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request for pathfinding extension package

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Posted 29 January 2012 - 07:03 AM


i am currently making a capture the flag game, but i have a problem.
two objects are used in massed numbers, and i need some path finding that will at least have them not try and make a straight line.
i have been using an extension by airslide which is has been good http://gmbase.cubedw...tension&id=121. but the problem i have is that when the object tries to make a path, the grid has included the instance itself, so the instance thinks there is somthing blocking its path where it is standing and in effect can find a path.
if it didnt include itself in the search for the path, but did include the other objects of the same type, and didnt take into account the object its moving too. AND if i could have a way to remove objects from the grid (as its own set of code/"drag and drop"), then i am sure it would work well enough for me.
i need the second one because somtimes the path is fully blocked by other units, so i need to have the unit (when it carrying the flag) just take into account the walls, and stop when it meets anouther unit until it can find a path by.

if someone has any solution please tell, i just need someway to have the units try and have smarter path finding, i dont need perfect pathfinding, just somthing.

i hope i have made sense (probably not), and put this in the right forum.
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