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Stream of Blood

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Posted 28 January 2013 - 10:40 PM

Stream of Blood

So here it is, my entry to the 9th GMC Jam. I would describe it as a strategy/acrcade shooter/bullet hell game. It is also probably the bloodiest game in existence, so that is an added bonus. You play as a pill and fight infected cells and viruses in a non-humanoid being's arteries. The controls are as follows: WASD or Arroy Keys to move, and left mouse click to activate special attacks.

Download game from Box.com (9MB)

Updated 34 minutes before Jam end. Fixed a glitch, added an extra level.

I'll just leave my devlog (with screenshots) here...

Speedchuck's Amazing Devlog

*Jam started at 6:00 PM for me*

Fri 6:04 PM - I'm going to allow myself three hours to plan before beginning.

Fri 11:00 PM - Agh, migraine. Still, I now have a pretty great idea. Planning on getting at least the game's intro done tonight.

Sat 12:54 PM - Got my first image done, wasted a bunch of time. :thumbsup:

Sat 1:50 AM - A bit more done, going to bed. Tentative name for the game: Stream of Blood.

Sat 10:55 AM - Woke up, made the menu. Off to breakfast, then I will record the intro cutscene and start with the actual gameplay.

Sat 4:42 PM - Sweet. Got most of the basic gameplay elements sorted out and coded. Screenie!
Warning: Lots of blood.

7:37 PM - All that is really left is level design, unless I decide I don't have enough enemies. Things are going rather well.

Sat 10:37 PM - Added a red blood cell effect and made two levels. There will be at least 5 levels. I still have to put in some opening dialogue, music, sfx, three levels, a boss, and a few more instructional messages.

Sun 12:12 AM - Well, I wasted time sleeping and eating. That'll be the death of me.

Sun 3:06 PM - Level 4 completed. Sounds/music added. I could probably release what I have now as a full game if it had an ending cutscene and credits...

Sun 8:02 PM - Hooray, no progress whatsoever.

Sun 11:58 PM - All that is left for the boss battle is the attack pattern. I can probably squeeze 3 hours of work in tomorrow. I'll make it happen.

Mon 8:29 AM - Well, I cannot work on this until 2:30, which in my time zone is 3:30 before the jam ends. Wonderful.

Mon 2:55 PM - Heck yeahs, got the boss done. Now adding credits and more things to make the game more arcade-y.

Mon 3:48 PM - Well, I am about to be done. I want to make a link to the topic in the game, so I'll just go ahead and release the version I have ASAP.

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