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GMC Jam #5 Official Voting Topic

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#61 Nirvan


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 10:45 PM

Defender of Rospuda's Valley
I won enforcement 3rd place in my Jam Location :).

Download: http://globalgamejam...rospudas-valley
(9mb bottom of the page)

(Err zip file will have some longer time after last time of zipping because when i was trying to upload game site was downing and i had to go to presentate my game, after it I thought that my game files were uploaded, and when I back in second day from school i fix some bugs and there i saw that no game files were uploaded :| and I uploaded today.)

Movie with fight: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=l4hU-8SGHX0

There are fast translated story of game:

The Mags from Augustov Castle are building The Portal in green country of the Raspuda Valley.
The Portal make possible passing between human and gods world.
The Mags don’t understand that the Portal is first step to Ragnarök: awakening the snake Jörmungander.
The Mags used power of nature for buiding the Portal and it’s the easy way to unbalance of biology.
A muddy ponds to fill with lava and hot asphalt called a Jörmunganders venom.

You have to stopped the building of Portal. You are the defender of Raspudas valley!

Posted Image

*Rospuda is a Valley from my Country Poland, where was many protests against the construction of the highway, so our hero is in part ecologist :)

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#62 Docopoper


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 11:49 PM

Moonlight Sonata:

Red indicates post submission text.

Post Jam Update: Download


Added a new control set - you can now also use the mouse.
Reduced the difficulty a bit - though it's still quite a hard game, so I also added level skipping after 20 fails.
Added a few more levels.
Fixed a bug that made it stop raining. (as rain amounts are controlled by computer lag)
I think I fixed the freezing bug, I haven't had it happen so far in the new update after a bit of optimisation, but I still have no idea what caused it.

I would describe the game here - but its setting is a bit to unusual to describe in words.

I created the rain and auto tiling engine before the jam, but aside from that (and it's perfectly legal to use engines) - I created it all within the allotted time.

The game related to the emotional side of façade, though it contains building façades too. Bonus points!

EDIT: If you don't extract the game - there won't be any levels! :face-palm: Please extract the game!

Posted Image

Topic: http://gmc.yoyogames...howtopic=530534

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#63 The_Puzzle


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 11:53 PM

Game: Fake Guide

Controls: Up, left, right for movement

Genre: Platformer

A game where you take the main character and work your way through a house you mysteriously ended up in. A voice is leading you to the exit...or so it seems.

Download: Fake Guide
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#64 Viloen


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 11:55 PM

Subterania. Help Save a frozen nation that rests on top of an old civilization.

Z = Shoot/Talk
X = Lift
Space= Dive Underground

Also Has joystick support [Controls can be edited in options menu]

Posted Image


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#65 Captain_April


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 11:57 PM


Hey you may not know me here, but I'm rather big on the YYG forums. This is my (slightly rushed) entry.

#66 Rusty


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 12:00 AM

Welcome to:
Rusty's Infamous Jam Post of Infamy!

Disclaimer: I am not an official representation of the GMC Jam.

GMC Jam #5 Rustic Must Plays:

Reviews (not votes):

Rustic Awards:

My Votes:


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#67 makerofthegames


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 11:52 PM

I vote for Feet Of Clay for Best Use of Theme.


1st: Feet Of Clay.
2nd: Falling For Milk

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#68 SkullSoft


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 12:33 AM

I vote for...
You Monster by Klassic
Fun, original, variant gameplay, good use of theme. So far definitely the best! Having two major gameplay modes kept me playing for longer. It's addictive, too--trying to build up a large army of followers for that oh-so-satisfying moment when you turn around and MUNCH some people meat! Too harsh a penalty for getting caught, however. The graphics and sound do a good job telling you what' what. The text results when you try to persuade somebody were a very nice touch. "Get away from me, you pycho!" Ha, he doesn't know the half of it.
I vote this game for first place because it is the most fun to play, and keeps you playing for the longest time, of all the games in this jam that I've played. It's also pretty unique.

False by Jonathan Pzone and KodyT

Nice! Good use of the theme, unique gameplay, and even a memorable mollusk character! Graphics are pretty good too. I got stuck as soon as the game said I should be able to handle myself (lol) but I still enjoyed it. More, please! 5/5. I vote this game for second place because it is unique and fun, and makes good use of the theme.

