted rapidly by finishing each room by the girl being chopped in half. The charm and whimsy of the game was never allowed to sink in before the horrifying ending, so as an audience member, I was already expecting a tone of horror and was not altogether shocked by the ending. A better way to do it would have been to let the relationship sink in without tipping off the audience about the ending so that it would stun them all the more. That being said, I feel like there should be a disclaimer of some sort preventing young children from playing this seemingly harmless game so that they don't have to see that disturbing ending.


Best Use of Theme: Wizard Amnesia made excellent use of the theme by basing the entire gameplay on trying to remember spells. It is as interesting a use as Eidetics while being slightly subtler and it has the added facet of having the player joining the wizard in his struggle to remember spells after whatever tragedy befell him.


Best use of Sounds: John's strongest point was its use of sight and sound in simple but effective ways.


Best use of Who Broke The Big Thing: Reknepz, please look up "Who Broke The Big Thing". It is another game made for a contest a couple years back on Gamemaker and it was... unique. Your game reminded me of it, so I thought you might get a kick out of it.

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#14 RekNepZ


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 09:52 PM










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#15 Otyugra


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 11:13 PM

Welcomed to the one-and-only "N38's Game Reviews"!

My DevBlog:  http://otyughgames.weebly.com


My votes go to in order:

1. name of the game *not yet decided*

2. name of the game 

3. name of the game 

4. name of the game 

5. name of the game 


Best Use Of Theme - author
Best Use Of Handicap - author
Best Presentation - author
Best Devblog - author


Things to know about my reviews:

-These are reviews are only my opinion, if you liked a game or disliked a game more, than I don't care

-I review games at random but because I don't have time to review all the games, those who request a game are reviewed first

-I give out ribbons for those who do really good in a subject or really bad, also for simply standing out in a notable way

-I'll try to finish your game and I'll say so if I don't

-I do consider theme and handicap even if I don't write about it directly

-My reviews are really long so be prepared

-I may seem supercilious in the harshness of my reviews but remember that I also made a jam game (and it got mixed but negative reviews) so I think I've earned that right




-----My randomly chosen/requested reviews-----


Wizard Amnesia (By: Turgon):  



Jenny (By: Sirham):



Psychosomatica Optima (By: Darkwalker247):


Want your game review in-depth? Don't want your game reviewed under any circumstance? Let me know via PM!!

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r7sNbRa.png  (Nitemare38 = Otyugra)


Two and a half years of game development taught me the joy of making something unique and unconventional. It is not good enough to make a game fun when there are way too many other freeware games that make fun their selling point.

#16 UKDutyPaid


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 12:08 AM

My votes go to:
1. Eidetic  by Blake
2. I do Remember  by ghandpivot
3. Wizard's Amnesia  by turgon
4. Memory Extreme  by Shadow_Lancer
5. Mind Therapy  by Detective Pixel
Best Use Of Theme -  Eidetic (novel use of the theme)
Best Use Of Handicap -  "Psymon Says" (it combined theme and handicap inherently)
Best Presentation -  John (it is beautiful afterall)

My Review Process:


Voted Game reviews:

Honourable Mentions

Also Rans (all the rest!)
NB: Contains a few rather blunt reviews!

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#17 Rusty


    The Rustic One

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 09:55 AM

It's here! The moment none of you were waiting for, anticipated or remembered! The return of


Oh jeez that's ugly. Can you even read it?


Intro: (This exists now)

GMC JAM #14 Rustic Must Plays:
Rustic Awards:


Rustic Reviews:

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#18 HayManMarc


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 10:30 AM

The HayMan was lame this time around with no reviews and no votes. Boo on me.

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#19 brainstorm


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 01:07 PM

Second edition of brainstorm's browser animation voting post!!! :)  :)  :)


This time you can destroy all the reviews with the character of Galactic Galax.





(This time I'll try to vote every game!!!) Sorry, I run out of time and I only be able to vote my top 5(Blake, Darkwalker, Detective Pixel, Lune and UkDutyPaid). But if do you want that I review one of your games (not required to be for the Jam), please PM me with their link in the GMC.


P.S: About the yellow letters, I'll try to change their colour at home.

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MTGC2_WINNER_BANNER_brainstorm_100x100.p    5b05b309e42fdd73842f2fda3837eea1.gif


#20 Nallebeorn


    Valar Morghulis

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 03:54 PM

Woot! It's THAT time of the year... again. Voting time, and I hope for the sake of my sanity that the majority of all games are better than ours (Team Washboard's) :). This year, when there are quite few games (compared to usual) and I have a 4 days weekend at my disposal, I'll try to write short but constructive reviews about ALL games. My favourite games might get longer.
All reviews will be available on Google Docs here: http://bit.ly/jam14Reviews. If you have any comments on my comments on your game, just comment! ;)


All reviews are now done, as well as the rankings!


