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Code Name: SECTOR

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#1 CptCryBaby


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 12:07 AM

Here is my first offering. This is a retro reproduction of CODE NAME: SECTOR which was a computer game of submarine pursuit from 1977. As basic as it seems, it was considered cutting edge in its day and was a pre-cursor to the very popular MERLIN hand-held computer game.

Those that didn't own the game will be surprised to learn that it is played on graph paper with the computer supplying information and keeping track of the target secretly. As a kid, I spent many late nights tracking down submarines. I was surprised that there was not a good version of it available for the PC (none that I could find). Since it was so simple a game, I thought it would be a good first project for learning Game Maker. Believe me, it turned out to be anything BUT simple.

I have play tested it quite a bit and it seems very stable. If anyone would like to give it a try, I'm open to feedback about the game and the website that it is linked to. Be warned that playing requires you to track movement on a piece of graph paper (printed out from the DL website) and that it may require no small investment of time to get the hang of it if you've never played before.

When you click on the graph .pdf it may come up as black. I'm not sure what the issue is but it goes away of you zoom in and out in the pdf viewer. It may be a better idea to DL the graph to your computer and print it out from there as the blackout effect does not occur when I do this. I'll be fixing this soon.

I signed up for ipage (which I now regret) and I'm not pleased at all with the webpage layout but it will suffice for now.

Here is the link to DL the game and printed graph:


I must thank everyone who suffered the questions of a hopeless noob and helped me out. Here they are in no particular order. Again, I humbly thank you. Lots of people say they couldn't have done it without help but when I say it, it's true.

Artaex Media
Big J

If I left you out, chime in and accept my apologies in advance!

I'm uncertain of YoYo's stand on copyright but I'll bet they'd reject it from their library. I doubt that Parker Bros. or HASBRO have any use for this relic but you never know. Can anyone suggest some other places where I might post a link to my game?

Now a brief layoff and then I'll be tackling my next retro project!

Thanks All.
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#2 CptCryBaby


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 12:52 PM

My apologies. ipage.com has engaged me in some very shady business practices. The site where the files are is coming down today. I'll re-post later when I find a host who aren't brazen thieves.
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Posted 21 June 2012 - 11:50 PM

Let's try that again. After a hiatus I finally got a decent web host. Here is a link to my game:


From that page you can DL the game, a pdf for a graph (required) and a set of rules.

Thanks again to everyone for their help. Especially IceMetalPunk who tried to help me even when I was being nasty and resisting his expertise.
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