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#1 Nocturne


    Nocturne Games

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 08:40 PM




LUNE - Rainbow Below





NEWKILL - Eternal Chamber





YAL - 8Bit Vomit





Full List of Final Votes Here:






MIRROR: http://perilouspete....z/GMCJam#10.zip

(Thanks Dangerous_Dave!)




HANDICAP: The game must solely use grayscale (black through white) and one other color for visuals


Welcome to the official GMC Jam #10 Voting Topic!

Previous Jams had the voting in the actual games topic, but since we now have a forum to ourselves the voting will now be done in a separate topic... This one! This minor change hasn't affected how things work, however, and the rules are more or less un-changed. For those of you new to the Jam, welcome and please read the rules for voting below and for those veterans out there, START VOTING!


Voting Template

You don't have to use this, but it makes my life a lot easier if you do, so please consider adding the following template to your post, even if you wish to add mini-reviews and images for your chosen games.


My votes go to

  • name of the game - author
  • name of the game - author
  • name of the game - author
  • etc...

Best Use Of Theme - author
Best Use Of Handicap - author
Best Presentation - author
Best Devblog - author

Voting Rules

You may vote for as many (or as few) games as you wish in order of preference, with 1 being the winner and all subsequent games being runners up, but please vote for at least three! Note that while we admire and respect those that play (and vote!) every game entered, this is not necessary! If everyone plays and votes for just ten or so games, the Jam is a success. The zip file that is created for the Jam comes with a game "randomiser" so that the order you play the games in does not depend on their title or creator, so we ask that you please use it!


Apart from the voting you are encouraged to post a mini-review of the winning game (and any others you feel deserve it) explaining what you liked/disliked and why you think it deserves to win... Remember, this is a Community Jam and so feedback from the community is all important! We want to know what you think! Apart from that there are a few more rules to stick to...

  • Voting will last 15 days from 00:00 Tuesday 30th April to Wednesday 15th May 23:59 GMT.
  • Please post your votes FIRST, before any other text or images, and preferably using the above template.
  • Only ONE post per person (this is flexible but you MUST PM me for permission first). Any further conversation about a given game can be held in the Jam topic or in the topic of the game itself (if it has one). Any posts breaking this rule will be removed.
  • Your top three games MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SHORT REVIEW and posts with no reviews of at least the top three games will be considered <void> at the time of counting.
  • If you are reviewing the games over the course of the 15 day voting period, use the <EDIT> button to add to your post, rather than post twice.Constructive criticism is fine, but comments like "This game sucks" will not be tolerated... so think before commenting! If your reviews are extensive or use images, please encase them in [spoiler] tags.
  • Please vote for at least YOUR TOP THREE GAMES, although you can vote for as many as you like (and every vote DOES count!) Please also vote for "Best Use of Theme", "Best Use Of Handicap" , "Best Presentation" and "Best DevBlog"
  • NO talk of cheating in the Jam topics please. If anyone has any doubts about a post or a vote, then please REPORT the post or PM me with your thoughts and action will be taken accordingly.


So that's it I think... Take your time to play as many games as possible, but don't feel pressured to play them all, and we shall see you all here again in fifteen days time to see who has the honour of being the Jam winner this time around!

Good luck to everybody and thank you all so much for participating!!!!


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#2 HayManMarc


    The HayMan

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 01:56 AM

Did I offer a prize this jam??  Cripes, I can't even remember.  Oh, wait... yes.  I'm gonna do some fan art for the game with the best presentation.  Hmmmm.....
Well done, GMC Jammers!


Some words about my votes:



Some shameless self-promotion:


Good luck to all and may FUN prevail!

HayMan’s Virtually Veritable Votes
My votes go to:
1st Place — Rainbows Below – Lune  (24/24 points)
2nd Place — Redemption – chessmasterriley (24/24 points)
3rd Place — Papantzin – GameDevDan (24/24 points)
Best Use Of Theme – Outlander – Coolbot4k
Best Use Of Handicap – Seeing Blue – True Valhalla
Best Presentation – Smithereens – Fireball16
The HayMan Favorite List:
The rest of the rankings:


HayMan's Really Real Reviews - Jam10 edition



Click this link to see

the review blog!   :)


All games have been reviewed!!

Alphabetical list of games:


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#3 newkill


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 02:08 AM

I'd like to remind that the prize I'm giving is to my personal favorite from the final Top 5, not necessarily MY top votes.


1. Rainbows Below - by Lune

2. Hitman - by Joh

3. HiMeRoMe - by NAL


4. Seeing Blue - by True Valhalla

5. Papantzin - by GameDevDan


6. 8-bit Vomit - by Yal

7. Redemption - by Chessmasterriley

8. Cyan - by amcd

9. Intruder Alert- by benf2

10. Sriggy Moggful - by Orange08

11. Platform13 - by Darkwalker247

12. Distant Mind - by 11clock

13. Antartic Battle - by Greenblizzard

14. Defend The Homelands - by MishMash


It was very hard to sort most of these 14 games, but they are my personal top entries!


Best Use Of Theme - Orange08 with Sriggy Moggful
Best Use Of Handicap - NAL with HiMeRoMe
Best Presentation - 1. Chessmasterriley with Redemption and
2. True Valhalla with Seeing Blue

Best Devblog - author


Congratulations everyone for all of your games and a nice Jam once again!


Short Thoughts on each games: [58/58] I've done them in the order the randomizer gave me in the zip folder. To find your game, use the Ctrl+F search function.




:GM123: A lightbulb beside your game means it is one of my favorites and is part of my final votes.

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#4 TheUltimate


    Life is Awesome

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 02:52 AM

@Everyone: Reviews are by request this time, so PM me if you'd like yours! I managed to finish all the numerical ratings in time, but I think it'd be better if I took the time to do proper reviews for those who would like one instead of rushing.through all of them. This applies to everyone in my top 3 as well.








Good luck!

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- Awesome games from around here: Unlimited - Legena: New Dawn - PlanIt - Tinha War - CountAir Strike -

#5 Exkakx


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 03:08 AM

I originally wasn't going to judge but, why not? :D


My votes go to...


