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#51 chance


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 06:58 PM

Here's my Autumn Jam entry: Runaway Carriage (executable on MediaFire)

Disaster theme: A mother has lost her baby carriage (with baby inside). You must roll the carriage through several levels with hills, pitfalls, and obstacles.


LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to roll left or right, UP to jump (occasionally). If you flip upside-down, fall in a hole, or get stuck, the 'reset' button is in the upper right of your viewport.
You complete each level by making it to the end, and rolling off the screen to the right.

The game uses a new physics sim I constructed with Extreme Physics (rather quickly), so it's more proof-of-concept that anything else. Like those motocross bike games... only with a baby carriage. The physics is very cool, so eventually I may make a motorcycle / car jumping game with this.

Here's my WIP topic for the game, for any discussions.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

EDIT: selected more interesting screenshots.

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#52 TeamSteeve


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 08:59 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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#53 Rusty


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 10:17 PM

Posted Image

Say goodbye to the beloved Shoot the Pigeon series in style, with some true STP gameplay celebrating two years of Jam.

Shoot the Pigeon 4 Download Link

It's not finished but I'm out of time and frankly... the theme is starting to hurt my ears. :thumbsup:

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#54 Hgameguy


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 10:44 PM

The Great Picnic Disaster

By Hgameguy

Posted Image


Made in less than 12 hours!

whew.. just in timePosted Image


-Hillarious voice acting.

-Tons of bugs! (the six legged kind Posted Image)




-And more!

Official topic link

Download Link

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Nova Maze

A brilliant Action/Puzzle maze game with stunning neon visuals and 70+ levels! Try it free!


Trailer | Website

#55 2d_games


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 11:14 PM

The Little Tornado That Could

Posted Image

WIP Link:

Download link for lazy people who won't visit the WIP page:
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#56 CaptainLepidus


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 11:19 PM

In order to comply with the "you may not use text" handicap, I won't talk about the actual game here. I will mention that this game was started the second day of the jam, before I realized the jam had even begun. When I realized the jam was going, there was only two hours left! So I started sprinting to get it finished. Please excuse any glitches or unpolished features. Also note that the game may be continually updated until the very end of the jam so please re-download if you download early. The game is untitled. The handicap is fulfilled, although the theme is not, unless you consider my development process, which was most certainly a disaster!

Download: Dropbox

Posted Image

Posted Image

Discussion Topic: http://gmc.yoyogames...howtopic=558801


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#57 Macocco


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 11:26 PM


It is here!
Help the last survivors of the apocalypse reach their spaceship, and help them reach mars!
Use your mouse to make the natural disasters harmless.
Arrowkeys to rotate the spaceship.
Check the questionmark button in-game for more help.

Posted Image

Download it here!

The sound is terrible, I didn't have enough time to finish it, but I think graphics and gameplay are pretty unique
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#58 Feerple


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 11:30 PM

Here's my game!
Posted Image
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#59 Saijee


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 12:13 AM

Remnants of a Beautiful Day...

Note: If you walk around the third area for a while you will eventually reach a fourth area.

Wow this was probably the most challenging, exciting, weird, and thrilling game I've played. Goes to show that you don't need complex controls, game play or graphics(even though this art was great, and I enjoyed it) to create a fun and pleasing game.

Posted Image

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#60 @Alex@


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 12:14 AM

Meteor - The Second Impact

This is a game where you play as the Meteor free falling from space into the atmosphere toward a city. On your descent you must collide with coins to gain score and avoid the missiles. It was made in around 3.5 hours and is set to the music of one Kevin Mcleod. It was also uploaded with seconds to spare

Link : http://www.freefileh...m8-default-1000

Screenshots :

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#61 Nocturne


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 12:18 AM



Posted Image

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#62 Nocturne


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 02:54 PM




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#63 orange08


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 03:24 PM

My votes go to
  • Remnants of a beautiful day - Saijee
  • Brolly - Blake
  • Runaway Carriage - Chance
  • Last one standing paper pumpking apocalypse - GameDevDan
  • In 200 seconds - greenio3
  • Dynapogo - NAL
Best Use Of Theme - In 200 seconds
Best Use Of Handicap - Brolly
Best Presentation - Last one standing paper pumpkin apocalypse
Best Devblog - Cthulu

orange08's reviews

Recommended games:
Runaway Carriage
Remnants of a beautiful day
In 200 seconds
Last one standing paper pumpkin apocalypse

All reviews finished.

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#64 dadio


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 07:27 PM

Dadio's votes of Doom

1.Turtle Termination by Holgersson1988
2.The Little Tornado Who Couldn't by TheSnidr & Lolligirl
3.In 200 Seconds by Greenio

Best Use Of Theme - DisasterCity by Joh
Best Use Of Handicap - Dynapogo by NAL

Best Presentation - LOS Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse by GameDevDan
Best Devblog - Dynapogo by NAL

Turtle Termination
Looks like super cool physicsy fun...
+ Yep. Nicely done! Looks good, the physics work well & there some cool variety to the puzzles. I really like this idea of blocking off physics effects. :thumbsup:
- Nothing really. Would love to see it brought up to scratch with a total art revamp & more levels etc.