CURRENT RANKINGS: (not based on the scores. The number in parentheses is the score, in case you care about that)


  1. Blake - Eidetic (55)

  2. Diptoman - John (56)

  3. UKDutyPaid - Remember Dummy (44)

  4. Joh - Dark Lord’s Memoir (48)

  5. turgon - Wizard Amnesia (50)

  6. Detective Pixel - Mind Therapy (42)

  7. LukanSpellweaver - Psymon Says (47)

  8. Lune - Parting (47)

  9. squarebit - Memories of Fallen Heroes (39)

  10. ghandpivot - I Do Remember (39)

  11. mAnlk800 - Dream Doctor (31)

  12. TerraFriedSheep - Fading Fast (47)

  13. Greenblizzard - Veggie Penguin (19)

  14. Darkwalker247 - Psychosomatica Optima (39)

  15. Shadow_Lancer - Memory Extreme (44)

  16. teamsteeve - Twisted Memory (35)

  17. Rani_sputnik - Jam Tart (33)

  18. The M - Memory Lane (28)

  19. Exkakx - A Place Call Nodezche (24)

  20. Programmer5 - Beat (39)

  21. mrmagnus - The Bedroom Door (33)

  22. reknepz - Old Jamz (34)

  23. Alice - Define (45)

  24. sirham - Jenny (49)

  25. xor - The Past (46)

  26. thech8t - Dance, Dance, Detective Pixel (38)

  27. Snail_Man - Alois (43)

  28. nvrogers - Blind Memory (41)

  29. Yal - Yal’s Memory Training (41)

  30. richardlord - Space Fighter (36)

  31. brainstorm - An Old Child’s Memories (34)

  32. Feerple - Agyro (34)

  33. hippyman - Yologuins (28)

  34. petrus ward - Tank Game (23)

  35. kepons - Long Shot Pot (30)

  36. chance - GMC Memories (37)

  37. Beaver - From Memory (16)

  38. shadowrend - Memory Piano (49)

  39. nvrogers - Call of Obligation 19 (38)

  40. Lan Shade - Boring Game (33)

  41. Nitemare38 - Everlasting Night (29)

  42. GameDevDan - Just Pop Bubbles (26)

  43. Darkwalker247 - Amitpo Acitamosohcysp (4)


Best use of theme: Blake (Eidetic)

Best use of handicap: shadowrend (Memory Piano)

Best presentation: -yet to decide- 

Best devlog: -yet to decide-

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#21 Shadowrend


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 03:55 PM

https://dl.dropboxus...endsreviews.pdf (pdf, much faster)

http://tinyurl.com/pe5cen5 (google doc)


Reviewing is complete:


First place: Veggie Penguin, Greenblizzard

Second place: Memories of Fallen Heroes, squarebit

Third place: Parting, Lune


Good job, you are all winners in my eyes. Well, except you Dan, that was just avoiding work :)


Best of coming soon


PS: Since my game was buggy, I re-uploaded the new fixed version (with the game functioning as it should now), downloadable here.

If you want play and rate it again, thank you :)


Edited by Shadowrend, 04 May 2014 - 09:24 PM.

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#22 Greenblizzard


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 04:12 PM

My votes go to

  1. Eidetic - Blake
  2. Mind Therapy - Detective Pixel
  3. Memories of Fallen Heroes - squarebit
  4. Psychosomatica Optima - Darkwalker247
  5. I do remember - ghandpivot
  6. Parting - Lune
  7. Memory Lane - The_M
  8. JamTart - Rani sputnik
  9. Wizard Amnesia - turgon
  10. John - Diptoman
  11. GMC Memories - Chance

  12. Alois - Snail_Man
  13. Dark Lords Memoir - Joh
  14. remember, dummy! - UKDutyPaid
  15. The Bedroom Door - MrMagnus
  16. Memory XTreme - Shadow lancer
  17. Dream Doctor - mAnlk800
  18. Twisted Memory - teamsteeve
  19. The Past - xor
  20. SpaceFighter - richardlord
  21. Dance Dance Detective Pixel - thech8t
  22. Old Jamz - reknepz
  23. Call of Obligation - nvrogers
  24. Agyro - Feerple
  25. Yologuins - hippyman
  26. Everlasting Night - Nitemare38
  27. LongShotPot - kepons
  28. TankGame - Petrus Ward
  29. Memory Piano - shadowrend
  30. Boring Game - Lan_Shade
  31. Retrospect - team washborad
  32. Yals Memory Training - Yal
  33. An Old Child's Memories - brainstorm
  34. PsymonSays by LukanSpellweaver
  35. Jenny by sirham
  36. A Place Called Nodezche by Exkakx
  37. Define - Alice
  38. Blind Memory by nvrogers
  39. Beat by Programmer5
  40. From Memory by Beaver
  41. Just Pop Bubbles by GameDevDan
  42. Fading Fast by Terrafriedsheep


Game comments:


PM me if you want me to correct something!

