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Super Stick Galaxy™ Game

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Posted 01 March 2012 - 01:30 AM

Super Stick Galaxy™ is an online game created using RPG Maker VX and Game Maker 8.1. At the world map and the dungeons, monsters come out, make sure to fight them before you die. It also has music from the Final Fantasy series!

Here's a screenshot:

Posted Image

A new version has been released!
Click here to play!

What's new?

Shark Tooth Planet and some bug fixing.

Minor bug fixes.

So far, 17 people have downloaded the game.

My Website!
Due to the high view count, it was great because it got viewed about 600 times. So now we're launching a website for the game along with an active community forum.

EDIT: The YouTube Channel that was supposed to be launching in November got terminated due to violations of their terms of service, so I'm going to have to register a new account until I get a Google Account.
New Update Available!
Good day. We're excited to announce a brand new update coming to Super Stick Galaxy™ today. Did you know me from NEPC Corporation has been making weekly snapshots of the game combined to create Super Stick Galaxy™ 1.2!
NEPC Corporation 100th anniversary!
May 8, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of NEPC Corporation. The only major gaming company still located in northwestern Pennsylvania, NEPC Corporation celebrates its 100th year in show business in 2012. The Spawn Man was NEPC's first game. Through a century of excellence, NEPC has set the standard in video games and continues to deliver the highest caliber of entertainment to gamers worldwide. Click here to go to our sidekick's website.
Super Stick Galaxy™ smashes 10 downloads!
Holy frozen monkeys!!! Over 10 Downloads!? THANKS!
Bug fix for one of the frequently asked questions
There was a typo for one of the frequently asked questions, it should say "It could be that you either used it up or it may be gone for no reason. If one disappears, you can get it back for 100G. Please note that this will be introduced in v1.4." I accidentally put the word "this" twice. Also, I forgot the "t" for the first word. These bugs have been fixed.
New planet coming out!
Planet: Shark Tooth Planet

Version will be:


Posted Image

Here's an exclusive video about creepers.



The game won't open. What can I do?
Reply to this post and tell us saying that the game won't load and we'll have to go back and fix them.

I do not hear sound effects in my game!
Check that your computer's sounds are on and that the volume have not been muted. Also update to the latest game version if there is an update available. If you still have this problem, make sure your speakers have not been turned off or muted.

What is the Mighty Gargantuar, and why should I buy some?
The Mighty Gargantuar is a game build on top of the classic Super Stick Galaxy™ mechanics which additionally offers a way to progress past difficult bosses.

Do I really have to wait one hour to use another Mighty Gargantuar again? I thought it was unlimited use!
When the Mighty Gargantuar is used as it means to get past a difficult boss, it becomes unavailable for use for one hour. Unlimited use refers to the core gameplay which revolves around achieving total destruction!

I bought a Mighty Gargantuar, but it disappeared after a while.
The Mighty Gargantuar can go missing for some reason and we are investigating. It could be that you either used it up or it may be gone for no reason. If it disappears from your computer, you can buy another one for 100G. Please note that this will be introduced in v1.4.

It's impossible to take down 100% of an entire troop of enemies! What can I do?
The Mighty Gargantuar is there to help you with difficult bosses, but it requires a little more skill because each one can deal averagely 10,000 damage to the entire troop. You have to pick a Mighty Gargantuar from your inventory, then a Mighty Gargantuar will appear, dealing 10,000 damage to all enemies. If one enemy has more than 10,000 HP, then it might require a little more skill. If you don't get all the enemies with your first try, you can use another Mighty Gargantuar to finish the job.

When will new versions be released?
When a new planet comes out. You may have to start your adventure over again.

I may have to start over for every planet. What can I do?
You don't have to! Here is a link to download the file:


After you get the file, download WinRAR, which can be found here*:


* Please note that WinRAR is not free. After 40 days of use, you must buy a license for it, but you don't have to! When you open the program, you will get a message saying your trial expired. Click the red X button and try not to let the program close.

The game froze. What can I do?
Please turn off your computer by holding down the power button for over ten seconds, that usually fixes freezes.

I get the error "Failed to initialize drawing surfaces." when I start the game.
Check that your graphics card meets the required specifications to run the game. PC’s must be running Windows XP, Vista, 7, or later. A graphics card with at least 32MB of memory is required for Super Stick Galaxy™. The memory requirements must be at least 128 MB and preferably more, depending on the operating system. If you have a Mac, you must have the Mac OS X 10.5.8 update installed to run the game.

I found a bug/error message in the game.
If you found an script/code error or a serious bug, reply to this post about the bug. Please note that you must have an account to contact us. After the investigation, we'll have to go back to RPG Maker VX to fix the bug/error message. Then after that, we'll release a bug-free version of the game.

Super Stick Galaxy™ crashes when I start the game. What can I do?
Windows XP or higher required to play the game, which is not supported on Windows 2000 or earlier. This issue has been fixed to the current version.

Super Stick Galaxy™ does not work on my Mac. What can I do?
Super Stick Galaxy requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher to run the game.

© 1995-2012 NEPC Corporation.
Super Stick Galaxy and all related names and elements are trademarks and copyrights of NEPC Corporation or its licensors. All rights reserved.

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