In 200 Seconds
Mmmm... old skool precision platforming...
+ against the clock! :ninja: I like the clear silhouette graphics & obviousness of everything. It's short, but sweet. I'm a sucker for these kinda games...
- Could be more to it... like maybe mutiple disaster*S* but *shrugs* I'll letchya off with that.

Dynapogo by NAL
What can I say? Very NAL-ish. Nice grafix/presentation.
Liked the way he worked around the text restrictions & still explained stuff. Liked the simplicity & immediacy of the gameplay. One of those kinda "pick up & play dip into for a few mins" type games that really suits mobile. Felt like a game. Music suited the thing really well. Like all of NAL's game, felt like an acid trip.
I guess ya could argue that a big spiky thing & a pogo stick destroying a city is quite disastrous, :turned: but I felt "use of theme" wasn't as good as it coulda been.... full marks for experimental creativity/originality tho. I do like me some insane crap.

Shoot The Pigeon 2 3 4 by Rusty
The Legend returns... again. ::lmao::
Well, yes. Everything about it really just blew my mind! Truly thrilling! You can really tell that some SRS effort went into this entry. :thumbsup:
Hard to pinpoint any flaws with this one. Apart from an odd feeling that I've seen something similar someplace before...

The Little Tornado That Couldn't by Lolligirl & TheSnidr
Really liked the concept on this one. A friendly tornado...
Cutesy/upbeat visuals & moozak. Felt like I was drunk & on drugs just playing it. Liked the smooth scrolling/rotation. Liked the overall happy groove. Nice interpretation/twist of theme.
Had no idea really what I was doing/what I was meant to do on this wonderful journey. Part of the charm I guess.

R'lyeh by brighteyes
Bonus points for Lovecraftian reference :thumbsup: (big Lovecraft fan)
Nice, & consistent pixel style/presentation. Music worked. I really dig these kind of very simple "puzzle platformers" I love how many puzzles are squeezed out of so few elements here. Neat little level layouts. :yes:
Not seeing the "theme" so far... (but being set in R'lyeh should ensure disaster in the end...) Got stuck... I'll come back to this one.

Desperate by orange08 & 11oclock
Decent art...
Was thinking to myself... "This feels very empty, I'm about to fall asleep" & then... haha. I liked it. :thumbsup: Not much too it, but I liked the idea & how it suited the theme. Liked the randomness of dogs + aliens. Liked the simplicity/cleanness of it. Also, I like desert islands & wanna go on holiday.
Woulda liked to see more action/animation/gore in that end bit. Too short. On the other hand, it did it's thing & didn't overstay it's welcome. :smile: *shrugs*


Runaway Carriage by chance

Physics games are fun.
+ Conceptually, this was a nice spin on the disaster theme. I liked the smoothness of the movement along the hills. I kinda like the artstyle. Physics seemed good...
- but I got completely "stuck" a few times (upside down & jump did nothing). Aaand I won it - it's too short with not enough to it really I think. Collectibles might've made this more interesting...

Meteor The Second Impact by @Alex@
I like that lcd screenish looking font...
+ Well... I liked the simplicity of the concept & controls on this one. The music suited the action & added alot to that sense of impending mass destruction...
- unfortunately not much happens when ya finally hit the city. Also I reckon it would play much nicer with the meteor position always being at the top of the screen (rather than near the bottom) cos that'd give ya more time to dodge the rockets & collect the coins. I did like that pixely font, but then again, we weren't meant to be using any text so... doh!

The Little Tornado That Could by 2d_games
A controllable tornado eh?...
+ fun being a tornado, picking up stuff & smashing windows... neat little tiny pixel art.
- No sound at all?! Noes! That's against da law! (>o<)! Sound effects would have improved this alot! Didn't seem to have an end even tho I destroyed the building?

The Floor Is Lava! by arigh
*watches little loading thing* What the?...
+ Scanlines. Gotta love 'em! I kinda dug that demented chip-ish tune music too. And I do like randomly generated level stuff...
- but it's too difficult/ & the control ain't great. Evil thatchya can't see what's coming up when you're jumping too, haha! Woulda prefered more traditional "tilesetishness" (16x16s) to the grafix, rather than drawn stuff for the BG (single huge image!) & platforms etc.

Brolly by Blake
Looks polished right off the bat...
+ Sexy cloud BG! Moody & atmospheric rain & thunder sound fx. I like the rain. Game felt very soild.
- Quite hard. Woulda prefered a slightly shorter character I think, which woulda allowed for more weaving between stuff. I couldn't get very far (curious if there's an end...)