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#23 aamatniekss


    The Caveman

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 07:27 PM

Im done with reviews. After playing them all and replaying some of the best ones, I can give my top 10. However every game(except 3 or 4 which didn't work) was voted on. The votes are under the reviews.


1. Blake - Eidetic

2. Darkwalker247 - Psychosomatica Optima

3. SquareBit - Memories of Fallen Heroes

4. Diptoman - John

5. Detective Pixel - Mind Therapy

6. Ghandpivot - I do Remember

7. Lune - Parting

8. UkDutyPaid - Remember Dummy

9. Shadow Lancer - Memory X-Treme

10.Turgon - Wizard Amnesia


Best use of Theme - Diptoman

Best use of Handicap - Diptoman

Best DevBlog - Lune

Best Presentation - Lune


Reviews(All done)


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#24 Monstr Gaming

Monstr Gaming

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 08:30 PM

My Votes



See my comments here and on my site if you prefer




Check out the montage I made for this jam

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#25 Smack Games

Smack Games


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 09:10 PM

I was only able to play one game because I have a mac and because it was html

so i vote for Mind therapy author detective pixel because it was a pretty cool game and fun too :)

EDIT1:not to mention any names but its annoying when Cough cough exkakx cough cough people lower your reputation because you did not vote for there game :(

Edited by Smack Games, 02 May 2014 - 12:52 AM.

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I used to have something here, but now I don't..

#26 AlaskaGames


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 09:46 PM

My top three.(The games that my votes go to)












Best Use Of Theme - author
Best Use Of Handicap - author
Best Presentation - Not voting for this, sorry!
Best Devblog - Not voting for this, sorry! D:


My Honorable mentions



Comments on other games.


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#27 Feerple


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 10:48 PM

1st: Mind Therapy by Detective Pixel

2nd: Eidetic by Blake

3rd: Dark Lord's Memoir by Joh



A tip to all jam reviewers: Kindness is key.

The jam is a good place to experiment with gamemaker in a simple little competition to get some constructive criticism, and hopefully a few good comments as well. For some of the newer users (or people who just don't have much practice with it) their games will not be, well, the best, but it is always good to give them some helpful tips. So when you're writing your reviews, try to put something nice in there, because someone put their time into the game they made. 






(If your game is not on here then it means it didn't work, sorry :( )


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#28 richardlord


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 10:54 PM

I will try to vote when I feel better. (Also, this is an iPad I am typing on.)

People who have had my game crash, I have fixed it, and u can find the download link on page 34 of the discussion. Please play and rate again?
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#29 hippyman


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Posted 01 May 2014 - 02:38 AM

Alright so I'm fifteen games in and I'm really tired of reviewing games. Seeing as I have until the 14th of next month I'm going to call it a night. I'll get back at it tomorrow starting with Memory X-treme by Shadow_lancer. Hope everybody is enjoying their jams! :)


Update May 6, 2014: Had a lazy day yesterday sorry :P   I'm going to try and finish the rest of the games by tomorrow night. Probably do half tonight and the rest tomorrow night Have a good day everybody!


Update May 10, 2014: Alright sorry guys this is taking me a lot longer than expected. I'm going to finish it though I promise. If your game isn't on here I haven't played it so please be patient I promise your game will get played. I have 16 games left so I'll come back to that in a little bit. One game that I played today managed to make it into my top three! Hope everybody is enjoying the jam! The next game I will be checking out is Beat by Programmer5.


Update May 13, 2014: This is just like me to wait until the last possible second to finish it... I promise those last 16 will be played and reviewed. It's 5 in the morning right now though and I need sleep, so I will do it when I wake up. 


Update May 13, 2014: FINISHED!  :thumbsup:


Progress: 44/44


Hippyman's Votes

Top Vote So Far: Eidetic by Blake

Best Use of Theme: Eidetic by Blake

Best Use of Handicap: Memory Piano by ShadowRend

Best Use of Upsetting me because I wanted to keep playing: Define by Alice :P

(I will not be voting for best DevBlog I'm sorry. I just don't feel like searching for all of them.)