Save Us! by Khornel


VERY nice! Really, really creepy. Creepy music, creepy fog, creepy shredders and their traces. The meechanic of roping in sheep is pretty funny (if not quite glitch-free.) It's amazing that he made a 3D game this polished, this quickly. I quite enjoyed playing it--at least until it asked me to catch 20 sheep when the 40 sheep were dissappearing at like 1.5 per second.
I'm guessing that the facade in this game is that those white people-fluffies turn out to be civilized shredders, and you're really capturing the sheep for them to eat. Am I right, Khornel?
This game is my vote for third place because while I liked it, and was highly impressed by how much effort he put into it, the gameplay becomes frusturating, and the rope and hero/obstacle interactions are a bit rough. It stands out over the rest of the games, though. And it is definitely the most atmospheric entry.

Nothing_will_ever_hurt_you by DXsmiley

Tells a very interesting story! I really like the element of having the walls move and having the shadows as black and solid-looking as the walls. I vote this one for fourth place because of the interesting way it tells a story! 5/5

An Inconvenient Facade by RetardedLemon


I like this one. Seeing the grim chamber with stone walls and spinning saw wheels, and then having it turn into polished white platforms and everything looking like smiley faces... :)
Definitely the best integration of the theme into the gameplay, in my opinion.
The sound effects are pretty impressive for a jam game.
The level where strawberries and monsters are running around on the same platform completely spoils the game though. I tried that one ten times and quit when it said 'game over'.


The following are reviews NOT votes:


Water, water, water by orange08: The game about trying to find water in the desert
4/5. I like the multiple endings; especially where you give up hope 1 inch from sucess.
The controls are good, and the game is not at all frusturating.

Ictoat by Snailman:
very similar to Water water, but with much better use of the theme. Also multiple endings; longer and has some challenge. 4.5/5.

Disillusion by TrueValhalla
Nice graphics. Gameplay is pretty familiar.
The giant spider scared me! 3/5.

Shadow Runner
Hop over or duck under obstacles as you run through the level and collect coins. Fun, but it wears off pretty quickly. Too easy to die. Nice shilloutte graphics. 3/5

Don't Judge A Building By It's Facade by Irfanfox
Pretty unique! Not what I was expecting. I like being suprised when I play a game. Difficulty and length of the game are tweaked well. 3/5.
Break the Facade: by Ziggler1
Nice polish, but it's broken. 2/5

FIXIT by ThatSnail
Second most polished....There are an amazing number of levels; and the layer-switching thing where you can see the other layers at 3D angles must've been tricky. And the story is quite interesting. And it has sound effects!
I like it...EXCEPT for the part where the game consistently breaks! I can hear the hero moving, but my screen is just a sheet of turqoiuse! But still, I like it up until it breaks. 3/5

The idea is good; the execution is not so much.

What You See by TrickPixel Games
Another illusionary platformer. Done nicely, though. However, you get stuck very easily. And I mean restart-the-game stuck. But lots of content for a jam game! 3/5

Mystery Men by Red October
Quite unique compared to the other entries. Fun to play, no bugs. Only good for a small amount of fun though. Good use of theme. 4/5

Fake Date by ShinyJiggly
Funny little story game. The plot is pretty entertaining. 4/5

Boximus by Harrk
On the plus side, the graphics are nice, and also easy to read. The intro story is pretty interesting.
BUT: Enemies suck; they make the player feel that the game is unfair when he's killed by one over and over again! They made me give up the game. 2/5

SpyBot by TheM
Too hardcore; doesn't fit the theme. Interesting idea though. I liked the shillouttes of things going on behind the windows. 2/5

Twisted Mission
Getting chased by, distracting, running from, and getting eaten by the monsters...not in the job description! Kind of frusturating when you don't get to do anything but flee monsters (and distract them with the globes) though. I was expecting to find a weapon, or get those bloody monsters to eat the other people. I do like how the map is randomly generated though! 2/5.