Unit3452 by cantavanda
Nice-ish retro music...
+ Ah, voice synthezisers are cool I was gonna use one of those for my game too! (^o^)b The mood was cool. I'm a big fan of platformers & metroid-esque stuff. Think there was good intentions here to make a pretty big game I imagine, but...
- this one did throw an error right at the start. And movement was too slow (especially in the face of instant death obstacles, lol!) And the big one: I'm pretty sure the last thing ya wanta be doing in a small 72 hour game like this, where most peeps will only play each game for the whole of 30 seconds, is adding a looooooooong tutorial! I doubt many could endure those little "trials" of yours. I got to 4 & that was me pushing myself. *reads your post* Sorry, I understand your frustration, but for Jam games, I think they really need to get to the good stuff as soon as possible. Remember, there are loads of games & most peeps just don't have the time to fully play through all of them. So yeah just bear it in mind for next time - straight into the action from the start (^-^)b

Parkour Platformer by CaptainLepidus

My eeeeeyes! (@-@)!
+ Hmmm... the platforming is pretty good... ladders work... *goes blind after a few mins*
- Teeny tiny microscopic screen size does not make bunnys happy! Also, no sound whatsoever! I shall have you arrested for this crime, sir!

Global Thermonuclear War by Centauri
Oooh! Some kinda trendy lookin' tactical thingymajig!
+ It looks quite pretty. I *can* zoom in & out... there is stuff there... I can kinda click on things... but they don't seem to do anything... *attention span of a gnat forces me to shut it down at this point*
- Um... there's literally nothing to it?! (+-+)? I expected some kinda deep tactical play, or at least some kinda epic world destruction! *cries*

Stay Alive by Chainsawkitten
Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmmm! Scanlines!
+ *Verrry* atmospheric! Loved the wind/whistling loop. Nice consistent graphical style. Walked pretty damn far. Kept coughing. Died. Memorable/stylish stuff. The game stuck to the handicap...
- but I didn't really have a clue what to do (haven't been reading any .txt files or anything for any of these games). This is another one I'm gonna come back to...

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#65 HayManMarc


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 09:03 AM

Posted Image
My votes go to:

1st Place -- Turtle Termination by holgersson1988 (24/24 points)
2nd Place -- Brolly by Blake (23/24 points)
3rd Place -- In 200 Seconds by greenio3 (23/24 points)

Best Use Of Theme - Joh
Best Use Of Handicap - Hgameguy
Best Presentation - NAL

The rest of the rankings:

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Weatherman - RekNepZ - 23/24 points
  • Remnants Of A Beautiful Day - Saijee - 23/24 points
  • A White Space - Darzoz - 22/24 points
  • Disaster City - Joh - 22/24 points
  • The Great Picnic Disaster - Hgameguy - 22/24 points
  • Upwards and Onwards - icymx - 21/24 points
  • DynaPogo - NAL - 20/24 points
  • QuakeHouse - Yal - 20/24 points
  • Alien Beatdown: Carnage Dub Edition Ė Freestyle - Blopit - 20/24 points
  • The Little Tornado That Couldnít - TheSnidr & Lolligirl - 20/24 points
  • Rílyeh - brighteyes - 20/24 points
  • Virus Voracity - land of games - 20/24 points
  • Cities - TeamSteeve - 19/24 points
  • Warp - DXsmiley - 19/24 points
  • Aqua Ascent - Dangerous_Dave - 19/24 points
  • Coin Collector - Pixelade - 19/24 points
  • Desperate - Clockwork Orange - 18/24 points
  • Everyone Explodes - Snail_Man - 18/24 points
  • Disaster Determined - StallionTG - 18/24 points
  • Chase - Hiznopellagio - 18/24 points
  • Shoot the Pigeon 2 3 4 - Rusty - 17/24 points
  • Disaster Zone - The_Puzzle - 17/24 points
  • Escape From The Sun - shinyjiggly - 17/24 points
  • Runaway Carriage - Chance - 16/24 points
  • Bob And His Disasters - MonstrGaming - 16/24 points
  • A.B.I.A.C.S. - zakaos - 16/24 points
  • Generic Ninja Game - lukew23 - 15/24 points
  • Disaster Run - Macocco - 15/24 points
  • Doomsday - Dadio - 14/24 points
  • Crazy Taxi Texter - sp202 - 13/24 points
  • Attack Of The Killer Plants - Fireball16 - 13/24 points
  • Disasters - Desttingham - 13/24 points
  • The Floor Is Lava! - ariugh - 13/24 points
  • KinetsukaĖApocalyptic Elements - darkwater247 - 12/24 points
  • The Tiniest Game In The World - CaptainLepidus - 12/24 points
  • Buzz Kill Zero Gaiden - KalebParhamProductions - 12/24 points
  • In A Time Of Need - GameRoom - 12/24 points
  • Forest - NicroGames - 12/24 points
  • Dev Island - Simaster48 - 12/24 points
  • Frankenstorm - Feerple - 12/24 points
  • Unit 3452 - Cantavanda - 11/24 points
  • The Second Impact - @Alex@ - Meteor Ė 11/24 points
  • Global Thermonuclear War - Centauri - 10/24 points
  • A Game That Fits The Handicap - Snail_Man - 10/24 points
  • Stay Alive - Chainsawkitten - 10/24 points
  • The 12 pages - Lilybugged - 9/24 points
  • Happy Fish - nujuat - 9/24 points
  • The Little Tornado That Could - 2d_games - 8/24 points
  • Cyclone Apocalypse - Mercerenies - 8/24 points
  • Protect My Virtual Vault! v2 - NightGrader - 8/24 points
  • At The Corner Of The Earth - ThatSnail - 7/24 points
  • Surviving The Madness - desertpunk12 - 6/24 points
  • Techno Defense - masterox7737 - 6/24 points
  • Star Bomb Rock Bird - newkill - 2/24 points
  • Trigger Finger - kibblesbob - 0/24 points
Would have been 9th place: Last One Standing: Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse - GameDevDan - 21/24 points
Would have been 33rd place: Buk - Orange08 - 14/24 points

