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[Gmcjam 10] Defend The Homelands

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 11:12 PM

(This topic is for feedback purposes)

This is my project, Defend the Homelands, a simplistic 3D RTS about defending your homeland against Foreign invadors, not very creative, but i hope the execution is good. Game was built entirely from scratch and done in 10 hours :D! The focus of the game was on simplicity and quick decisions, do you quickly buy another lumberjack, or do you invade before you get invaded?

Not gonna lie, i was hoping to get more done, found myself a little rushed, and thus didnt get the chance to implement 75% of what i planned. Gameplay is limited but it works, i hope the vibe is nice though :3! I also didn't get a good chance to run through and optimise everything so some ofthe 3D stuff might be quite slow, i recommend playing in slow mode (click yes at start) if you have an average PC.

Simple controls:

W, A, S, D - Camera
Right click - Rotate Camera
Click buttons to train units

The point of this game was to keep it simple, rather than controlling units, you just choose which units you have and they will go and get on with their jobs, You control the Orange town center, your job

is to destroy the enemies town center before they destroy yours, by clicking the 4 buttons below, you can spawn Lumberjacks, Miners, Soldiers and Giants. Each costing a different amount of resource.
Resource is collected by LumberJacks and miners, and Soliders/Giants are used for fighting. (Resource is generic and combined into one count.)


Quick to train, cheap however does not yield much resource. Between 6 and 10 per trip. Tree's have between 15 to 30 resource, once a tree is chopped, it will dissapear after 5 seconds so you can only maximise

a tree's yield if you have multiple lumber jacks per tree.

Miners take longer to train and cost much more to begin with, however as tree's start to get cut down and lumberjacks need to travel futher, rock supplies tend to be more sustaining, they may take longer

to mine however miners will bring back a good resource yield per trip which will allow for a quick boost in your resource total.

Simple soldier unit, doesn't have much health, will be able to inflict some damage on Enemy town center however town center defenses will quickly kill these people. Faced against another soldier, it is a 50/50

chance of survival, No doubt they will come out injured.

Powerful unit however expensive to train and will die quickly when under attack from multiple soldiers.

(Image is out of date but its one of the best i have)

My Game is done! Included coloured and grayscale version, just because i like the coloured version:

Download GrayScale (one that matches Handicap) Version: https://dl.dropboxus...s_GrayScale.zip


Download Coloured: 

Development Log:

More Screenshots:

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 11:21 AM

It's obviously unfinished, but this is actually pretty good. You've got enough working here to show what the finished game will look like. And I like what I see so far.

The 3D graphics are rudimentary, with blocky castles and square characters. But that's OK, because they have some neat animations -- like the lumberjack chopping, and the soldiers hacking with their swords. Nice.

The 3D terrain is done well. And the shadow effects for the trees add a nice touch. Although, you should destroy the shadows once the tree is chopped down. Also, sometimes the tree just falls and other times it disappears into the terrain (minor issue, but should be fixed). The B&W color scheme satisfies the handicap, but the color version looks much better. So I hope you use that for the finished version.

The gameplay is pretty basic, which is what I like about it. The player just chooses who to hire (train) and then you stand back and watch events take their course. Right now, the only issue is speed. It just takes a bit too long to get going. So I'd speed things up a bit. Maybe give funds more rapidly, and also move the character more rapidly, so events unfold quicker.

But I still had fun training lumberjacks and soldiers, and then watching the enemies attack me. There were a few bugs -- like dead soldiers' bodies sliding away after they were slain. And in the enemy camp, it looks like they had some kind of vehicle (catapult?) but it turned into soldiers as they were leaving the camp. It looks like maybe soldier are pulling a cart, but the cart has the wrong depth, so it slides under the terrain at a certain point. Not sure what's going on there.

Anyway, it's a great start. A pretty good Jam entry, despite being unfinished. And this should be a really fun game when it's done. So I hope you continue it. :thumbsup: +1
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Posted 03 May 2013 - 06:32 PM

I had a little play with and won 1 fight out of 2. Depending on how the resources loads out when the level starts more or less decides if you will win or at least stand a chance. In my first game i only had a few trees around me and after that my players would have to walk a little distance to get more, and there was no stone in sight so my miners where gone for some time lol, this hindered how i could at least build some kind of army, by the time the enemys came at me i was still way behind on the resource count! why they had a legion i had a possy lol.


Game 2 however, there was plenty of resources around me and i had the legion :), wiped them out with the giants really fast :)


Maybe there needs to be a sort of balance? and i also experienced the sliding dead bodys, i also like the boat loool


Good game, could go far with this :)

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