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Afterworld - Team Request

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 05:55 PM

Hello reader, my name is Anton and I am the Project Manager of Blanton inc. and Afterworld, some of you may know the game as previously named, "Dead Stories".

I live in New York City, and one night I decided to walk home from work. I had nothing to do during the two mile walk ahead of me so I started to think, what would I do if I saw a zombie right now? I mean, if I REALLY came across a zombie. Right away I would probably assume that it was just an insane person and I would try to run away from him since I was unarmed and couldn't protect myself. Then I thought, how would I have reacted to coming across a zombie in a game? Of course, years of prior game knowledge would tell me, "Hmm... this is my first enemy, I can easily kill it will just my bare fists.", however in Afterworld, the player would have to use his real life instinct, rather than his prior video game knowledge to survive in the game.

Afterworld is NOT a zombie apocalypse game, it is actually a zombie apocalypse simulator. The situations presented to the player in the game are all carefully thought of based on what situations would possibly happen to a person in a real life zombie scenario. Every aspect of the game is backed up by theory and logic, my biggest goal when creating the idea for this game was to create a zombie apocalypse that could actually happen.

Now that you understand what separates Afterworld from the mountain of crap that is the collection of zombie games out there, here are the positions that I am requesting.

Click here to find out more detailed information about the game, or feel free to contact me with questions before applying!

*Note* The following positions and requirements are strictly for the production group of Afterworld. Feel free to contact me despite your experience if you wish to have a position in Blanton Inc. and help work on future or side projects. I accept applicants of all talents and experience.

Spriters: 2 Positions available - You must provide two examples of previous work.
Music composers: 1 position available - You must provide previous work.
Programmers: 2 positions available - You must provide previous work.
Writers: 2 positions available - you must provide two examples of previous work.
Concept artists: unlimited positions available

*General Requirements*
- Must download DropBox, it is like your documents folder that you have on your computer, but it is shared with the whole group.
- Recommended that you download Skype, it makes contacting us and socializing with the team MUCH easier due to the group chat feature.
- ABSOLUTELY MUST be dedicated to finishing this game, we have had a total of 20 people on the team at one time, but due to people
not dedicating themselves to this game, we only have 9.

What members we currently have:

Me - Project Manager, Writer, Programmer
Dan - Co-manager, Lead Programmer
John - Lead Spriter
Brad - Lead Writer
Umar - Spriter, Graphics in general
Sam - Spriter
George - Writer
John C. - Level Designer, First Tester
J.M - Concept Artist

My Contact - information

Anton Yershov: EST (GMT - 5:00)
Email 1: anton.blanton.inc@gmail.com (Recommended Email)
Email 2: ayershov777@gmail.com
Skype: ayershov777 (Recommended Contact)
Facebook: http://www.facebook....p?id=1073061008
Or send me a PM

Daniel Spencer: AEST (GMT + 10:00)
Email: arikispencer@gmail.com
Skype: arikispencer

Thank you reader, I look forward to seeing you on the team,

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