My Favorites From Best to Worse



If it's Simon Says then it's in here











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#30 Rani_sputnik


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Posted 01 May 2014 - 06:25 AM

My Review is Complete!!!

  1. I Do Remeber by ghandpivot - While I think the aesthetic could have done with a bit more work there were some pretty special moments in the game. It didn't do too much that was new, but it did what it did well.
  2. Eidetic by Blake - I was bothered a little bit by the way you couldn't interact with yourself unless stationary but I felt like the game was really well put together, the aesthetic/mechanics/story all had a common goal. Nice.
  3. John by Diptoman - I felt like a lot more could have been done with the memories to develop a stronger narrative but I really enjoyed the whole mood this game created, and the game-play was paced really well.
  4. Mind Therapy by Detective Pixel
  5. Psymon Says by LukanSpellweaver 
  6. A Place Called Nodezche by Exkakx
  7. Pysychosomatica Optima by darkwalker247
  8. Fading Fast by Terrafriedsheep
  9. Alois by Snail_Man
  10. Remember Dummy by UKDutyPaid

Best Use of Theme - Eidetic by Blake

Best Use of Handicap - Memory Piano by shadowrend

Best Presentation - Mind Therapy by Detective Pixel

Best Devblog - Yologuins by hippyman


All the reviews


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#31 TheUltimate


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Posted 02 May 2014 - 01:14 AM



I'm back! I wasn't able to join because I was gone all weekend, but I'll happily review!

The way I review Jam games is based mostly on “HOW AWESOME WAS THE CONCEPT?” followed closely by “How well was it done/how fun is it?” cause as we all know, everyone’s totally rushed when they’re doing one of these 72-hour things and the execution sometimes doesn’t quite match what you envisioned. (so in other words, don’t mind too much if I complain about the controls lol.) I believe that creating something different and taking risks is more important than sticking to the same tried-and-true formula with a few changes. There's a trade-off between polish/completeness and innovation, and I don't think that doing something outside your norms should count against you.

The reviews themselves are by PM request. There are two reasons: 1) I'll run out of time if I review every game, and 2) I'd rather write a few detailed reviews that will be meaningful to the the reviewee, rather than 70 short reviews that might not get read. All I ask of you if I review your game is to reply and let me know your thoughts on it. And please reply with more than one sentence, these reviews aren't short to write! The reviews will be edited into this post. New this Jam: The first 5 requests are guaranteed a review; subsequent reviews will only be done if there's time.

Oh, and let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to mention!

Good luck everyone!







Edited by TheUltimate, 14 May 2014 - 01:44 AM.

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#32 smash ball

smash ball

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 12:06 AM

*I am going to play all the games now, so list will be updated.  If you specifically want a video review, then you need to PM me*

1st~I do remember

2nd~Mind Therapy


Best use of Theme~Mind Therapy

Best use of Handicap~Yologuins

Best Presentation~Boring Game

Best Devblog~(no vote)


Other Rankings:



1st place review: While "I do remember" did not present anything new in gameplay or gimmicks, it was well executed.  Even though the storyline is predictable, the ending will still hit you in the feels a bit.


2nd place review: "Mind Therapy" did present something new, and that was how you do pushups and eat.  However, I felt that pushing the buttons back and forth didn't really add anything to the game.  I still enjoyed the puzzle solving though.


3rd place review: I'm not sure if I liked the mechanic, or that it reminded me so much of one of my other games?  Just wish it had more of a storyline.


Q: But smash, you totally crapped on my game in the video review, and then rated it really high!

A: Video review means nothing.


Video blind playthrough reviews!  I don't know how many of these I will do, so don't be surprised if your game isn't on here.  The number ratings at the end of the video are somewhat arbitrary, so if I rank games with lower totals higher than games with higher totals, well now you know why.  I do remember, Boring Game, From Memory, and Long Shot Pot are the better ones in terms of entertainment of video (not necessarily entertainment in terms of gameplay).


GMC Jam 14 Playlist

I do remember

Tank Game

A place called Nodezche

Boring Game

From Memory ***

Dream Doctor

Long Shot Pot


An old Child's Memory

Memory Lane


*** Video screwed up, so it has basic editing and no fun numbers on the end.

Edited by smash ball, 14 May 2014 - 02:31 AM.

