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Vrilda - Virtual Reality Laser Show Player

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#1 GrixM_220300


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Posted 01 October 2013 - 09:27 PM

This is a program I've been working on for the last few days, it's the result of playing around with the Oculus Rift while missing my old laser projector.
It's called Vrilda because it's a VR ILDA-file player. ILDA files are industry standard laser show formats. Multiple laser scanners supported. Don't own a laser projector, or want to test out a show without firing your projector up? Well this is the next best thing!

Here's a short video of the program in action (I hope dnar won't mind me using his laser show in the video :) )

Download link version 0.1 is here: http://bitlasers.com...lda-

Program is open source. Github page: https://github.com/grixm/vrilda

Thanks to blackhawkrobbo for the Oculus Rift DLL: http://gmc.yoyogames...howtopic=591632

You guys don't probably have any ilda files lying around, so here's a link to an ftp with some shows on there: http://www.photonlex...DA Frame Shows/
(username is plftp, password is readonly)

Keep in mind this is a super early alpha build, nothing works perfectly and features are lacking.
Known problems:
- Ilda files take a very long time to load
- Only ilda format 4 and 5 supported
- Resizing room sometimes messes up projection angles
- Unrealistic laser transparency (multiple layers eventually turn opaque)


Manual and controls:

When opening the program, you will be asked to load an ilda file containing the laser show.
Only ilda formats 4 and 5 are supported as of now.
Please allow some time for parsing the ilda file, this can take over a minute depending on the file size and processing power.
You will then be asked to load a matching song if you want. Most audio filetypes are supported.
If your show uses flanking projectors, press N to enable them and load a second ilda file.
By using WASD to move and a combination of the keys RTYFGH and your mouse you can edit various settings real-time.

Controls are as follows (will likely change in following releases):

Tab:                  Switch between 2D and 3D mode
Space:                 Play/Pause show
Backspace:            Stop show, return to start
M:                    Jump to specific frame
Left/Right Arrow:    Jump one frame backwards/forwards

When in 3D mode:
Mouse move:            Look
WASD:                Move Forwards/Backwards/Sideways
C/V:                Move Up/Down
O:                    Oculus Rift mode
P:                    Regular 3D mode
N:                    Enable flanking projectors
Q + Mouse move:        Resize room          (Scroll wheel changes roof height)
R + Mouse move:        Move main projector     (Scroll wheel changes projector elevation)
T + Mouse move:        Move main projection  (Scroll wheel changes projection size)
Y + Mouse scroll:    Change main projector brightness
F + Mouse move:        Move flank projectors     (Scroll wheel changes projector elevation)
G + Mouse move:        Move flank projections  (Scroll wheel changes projection size)
H + Mouse scroll:    Change flank projectors brightness
L/K:                Increase/decrease Interpupillary Distance (IPD)

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#2 Floofpaws



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Posted 01 October 2013 - 09:57 PM

Man, I wish I had an Oculus Rift right now T_T looks cool.

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#3 blackhawkrobbo


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Posted 01 October 2013 - 10:50 PM

Whoa! Looks neat, will try soon! Too bad GM doesn't support the kick-ass lighting (yet...) just wait for shaders for good shadows / normal mapping and this would be even cooler.

Thanks for the credit :)
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#4 GrixM


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Posted 04 May 2014 - 08:58 AM

I've worked a bit on this in the last few weeks, and released a new version. New features include a much better user interface, a more realistic laser projection with fog simulation, and various optimizations and bug fixes.
You can download the newest version here: https://github.com/G...vrilda/releases

Also, I have ordered an Oculus Rift dev kit 2 which should arrive in August, and I will add support asap. The DK2 should provide a much better experience, not just because of better resolution and tracking, but it uses an OLED screen with much better colors and deeper blacks, which is obviously very good for laser simulation.


It doesn't let me edit the OP post, looks like it's a different account for some reason

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#5 blackhawkrobbo


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Posted 04 May 2014 - 01:33 PM

Neat! I'll try it out once i have the DK2 as well :)

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