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Alpha Projects Rules And Guidlines

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Posted 22 February 2014 - 10:19 AM

Alpha Projects Forum Rules
The Alpha Projects forum is for posting your GameMaker projects that are in development but that are not very far along or that are still missing major gameplay or UI elements. These games can be prototypes, your current work in progress, or anything else with a minimum of content that you would like people to see and discuss. The purpose of this forum is to get as much feedback as possible at the earliest stage possible, as well as for getting discussion on your beginners projects or prototypes for in-game mechanics etc... We permit games for Windows, Mac, Linux or HTML5, but all topics must contain a direct link to a playable demo.

  • #1 Rule: All topics MUST contain a playable demo. Splash screens and empty rooms are NOT considered playable demos and will be removed along with the topic. The demo must be publicly available without restrictions like requiring members to join a website, or sign up for a newsletter, etc
  • You must provide a link directed to the demo. Don't just post a general link to your website.
  • Steam users who want to discuss a game that they have on the Workshop should provide an alternative DIRECT LINK for those members that do not own the Steam Version of GM:Studio

  • If your game has a Crowdfunding campaign or is going through Greenlight etc... Then you can add links to these sites as part of the topic. They cannot be more prominent than the Title or Download Link, and the topic should be about the game and not the campaigns.
If your game has reached a level at which you think most of the gameplay mechanics are in place and the UI and GFX are getting near to what the final game will have, then you will want more general feedback and be looking for some more serious beta testing. For that you can request that the topic be moved into the moderated Betas Forum. However before you do, ensure that the topic has been modified to follow the Betas Forum Rules. Alternatively you can request a lock on the alpha topic (report it to a moderator) and then create a new Betas Forum topic (note that the betas forum is moderated so after making the topic please give a couple of days for it to be approved).
Posting Guidelines
When posting your Alpha topic, it is a good idea to follow the guidelines set out below. While this is optional for the Alphas forum, it has been shown to improve the click-through on your topic and it provides a clear and concise overview that the forum user can look over quickly. If you wish your game to be moved into the Betas Forum, you will be required to use the template for that forum, so it is a good idea to include it here too.
The information below should be provided as a courtesy to members (you don't have to use this template):
  • Category: Arcade, puzzle, shooter, etc. (should match the TAG of the topic - see below)
  • File Size: The size in MB of the file
  • File Type: Should be either - Zip, Single  Executable, Installer or URL
  • GM Version:  Studio, GM8, etc.
  • Download Link: suggested hosting sites
Describe the Game:   Be descriptive and accurate (don't exaggerate), and explain the features and gameplay writing clearly and with proper grammar and spelling. Please avoid fancy formatting and excessive color, although some is permitted for effect.
Provide Screenshots:  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND SCREENSHOTS (suggested image hosts).  A video of the gameplay is also useful. Keep posted images under 800 x 600 pixels, and under 100 kB per image. You may include up to 5 images per post.
USE TAGS! Yes, honestly, use the tags that are defined for the forum to identify the type of game you are making and the platform it is for as this will help people find your game. Note that in the Betas Forum this is a requirement so get used to using them now!
Note About Teams
Team members working on the same game must NOT bump each others posts. Back-to-back posts by team members will be removed.
Hosting Services
Check this topic for sites where you can upload your game and screenshots.
Note that the General GMC rules also apply here.
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