1. Hitman


1. September Campaign


1. Slippery Slope


1. Alien Attack


Well, these games were all good in their own way. Do I have to choose favorites? :D


Also, I tried to choose a few games that might not get so many votes from others.


REVIEWS (10/10)


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#6 jett87



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 05:15 AM

I have decided to stop reviewing these games, because I don't have time.
My votes go to:

  • Seeing Blue - True Valhalla
  • Redemption - Chessmasterriley
  • Distant Mind - 11clock

I will not vote on the best use of theme, handicap, presentation and Devlog.

My Game Comments:




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#7 amcd


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 08:10 AM

My votes go to (note that this might change as I play more games):

  • Sriggy Moggful - orange08
  • Rainbows below - Lune
  • 8-bit vomit - Yal
  • Antarctic Battle - Greenblizzard
  • Seeing blue - True Valhalla
  • For a lost hat - Gorkiller
  • Hitman - Joh
  • Intruder Alert - benf2
  • FOD - Chance
  • Redemption - Chessmasterriley
  • Avoid - SecondReality
  • Ego In Hoc V Horarum - Darzoz
  • Smithereens - Fireball16
  • Lazer Dojo Death Frenzy - blu3
  • September Campaign - The Legend
  • Cursed Ufo - The Black Dragon
  • The Four Doors - Exkakx
  • Rovitation - Dr D Flopper
  • A Gentlemanly Game of Pie in the Face - Jordland
  • Shooting stars - Feerple
  • Hi Me Ro Me - NAL
  • Greyfield - Nightswim
  • Dust cloud gone mad - NightGrader
  • Run from the foreign - Bruin games
  • Foreign Wars - Overloaded and Jagtiger
  • Recrudescence - Dangerous_Dave
  • Specimen - lukew23
  • Defend the treasure - Sirham
  • Rain War you got - Rusty
  • Polaris - Oracizan
  • Skyscraper kingdom - snail_man

Best Use Of Theme: Redemption
Best Use Of Handicap: Rainbows below
Best Presentation: Seeing blue
Best Devblog: Rainbows below
Games I couldn't play:

  • Snail racer keeps crashing
  • Death to zeppelin keeps crashing



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GMCJam10_MiniBanner_zps49902e8a.png My Jam #10 entry: Cyan

#8 dadio


    Potato King

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 08:40 AM

My votes:

  • Rainbows Below - Lune - Nice little speech intro. Verrry neat climbing/jumping control system! Good level design. Nice graphics & sound.
  • Hitman - Joh - Simple but effective concept, well executed! Where's Wally meets shooting gallery. I like it a lot. Nice graphics.
  • Sriggy Moggful - orange08 - Not really a game, more a (slightly!) interactive experience. But... very atmospheric & memorable! Nice style & effective anims. Great use of sound. Really stands out.
  • Seeing Blue - True Valhalla - Sexy graphical style. Complete & Pro feel.
  • Eternal Chamber - newkill - Very cool concept. Well implemented in-game.
  • Skyscraper Kingdoms - snailman - Love the vertical building.
  • Distant Mind - 11oclock
  • Papantzin - GameDevDan
  • 8-BitVomit - YAL
  • Mission Demolition - swifty & teamsteeve
  • Rovitation - Team 2Dee
  • Redemption - chessmasterriley
  • Defend the Homelands - MishMash
  • F.O.D. - chance
  • For a lost hat - Gorkiller


Best Use Of Theme - Sriggy Moggful - orange08
Best Use Of Handicap - Seeing Blue - True Valhalla
Best Presentation - Hi Me Ro Me - NAL
Best Devblog - Hi Me Ro Me - NAL


Filtering... Blue=Good, gonna place Grey=Not so good, not gonna place Black=Kept erroring, couldn't play


8-Bit Vomit – Yal
A Gentlemanly Game of Pie in the Face – jordland
Alien attack – slojanko
Avoid – SecondReality
Bliss – Lilybugged
Borders – gmx0
Cursed UFO – The Black Dragon
Cyan – amcd
Dark World – MikeDark_x
DEATH to ZEPPELIN – Goinbatty
Defend the Homelands – MishMash
Defend The Treasure – Sirham
Distant Mind – 11oclock
Dust cloud gone mad! – NightGrader
Ego in Hoc V Horarum – Darzoz
Eternal Chamber – newkill
F.O.D. (Foreign Object Detection) – chance
For a Lost Hat – Gorkiller
Fortress Face-Off – RekNepZ
Greyfield – nightswim
Hi Me Ro Me – NAL
Hitman – Joh
Introductions – @Alex@
Intruder ALERT – benf2

Island Medley – mr magnus
Lazer Dojo Death Frenzy – blu3
Matrix 6 – Earthwalker
Mission: Demolition – swifty & teamsteeve
Nut a joke gaem 2 – Lukasmah
Nut Kick – IrfanFox
Outlander – Coolbot4k
Papantzin – GameDevDan
Paraverse – jett87
Platform 13 – darkwalker247
Polar bear and Penguins: Antarctic Battle – Greenblizzard
Polaris: Star-crossed – Oracizan
Purple Intruders – SecondReality
Rain: War You Got – Rusty

Rainbows Below – Lune
Recrudescence – Dangerous_Dave
Redemption – chessmasterriley
Rovitation v1.0 – Team 2Dee
RUNNING from the FOREIGN – Bruin Games
Samurai Ghost Hunter – 94931355

Seeing Blue – True Valhalla
September Campaign – The Legend
Shooting stars – feerple

Skyscraper Kingdoms – Snail_Man
Slippery Slope – Dadio & Jack (my own game)
Smithereens – Fireball16
Snail Racer – Rusty
Specimen – Team Boilerplate
Sriggy Moggful – orange08
Super Jelly Alien – gamemakerfun300
The Foreign Wars – Overloaded and Jagtiger
The Four Doors – Exkakx
The life and times of..this square right here. – makerofthegames
The world I created that I hated – bobmoo
When they come – trg601