Wanted: Dog not alive by jakobs98
Funny idea for a game! Good clues, too (whiskerless, doggy tongue,ect.). One-miss-game-over penalty is a bit too Atari-esque; especially since sometimes it's rather hard to spot the dog. 3.6/5

I Love My Wife by blopit
Cool gameplay idea. There is, however, a bug. If you try to save the game it crashes. Since it's a pretty twitchy business to survive, I gave up rather quickly. I did like the spinning wheel platform--must've been tricky to hook up. 2/5

MoltenLead_Jam5Entry by CaptainApril
Nice game! However, I don't think the theme really fits in. 4/5

Moonlight Sonota by Docopoper
Sorry, Docopoper!
For everyone else who read my post: There actually is a game, but I didn't extract the levels properly. I'll try it again.

Got stuck within 2 minutes. Found a bug within 5 minutes. No comment.

Vaporized my inventory with a bug that happened consistently. No comment.


No comment
Was unable to figure out the controls--they were not what I was told in the

Bubble Jam Version
Very nice music; like the way they did the menu. Gameplay is best described as 'unrewarding', however. 3/5

Not bad! Like the music; gameplay isn't too frusturating and is compelling. Good graphics. I don't see where the them comes in though. 2/5

City Mania
Nice variety of gameplay! Nice menu graphics; new message box graphics a nice touch. Waiting isn't that fun, but building structures is. Impressive content for a jam game. 4/5

Controls suck; penalty for dying is too harsh. Try making the hero move slower and slow down faster. 1/5

Squirrel Launch by 0 RekNep 0
Weeird! Fending off alien squirrels by capturing them and shooting them into space is a pretty cool idea. I really liked the alien voices. The graphics were also quite good for a jam game.
However, the GUI needs some reworking. You should be able to just gran squirrels, instead of constantly switching to the hand tool (wasting precious seconds while they mind-beam your cannon to death). You should also be able to drop squirrels into the barrel of the cannon. And the tutorial quits my game when it ends.
If you added more features and cleaned up the GUI, it'd be really fun!

Seeds and Weapons

Interesting idea! However,every time I tried to save I got a Game Maker error message. But there's a lot of levels to it, and the idea is interesting. Needs to be developed more.


Way too Atari-esque in it's one-hit-you-die. Other than that, fun simple and addictive. Could have bonuses spawn more often. 3/5

Money Running Out

Great idea for a puzzle game! Unfortunately, I couldn't get past either of the two laser barriers (yes, I picked up the 1st item). I think it's a bit harsh to reset the entire game if one coin brushes a laser, too. 3/5

Neither Hallucinogun or Dawn of Nightmares would work. Or Duality. Or Gaming_404.

Phew! I can't beleive I played so many jam games in the last 2 days!

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#69 Keevor


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 01:02 AM

My votes go to

1: You Monster - Klassic
2: Mystery Man - RedOctober
3: Fix It - ThatSnail
4: Falling For Milk - 11clock
Best Use Of Theme - RedOctober
Best Presentation - Fireball16
Best Devblog - True Valhalla

Reviews(i'm bad at them)

You Monster:

Mystery Man:

Fix It:

Falling For Milk:

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#70 Blade52Dus


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 04:00 AM

My votes go to
1st - Disillusion by TrueValhalla
2nd - False by JonathanPzone & KodyT
3rd - Duality by TheSnidr & Zekka
Best Use Of Theme - Jonathan P. and Kody T.
Best Presentation - TheSnidr
Best Devblog - TrueValhalla
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#71 Sondar


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 07:57 AM

My Voting Summary:

1. Breaking the Facade by Ziggler1
2. Disillusion by True Valhalla
3. Citified by Venomous

Best Use of Theme - Nothing Will Ever Hurt You - DXSmiley
Best Presentation - Disillusion by True Valhalla
Best Devblog - Rusty

Other Reviews:

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#72 HayManMarc


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 09:33 AM

These were VERY hard to put in order. My votes go to:

1. Disillusion by TrueValhalla
2. Nothing Will Ever Hurt You by DxSmiley
3. False by JonathanPzone & KodyT
4. Breaking The Facade by Ziggler1

Best Use Of Theme - Feet Of Clay by Blake
Best Presentation - Disillusion by TrueValhalla
Best Devblog - (game - author)

HayManMarc's list of "Must Plays" (in alphabetical order):

All reviews:


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#73 AhmedElyamani



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Posted 01 February 2012 - 12:37 PM

Reviews For all the jam games: (all done)

My votes:


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#74 RekNepZ


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 01:47 PM


What can I say? I liked a lot of games!

