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Lps Lite Particle System Alpha V0.9

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 06:05 AM

Long time no see, GMC!  It's been about a year since I was last active... maybe more... but I've been slowly meandering away from Game Maker to take a closer look at C# and Java, both of which I am now proficient enough to write programs in.  That's why I'm releasing this last contribution, which will receive regular updates based on feedback, until either everybody loses interest, I die, or somebody suitable can take over when I become too busy with life.  I will make a new thread when it reaches v1.0.



Screenshots taken from included example file.




To create a community-based, open-source particle system, emulating the GM7 particle system, allowing for all submissions and contributions.  This system is based on instances, not internal arrays or GML scripts (despite the category selection, which is basically the nearest fit that will still garner some attention).

  1. The particle system must work in unregistered modes.
  2. The particle system must replicate the built-in particle system as much as possible.
  3. The particle system must be as seamless as possible, for a smooth integration into projects.

This is a large and ongoing project which will receive updates when new features, optimizations, and concepts are presented.  It is a well-documented, open-source project.  Anyone is free to make derivates, extensions, and modifications because this is meant to be a community effort.  The author will make updates within his schedule and respond to user input as quickly as possible.


The particle system is optimized for Pro users as well. There are equivalent objects for Pro users that all end with the suffix pro. You may use these alternate objects in place of the Lite ones.



  1. Anything available to instances is available to the particle structures,
  2. There can be any number of particle systems in any configurations, as ps_system is unfitting for an instance-based system and was omitted.
  3. Unused code can be deleted to speed up the system and open-source.
  4. It may lag but it will not freeze.
  5. All particle systems can use sprite-based boundaries, including the emitter.


  1. LPS is prone to lag in large quantities.
  2. Drag-and-drop users may have a hard time using this, but if they can manipulate variables and understand the choose() and random() functions, then they should be alright.


Anybody can contact me at hjifghl@hotmail.com and post anything at all about this: comments, concerns, complaints, and pleas for help; I like to know that somebody took notice of this.  Alternatively, you can PM me on Yoyogames, but I check it with much less frequency.


For that reason, the download link has a large CHM help file included.  If for some reason you cannot open chm files, you can PM me and I can provide the html files that were included in it.


Download Links :duck:


file to link

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