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Posted 25 March 2012 - 07:08 PM

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Unstable is a role-playing game that follows the adventures of a group of interdimensional travelers on a quest to do something they’re not quite sure about. It spans over half a dozen worlds (or universes, or dimensions, or whatever you want to call them) and three years, and shows part of how the single most important event in the history of the multiverse came to occur.


The overworld system for Unstable is fairly straightforward for an RPG. When not in a battle, the player walks around between many different maps, talking to people and interacting with objects. The main in-game menu features most of the standard RPG menu elements, like items, characters, and saving.

Battles are done in a side-view style, kind of like a platformer without platforms. The player and enemies move and jump around each other, using different attacks and abilities to defeat each other. There are many playable characters, each with completely different abilities, and a wide variety of different enemies, including many threatening bosses and minibosses.

Player skills are learned by trading certain items for ranks in different skills in a certain location. For example, the Alien must take Spare Parts to the remains of his crashed spaceship and trade them in for ranks in different skills. Every enemy in the game drops these Skill Items (unless the player is much more powerful than them), and the items dropped are always random. Skills are arranged in trees, so that certain skills are prerequisites for other skills. One cannot put ranks in a skill until its prerequisites have at least the same ratio of skill points. For example, if you have 6/10 ranks in Skill A, which is a prerequisite for Skill B, and the maximum number of ranks you can place in Skill B is 5, then you can raise Skill B up to 3/5 (the same ratio) before needing to put more ranks in Skill A. For now, all the characters can put ranks in their skills by talking to Kowail, the koala martial arts master in the NE building.

In battle, skills operate on a cooldown system, so after using a skill, you can’t use it again for a set amount of time. Some skills must be used, while others are passive and provide a constant or situational benefit. All skills are used by pressing the letter keys on the keyboard from “Z” to “B”, although some features of some skills also require arrow keys to be pressed.

Items can also be used in battle. They are equipped to three different item slots from the menu. To use these items in a battle, hold the Shift key and press the appropriate arrow key. These items include projectiles that can be thrown at enemies and cheese that can restore health. There is also a fourth item slot reserved for items that are gained during a battle, and can only be used for that one battle.


The Alien - The Alien comes from a moon called Charon, and he/she brings the multifunctional robot-suit along with him. Fully equipped, he/she can use it's multitudes of pre-installed accessories to defeat opponents. Holding Down and pressing the corresponding button allows you to switch between your available pieces. The Alien only starts with a Wrench and a Laser Gun, but you can gain more options by talking to Kowail. He/she can have two boots, two hats, two belts and five weapons. Boots and Hats offer passive abilities, Belts are utility, and Weapons do direct damage to the enemy. With Dual Wield, the Alien can wield two weapons simultaneously, and by putting ranks into Arm Shield you allow for the Alien to block attacks when he has no weapons equipped.

The Wizard - A strange human with fittingly strange abilities. Every time the Wizard dies, he/she can reincarnate into a new entity somewhere else in the universe. Combined with the ability to recreate memories as illusions in the minds of his/her enemies, the Wizard can create some very present danger with some far away memories. The ability Mind Projection works in conjunction with the number of past lives the Wizard can fully remember. Putting more ranks in it, to a maximum of three, increases the different forms available for skill increases. Once these forms have been unlocked, the Wizard can project himself as them onto the battlefield and use deadly abilities like Snipity Snipe and Bodily Purge as strange creatures such as the Thorb or the Incorporeal Blob of Nothing Stuff.

Roo - A kangaroo specializing in the lost martial art of Kung Roo. Roo uses three stances, Mobile Stance, which allows him to move quickly and readily, Offensive Stance, which restricts long distance movement but allows for an automatic flurry of punches when the enemy draws near, and Defensive Stance, which completely immobilizes Roo in exchange for an increased knockback resistance as well as the ability to block attacks with Perfect Block and Counter. His abilities vary depending on his stance, and can change from the self-explanatory Super-Jump in Mobile Stance to the devastating Hammerfist when in Offensive Stance.

Dapan - Dapan is a panda, and he has found success in training via his style of martial arts, Pan-do. A softer art, Dapan focuses on dodging opponents attacks with Monkey Roll and Sidestep and then finishing his displays with attacks like Shoulder Check. See, as Dapan dodges melee attacks, the enemies that attack him gain Disorient Points. These points represent the confusion that most things would feel when a panda is jumping all over the place around them, doing weird stuff and not getting hit by anything. When the enemy has gained enough Disorient Points, Dapan will then use one of his finishers, which damage varies depending on the number of Disorient Points the opponent has.

Enemies - Attackers are short humanoids with fairly large heads, fangs, and no arms. They always appear wearing orange jumpsuits. Their mouths can open infinitely wide, allowing them to eat literally anything. They also seem to be quite technologically inclined, although they might just be using equipment built by others. They use devices like welding equipment, a giant gun that takes three of them to even lift, and a big metal foot that crushes people.


The map screen.

An example of the Alien's skill tree. Put ranks in different abilities to gain them in combat.

The Alien can use different equipment like the Extendo-claw or the Propeller Beanie.

The Wizard can "transform" into strange creatures like weird bugs that only live for thirty seconds.

A devastating uppercut by Roo!

Here's Dapan dodging an attack. Note the Disorient Points above the enemy's head.


Category: RPG with platformer elements
File Size: 48 Mb
GM Version: GM8
Vista Compatible: Yes
Changes Screen Resolution: No
Download Link: http://adf.ly/61yVS

Check out our Youtube channel for music and videos!

Version History

20/04/2012 (1.2) - Added Tutorial Mode and more battle noises. Fixed a bunch of glitches.
25/03/2012 (1.1) - Added snowfall, footprints, shadows, bird enemy, and battle noises for the male Alien and Wizard. Fixed a bunch of glitches.
23/03/2012 (1.0) - Released Demo


lonely_cubone, for the majority of the battle engine and a lot of the music
Amazing_Hamster/King_Ooga_TonTon, for the majority of the overworld engine, basically all of the graphics, and some of the music


Use Arrows to move and letters Z to B to attack. Go to the Koala in the building to get new skills.

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 07:33 PM

Hey, tried it out, and this rivals dwarf fortress for "omg how can I do anything" I'd write out a succinct control list somewhere. Not everyone wants to read this 20 paragraph description to know how to even attack and not just jump around, and maybe below each skill slot have the letter of the button you need to press.

Anyways, sounds cool, but there's so many bugs :/ e.g., if the random encounter misses while moving towards you on the overworld, then it will keep going up and freeze the game. Also pressing p in that one part with the one guy next to koala freezes the game when you try and talk to someone. etc.
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Posted 25 March 2012 - 10:55 PM

Alright, thanks for your feedback. I added a control list to the topic. Version 1.1 is almost out, and with it a lot of the bugs will be fixed along with some new voices and snow. We plan to add a proper tutorial and a primer for each character when 1.2 comes out.

EDIT: Alright, 1.1 is out!

Edited by Amazing_Hamster, 26 March 2012 - 12:12 AM.

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Posted 21 April 2012 - 04:27 AM

We've updated to version 1.2 of the demo! Now there's a highly-requested Tutorial Mode to explain the basics of combat and such, as well as some fixed glitches and new battle sounds. Of course, we've also done a lot of work on stuff that won't ever be in the demo.
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