----Honorable Mentons----

In order of the list on page one.

Doesn't look like I'll be able to play all the games. I've played all but around five, though, so I should be fine.

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#75 Hgameguy


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 07:31 PM

Cellz (The Viruses' Facade) by Hgameguy
Can't download , please reupload this game looks cool.

If anyone is having problems playing or downloading Cellz, please notify me on the 'Cellz' official post-jam topic here.

Okay... Got my votes in! :sweat:

:biggrin:Votes:biggrin: :

Can't wait to see the final results on Monday! :biggrin:

Great job everybody! :thumbsup:


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#76 blopit


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 08:13 PM

Here are some review in alphabetical order STILL NOT ALL DONE!
Giving each game some time so It might take me a while to get through everything
will do some more tomorrow or some other day.
If you would like to discuss your game or complain feel free to PM meDisregard spelling and grammar I wrote these quickly
Blopit's Must Plays:
An Inconvenient Facade by RetardedLemon
BOTS by Ivaxlar
FALLING FOR MILK by 11oclock

FALSE by JonathanPzone & KodyT

Will update with all games that start with F next! If your game starts with a letter before F and is not reviewed here, feel free to contact me.NOTE:The rating I give your game may or may not decide my votes

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#77 RedOctober


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Posted 02 February 2012 - 01:30 AM

My votes go to...
  • You Monster - Klassic
  • Fix It - ThatSnail
  • Breaking The Facade - Ziggler1
Best Use Of Theme - Klassic
Best Presentation - TrueValhalla
Best Devblog - TrueValhalla


"Disillusion by TrueValhalla"

"Breaking The Facade by Ziggler1"

"Fix It by ThatSnail"

"You Monster by Klassic"

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#78 icymx


    Patrick Brett

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 05:15 AM

My votes go to

1st - Boximus - Harrk

2nd - Dissilusion - True Valhalla

3rd - Water, Water, Water - Orange08

Best use of theme - DXsmiley
Best Presentation - Orange08
Best devblog - True Valhalla

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#79 Klassic


    Magnesium Ninja

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 07:22 AM

My votes go to

1. False - JonathanPzone & KodyT
2. Nothing Will Ever Hurt You - DxSmiley
3. An Inconvenient Facade - RetardedLemon
4. Fake Date - ShinyJiggly
5. Subterranea - Viben

Best Use of Theme - Dungeon Deceiver - Keevor
Best Presentation - Fix It - ThatSnail
Best Devblog - Gaming 404 - Makerofthegames

(in depth top 5 and honourable mentions)

1. False - Absolutely loved the mechanic, thought the game was a bit too difficult and confusing too fast, but very nicely made.
2. Nothing Will Ever Hurt You - Really enjoyed the story and the snap-ending. I was actually a little stunned for a bit. Well done.
3. An Inconvenient Facade - Well put together and quite polished. Nothing I haven't seen before, but it was enjoyable.
4. Fake Date - A ton of character, I really enjoyed the unique art/story. Definitely different from the other entries.
5. Subterranea - I had fun playing it, which automatically guaranteed it a top 10. It looked and played very well.

Well done to everyone! There were a handful of games that didn't hit my top five but I was thoroughly impressed by, some of those being:

-Fix It
-Water, Water, Water
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#80 ziggler1


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Posted 02 February 2012 - 11:50 PM

My votes go to

1.Duality - theSnidr and Zekke
2.Nothing Will Ever Hurt You - DXSmiley
3.Cityfied - Venomous
4.Dawn of Nightmares - mads2194

Best Use Of Theme - Blake
Best Presentation - Venomous
Best Devblog - Rusty

Rather than little reviews of every game I liked, disliked, or didn't get around to playing, I am going to instead make little reviews for four games. :whistle: Magic, I know.

