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Fading Fast [Gmcjam14]

windows arcade

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#1 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 28 April 2014 - 11:33 PM

Fading Fast

Download from YYG Sandbox (4.9 MB)

A mini game made in less than 72 hours for the 14th GMC Jam. Test your memory and reactions as you try to keep your memories alive for as long as possible!

The top online highscores can be viewed in game.



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#2 Alice


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Posted 12 May 2014 - 08:27 PM

Alright, I'll need to write that fast, or else I'll forget what I wanted to mention. *gasp*
So, inthemenuwe'vegotthebestscores (whoisthatAliceanyway?) andsuchfancyutilitylikemutebuttons. Oncewestartthegame, weprovidethenametouseinhiscoretable, thoughifsomeonerefreshedthehiscoretableearlier, therewillbeadditional"r"forsomereason. Asforthegameitself, ithasratherinterestingmechanics: thereareareasofbrainwherenewmemoriescanbe"allocated", andthenyouneedtokeepreinforcingthememorywithcorrespondingpictures, orelseitwillfade (andifallmemoriesfade, youlose). Theconceptisquitesimple, yetallowsabitofstrategicalthinking, andIfounditquiteenjoyableoverall, evenifquitecrazyatlaterpoint (thatcomingfromsomeonewho'snotfondofendlesshiscorersingeneral). Visualsandsoundswereratherpleasant, thoughnotunforgettable. :teehee: IfIweretopointoutsomeflaw, thatwouldbethebrainhavingwhiteborderlikefrombadlyeditedJPGpicture (especiallyapparentwhenmemoriesarefloatingbelowborder, orwhensomememoryisreinforced). Oh, andIguessourmemoryisn'tsoshortthatweneedtogothroughtutorialeverytime. ;)
Well then, what I wanted to say? Uh, whatever, good job overall. ^^"

Use of Theme: predictable, but interesting
Use of Handicap: existent
Pros: interesting concept; somewhat engaging
Cons: hard to click sometimes... ohwait! O.o"
In a nutshell: Little, but quite pleasant game. ^^"
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