See my reviews here:

The HayMan Votes and Reviews Page

Reviews so far:


ALL DONE!!! I think.
If I missed your game, please PM me.

Edited by HayManMarc, 11 November 2012 - 08:07 AM.

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#66 StallionTG


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 12:25 PM

My votes go to
1.The little tornado that couldn't - TheSnidr
2.Runaway Carriage - chance
3.Dynapogo - NAL
4.A White Space - Darzoz
5.Desperate - Orange8
6.Remnants of a Beautiful Day - Saijee
7.Brolly - Blake
8.Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse - GameDevDan
9.Everyone Explodes - Snail_Man
10.Alien Beatdown:Carnage Dub Edition Freestyle - blopit
11.COIN COLLECTOR - Pixelade

I've noticed that a lot of games either have great polished graphics / game play and no content, or plenty of content and bare bone graphics.
I had fun playing every game I found time to, but I've decided to judge the games with the formula Score = polish * content * fun;
So basically how much effort you put into your game.

Runaway Carriage - chance (40pts)
lots of fun, I could have played it a lot longer then it lasted.

Remnants of a Beautiful Day - Saijee (35pts)
Felt great being in this 3D world. Though my game play was cut short by an error.

Everyone Explodes - Snail_Man (33pts)
So much energy, very cool.

Dynapogo - NAL (39pts)
"Dynapogo" doesn't get old, I like the use of physics and the sun in the background. I give it 4 out of 5 seizures

Desperate - Orange8 (37pts)
Nice flow to it, I didn't expect the climactic part which added to how fun it was once I arrived.

A White Space - Darzoz (39pts)
I like the world, I'd like to play this game after 3 months of dev time rather then 3 days.

Alien Beatdown:Carnage Dub Edition Freestyle - blopit (32pts)
This game is what you call, juicy. But it was more of technical demo rather then a game.

Brolly - Blake (34pts)
Super polished, so it was nice to look at but not much else to it.

The little tornado that couldn't - TheSnidr (40pts)
Super cool use of physics, this game was made in such a different way then I'm used to. Very intriguing. I love how you grow and pickup greater objects.

Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse - GameDevDan (34pts)
Very pretty, but very simple.

COIN COLLECTOR - Pixelade (32pts)
Another great looking game, with hardly any game play. I love how your avatar rolls off ledges.

Edited by StallionTG, 15 November 2012 - 06:08 PM.

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#67 GameDevDan


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 01:08 PM


1st - Turtle Termination - Holgersson1988
2nd - Aqua Ascent - Dangerous_dave
3rd - Warp - DXSmiley
4th - Brolly - Blake
5th - The little tornado that couldn't - The Snidr & Lolligirl

Best Use Of Theme - Turtle Termination - Holgersson1988
Best Use Of Handicap - Everyone tackled this in the same way, so I can't vote for anyone really.
Best Presentation - Saijee - Remnants of a beautiful day
Best Devblog - Dynapogo - NAL

Wooden Spoon - A Game That Fits The Handicap - snail_man
An award to make the person with the lowest score feel better. I still love you.

Brief Reviews (ALL DONE!):
All games scored / 100% With a little note about the game. Written in alphabetical order of the developers. Scores 80+ are coloured green so you can easily spot my favourites.

Videos: Let's Play: GMC Jam #8
I'm going to try and do videos for this jam and continue with the GMC Jam 7 videos too... This time I won't be editing the videos as that's what takes up the most of my precious time :P. So the let's play videos for this jam will just be commentaries, not rated reviews.

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See you all on the other side.

