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Dragon Ball Z:Legacy

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Posted 24 October 2012 - 08:26 AM

Hello, I'm looking for people that can help on this ambitious Project, as the title suggests its of a Dragonball Z nature.

Now most of us have played some DragonBall Z game one time or another and liked them, but most of us can say that we want a little more to them.
I can say that I've liked most games but, none really satisfied me like Dragon Ball Z: Buu's fury.
The First two games in the series DragonBall Z: Legacy of Goku 1 and DragonballZ:Legacy of Goku 2 were okay games,Though DragonBall Z:Legacy of Goku 1 didn't have the right elements to be that good.

So my project is to bring the three games into oneand update them(DragonBall Z:Legacy) as I mentioned its ambitious, it involves overhauling the first two and making them link up with buu's fury properly.
The main thing is playing the characters that we like and still having them stay the same through one large game instead of 3 separate games and 3 different engines for them.

Who is needed
Graphical Artists:2
Music Creator:1 maybe 2
Character script: 1

Myself:Director/Overseer, I wish I could do more. I've attempted to learn coding but the best I could do was get a character through doors, and that was a while ago. So for now I'll be checking proof of progress and development.

Graphical artists : They will have an easier time on this because I want to stick to mostly same graphics as Buu's Fury even if they are old, though if many people want to and the Graphical artists are willing we can try and update the graphics.

Coders This will be the hardest part they will need to know much to do this.They will need to be able to help with these progressions, I expect that this project will be hard an lengthy to finish but would be worth the effort.
*New/changed maps
*New/added enimeis
*added Characters
*New items
*Level System
*Battle system
*Chapter Sysytem, for the game
If the old maps are some what relied on this wont be too bad.

Music creators: I urge for freedom to anyone that does join in and adds music, mainly I do want the music to fit the part. Also at certain parts I would like to keep DBZ music in mainly during bosses.

If you want to be a part of this message me.
Of course this is non-profit If it was,that would be copyright-infringement suing would probably occur to anyone involved.

I don't plan for any time limit mainly because 2 reasons
2.Fan made

I hope that this can be come a good collaboration from many people, and some time make our own unique game.

Lpraces(Myself);Spriter. Character script/quotes.

Possibe additions
MagicMan;Music creator
Policejohn99;Graphics artist.

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