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2 Artist needed for my new game

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 03:16 PM

Hello, this is my first time trying to reach out for help but over time I wanted at least try this so hear goes.

I need someone to make my games look better. I start them but when it comes to how they look it is not that awesome. :dry:
I would like to try to find someone that is willing to help me make them more attractive just for the fun of it, sorry I can't compensate them with money at the moment, and I would like to start with this game I am currently working on.

The name of the game is Prism Flowers, I don't really have a set in stone story for it yet but basically this kid falls into this world full of creatures and have to prevent evil creatures from destroying these flowers. The game play is like a defense game where you attract creatures with food and other items and use them to protect the flower from waves of enemies coming down a path.

Here is a poorly drawn screenshot of the gameplay!

Along the path are the first good creatures, the Knomlands, and the evil creature, the Lumbear. The white think at the end of the path is the flower, and below that is the player and the first station that you can attract Knomlands to with Salty Mushrooms. The green and white things are Mushrooms and Piles of Salt which after collecting goes in your backpack at the bottom of the screen.

If anyone is interested, please PM me your thoughts and any attempts to make it look better; I would surely appreciate anything you send. I would like to avoid pixel art but if you can make it look good, I'd consider it! Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from anyone! :biggrin:

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