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#9 GameDevDan


    RIP current GMC

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 09:24 AM

DONE!! All 60 games reviewed (Mine and the disqualified one included in the list) and 15 voted for. Thanks all.

my votes go to...
  • Rainbows Below - Lune
  • Eternal Chamber - newkill
  • Outlander - Coolbot4k
  • Seeing Blue - True Valhalla
  • Polar bear and penguins: Antarctic Battle - Greenblizzard
  • 8-bit vomit - Yal
  • Sriggy Moggful - Orange08
  • Distant Mind - 11clock
  • Cyan - amcd
  • Redemption - ChessMasterRiley
  • The life and times of this square right here - makerofthegames
  • Hitman - Joh
  • Hi Me Ro Me - NAL
  • Introductions - @Alex@
  • Rain: War you got - Rusty
Best Use Of Theme - Joh*
Best Use Of Handicap - True Valhalla
Best Presentation - ChessMasterRiley
Best Devblog - Coolbot4k, based entirely on this: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=YCxs-OXLkQ8
Reviews: 60 / 60 (1 is disqualified, 1 is my game)
A quick reminder that I appreciate all of the games and you've all done well to complete a game within 72 hours for the jam! That said I can't say nice things about everybody or I'm not really be nice to anyone... deal with it :P


*I voted for Joh for best use of theme even though I think he could have done better to make the game less er... controversial... read the review in the spoiler for more detail.

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See you all on the other side.

Back & share :)

#10 trg601


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 01:41 PM

NOTICE: I will edit this when I get the time to play more games :D

My votes go to

1. Lune: rainbows below
2. True vahalla: seeing blue

3. Orange80: sriggy moggful.
Best Use Of Theme - CoolBot4k: Outlander
Best Use Of Handicap - Lune: Rainbows below.
Best Presentation - Lune: Rainbows below.
Best Devblog - Dangerous_Dave: Recrudescence




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Because of the forum being archived, the above post is probably pretty old and may not reflect my current opinion.
If you want to find some of my games go to: Mutantbrain

#11 SecondReality


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 03:07 PM

I was planning on playing more games, but school work didn't let me accomplish that.

I was able to only try 14 games and I voted for 10 of them.
If you think that something in my review of your game is just totally wrong or if I missed something, please tell me via PM!
My votes go to:

1 Skyscraper Kingdom
2 For A Lost Hat
3 Fortress Face-Off
4 Mission Demolition
5 Ego In Hoc V Horarum
6 Running From The Foreign
7 The Lifes And Times Of... This Square Right Here
8 Specimen
9 Rovitation
10 Samurai Ghost Hunter
(I'm not voting for Best Use Of Theme etc...)
REVIEWS OF 14 GAMES (I'm only voting for 10 games.)


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#12 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 07:59 PM



My votes go to:

  • Eternal Chamber by Newkill
  • Skyscraper Kingdoms by Snail_Man

  • Rainbows Below by Lune

  • Papantzin by GameDevDan

  • A Slippery Slope by Dadio and Jack

  • FOD by chance 


Best Use Of Theme - Greenblizzard
Best Use Of Handicap - Lune
Best Presentation - Dadio and Jack




Polaris by Oracizan


Gameplay: 4

Intrigue: 7

Replayability: 1





Foreign Wars by Overloaded and Jagtiger


Gameplay: 4

Intrigue: 5

Replayability: 3





Rainbows Below by Lune


Gameplay: 8

Intrigue: 7

Replayability: 7





Eternal Chamber by Newkill


Gameplay: 10

Intrigue: 8

Replayability: 8





Specimen by TeamBoilerplate


Gameplay: 6

Intrigue: 7

Replayability: 6





Outlander by Coolbot4K


Gameplay: 5

Intrigue: 8

Replayability: 7





ParaVerse by jett87


Gameplay: 4

Intrigue: 5

Replayability: 4





Death to Zeppelin by Goinbatty


Gameplay: 4

Intrigue: 3

Replayability: 3





Snail Racer by Rusty


Gameplay: 3

Intrigue: 1

Replayability: 2





Matrix6 by Earthwalker


Gameplay: 5

Intrigue: 4

Replayability: 5





Papantzin by GameDevDan


Gameplay: 7

Intrigue: 9

Replayability: 6





A Slippery Slope by Dadio and Jack


Gameplay: 8

Intrigue: 5

Replayability: 8





Antarctic Battle by Greenblizzard


Gameplay: 6

Intrigue: 7

Replayability: 6





Samurai Ghost Hunter by 94931355


Gameplay: 4

Intrigue: 6

Replayability: 4




For a Lost Hat by Gorkiller


Gameplay: 6

Intrigue: 6

Replayability: 6





Seeing Blue by TrueValhalla


Gameplay: 6

Intrigue: 7

Replayability: 5





Skyscraper Kingdoms by Snail_Man


Gameplay: 7

Intrigue: 7

Replayability: 8





FOD by chance


Gameplay: 8

Intrigue: 8

Replayability: 6





Avoid by SecondReality


Gameplay: 3

Intrigue: 3

Replayability: 4



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#13 greep


    Menaces with Spikes

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 11:11 PM

EDIT: Sorry no fancy font sizes and stuff, not risking that stupid forum bug again...


