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Searching for a coding partner

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 06:12 PM

The project:
I am looking for a coding partner for my on hold for a long time now project that i have been trying to do for years now. My project in short is a space solar conquest 4x(explore etc) RTS. Here is a link to a project i wanted to do first but never finished due to horrible programing skills: http://gamejolt.com/...mmand-t-d/8389/

I have the game idea, features etc. all written down or in a mind map mostly. I am going to put everything into a mind mapping(xmind) tool for us both to use. The project is going to use gameplay from somewhere seen before(a non commercial mod for which i have contacted the author long ago) which i am going to show you, so you will know what you are getting yourself in, and possibly have you play that to see if it is any compelling for you.

Project development time:
The game is not going to be made in just a week, as i do not intend it to be a small game by GM standards(if you know what i mean), but a big project by GM standards. So the time for the game to be finished i expect it to take atleast a month or two. The game is probably going to be a free as it will be my first finished game, as i really cannot program the parts i want to be in game.

Future partnership plans:

Now i have plans for far into the future, so if you will be willing to work on this project and will enjoy it, we can and i hope so work on my next projects that will reuse the assets and functionality of this project.

Future projects will be commercial, but all in due time.
My information:
- Name: Primož Fajs,
- Location: Slovenia

- Work time: 24/7 mostly
Your role as a coder:
- Skills and experience: You have to be able to program inventories, solar system, RTS stuff. So it would be good to see some of your previous work, but it is not required.
- Work duties: You will program the core parts of the game, ones i cannot do because i get stuck... The rest which is minor things, menu, items etc. will be by work.

- Work time: I am expecting that you have some dedication to the project, hopefully that you have some free time on the weekends. Able to work every day a bit would be the best, but it is not required.

Your role as a partner:
As a partner you will discuss the project with me, provide feedback etc.
Contact information:
-Skype: primoz128, here.

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Looking for a coding partner for my space RTS solar conquest project. More information: http://gmc.yoyogames...opic=563123&hl=