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Fac-Ace | puzzleformer|Jam 5

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#1 Joh


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 02:54 AM

Fac-Ace is a puzzle game featuring a platforming.

Use F1 (even if there are in game instruction, F1 is more detailed)
Important: Selecting options and tools in-game is right click!


You are a construction worker Stranded on the Facade of an enormous building.
The goal is to get to the exit breaking the least facade possible. to do this you can use three tools:
chainsaw, to cut through
Molotov, to burn wood
bomb, to blow harder materials.

portals,falling blocks, electric blocks, unbreakable blocs and more!

There are Multiple types of surfaces, with multiple properties!
Posted Image


Im Accepting a teammate, who can improve these Ugly graphics and is pretty good at level design and could create a couple interesting levels.

Challenge shows the different surfaces and how they could be used.
If you beleive this game has a shot for the Jam and want to be part of it (improve it), please tell me about it.

Play Now

If you have any suggestions also tell! also tell me if some level are too easy (or Acing is too easy).
(remember to)Vote,Rate, and comment!

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#2 TheUltimate


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 05:51 AM

Omg, most epic brick-destroying animation evar!!!
It's actually a pretty cool game! I would help you with graphics, but unfortunately, I have my own entry to tend to...
Just one thing: I'd recommend making it so the "level advance button" is left click or space. Judging from previous Jams, it's best to make things as intuitive as possible so that people won't quit after the first level.


Edited by TheUltimate, 30 January 2012 - 05:57 AM.

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Try our Jam 18 game too! Updated August 13!

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#3 Joh


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 03:41 AM

Aww, yeah i wish i had time to do that (fix the mouse), I hope not much ppl will quickquit because of that, well the instructions are on the main menu and forced on you, hope people see that :P
Thx TheUltimate, always there and constructive.
(also, if I decide to go on with the game after the Jam, would you mind helping?)

Anyway, the competition has Started so be Sure to try this game, remember its name and vote for it when the times come!

also voice your appreciation/suggestions to the game, ill improve it if its slightly liked!

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#4 Joh


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 02:28 AM

Do Not fear, this game is suprising, awesome and not very hard, Full of potential!

Also try its challenge mode, its not much of a challenge (get 100 of all tools) But is nicer to fool around with, it also has pretty cool feature not seen in regular levels... (sadly)

This has to be the most literal interpretation of the theme yet… Even though the puzzles were quite easy, I liked the effects and stuff, the music was appropriate, and overall it was good to the point that I was looking for more levels to play at the end.
You hear that, random person skimming through the topic? IGNORE THE GRAPHICS, IT’S A FUN GAME.

I admit, I came into this with very low expectations. The gameplay was actually fantastic, it's let down a bit by the level design and the graphics but the sound effects were spot on. The last thing I want is for this game to be realised in it's current state as frankly, it could be awesome.

Given a decent graphics artist and some good level design, this could have been , and should have been a Must Play game that was competition for placing.

Face-Ace by Joh: A nice little puzzle-platform game. It was fun and challanging, the music was good, the graphics were alright. All the gameplay elements seemed well thought out, and none of them seemed out of place, or overpowered. I got ace on most levels, but didn't beat the game. It had a lot of levels for a 72 hour game. overall, 7/10


and feedback,comment
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