THEME: Sriggy Moggful
Handicap: The Life And Times Of (whatever it was, its MotG's game)
1 Rainbow Below
2 Eternal Chamber
3 Hitman
4 The Life And Times Of
5 Sriggy Moggful
6 Hi Me Ro Me
7 Distant Mind
8 Island Medley
9 Running From the Foreign
10 The Four Doors
11 Seeing Blue
12 Redemption
13 Mission Demolition
14 FOD
15 Papantzin
16 Polar Bear and penguins - Antarctic Battle
17 Cyan
18 For a lost hat
19 Oulander
20 Recrudescence
21 September Campaign
22 Introductions
23 8 - bit Vomit
24 Purple Invaders
25 Slippery Slope
26 Shooting Stars
27 Platform 13
28 Defend the Treasure
29 Specimen
30 Avoid
31 Borders
32 Intruder Alert
33 The World I created that I hated
34 Rovitation
35 Ego Hoc
36 Paraverse
37 Dark World
38 Rain War You Got
39 Matrix


8bit Vomit- 70/100   
Nice old school gameboy feel to it, with appropriate retro style graphics and music. Unfortunately, I'm just not that into easy puzzle games, and I didn't feel it really ought much to those style of games. I think if it had something really unique after the first 10 levels or so (posession really isn't that unique these days), I might've played a bit longer, bit too little too late. Spent about 10-15 minutes getting to 1-8, and called it a day.   
A gentlemanly game of pie in the face- NA   
Seems to require two or more players, and I don't have anyone to play these awesome monumental games with atm   
Alien Attack: 30/100   
Reminds me of that annoying underwater level in earthworm jim, where you navigate in that sub. Only slightly less annoying controls.   
Nice idea, but slow, requires memorization sometimes due to limited view, lacks sound, and just generally is not very adrenaline inducing.   
Polar_bear_and_Penguins_-_Antarctic_Battle: 80100   
Looks awesome, and pretty fun to play. Unfortunately, no music and it has very little polish to it (most of the time you just circle the enemy holding L-mouse and hide behind towers). I think if an hour or two were spent playtesting it might have been a much better game.   
Bonus points for raining fish.   
Avoid: 65/100    
Great music and fits the handicap very well, but ultimately very simplistic. Just move around and avoid the spinny green cones   
Some suggestions: Slow moving speed is a big minus. There's a certain point where movement speed goes from annoyingly slow to godawful slow, and this is on that edge. Additionally, while the filling into green blobs and having to go back if you get hit is a fun concept, consider that the game actually would've played better if you just died if you got detected: nobody likes backtracking.   
Bliss: 15/100   
Looks cool, but didn't really get finished. Not a whole lot to say then   
Borders: 65/100   
Excellent music, and looks like the gameplay was getting good but alas it didn't really get off the ground, had to stop playing after a few minutes when it looked like nothing was happening past the second tower.   
ALSO!!!! next time add other a tutorial, f1 help menu, a readme, or instructions on your devlog! Admittedly ampclick on enemyamp isn't hard to figure out, but neither is it hard to write it.   
Cursed Ufo: 65/100   
Nice music, but I'm almost certain it's ripped. Sounds like a golden sun remix XD   
Fun gameplay, too, but zomg never use arrow keys plus mouse NEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER.   
Anyways, didn't really get interesting fast enough. Played about 10 minutes, then stopped as it was pretty run of the mill.   
Cyan: 80/100   
Great music, but I can't really give it too much credit since I doubt it was made in the time frame, and it was a little over the   
top for a retroish no story game. The game was nice, played to the end. and had great polish for a jam game. However,   
most of the enemies could be beaten with ampcheeseamp.   
Dark World: 55/100   
Nice resources, although the music was a bit annoying. Satisfying ampshingamp sound and sword effects too :D But ultimately. not   
very well playtested unfortunately, as I literally just ran in circles spamming l button. Darkness effect   
was a little too pronounced, too, making spamming the only way to go. Beat the game tho .     
Death to Zepellin: 45/100   
Nice resources again. Mostly just mildly amusing, not much else to say to be honest img class=bbc_emoticon src=a href=a href=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gif%22http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gifgthttp:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gifagta title= img class=bbc_emoticon src=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gif title=)     
Defend the homelands: NA   
Tried to play but it was too slow even on the light setting img class=bbc_emoticon src=a href=a href=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.png%22http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.pnggthttp:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.pngagta title= img class=bbc_emoticon src=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.png title= :(    
Defend the treasure: 70/100   
Fun little game, had to stop eventually since food bugged out, though. Not anything particularly interesting, but pretty good for a 72 hour game.  
- 5 for not following handicap.  
Distant Mind: 90/100  
Despite the fact that the music was not likely to have been made in the jam (and the sound effects are stock from something.. I remember them from earthworm jim 2), I'll not at least not deduct points because it was both kickass and extremely fitting for some odd reason, maybe it was the pacing?  
But anyways, the pacing is extremely well done, the ampstaticamp background effect had a huge effect on me in making it seem odd and foreign, and just all around I felt like I was playing something unique and different despite it basically just being Jumper.  
Wasted 339 seconds of my life btw. Contendor for both theme and handicap  
Dust Cloud Gone Madr: 20/100  
Well, at least it's a game, but it completely lacks tension or some other hook. As a rule, you should always playtest your games vigorously and ask if it's fun to play. At the very least, difficulty can make just about any game fun to some degree, which this doesn't really have.  
Also, no music img class=bbc_emoticon src=a href=a href=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.png%22http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.pnggthttp:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.pngagta title= img class=bbc_emoticon src=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.png title= :(    
Ego In Hoc V Horarum: 60/100  
Fun little game .   looked nice, played well, etc. But ultimately not incredibly interesting, as there wasn't a whole lot that was unique or suspenseful.  
Eternal Chamber: 95100  
Like I said, I don't generally care for puzzles, but man this was great! Immediately from the beginning the puzzles were just the right level of difficulty, taking slightly longer to fgure out each time, with some really amusing solutions. Finished rather quickly, took me about 10 minutes, but that's probably a good thing.  
Bonus points for pun of the year (this is too ingenious not to be a e from something am.am)  
FOD: 80/100  
Cute little puzzle game, but the puzzles are really not too hard img class=bbc_emoticon src=a href=a href=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gif%22http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gifgthttp:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gifagta title= img class=bbc_emoticon src=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultwink1.gif title=)   I took about 4 minutes to beat it, I really don't have much stamina XD. But it wasn't bad, the puzzles were at least unique  
and the last one made me think a bit .    
For a Lost Hat: 80/100  
The graphics, sounds, and just presentation were great in general, but the game itself kinda fell flat a lot. It was very slow, and I haven't actually even bothered beating the red mist area yet, as I mostly just sit in a corner hitting things and going back to heal and eventually fall to my death or something stupid XD not terribly exciting. Sort of like your last jam entry, I felt like there was a lot of variety, but not a lot of meaning to it: you just kinda beat up enemies with the same tactics, just with different graphics.