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#68 mads2194


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 01:32 PM

  • Remnants of a beautiful day - by Saijee
  • Turtle Termination - by Holgersson1988
  • The Little Tornado Who Couldn't - by TheSnidr
  • Warp - by DXSmiley
  • Stay Alive - by Chainsawkitten
  • Aqua Ascent - by Dangerous_Dave
  • In 200 Seconds - by Greenio

Best Use Of Theme - Holgersson1988
Best Use Of Handicap - sp202
Best Presentation - Saijee
Best Troll - Snail_Man
Best WTF Moments - NewKill

Welcome to ...

Mads reviews of madness

... where games will be reviewed objectively considering the limitations of the competition.

Every game will be rated out of 20 in the following categories:
  • Design -> Overall look and polish of the game and how well the graphics represent the game
  • Gameplay -> Execution and implementation of game mechanics as well as lasting appeal
  • Sound -> How well do the sounds and/or music aid the gameplay
  • Fun factor -> How fun the game is
  • Innovation -> How well the game uses the theme and handicap and most importantly, how interesting the idea is

This means your game will be rated between 0 and 100. Example of review:


Please note that I will tax every mistake I find and complain about any bad design decision in your game, so I suggest you fasten your seat belts and stay put cause` you`re in for a tough ride! People learn through their mistakes and I think it is important for individual development that I note your mistakes.

Reviews (ordered by their place in the zip):

Edited by mads2194, 14 November 2012 - 07:21 PM.

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#69 RekNepZ


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 02:09 PM



Reviews So far:

Edited by RekNepZ, 14 November 2012 - 03:57 PM.

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#70 Venomous


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 03:45 PM

My votes:
1. Alien Beatdown Carnage Dub Edition Freestyle - blopit
2. The Little Tornado Who Couldn't - TheSnidr
3. Remnants of a Beautiful Day - Saijee
4. Everyone Explodes - Snail_Man
5. Cities - TeamSteeve

My reviews of all the games:

Edited by Venomous, 14 November 2012 - 09:44 PM.

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#71 Saijee


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 04:06 PM

To the People who rated me down.
Land of Games just informed me that I was being unspiritly about the JAM. Please excuse my ignorance, this is my first JAM game, and I wasn't sure it actually mattered. NOW I KNOW. So Sorry guys. Will not happen again.

My votes go to

1 Quake House - Yal
2 Warp -DXSmiley
3 Aqua Ascent - Dangerous Dave
4 The Great Picnic Disaster -Hgameguy
5 Alien Beat Down- Blopit
6 WeatherMan- RekNepZ
I also liked :LOS Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse - Game Dev Dan

Best Use Of Theme - Hgameguy
Best Use Of Handicap - Snail Man
Best Presentation - Dangerous Dave
Best Devblog - Nujuat


Quake House: I actually understood what was going on and what I had to do. Easy to play hard to beat, just the way I like it. I will say that I think some of the jumps were too precision heavy. It made it annoying every now and then.

Warp: The graphics are simple and consistent. Although sometimes I found it hard to differ between grass and spikes. Music was good. Sounds were sometimes annoying but not bad. Gameplay was quick and good.

Aqua Ascent: This game was easy to have fun with, the controls were good, even if the guy didn't always go the direction I wanted him to. I also liked the music, made me think of Mark Crilley.

LOS Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse: I think that this game had the 2nd best graphics. Not only that, but they went with paper and stick dolls so the simplistic animations were completely matching. It was easy to play, easy to follow, and overall just a good cute game.

Alien Beat Down: This is a fun game. The variation of enemies and patterns keeps it interesting. Though my major issue with this game was that sometimes I could not continue because I could not find a stragler enemy.

The Great Picnic Disaster: LOL, nice man. Silly, fun, and visually stimulating. Also nice voice acting. I will say though that I beat the game doing a thing that I felt would not be wanted in a picnic, I just let all the food vanish except one, and juggled that last ant back and forth.

Weatherman: Simple platforming gameplay works well, especially because of how fast you can move. I will say though that sometimes I got stuck in a wall when going from room to room. But I like how if you know anything about platformer games you can make out the room in the dark even before its revealed.

Edited by Saijee, 10 November 2012 - 04:25 PM.

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#72 holgersson1988


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Posted 01 November 2012 - 07:30 PM

Will update a list of my favorite games here, with new games taking place as I play them

holgersson1988's Top 5
Developer - Game
1. GameDevDan - LOS Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse [90/100]
2. TheSnidr - The little tornado who couldn't [88/100]
3. Blake - Brolly [86/100]
4. NAL - Dynapogo [85/100]
5. DXSmiley - Warp [(92-10)/100] (no theme at all gets lots of minus for a top game)

Best Use Of Theme - "Joh - Disaster City" It had it all, tsunamis, blizzards, meteors, earthquakes. It was full of disasters
Best Use Of Handicap - "GameDevDan - LOS Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse" (many that deserve this, but I give it to the best game combined with great handicap use. (pumpkin number system is awesome :D )
Best Presentation - "GameDevDan - LOS Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse" No comment needed.
Best Devblog - <Blank> (Sorry I have not really read any)

I will give them a score of 0-100 based on how much I enjoyed them. Games over ~60 will get some comments.

