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[Gamejam11'] Monster Bake

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#1 Roflstompz


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Posted 29 July 2013 - 07:13 PM

Monster Bake

You play as a monster who must collect ingredients for the cake you are about to bake.

You have limited sight in the darkness and there are many scary things that could scare you. you get scared.

You pick from a plethora of monsters to play as (currently 3), each has a strength and a weakness.

Compete against the time (maybe)

just make a damn cake and enjoy my horrible graphics







Original Jam version: https://www.dropbox....ke_GMCJAM11.zip
Updated version: https://www.dropbox....sterBake013.zip

I wanted to fix this up more, but i have really just lost the drive. I can't say I was overall very happy with what i produced for the Jam.
Was fun though, I learned some things and have higher hopes for the next jam!
anyway leave any feedback you have here. Thanks for playing. :)

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#2 chance


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Posted 01 August 2013 - 10:43 AM

This sounds interesting, and it starts out fine... but there are problems. Sometimes the WASD keys won't work. Other times, they work until I press "SPACE to start" and then they stop working. Still other times, everything works for a while and I can wander in the forest... then they stop working. A message appears, but only half of it is shown on the screen. So I'm stumped. :(

Other than fixing those bugs (assuming they are bugs,and not just my ignorance) you should make the HELP icon (question mark) more prominent. Alternatively, just show the HELP screen automatically. Because if players miss it, they don't know what to do. And there's no way to get HELP after the game starts (F1 doesn't work). I also suggest you get rid of that blocky font for the ? icon. It's unrecognizable. What's the appeal of those retro fonts, anyway? They suck. The 1980s is over. :P

This game seems worth fixing, so I hope you do that. I'd like to play it.
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#3 Roflstompz


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Posted 01 August 2013 - 04:27 PM

Thanks. I was very rushed towards the end of the jam and hence it came out quite unfinished and broken.

I do agree with you on most of these points. Messages have a random x and y (within perimeters of 200 pixels of screen), but it probably wasn't enough for longer messages if they spawn at the side. After pressing spacebar, the monster will randomly cry every now and then, creating tears you have to click to get away. During this time you cannot move. I apologize for lack of explanation.

I will hopefully be much more prepared and aware of issues like this for the next jam!

Thankyou for playing (or at least attempting to), and leaving a comment. I'll probably end up fixing this and making it more playable.
Also i enjoyed your jam game. :)

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