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Posted 27 June 2012 - 09:33 PM

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GUNBALLis a side-scrolling shooter / platform game. You control a mercenarybouncy-ball with a gun attached to the side of it. The ball is hiredto clear out dangerous hot-spots of activity that threaten theemployer.

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Movewith the left/right arrow keys or A/D keys.

Spaceor Right-Click to jump. Jump again on landing to jump higher than astanding jump.

Pointthe mouse arrow around the screen to aim. Click the left mousebutton to shoot.

Holddown the left mouse button for continuous fire as fast as the weaponallows.

Clearall enemies in the level to progress.

Bossenemies are larger versions of the normal enemies and take multiplehits.

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Powerupscome in the form of weapon lockers that re-spawn periodically in thesame place.

Powerupslast as long as the ammo lasts before reverting to the default gun.

Youcan have only one powerup at time and new powerups replace thecurrent powerup.

Powerupsare: machine-gun, cannon, and laser.

Someobstacles require certain types of powerups to destroy and allowprogress.

Currently,there is a training mission of 8 levels with no danger involved,except a time limit for the last level. And there is one “real”mission of 10 levels including 2 boss levels.

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1- Sticking on end-caps and in weird places. Sticking is not usually permanent and player can get unstuck by moving opposite of the solid object. The game is still playable and winnable.

2- Difficulty may be too hard for many people. I am old-school andtend to make games “nintendo-hard” at first as that is what I amused to. Feedback is needed to adjust this issue. For now, “Q”is set to skip a level, but is discouraged.

3- Graphics are still very basic. I'm no artist and am always lookingfor help in that department.

4- No sound/music at this time. I'm no musician or Foley artist,either. Help would be appreciated or I will make do with Googlesearched free SFX files.

5- Text is in the form of screen messages. This is due to me using GM 8.1 Lite. (I'm cheap!)

6- There already is another game named GUNBALL out on the internet. Itis a flash game of a top-down arena-like play style. This GUNBALL isnot meant to be like that one in any way except that there is a gunattached to a ball that the player controls. I did not even know ofthe other game's existence until a few days ago when I was coming toa suitable state of development where I felt comfortable inpresenting this work-in-progress to this forum. This game took noideas from that game in any way and all similarities, if any, arecoincidental.

Category: Arcade / Side-scrolling / Platform / Shooter / Puzzle(?)

FileSize: 4.14MB

GMVersion: GM8.1 Lite

VistaCompatible:Yes(?) Untested, but it's so basic, I don't see why not.

ChangesScreen Resolution:No

DownloadLink: http://ultrashare.ne...8d6939a/Gunball

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