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Mini LD 48 Entries

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Posted 02 March 2012 - 11:46 PM

Last weekend I attempted to make a few games for the Mini-Ludum Dare competition. Its theme was "make as many games as possible". I used this as an opportunity to test out my newly purchased GM:HTML5. I am very impressed by it with its ability to create games so quickly, but was met with some odd bugs.

Anyways, I managed to make 3 games that can be found here

Here's a description of each with a screenshot:


Posted Image

Bouncing Balls was the first game I attempted. It is extremely hard, with a very fast failure rate. That fast retry rate gives it a somewhat addictive edge, something I am not overly proud of (as it is the game's only merit). My best score is 21, but I doubt you could top 14

It's a top down shooter. Arrow keys to control the ship, z to shoot


Posted Image

CoinJump is a very difficult platformer with 18 levels in total. The idea would be that you have to play through the levels with a certain efficiency of collecting coins to keep progressing. The idea would be that each of your special abilities, double jump, save state (S), dead-stop (X) and charge ( C) would cost you a coin. That means that you can play through very easily by making heavy use of the save states etc, but it would cost you in the long run. The ol' short term profit vs long term sustainability that we must constantly be facing. The problem is I did an unconvincing job teaching the special abilities besides double jump, and people may forget they can save state at any point, or charge, or stop. Also charge and stop aren't great, they desperately need to be fixed up (some visual cues, and some different timings is what I'm thinking).

In the end it gives off more or less a Jumper-clone vibe, and doesn't really get across the gameplay point I was aiming for. However I feel it's the best of these three, and if you were to play any of the games, play this one.


Posted Image

POGO is just a platformer where you have to stay on the middle platform as long as you can, and see how high of a score you can rack up. Score is determined by how close you can get to an enemy. You can collect various power ups, such as more mid air jumps or higher jumps, or extra lives. I am must disappointed in this game as I do not find it very fun, although my mom seems to like it the best of the 3.

There you have it, my three MiniLD games. Out of all of them, I think I'd like to continue working on CoinJump, if only it didn't give off such a Jumper-clone vibe. If you play them, I hope you enjoy them somewhat.

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