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Liquid Horizon - Beat em up RPG

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 10:12 AM

Hello everyone! My engine is far from complete, but it's heading in the right direction. I need someone to look at my coding, and more or less simplify it. I know my scripting isn't the best, and down the road could lead to game errors. The game in it's current state is working, and working fairly well. There are a few minor issues that I would want an experienced programmer to take a look at. Someone who is familiar with this software that could just make what I have better. I have all of the concepts for this game ready to go. I expect to finish this this year.

What to expect (What has already been done):

4 playable characters.

Each character has a total of 4 spells. Each character starts off with 2 spells. At level 20, they learn a spell. At level 40, they learn a spell.
Each character also has a unique resource bar. Each one does something completely different. Mage has teleport. Knight has dash. Priest has heal. Rogue has kill.

You gain a level by killing 100 enemies.
There are 3 main stats. Speed. Attack. Defense. These are calculated when damaging and receiving damage. (although this works, I'm hoping for a more simple creature/player level system, so the levels aren't defined by the controllers)

There are 5 types of debuffs in the game.
Poison: Randomly ticks down with the max total being 19 times. Each time it ticks, it takes away .5hp.
Burn: Ticks away 5 times for random damage.
Frost: Freezes you for a set amount of time.
Shock: Does a random amount of damage in one burst.
Stun: Stuns for a random amount of time.

Video (Video is outdated. Will update):

If you are interested, feel free to get contact me!

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