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(Re)Design the Lib/Ext Maker

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Posted 03 March 2012 - 08:30 PM

If the Library and/or Extension Makers were to be redesigned, what would you like to see it do differently? What kind of layout would you like? Can you think of any features that you'd like to see? Any parts of the existing Makers you would drop?

I'm currently working on designing some new unofficial Makers (probably in Java). This would give the following main benefits over the existing ones:
1) Cross platform (Meaning you can run the Maker on Win, Mac, and even Linux). Hopefully we can even add DyLib support.
2) Developer- AND community-Supported. The official Makers are not supported by YoYoGames, so if you have questions about them or whatever, you're on your own. With these new Makers, the developers (namely, myself) will be able to answer any questions you have, take feedback, and provide updates if needed, provided I don't get swamped with it. Alternatively, community help will be available, both on our own Forum for the Makers, as well as here on the GMC, provided the mods allow it (which they should, since it'd be the same as asking questions about the official Makers here).
3) Input and Feedback from you guys, the users. I'm listening to what you want, and will try to facilitate your needs as best I can.
4) Open Source (as much as possible). Other people can look over the code, and even edit it and contribute to it.

So please provide your ideas, suggestions, questions, concerns, etc. I'll be watching this topic and respond as best I can. If you're wondering whether I can actually follow through (as I'm sure you've seen many other software ideas from other users that simply evaporated and never came to be), just remember that I'm IsmAvatar, the project leader and lead programmer behind the well-known LateralGM project, as well as all the File Format Documentations.

For those who want to help develop, we have a Git repository, so you no longer have an excuse to not help.

For those who want to try out the prototype and give feedback:
Note that this is just a prototype, so no guarantees that this won't corrupt the saved libraries.

Here's a screenshot of the current prototype.
Posted Image
The layout is in no way locked in - we can rearrange it however we want, completely redesign it, or even offer radically different layout "skins". Java also offers a few different Look&Feels, which change the visual appearance of the components either by providing a command line argument, or programmatically using a single command (or you can store a setting to make it more permanent).

And one of the features, the Action Preview button (top-right corner of the LibMaker).
Posted Image

Another of the features, the Code Editor, complete with syntax highlighting.
Posted Image

* The Action List on the left has little icons next to each action.
* The Code Editor has syntax highlighting.
* Action Preview capabilities, which will show an Action Frame similar to what you would see if you opened your action in GM (e.g. stick it into an event, and/or double click it from the Event's action list).

* Ability to Import and export individual actions or selected actions. Where would a button for this go, and what format (something text-based - xml maybe? Not a big fan of XML personally because it's a bulky and redundant format), and how to select the actions for export?


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