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Game Design And Distribution Rules

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Posted 22 February 2014 - 09:57 AM

Game Design And Distribution Rules
Here you can discuss your game design issues, the ideas for GM games that you are making, and request information or post your own experiences with distributing your games. The topics themselves may be of a more general nature, or they may be specific ideas related to your own games, but all topics must be related to GameMaker in some way.
General Design Rules
If you are developing a game idea, you may describe it here and ask for suggestions, but avoid vague or poorly developed ideas and provide information about the game objective, gameplay style, theme, and relevant features. you should explain specifically where design help is needed, but DO NOT just ask people to comment on your idea, or if they like your idea as that helps no-one..
Examples of design issues are (but not limited to):

  • Techniques for rewarding or penalizing the player
  • Involving the player in the storyline
  • Creating moods and evoking emotion
  • Innovative ways of mixing game genres
  • Making efficient and easy-to-use controls
  • Providing in-game help, or writing instruction manuals
  • Using design documents
  • Copyright, trademark, and licensing questions


General Distribution Rules

If you wish to discuss game distribution, then you may post topics here too. We welcome both questions about how to distribute your games, or what markets are available etc... as well as "post-mortem" type discussion topics where you can tell people about your distribution experiences. Please DO NOT use this forum as an excuse for self-promotion or for promoting KickStarter or other crowd-funding ventures.
Examples of distribution topics:

  • Experiences distributing to platform X
  • Experiences with ad providers or in app purchases
  • Questions about specific platform distribution options
  • Questions about self-promotion or marketing


What Not To Post
Please DO NOT post topics like these:

  • Advertisements for your game: If your game exists, post it in the WIP forum. If it does not exist, don't advertise it.
  • Advertisements for your crowd-funding campaign: While we welcome topics discussing your experiences with crowd-funding, we do not want topics that offer no discussion and simply self-promote a product.
  • Gimmicks such as competitions and contests: Attention-grabbing tricks are annoying.
  • Questions like "What would you like in 'X' type of game?"...or..."Would you play 'X' type of game?": Don't ask others to design your game for you. Instead, describe your own ideas and then ask for suggestions.
  • Just offering ideas for other member: These topics don't encourage discussions. Instead, advertise for your idea-making talents in your signature.
  • Questions like "Has somebody made a....?" or "Is this game possible?": If you're looking for a game, Game Jolt, TIGdb, FreeIndieGam.es, Pixel Prospector and YoYo Games are good places to start searches.
  • List topics like "What are your top 5 Android games?": These topics offer little discussion value in general.

As usual, the general GMC Rules apply to this forum too.

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