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Flabby-Blunderin' Football

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#1 Detective Pixel

Detective Pixel

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 04:39 AM



Game Link: http://gamejolt.com/...football/21739/


By Detective Pixel


Use you skills of juggling footballs to appease the pirate scourge.

You have been captured by a Pirate who makes you juggle footballs to amuse him while on the plank.


Made for the GMC Jam #13




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#2 Alice


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Posted 01 February 2014 - 09:39 PM

The time has come for your demise! Or not.
From my post in voting topic:

Flabby-Blubberin' Football by Detective Pixel
This time you play as an unfortunate person captured by pirates. You need to juggle various objects while walking on plank in order to please the captain. If you fail, you fall into the sea. However, no matter what happened, in the end the captain was not amused.
I don't know why. I, for one, was, and very much so!
The game starts with rather wiggly and a bit too long intro presenting who is the author and where the sounds came from. Yes, sounds. Background music including. And guess what, it can't be muted! Bad, bad design choice, and to think that this rooftop soundtrack would fit there perfectly...
But I digress, and that initial screen, however long, is already replaced with actual menu! A menu which isn't any less wiggly than the previous part; it seems waves are strong there! Not really having much choice, I press "Z" to start the game. That's when the main character magically appears just above the plank (what it is, some interdimensional voyage of a ghostly passenger ship? ^^") along with simple control instructions. Just a few seconds, the ball is thrown and the game, my reader, is on!
And shortly afterwards it stops again, because I failed horribly. Not to mention that I had to wait a bit after starting before the ball would appear. Oh dear! My next attempts weren't much better, and although I managed to get the score of 21, that's only because due to some bug the same kick is recorded many times in a row. Somewhat convenient at getting high score, but rather annoying for those who want to play it fair. When getting one point per kick I didn't even reach 20, because I was busy with another ball that appeared on screen! The captain sure knows how to have fun...
Yet, despite failing at this game and having to wait several seconds before properly starting, I found it rather entertaining. That was thanks to many little details, which together give quite enjoyable experience. Graphics and soundtrack themselves aren't too exceptional, but all that ship swaying, and sun rotating, and text wiggling, and captain taunting; they all contribute well to that rather silly game. After playing around with two balls and quickly dropping one of them, the time had come to leave the game and review it...
What do you mean there's no exit button? And neither Esc or Alt+F4 works? >.< Eventually I switch back from fullscreen mode (it seems my system is so clever it can make any program go in fullscreen!) and press the Close button, but still. ^^"


Gameplay: 6/10
Story: 7/10
Presentation: 8/10
Use of Theme: Quite original and appropriate!
Use of Handicap: Unsurprising, but mostly appropriate (that horizon thing and such...)
Devblog: Informative and illustrated

Pros: DETAILS, premise
Cons: long time before playing the ball, repeated kick bug, no mute button, ...no exit button? O.o"

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#3 Nallebeorn


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Posted 08 February 2014 - 11:32 AM

I'll post my requested review here, too:


This is a really nice arcade game! Easy to get into, difficult to become good at, and impossible to win. For a jam game, it's very polished, probably thanks to being such a simple game in the core. However, it still has several points for improvement - like every game in the world:

  • The rotation has to be more crisp. Currently everything gets a little blurred and pixelated (and not in a way that looks good in a pixelart game) when rotated.
  • Remember: you usually don't shoot forwards when your target is behind you. Modify the pirate so that he actually aim with his gun towards the player.
  • An arcade game like this would get a lot from online leaderboards and some funny achievements/trophies. But I believe you're already working on implementing this?

Anyway, the graphics are overall very nice in their simplicity, and the same goes for the music and ambient sound. The sound effects are OK, although the gun sound is a little... dull.
Final note: This game is very addicting. It's a great casual game, and I'll probably come back and play it now and then, especially with a couple of tasty trophies...   :)

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