Foreign Wars: 35/100

This is kind of a case of the trope so bad it's good. I'm not sure why, but the bad repetitive music and the completely unplaytested gameplay leading to really awful repetive scenarios made it fun Somehow I ended up playing till the end, while being amused at the same time anyways.

So tips for future games: playtest and ask yourself if you enjoyed playing it. Some of these scenerios like the protect the trucks literally are only possible to beat through bugs! Additionally, as another reviewer states, you do little more then sit, move, and spam, as you cannot dodge attacks.

Foreign Wars: 35/100

Fun concept, but a strategy game without strategy unfortunately: there just isn't enough variety in units to have a substantial effect on how you play.

Greyfield: 40/100

Looks and sounds neat, but unless I'm missing something, it is completely devoid of any real content. Got to the end without a story or opposition or anything really.

Hi Me Ro Me: 90/100

MadnessMadnessMadness with a slight twist, but just as fun img   As usual for NAL, presentation is top notch in all areas, and even if the gameplay is simplistic, it's done well. I would much prefer the ability to save between levels, however, as navigating all the way to level 4 only to die to an arrow you thought went the other way can suck.

Hitman: 90/100

Just awesome. Simple, but good. Ended up playing for like an hour for some reason, and I have the urge to play again. I honestly can't explain why I like it so much, it's basically a mix between sniping and a game on the back of cereal boxes. But it works.

Introductions: 75/100

Nice resources and cute dialog and story, but ultimately just box pushing, the lamest of puzzles XD Also, it seemed to bug out for me, as after hitting the teleport switch and about 10 more minutes into the game, my progress was blocked by a tramploine near a door that blocked me from entering by constantly going on and off.

Intruder Alert: 65/100

Solid game, but kinda bland. I play scotland yard and mastermind, so it was depressingly easy for me. Quit at level 30 with a full health bar XD

Island Medley: 90/100

Pretty nice game, with lots of metroidvania-like little secrets! Very surprised at how long it was, although perhaps a little more effort should've been put into the music rather than making a 20+ minute game (most jammers, as you've noticed from your high score list, played less than a 2 minutes img class=bbc_emoticon src=http:gmc.yoyogames.compublicstyle_emoticonsdefaultsad.png title= :( ). Some of the hints should probably be a bit more obvious, though.


Lazer Dojo: 40/100

I think I must be missing something, as no strategy seemed to really win out, I was just kinda shooting and hitting randomly : Doesn't follow handicap (-5)p

Matrix: 50/100

It does have variety, I'll give it that. But ultimately the A.I. is just too simple to be very entertaining, I feel like I'm sneaking on someone's ass and ramming myself onto them. Ooo it's a deus ex prod only challenge!p

Mission Demolition: 85/100

Very nice presentation and all, but I honestly it really didn't feel like high tension space combat or anything. Bad lag may have been a factor.p

Nut A Joke Gaem2: 5/100

Not a Joke Gaem, but definitely a Joke Game

Nut Kick: 40/100

O.O Bonus points for wtf?!p

Outlander: 80/100

I do love exploration type games, so I played for a while. But ultimately, the puzzles were not very difficult and were all fetch quest oriented. I got to the princess and the highestp
part of the tower, but ultimately quit.p

Suggestions: More unique puzzles, less open space with nothing to solve (travel is nice to unwind in explortation games, but this was too much)..p

Papantzin: 80/100

Presentation is very nice, but the gameplay is lacking I felt, the puzzles just weren't all that varied or interesting.p

Paraverse: 60/100

Enemies and equipment don't really get too varied or interesting, and the game is slow to start. Also, the game eventually plays sorta like a zombie game where you justp
endlessly circle and shoot the enemy.p

Platform 13: 70/100

Pretty much all the points go for a really nice horror presentation, although I think the flashing color when getting hit felt a little too cheesy.

Polaris: 45/100

Looks nice, but really really lacking gameplay. Just wasn't that fun honestly, and to be honestly getting shoved all the time made it less than not fun :P

Contender for themep

Purple Invaders: 75/100

Nice little shooter, although most of the time I don't even really dodge the bullets or anything since there's so many. Beat the game though  Not a whole lot else to say!p

Rain War You Got: 55/100

So, this is like. limbo with rain and running or something? Unfortunately just not a whole lot of variety or anything, just hit left and right to dodge. Rather amusing problem there's no penalty for just holding down the whole time. Quit at 32,500 ish points.p

Rainbow Below: 95/100

PFFFFFFT. You win my first vote again. Stop it. Can you look go to anti-art school or something so you can learn how to suck?p
Recrudescence: 80/100

Fun puzzle game but rather unfortunately bugged: dropping a square pon spikes can make it impossible to pick it up, it literally won't budge or respond to space bar. Had to stop after the little dude showed up, which I'm guessing was right before beating the game.p

Redemption: 85/100

Unfortunately, a little too slow for my tastes, not enough fun action or puzzles or interesting story events I guess. Although it looked very nice I'll have to give it that. It lags too [:(] p

Rovitation: 60/100

Nice idea, but again, the puzzles just weren't that interesting, and the presentation really didn't make up for the fact.

Running From the Foreign: 90/100

Very entertaining for a one button game! Not sure what it was, I guess the absurdly stupid graphics mixed with a well playtested jumper, but it really made it fun for me. But hey, it got me entertained which is what counts right?

Samurai Ghost Hunter: 45/100

Looks okay, but not very well playtested at all. As I say, you should always play a game a few times first and if it isn't fun,
figure out why and fix it! Got bored quickly and stopped at wave 3.

