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Kaydie (Tsg)

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 05:53 AM


Game is out! click here http://gmc.yoyogames...opic=577215&hl=

I'm leaving this thread as a place to view the update logs, which is the kind of thing I'd find interesting, so I'm sure someone else does too






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Posted 19 February 2013 - 12:17 AM

Update log v4
-Myriad of small bug fixes and tweaking
-Snakes start slow and speed up
-A new cheat: 'L' gives another life
-New exclamations for snake and stork deaths
-Score system, including the multiplier mechanic

Posted Image

Eating a different plant than the one before will add to your score multiplier, max of 4. Every ten seconds you lose part of the bonus, and if you don't have one you will start leaking score, to fix that just eat another plant. Dying resets multiplier.

In next update after 10 seconds the whole multiplier is lost. Then in another ten seconds you start leaking score.

Update log v5 !
-more tweaking and bugfixing
-When losing score multipier you now lose all of it.
-Particles for leaking score
-Water splash particles
-Dying now takes away 750 points
-New cheat "i" makes you invincible as if you just died
-New cheat "m" spawns a mate next to you
-A mode for cheating/play testing
-Crocodiles! the last tier of predator

Update log v5.1
-Fixed a couple snake things
-Now press enter to play instead of clicking on turtles
-Fixed the credits
Snakes used to go off in the wrong direction for a moment before coming after you, and it was impossible to lose besides trapping them or running them into a mate. Now it is actually possible to simply get far enough away that they give up!

Update log v6
-Other small turtles now worth 250 points, times your multiplier
-Improved snakes again
-Pause/Options Menu!
-Includes the ability to:
go fullscreen, turn off text exclamations, choose to use WASD or arrow keys, and to turn on cheats (which de-legitimize your score)

Update log v7
-Lots of sounds (but not them all, no music yet either)
-New option: show fps
-Control scheme chosen by which button you first press
-Drawing info like lives/score multiplier after pausing
-gore particles for other turtles
-Crocs buffed, don't completely tire out anymore
-Water plants more common
-At stage 3 score starts slowly dropping, drops faster the longer the game goes on.
-At stage 3 normal plants are worth just enough to counteract the score loss over time, however water plants are now worth 500 (times the multiplier)

Update log v8
-More sounds
-Experimental intro tune
-Option to mute all sounds or just music
-Small fixes
-Crocs now eat snakes if they run into each other, which should add a little more tactical depth to the game. Firstly, it's another way to trap snakes chasing you at stage 1, much like the bogs. Secondly, you can trick a croc into eating a snake instead of you at later stages.
-new field plant
-multiplier now only goes up if the plant your eating is different from the Two previous ones. (The original suggestion)
-score now shown on screen, along with the score gained or lost from the last thing that changed the score.
-Time is ticking as an adult to find a mate, your score reaching zero means death. (actually probably unlikely to happen)
-Rearanged menu to more logical layout

Update log v9
-First song "The Escape", made by me. Currently plays upon growth to stage 2
-Improved stork sprite scaling while flying
-Being partially covered by a mate protects you from stork attacks
-Crocs now move idly while in their passive state
-Highscore background
-Desktop icon
-Mapped spawn mate cheat to J
-M now cycles through sound options
-Pressing M before going into the main menu mutes the game

If you like the game so far, tell me about it!

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Posted 25 March 2013 - 03:43 AM

(I apologize for posting again, but at this time I cannot figure out how to edit my posts, ever since the format was all changed around. This should be my last post here anyway)


Update log v10 (final pre-release)


-Snails (trip up predators)
-Improved the song introduced last patch
-Made a theme for leaking score
-Sound for losing multiplier due to time
-Sound for eating a water plant early/denied by mate
-Ending theme
-Introduced some situational music:
-3 menacing tunes, depending on state of lives, predators around, and number of predators actually chasing you.
-3 neutral, usually occur when you have a decent number of lives and not many predators after you
-Added second water plant 
-Made the bog mask smaller than the sprite, so clipping it won't kill you
-Reduced croc and snake swim speeds
-Decreased time for crocs to lunge
-Text exclamations for when a croc runs into a snake
-Increased severity of leaked score due to malnurtition
-Increased water plants required to eat to from 10 to 15.
-part in menu to view controls
Release update log!
-stage 3 theme
-3 happy tunes
-Fixed an annoying bug; particles not appearing after loading a game
-Purple snails, daze predators longer
-Real-sight challenge, obstructs your sight to a circle, but upon beating the game your score is increased 15%. Can be switched on and off anytime, but to get the bonus points it must be kept on from the beginning.
-Everything that affects your score now found on an in-game list
-You now don't need to beat game to place on the Highscores
-Now adds 5000 when you beat game
-Style plants only give 5 points after filling the style meter
-Some optimization
-Finishing touches

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