Reviews/comments on my favorite games so far (playing in reverse developer order)

Good luck everyone, hope you had fun jammin'


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#73 Chessmasterriley


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Posted 02 November 2012 - 04:48 PM

1st: Remnants of a Beautiful Day by Saijee
- A magnificent game that draws several different emotions. Very well done.
2nd: Turtle Termination by Holgersson1988
- A fantastic game idea executed beautifully in 72 hours.
3rd: Brolly by Blake
- A simple concept, but finely crafted. Why isn't this on iOS?

Best Presentation: Remnants of a Beautiful Day by Saijee
Best Use of Theme: Global Thermonuclear War by Centauri

Posted Image

*Scoring System: 30% Gameplay + 20% Graphics + 15% Audio + 15% Polish + 15% Theme + 5% Handicap*


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#74 GameRoom


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Posted 02 November 2012 - 09:57 PM

My votes/recommended games. So many good games, but so many more bad ones.
  • Last One Standing: Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse- GameDevDan
  • A White Space- Darzoz
  • The Little Tornado that Couldn't- TheSnidr
  • Remnants of a Beautiful Day- Saijee
  • Dynapogo- NAL
  • QuakeHouse- Yal
  • Disaster Determined- StallionTG
  • The Great Picnic Disaster- Hgameguy
  • Crazy Texter- sp202
  • Turtle Termination- Holgersson1988
  • Cities- TeamSteeve
  • Alien Beatdown Carnage Dub Edition Freestyle- blopit
  • Buzz Kill Gaiden- KalebParhamProductions
  • Brolly- Blake

Best Use of Theme: Holgersson1988
Best Use of Handicap: Snail_Man
Best Presentation: GameDevDan

Here are some reviews:

Sorry if these reviews sound harsh. I'm a critical person.

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#75 lukew23


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Posted 03 November 2012 - 07:26 AM

Top 10:
1. Dadio - Doomsday
2. Greenio3 – In 200 Seconds
3. The Snidr and Lolligirl – The Little Tornado that Couldn’t
4. Snail_Man - AGTFTH
5. Dangerous Dave – Aqua Ascent
6. Holgersson 1988 – Turtle Termination
8. ThatSnail – At The Corner of the Earth
9. Darzoz – A White Space
10. Yal - Quakehouse

Now that I have played each game once, I am revisiting them and writing reviews. I won't be scoring the games, but I will post my top 10 and a short review of each game. Note that I prefer to take into account the concept and potential of a game more than its polish, mainly because I don't think that polish is the main point of the jam.
Special congratulations to Snail_Man who made it into my top 10 twice.

Most games done. Please PM me if I missed your game or misunderstood anything.

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#76 Blake


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Posted 03 November 2012 - 08:49 AM

Blake's Reviews & Votes

1) In 200 Seconds - Greenio
One of those games that you don't know why you love it so much. Great concept, interesting exploration elements and moody audio. Graphics a bit sketchy in places, but not enough to take anything away from the game.

2) A White Space - Darzoz
Unique concept and take on the theme, nice cartoony graphics and voice acting. Gameplay frustrated me a little at times, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

3) Turtle Termination - Holgersson1988
Physics based games are always pretty fun and this was no different. Good theme use and variety with multiple disasters. Graphics were quite mismatched though, too many different styles mixed into one.

4) Dynapogo - NAL
5) Disaster Determined - StallionTG
6) Remnants Of A Beautiful Day - Saijee
7) Escape From The Sun - Shinyjiggly
8) The Little Tornado Who Couldn't - TheSnidr & Lolligirl
9) Coin Collector - Pixelade
10) Alien Beatdown - Blopit

Best Use Of Theme: Centauri
Best Presentation: GameDevDan

Scores and Ranks for (almost) all the games:

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#77 Mercerenies


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Posted 03 November 2012 - 10:50 PM

My votes:
1. Runaway Carriage - chance
2. A █hite Space - Darzoz
3. Turtle Termination - holgersson1988
4. Warp - DXSmiley
5. Brolly - Blake
6. Remnants of a Beautiful Day - Saijee
7. Dynapogo - NAL

Best Use Of Theme: A █hite Space - Darzoz
Best Use Of Handicap: A Game That Fits The Handicap - Snail_Man
Best Presentation: Turtle Termination - holgersson1988
Best Devblog: Dynapogo - NAL

I don't really have the time to review all of the games, so here are some short reviews of some of my favorites:

My Community Prize
I offered a cameo in my upcoming game (linked in my signature) to the creator of the game that I declare used the theme most creatively. And this cameo goes to:
A █hite Space - Darzoz

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#78 TheUltimate


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Posted 04 November 2012 - 04:43 PM

Posted Image


Games that don't work for me:
Kinetsuka: Game works, but graphics are all glitched up and I can barely tell what I'm doing
The Floor is Lava: Music and a black screen
ABCDEF: It's listed as a Firefox document for some reason
Trigger Finger: It... just... doesn't work.