Seeing Blue: 85/100

Presentation is very nice, and gameplay oddly reminds me of Iji, which I guess shows that that aspect of Iji might have been a wee bit overrated xD Overall, it was fun, but I felt there really wasn't a whole lot of variety in the action, just jump in slow-mo and hold spacebar. Beat on easy, and would've played on hard but I just don't have the time.
September Campaign: 80/100
A pretty ordinary shooter, but I thought the atmosphere was pretty nice and fit the theme very well.  Ultimately pretty bland gameplay, though, unless I missed something and there was a way to use more than the pistol.
Contender for theme.
Shooting Stars: 75/100
Fun music, and gameplay was okay.  Unfortunately it never really picks up, it just mostly ends up being holding left mouse and sitting while shooting.
Skyscraper Kingdoms: NA
I'm hopelessly confused.  There doesn't seem to be another town, and when training a soldier, I cannot click seem to get him to move to fortify a place, so I cannot click on my builder.

Slippery Slope: 75/100

Just put your cover art with play discreetly! and everyone will be playing it :D But seriously, it's fun but flipping
just isn't that interesting, I wish you could actually control your skiing or something.

Smithereens: 45/100

Cure, but just not that fun, and hurts my fingers more than diablo. Bonus points for being a cross between lunar command and duck hunt I guess?

Snail Racer: 20/100

Sheesh, 500 channels and nothing on... (really obscure reference!).

Anyways, umm... okay.

Specimen: 65/100

Neat idea and all, but it just didn't really play well. The combos were cool, but not really useful, it mostly just devolved into a kind of clunky arcade game. I think if more work were done playtesting it so that different combos might be needed for different enemies and whatnot it wouldve been a lot better.

Sriggy Moggful: 90/100

This wasn't even a game really, and I generally don't like arty farty type games. But the artwork was extremely well done, and somehow you just really felt for the poor little guy (LOVE the faces btw! Very emotive!)

Contender for theme.

Super Jelly Alien: 35/100

Very simple, simplistic, and glitchy as hell. Beat the game tho  Bonus points for just being plain WEIRD.

The Life And Ties Of: 90/100

Very nice platformer! Can't complient the music, since I'm pretty sure it's ripped again xD But it looks and plays nice, and is a very good use of the handicap. Didn't have time to beat it unfortunately.

Handicap winner

(But seriously man, aren't you bored of squares?)

The World I created: 65/100

A nice artsy game, but wasn't amusing like Sriggy

The Four Doors: 85/100

Very amusing and solid game, not a whole lot to say game. The music fit well, although again it is almost definitely ripped so I can't give this a higher score for the music : Played through most of normal and got the shooting thing, then had to quit due to time

When They Come: 35/100

Pretty amusing and very silly, but that's about all I can say. At least it didn't drag 

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#14 Gorkiller


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 12:51 AM

How i vote:

Gameplay  : 55%
Engine       : 25%
Graphics    : 10%
Replay       : 10%


My votes go to: (I've got all the reviews for the following games, pm me if yours is not listed and you want to see it)

1 - Eternal Chamber



2 - Mission Demolition



3 - Distant Mind



4 - Seeing Blue

5 - Rainbows Below

6 - Slippery Slope

7 - Rovitation


Nice games ALL jammers!

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#15 94931355


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 12:55 AM

My votes
1. For A Lost Hat
2. Ego In Hoc V Horarum
3. Polar Bear and Penguins
Reviews (9/60)

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#16 @Alex@


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 03:19 PM

My votes go to

  • Rainbows Below - Lune
  • HiMeRoMe - Nal
  • Seeing Blue - True Vahalla
  • Redemption - Chessmaster Riley
  • Intruder Alert - Benf2
  • FOD - Chance
  • Distant Mind - 11Clock
  • Purple Invaders - Second Reality





I Haven't had time to review all the games so there will only be reviews for those in the top three.



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2mma14z.jpg 2nu6efl.jpg 28whvdt.jpg

#17 Overloaded



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 06:58 PM

All hail the Great Duck.
My votes go to:



Reviews of all games [59/59]


Aw, why my epic reviews are at the bottom of the page :(

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#18 Curio



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Posted 02 May 2013 - 12:24 AM

1. Ego In Hoc V Horarum

2. Distant Mind

3. Rainbow Below

4. Redemption

5. Hi Me Ro Me


Nice game all jammers! 





Done! Important note: This is not a review, just a quick comment about the game.


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#19 Lune


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 05:48 AM

Best use of theme: Orange08 in Sriggy Moggful
Best use of handicap: True Valhalla in Seeing Blue
Best presentation: NAL in Hi Me Ro Me
Best devblog: Exkakx

My top-ten votes go to:

1. Hitman by Joh
2. Outlander by Coolbot4k
3. A Slippery Slope by Dadio & Jack
4. FOD by chance
5. Mission Demolition by Swifty & TeamSteeve
6. Hi Me Ro Me by NAL
7. Seeing Blue by True Valhalla
8. Sriggy Moggful by Orange08
9. Papantzin by GameDevDan
X. Redemption by ChessmasterRiley & Ashton Morris


How about the rest of the games? Yup, I played them all. I don't have time to review or criticize them all, so I've chosen to stop at ten. With that said, I've listed below a rough ordering of how I would rank the games relative to each other. If you think your game is ranked lower than it should be, please know that I'm totally biased in this ranking. If a game caused undue frustration, I probably lowered its ranking. If it didn't work for me, I definitely lowered its ranking. If it called for me to find someone else to play with, or wanted me to learn a complicated set of mechanics, I probably didn't even play the game for more than a couple minutes. If a game moved too slowly, or put too much distance between things, you can bet I was bored by that even if the game was otherwise great.

In short, this ranking isn't to tell people how objectively good their game is, but how it favored when I played it. As such, there's no need to read into the ranking any further than that. I'll give specific criticism and praise to anyone who sends me a private message asking for it. (a number of people have already done so, and I've answered each one with four to six paragraphs, so don't be afraid to ask!) :)


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#20 Yal


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 12:15 PM


This list is based on the total scores in my reviews. First place vote is in top. See below for reviews and motivations on the games. Each game was awarded a score between 0 and 5 points in 7 different cathegories (Graphics, Audio, Gameplay, Plot and/or Backstory, Replay Value, Use of Theme, and Use Of Handicap), and the game with most points got the best vote. I have not voted on my own game.

