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Super Jelly Alien

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#1 gamemakerfun300


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Posted 29 April 2013 - 12:04 AM

This is my game for the gmc jam 10. It has very basic game play ,but it is fun. There are eighzt levels.

Please give feedback and maybe I can make this in to a bigger game if you like it  :)

In this game you are a about a foreign gelatin alien who can easily climb over walls easily There are some monsters taking over your planet and you have to defeat them to get through each stage. The game is pretty simple compared to others but is still fun.

Lots of things had to be cut because of time constraints. 


 Left and right to move space to shoot bullets. Menu is mouse controlled

  • Game Name:Super Jelly Alien
  • Category: Puzzle , platformer
  • GM Version:  GM:S
  • Vista Compatible: yes 
  • Screen Resolution: 740 x 480
  • Changes Screen Resolution:no
  • Mulitplayer: no
  • Download Link:http://sandbox.yoyog...per-jelly-alien
  • Screenshots:Runner2013-04-2812-11-10-57_zpsb51e9a41.

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#2 chance


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Posted 06 May 2013 - 12:52 AM

This is a pretty good Jam entry. And I think it's a good start -- although it has flaws.

The graphics are pretty simple, but they look OK. The little blobby guy looks neat. The monsters look... well, monstrous. But of course, a little extra work on the characters and on the building blocks would make the game look better. Maybe a little more detail to add some visual interest.

The music is OK. It's a good choice for background music, although it's a little repetitive. So maybe using a longer track would be better so it doesn't repeat a quickly.

It's easy to figure out how to play. (Even though the OPTIONS menu doesn't work. :whistle: ) The controls are fine, and the goals for each level are clearly marked, along with the "lever" to open the gates. Nice and intuitive, so that's good design.

The gameplay is fun and somewhat challenging. However, one problem is that the character can get lost off the side of the screen. Sometimes if he moves too far, the player can make him come back. Other times, he just gets lost and the arrow controls can't bring him back onscreen. When that happens, you have to quit and re-start the game. Not good.

But other than those bugs, the game is a good start. It's a pretty good Jam entry, and worth continuing to a full game. :thumbsup: +1
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