Note: My votes may still change if I get working versions of games I couldn't run.

Posted Image

Congratulations to the winners of my community prize: A fanart/collage thing for my top 5 games!

Posted Image

Game reviews (In reverse alphabetical order, of course): 60/60 DONE.

Enjoy your reviews, and good luck to everyone in the Jam! :)

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- Awesome games from around here: Unlimited - Legena: New Dawn - PlanIt - Tinha War - CountAir Strike -

#79 NAL


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Posted 04 November 2012 - 06:12 PM

I gave each game a guaranteed 10 minutes of gameplay (excluding those that crashed before then and those that I completed before that time), with any extra time if they held my attention longer than that. I also made it a point not to read any attached documents, forum posts, watch videos, anything that would give away how to play a game - I felt with the handicap, that the games should have been made intuitive enough without the text.

With that in mind, here are the games ranked in order. A full list of my personal rankings and short reviews for every entered game can be found at this link. And please don't be sad if you're low down, EVERY game had its plus points (which I tried to point out in the mini-reviews), and there's always GMC Jam #9 :lol:


1: blopit: Alien Beatdown Carnage Dub Edition Freestyle

Excellent game. Graphics were gorgeous, gameplay was varied and consistently fun. Just needs music! I want a SNES port now!

2: The Snidr & Lolligirl: The Little Tornado Who Couldn't

Took a little to work out how to play, but this was charming, fun, and touching. Expand on it! Please!

3: StallionTG: Disaster Determined

Atmospheric, intuitive, fit the theme nicely. Very cool.

4: Darzoz: A White Space
5: Holgersson1988: Turtle Termination
6: Hiznopellagio: Chase
7: Joh: Disaster City
8: RekNepZ: Weatherman
9: Lukew23: Generic Ninja Game
10: MonstrGaming: Bob and his Disasters
X: GameDevDan: LOS Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse (asked not to vote for this, but this is where I'd've placed it)
11: Clockwork Orange: Desperate
12: Greenio: In 200 Seconds
13: Pixelade: Coin Collector
14: Chance: Runaway Carriage
15: Chainsawkitten: Stay Alive
16: Brighteyes: R'lyeh
17: Hgameguy: The Great Picnic Disaster
18: Snail Man: Everyone Explodes
19: Dangerous Dave: Aqua Ascent
20: icymx: Upwards & Onwards

See link above for placings after 20th, my hand aches :(

Best Use Of Theme - dadio - Doomsday
Best Use Of Handicap - Darzoz - A White Space
Best Presentation - blopit - ABCDEF & GameDevDan - LOS: Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse
Best Devblog - Mercerenies - Cyclone Apocalypse

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Posted Image

#80 Mr. RPG


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Posted 05 November 2012 - 02:50 AM

My votes go to:
1. Dynapogo - NAL (the guy above me)
Great graphics, gameplay, everything! It is all great. Honestly it looks like you spent more than just 72 hours with this game.. It's that good! Bravo! This is actually one of the best Jam games I have had the pleasure of playing.
2. Doomsday - dadio
I loved the concept. I feel like it could be much a bigger game if you continued to work on it. It could have been better than NAL's game!
3. Runaway Carriage - chance
I thought this was cutesy and I liked the idea you had for the theme. It lacked variety in the few levels there were, but I think if you had more time you could put so much more content in to this. I couldn't figure out the last level, was I supposed to go over the barricades?
4. (Honorable Mention) Brolly - Blake
Fun little game, I liked the graphics and how smooth everything was.
Best Use Of Theme - dadio
Best Use Of Handicap - chance
Best Presentation - NAL (by far)
Best Devblog - didn't really care to read many, so nothing here.

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#81 chainsawkitten


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Posted 10 November 2012 - 03:01 PM

Boring, long first-reaction playthrough where my reaction is probably buried underneath bad sound leveling etc.
(I went back and played the installer-games in my second playhrough, so don't worry about those. There were still some games I couldn't get to work, though.)

1. nujuat - Happy Fish
I don't know if the discrepancy between the post and the actual game was intentional or just a last-minute error of accidentally moving the rooms around (I'm betting the latter), but it worked out great. I played it without reading the post so I don't know if the post helps with subverting expectations (I think coming in completely fresh is better). Could do with some better graphics (cartoony look would be great) and some sound. It would be interesting if you only had one life and if you restarted the game you would simply get an empty pond to look at. On the other hand, that might undermine the feeling of inevitability of it.