  • Outlander by Coolbot4K, 18 pts <<---My favourite
  • Eternal Chamber by Newkill, 15 pts
  • Samurai Ghost Hunter by 94931355, 14 pts
  • The World I Created by bobmoo, 12½ pts
  • Paraverse by jett87, 12 pts <<---My 2nd place favourite
  • Foreign Wars by Overloaded / Jagtiger, 11½ pts
  • Platform13 by Darkwalker247, 11 pts
  • Bliss by lilybugged, 11 pts
  • Running From The Foreign by Bruin Games, 10 pts
  • A Gentlemanly Game Of Pie In The Face by Jordland, 8½ pts
  • September Campaign by The Legend, 8½ pts
  • Snail Racer by Rusty, 6 pts <<---Don't play this
  • Skyscraper Kingdoms by Snail_Man, 5 pts
  • Alien Attack by Slojanko, 5 pts
  • Matrix6 by Earthwalker, 3 pts
  • Laser Dojo Death Frenzy by blu3, 3 pts
  • Nut A Joke Gaem 2 by Lukasmah, 1 pt
  • Defend The Treasure by Sirham, ½ pts
  • Recrudescence by Dangerous Dave, 0 pts <<---Installers suck

Note to everyone making games:

  • DO NOT modify registry. It makes me suspicious and will lower your grade.
  • If you use fullscreen, LET F4 TURN IT OFF. If the game "Always Stay On Top"'s, it's bloody annoying with forced fullscreen.
  • Let ESC quit the game.

Here are the reviews, in the order I played the games:


I don't think I'll be able to play all games, so I won't vote for devblog, graphics, etc. because that would be unfair.

  • 4

- The above is my personal opinion and in no way representative of Yoyogames or the GMC, except when explicitly stated -


Open this spoiler for my games:


Some useful game engines, music and other resources at affordable prices:

My collection of game resources at itch.io


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#21 RekNepZ


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 09:17 PM







Short comments on all games


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#22 mr magnus

mr magnus

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 06:37 PM

Voting Season is ON!

1st PLACE: 8-bit Vomit - YAL

2nd place: Hi  Me Ro Me - NAL

3rd place: Rainbow Below - LUNE


Best use of Theme: Hi Me Ro Me - Nal
Best use of Handicap: Sriggy Moggful - Orange08
Best devblog: Four Dors - Exkakx

Best presentation: Mission Demolition - TeamSteeve & Swifty


Full Result List:



I'll be casting my votes, as last time. This time around, I'll even be using my own voting software to do it, programmed by yours truly. :)

ok, SO i'll be voting games based on a simple "yes/no" method.Using the software I'll estimate how good the game is, ranging on a scale from 0-113. The game that has the highest number will get my 1st place vote, the 2nd highest number gets vote 2 e.t.c. I'll try to get trough all the games but I can't make any promises. 





If you feel I missed something when reviewing your game or had something wrong, judged it incorrectly e.t.c, don't be afraid to send me a PM and explain. I might admit that I was wrong if you give me a good enough argument on why you should have scored higher/lower.


REVIEWS (I'll play the games in this order):




Happy voting. :)

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#23 Greenblizzard


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 10:52 PM

My votes go to



Reviews/comments of all games except my own:


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#24 N-cubo


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Posted 05 May 2013 - 12:14 PM

Hey GMC, I'm new here! :D

So, I don't speak currently english because I'm not english or american: I use this language only for my PC stuff and no more. For this reason I'm going to make mistakes: sorry for my bad english!


My votes go to:


  1. Redemption - Chessmasterriley
  2. Hi Me Ro Me - NAL
  3. Defend the Homelands - MishMash
  4. Rovitation - Curio
  5. Sriggy Mogfull - Orange08
  6. 8-Bit Vomit - Yal
  7. Outlander - Coolbot4k
  8. Eternal Chamber - Newkill
  9. Ego In Hoc V Horarum - Darzoz
  10. Fortress Face-Off - RekNepZ

Reviews of first, second and third:


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#25 Feerple


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Posted 06 May 2013 - 09:36 PM

My vote go to:

1. Rainbow_Below by Lune

2. Seeing Blue by True Valhalla

3. Polar bear and penguins: Antarctic Battle by Greenblizzard


Full list:



Games that didn't work:






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#26 Diptoman


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 06:47 AM

Well, I wasn't able to participate this jam due to finals at university and stuff, so just decided to do my share in the voting process. I'm still very short of time, so I have only commented on my top 3, but I have played and voted for all the games, and if you want feedback on your game, feel free to contact me.

So anyways, my votes go to: 
1. Rainbows Below - Lune
2. Eternal Chamber - newkill
3. Hitman - Joh

Best Use Of Theme: Sriggy Moggful - Orange08
Best Use Of Handicap: Seeing Blue - True Valhalla
Best Presentation: Redemption - Chessmasterriley
Best Devblog: Coolbot4k, for Outlander

Other ranks (#4 - #59):


Comments for the top 3 and best of's:


And lastly, great job with the entries, people! Keep producing dem awesome stuff!

Edited by Diptoman, 08 May 2013 - 11:02 AM.

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#27 Nallebeorn


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 04:32 PM

I've played ALL the games, and here's my votes: (more votes and reviews coming soon)


1 - Rainbows Below - Lune

2 - 8-bit Vomit - Yal

3 - Redemption - Chessmasterriley


4 - Distant Mind - 11clock

5 - Sriggy Moggful - orange08

6 - Eternal Chamber - newkill

7 - Rovitation - Curio (Dr. D Flopper)

8 - Intruder Alert - benf2

9 - Cyan - amcd

10 - Cursed U.F.O. - the black dragon

11 - Ego In Hoc V Horarum - Darzoz

12 - Polar Bear and Penguins: Antarctic Battle - Greenblizzard.