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#33 vampy09


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Posted 04 May 2014 - 07:55 PM

My votes go to
1. I Do Remenber
2. Jonh
3. Eidetic
4. Twisted Memory
5. Wizard Amnesia
6. Remenber Dummy
7. The Past
8. The Bedroom Door
9. Parting
10. Yal Memory Training

Best Use Of Theme - Eidetic
Best Use Of Handicap - Memory piano
Best Presentation - Parting
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#34 Squarebit


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Posted 08 May 2014 - 09:43 AM

My votes go to
1. Blake - Eidetic
2. Diptoman - John
3. Ghandpivot - I Do Remember
4. Shadow_Lancer - Memory Xtreme
5. UKDutyPaid - Remember, Dummy
6. Turgon - Wizard Amnesia
7. Lune - Parting
8. TerraFriedSheep - Fading Fast
9. Joh - Dark Lord's Memoir
10. Detective Pixel - Mind Therapy
11. Darkwalker247 - Psychosomatica Optima
12. Snail_Man - Alois
13. chance - GMC Memories
14. Rani_sputnik - Jam Tart
15. TeamSteeve - Twisted Memory
16. Yal - Yal's Memory Training
17. Greenblizzard - Veggie Penguin
18. RekNepZ - Old Jamz
19. Shadowrend - Memory Piano
20. nvrogers - Blind Memory
I rated the graphics, audio, gameplay, use of theme as well as if handicap was met.
I did not only look at quality, but also consistency in and between audio & graphics, as well as general design.
There were some pretty good games which I could not connect to the theme, thus they are lowered in the final rankings.
I ran into technical problems with some games (which on a 72 hour jam is understandable) but this also lead to some point deduction.
Short comments on top 3:

Edited by Squarebit, 08 May 2014 - 09:45 AM.

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#35 Shadow_Lancer


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Posted 09 May 2014 - 09:53 AM

My vote thingies go to...
1. squarebit - memoriesoffallenheroes
2. Diptoman - John
3. DetectivePixel - MindTherapy
4. Rani_sputnik - JamTart
5. Blake - Eidetic
6. UKDutyPaid - rememberdummy
7. ghandpivot - IDoRemember
8. Snail_Man - Alois
9. Joh - darklordsmemoir
10. Darkwalker247 - Psychosomaticaoptima
11. reknepz - OldJamz
12. Lune - Parting
13. Feerple - Agyro
14. teamsteeve - TwistedMemory
15. The_M - MemoryLane
16. turgon - WizardAmnesia
17. chance - GMCMemories
18. hippyman - Yologuins
19. Beaver - FromMemory
20. Alice - Define
21. Lan_Shade - BoringGame
22. xor - game
23. brainstorm - anoldchildsmemories
24. Greenblizzard - veggiepenguin
25. Yal - yalsmemorytraining
26. petrus_ward - TankGame
27. mAnlk800 - DreamDoctor
28. thech8t - DanceDanceDetectivePixel
29. Programmer5 - Beat
30. nvrogers - BlindMemory

comments for the top 3 -

Edited by Shadow_Lancer, 09 May 2014 - 09:55 AM.

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#36 chance


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Posted 14 May 2014 - 11:32 AM

My votes go to:
1.  Eidetic -- Blake
2.  Remember Dummy -- UKDutyPaid
3.  Mind Therapy -- Detective Pixel
4.  John -- Diptoman
5.  Twisted Memory -- TeamSteve
6.  Parting -- Lune
7.  The Bedroom Door -- MrMagnus
8.  MemoryXtreme -- Shadow Lancer
Some brief comments:
Eidetic -- Blake
Wow.  This is a very fun and well-made platform puzzler game.  The idea of using a memory of your previous self made for very clever puzzles, and it fit the theme beautifully.   Innovative design here.  This is a wonderful game.
Remember Dummy -- UKDutyPaid
This is a great use of theme in an innovative platform game.  The controls were easy, so it kept the focus on memorizing each level's layout and finding the finish.   The level of difficulty seems about right.  Overall, this is well made and it feels complete and nicely polished.
Mind Therapy -- Detective Pixel
This is a great little puzzle game.  The use of theme was fairly good.  But the puzzles themselves were truly different.  It's an idea I haven't seen before.  Reminded me a little of Alice in Wonderland... "take the red pill to get small, etc."  Great game.
John -- Diptoman
To be honest, I didn't play this with any effort to win.  I just watched it unfold.   I really enjoyed the graphics and overall design... a lot.  Great use of theme and handicap.  Wonderfully haunting graphics.  Nice experience.
Twisted Memory -- TeamSteve
Great card-flipping memory game with some nice twists.  I loved the jazz version of Autumn Leaves in the background.  The game uses a familiar idea, but it's executed well.
MemoryXtreme -- Shadow Lancer
Another card flipping game, and a nicely polished one at that.  I like the approach of using a large board, with repeated symbols.  And the effects when a match is achieved is simple but appealing.  Nice 70's music.  Well done overall.

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