2. Centauri - Global Thermonuclear War
It's a very interesting experiment although I think the interface could have used some more work in some places. The buttons could use some tooltips on mouseover or similar (after all, you broke the handicap anyways). Since I knew that you could send missilies/bombs/whatever, picking my own position in the beginning was rather confusing since I thought I was about to send a bomb which I didn't want to do. Trying to let the interface speak for itself and let the user figure things out is generally good but when it comes to experiments like this (where there is only one try each) I believe clarity should come first. The HTML5 version lags a lot for me but the Windows executable works flawlessly.

3. Saijee - Remnants of a Beautiful Day
The graphics are (mostly) quite good but I think you should reduce the walkspeed. As it is now, it feels quite stressful due to the fast pace. I think it could benefit a lot from being a more calm experience and the walkspeed alone would have a big effect on that. The underground section could probably be shortened slightly and the ending was just silly. I think you should have a look at Katabasis (free) and Dear Esther ($10) for some great sources of inspiration when it comes to environmental storytelling. Katabasis is probably the main one to look at since Dear Esther is quite heavy on narration.
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#82 Hgameguy


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Posted 10 November 2012 - 11:21 PM

NOTICE: Vote placements are now final.

My votes go to
  • Brolly - Blake (The graphics and gameplay sold me instantly. Posted Image This game, if improved sufficently, could be an app-store hit. Great Job! Posted Image)
  • The Little Tornado that Could'nt - TheSnidr (Yet another great, down to earth and just plain fun hit by TheSnider. Loved it from beginning to end.)
  • Dynapogo - NAL (Pogosticks + dynamite sticks... how more creative can ya get. Hey, who knows... this may be the transportation of the future. )
  • Everyone Explodes - Snail_Man (Explosions. or should I say EXPLOSIONS!!!!! Just what one needs for a stress release... loved making things go boom. or rather BOOOOOOOM!! (Seargent Carter form Hogans Heroes would have loved this game ))
  • Remnants of a Beautiful Day - Saijee (Loved the use of the U3D engine. it is amazing what it can do when put to creative use. The atmosphere on the first level was amazing, though the rest of the game was just a little too wierd...)
Best Use Of Theme - Doomsday - dadio (This game was a true disaster...Posted Image)
Best Use Of Handicap - Buk - Orange08
Best Presentation - Remnants of a Beautiful Day - Saijee
Best Devblog - Snail_Man


Note: I will not most likely not be able to review all the games, so with the time that I have, I will randomly pick games out of the ZIP (by closing my eyes and double-clicking...somewhere...) and do some short and concise reviews.


That's all my reviews for this jam!
Sorry I didn't get to review all the other great games, but like I said, I didn't have that much time.

Great games and creative concepts everyone!

Til next jam,


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Nova Maze

A brilliant Action/Puzzle maze game with stunning neon visuals and 70+ levels! Try it free!


Trailer | Website

#83 Dangerous_Dave


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 07:46 AM

My votes go to:

Best Use Of Theme - @Alex@
Best Use Of Handicap - The Puzzle
Best Presentation - GameDevDan
Best Devblog - johnki

Other reviews:

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#84 chance


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Posted 13 November 2012 - 02:12 PM

My votes go to:

1st Place: Turtle Termination -- by holgersson1988
2nd Place: Remnants of a Beautiful Day -- by Saijee
3rd Place: The Little Tornado that Couldn't -- by TheSnidr and Lolligirl

Best Use Of Theme: Disaster City -- by Joh
Best Presentation: Remnants of a Beautiful Day -- by Saijee

1st, 2nd and 3rd place reviews
Turtle Termination -- by holgersson1988

Remnants of a Beautiful Day -- by Saijee

The Little Tornado that Couldn't -- by TheSnidr and Lolligirl

Reviews of Some Games I Enjoyed:

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#85 TheSnidr


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Posted 13 November 2012 - 10:31 PM

Made one-line reviews for all games I played (which is all games in the zip file except my own). Tried finding both positive and negative sides to most games, please don't take it personally!
My votes:
1st: NicroGames: Forest Successfully gave me goosebumps. Enough said.
2nd: StallionG: Disaster Determined A very polished topdown shooter with three different game modes!
3rd: Blopit: ABCDEF Varied enemies and smooth gameplay! Could really use some backgrounds, but it still was very fun to play.
4th: Snail_Man: eVERYONE eXPLODES Ridiculous fast paced shooter is very much to my liking!
5th: Darzoz: A White Space Awesome little game. Couldn't beat the room with lots and lots of enemies.

My thoughts on the rest, starting with the ones I enjoyed the most. When tallying the votes, feel free to take as many as you want from this list in the following order:

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#86 Nocturne


    Nocturne Games

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 08:25 AM


Thanks to everyone who has voted and the results will be announced soon... Posted Image

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