13 - Dark World - MikeDark_x

14 - The World I Created that I Hated - bobmoo

15 - For a Lost Hat - Gorkiller

16 - Hi Me Ro Me - NAL

17 - Seeing Blue - True Valhalla

18 - F.O.D. - chance

19 - Outlander - Coolbot4k

20 - Slippery Slope - Dadio (and Jack Oatley)

21 - Papantzin - GameDevDan

22 - Avoid - Second Reality

23 - Polaris - Oracizan

24 - The Four Doors - Exkakx

25 - Recrudescence - Dangerous_Dave

26 - Specimen - lukew23 and HayManArc ("Team Boilerplate")

27 - Shooting Stars - feerple

28 - Introductions - @Alex@

28 - The Foreign Wars - Overloaded and Jagtiger

29 - Defend the Treasure - Sirham

30 - Island Medley - mr magnus

31 - Rain: War You Got - Rusty

32 - Paraverse - Jett87

33 - A Gentlemanly Game of Pie in the Face - jordland

34 - Death to Zeppelin - Goibatty

35 - The Life and Times of... That Square Right Over There - makerofthegames

36 - Hitman - Joh


Best Use of Theme - Dangerous_Dave (with Recrudescence)

Best Use of Handicap - Lune (with Rainbows Below)

Best Presentation - Lune (with Rainbows Below)

Best Devblog - the legend (with September Campaign)
















I was first going to say something about all of the games, and vote for many more, but unfortunately, I haven't got time for that. I played the games to slow. :P

EDIT: Lol, I thought voting ended Wednesday 8th May... Well, then maybe I can "review" all games after all, and vote for more.

Edited by Bruin Games, 15 May 2013 - 01:31 PM.

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#28 Dangerous_Dave


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Posted 09 May 2013 - 10:02 AM

My votes go to
1. Rainbows Below - Lune
2. Polar Bear and Penguins: Antarctic Battle - Greenblizzard
3. Slippery Slope - Dadio & Jack
4. Eternal Chamber - newkill

Best Use Of Theme - Sriggy Moggful orange08
Best Use Of Handicap - Seeing Blue True Valhalla
Best Presentation - Slippery Slope Dadio & Jack
Best Devblog - The Legend

Super short and mostly unhelpful reviews:

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#29 chance


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 12:11 AM

It's a very difficult choice. But my votes go to:

1. Rainbows Below -- Lune
2. Hitman -- Joh
3. Papantzin -- GameDevDan
4. Eternal Chamber -- newkill
5. Slippery Slope -- Dadio and Jack
6. Redemption -- chessmasterriley
7. Polaris: Star-crossed -- Oracizan
8. Sriggy Moggful -- orange08

Best Use Of Theme -- orange08
Best Use Of Handicap -- Oracizan
Best Presentation -- Lune

Games # - D

Games E -- N

Games O -- R

Games S - Z

Edited by chance, 15 May 2013 - 06:20 PM.

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#30 Chessmasterriley


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 08:49 PM

1st:  Rainbows Below by Lune

2nd:  SriggyMoggful by Orange08

3rd:  Cyan by amcd


Best Use Of Theme - SriggyMoggful by Orange08
Best Use Of Handicap - Seeing Blue by True Valhalla
Best Presentation - Papantzin by GameDevDan





Edited by Chessmasterriley, 16 May 2013 - 12:53 AM.

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#31 11clock


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Posted 14 May 2013 - 12:53 AM

11clock's Votes

I'm not reviewing every game like the other times I voted. I'll probably do it next jam, though.


1. DEATH to ZEPPELIN – Goinbatty (You win a copy of the full version of my game, Earth Overclocked, when it's released!)

The menu isn't very impressive, but the gameplay is great. I really liked the richochet mechanic. It can be unpredictable at times, but amount of chaos it causes is satisfying to watch. The music fits the old style of the game, too.


2. Rainbows Below – Lune

The first two times I played I dived into the spikes at the start because I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't initially realize that the game was a pure wall jumping game. Try to make it more clear what you are supposed to do at the start of the game.

Anyways, this game brings the best in wall jumping. Unfortunately, there aren't enough obstacle layouts. Running into the three skulls next to a wall two times in ten seconds isn't a very good thing. The game feels repetitive and somewhat flat. With some more time, this game could be a masterpiece.


3. Eternal Chamber – newkill

This is a very clever puzzle platform game. Unfortunately, the puzzles were too frustrating for me to finish the game. I find the game fascinating, though.


4. Papantzin – GameDevDan

A fun platformer with a unique spirit mechanic. I find the spirit's gameplay to be mostly unnecesary, though. All you do with it is hover it over objects and destroy them. It was only interesting in one level. I liked its role in the story, but it should have more uses than destroying blocks and extending platforms.


5. Redemption – chessmasterriley

This is perhaps the highest quality game in the jam. The game was fun for the first minute or two, then it started to feel like I was doing the same thing over and over. The game is pretty short, so this wasn't too big of a deal. The boss at the end was kind of fun, but it was pretty easy since you can just run in circles around it and it will never hit you.


Best Use of Theme: Sriggy Moggful – orange08

Best Use of Handicap: Sriggy Moggful – orange08

Yes, this game gets both my best use of theme and best use of handicap votes. Why? Because it is the only 'game' in the jam that blends the theme and handicap perfectly.

Edited by 11clock, 15 May 2013 - 11:04 AM.

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#32 TeamSteeve


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Posted 15 May 2013 - 07:18 AM

1 - Rainbows Below by Lune
2 - 8-Bit Vomit by Yal
3 - Distant Mind by 11clock

Best Use Of Theme - Overloaded and Jagtiger
Best Use Of Handicap - SecondReality
Best Presentation - orange08

Sorry I didn't have time to review more games.


  • 7


#33 Earthwalker


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Posted 15 May 2013 - 11:03 PM

My votes:

1. Distant Mind - 11clock

2. Rainbows Below - Lune

3. Papantzin – GameDevDan

4. Eternal Chamber - newkill

5. A Gentlemanly Game of Pie in the Face - jordland


Best Use Of Theme: Distant Mind - 11clock
Best Use Of Handicap: Rainbows Below - Lune
Best Presentation: Papantzin – GameDevDan


Here are my reviews for all of them. Sorry I couldn't write much for each one, but I was rather pressed for time. Feel free to pm me if you want to say anything.



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