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The Marvelous Gmcjam #9 Games Topic!

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#101 imef


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 12:39 AM

After playing every game posted in this jam, I have finally made a decision!

TOP 5:
  • The Doggone Cat - Lolligirl and TheSnider
  • Lysandra and the Amplegores - NAL
  • Vision Pill - orange08
  • Shattered Whyrr - Yal
  • Circle17 - lune

Best Use Of Theme - Vital Spark by Oracizan
Best Use Of Handicap - The Doggone Cat by Lolligirl and TheSnider
Best Presentation - Vision Pill by orange08
Best voice Acting? - Prepare to Die - DXsmiley
Best Plot - Near Life Expérience by supmaster004

Reviews of the Top 5 :

General comment about the Jam :

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#102 dadio


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Posted 10 February 2013 - 07:34 PM

Here we go... sorry for the tiny comments (just got alot on my plate at the moment).
Nice work people! :thumbsup:

1. Chemical Eruptions And Bunny Consternations - Nik Sudan - Very slick pixel art, nice simple gameplay, nice visual effects & sound. Just a really polished & complete feeling package!

2. Bio Weapon Ursula - Saijee - I really like the visual style used on the 3D in this. Nice animations on the models. It's consistent & reminds me of Starfox. Black guys on level 2 are cool. Some camera issues & some bad sound use but otherwise, pretty impressive stuff for the timeframe!

3. That Doggone Cat - TheSnidr & Lolligirl - Looks like alot of time & effort put in! Nice art, cute story. Nice 3D. Very impressive for the timeframe.

4. Profanity Bot - GameDevDan - Slick as usual. Everything fits. Simple beyond belief, but I dug this alot.
5. Not Poodle - Jack Oatley - Amusing text. Great demented style. Basic gallery shooter gameplay, but the theme, music & sounds work so well with it.

6. Lyssandra And The Amplegores - NAL - The intro was funny. Nice selection of guns.
7. Spare Parts - Chance - More nice physicsy puzzle fun.
8. Vision Pill - Orange08 - That artstyle! Very tasty!
9. Virusect - Pixelade - Nice cohesive visuals & sound.
10. A Tale Of Two - MakerOfTheGames - For some reason I really liked this. Music was perfect.

Best Use Of Theme - A Tale Of Two - MakerOfTheGames
Best Use Of Handicap - That Doggone Cat by Lolligirl and TheSnidr
Best Presentation - Chemical Eruptions And Bunny Consternations - Nik Sudan
Best Devblog - NAL

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#103 Nallebeorn


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Posted 11 February 2013 - 01:50 PM

My votes go to...

1 -
Adventures of chuck
by land of games

A really good game. Nice gameplay and level design, and nice graphics. One of the best GameMaker games I've played.

2 - That doggone cat by Lolligirl and TheSnidr
A good story and an imaginative use of theme. Pretty good gameplay. I like the combination of 2d and 3d graphics, and the idea of using animals. Really nice game.

3 - Space chase by programmer5
An entertaining little game, with nice level design. The first level was boring, but then it became really fun avoiding obstacles and moving the ship. It's not a very imaginative use of the theme and handicap, but it works.

4 - Retroreaction by Feysoura
A simple but fun game. A nice variation of the classic scrolling shooter games.

5 - Bioweapon Ursula by Saijee
Fun to play, and really good graphics. To small variation of enemies.

6 - Vision Pill by orange08
It's hard to explain why I liked this... I don't really know, but I did. However, I think it's a really good and imaginative use of the handicap to use pills for all everything. It's such.... Well, imaginative.

7 - Roomba Lab by DanRedux
A very good concept and slightly good level design.

8 - Vital spark by Oracizan
Good game... Nice story and slightly good gameplay.

9 - GMC Jam 9: Teh Gaem by sp202
This was such fun that I just had to vote or it. This is my sort of humor...

10 - ADR by DXsmiley
A fun little game. The comments made me laugh.

11 - A strange colorful world by RekNepZ
Another fun little game.

Best use of theme - Joh

Best use of handicap - Lolligirl and TheSnidr

Best presentation - Nocturne

Best DevBlog - Saijee

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 07:00 PM


The Winners Will Be Announced On


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