Some people have rated games based on a variety of different things. For my reviews I have one statistic, "was it fun? :yes: ? :no: ?".


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#81 Ivaxlar


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Posted 03 February 2012 - 08:00 AM

My votes go to
  • Breaking The Facade - Ziggler1
  • Citified - Venomous
  • Falling For Milk - 11clock
  • RedHood Revelation - _250500
Best Use Of Theme - Water, Water, Water by orange08
Best Presentation - Citified by Venomous
Best Devblog - snail man

I played absolutely every game in the list, well done everyone! Below are a few select reviews.

~ Reviews ~
  • Breaking The Facade by Ziggler1 : Wow, these were some really intelligent puzzles! The use of the boxes to fall through the floors was really ingenious.
  • Citified by Venomous : This is absolutely amazing work for only 72 hours! I love these kinds of strategy games (less starcraft more swords & soldiers) and you absolutely nailed it.
  • Falling For Milk by 11clock : I'm not really a platforming fan, but for some reason I had a blast playing this game. The concept of avoiding fall damage is actually really smart. Kudos for coming up with a unique mechanic.
  • RedHood Revelation by _250500 : Really took me back to Dragon's Lair and those type of games. It only got more hilarious as the game continued! Well done
  • Fake Guide by The_Puzzle : Oh wow, I was cracking up laughing the entire time.. hilarious voice work and the jokes were genuinely funny.
  • Dawn Of Nightmares by mads2194 : Granted I scare easily, but this game was TENSE. The door part made me jump a little in my seat! You seemed to have texture problems though - my guess is their dimensions weren't a power of 2 (required for mipmapping). Still fun to play though.
  • Water, Water, Water by orange08 : The falling ending was hilarious and your use of the theme was legit. Great job on this one.
  • Don't Judge A Building By It's Facade by Irfanfox : This was really fun, I enjoy these Super Crate Box kind of games. Also.. dat ending lol

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#82 Blake


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Posted 05 February 2012 - 06:34 AM

1st - Disillusion by True Valhalla


2nd - An Inconvenient Facade by Retarded Lemon


3rd - Duality by TheSnidr


Best Use of Theme - Fix It by ThatSnail
Best Presentation - Citified by Venomous
Best Devblog - Disillusion by True Valhalla
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#83 The M

The M

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 04:56 PM

Voting time!

My votes go to...

1. Disillusion by True Valhalla
2. Citified by Venomous
3. An Inconvenient facade by Retarded Lemon
4. Fountainface by Masterofhisowndomain
5. Nothing will ever hurt you by DXsmiley

Best Use Of Theme - An Inconvenient facade by Retarded Lemon
Best Presentation - Feet Of Clay by Blake


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#84 11clock


    Christian Pacifist

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 06:24 PM

1. An Inconvenient Facade by Retarded Lemon
This game not only used the theme really well, but the gameplay itself was very nice. I was able to play the game to the end, even all of the inverted levels. Even though I suck at memorization, the memorizing in this game wasn't very difficult. A clever and fun game that deserves the trophy.

2. Boximus by Harrk
I'm a sucker for metroidvanias. This game had great gameplay, a jetpack that is fun to use, and some good platforming. My only complaint about this game is that the character moves too slowly. There are multiple endings, correct? I'll play through the game again to see.

3. Mystery Men by RedOctober
No music and the game itself isn't well polished, but the gameplay is good and kept me entertained for a while. Some of the comments that the people say are hilarious, and it's fun trying to figure out who's Mafia. I also love how every GMC member who's competing in the jam is in this game.

Best Use Of Theme: Feet of Clay by Blake
The game itself being a facade? GENIUS!

Best Presentation: Disillusion by True Valhalla
It's obvious that the creator of this game really did care for the graphics. Looks very nice, but too bad the gameplay itself wasn't very entertaining for me.

Best Devblog: RedOctober
The reason why I decided to try out Mystery Men was because of how well placed together the devblog is, and the game itself sounds very interesting.

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#85 Spydog


    I Am Me.

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 08:15 PM

I gotta say, I'm kinda disappointed in the results of the jam. Not as many good games as I would have suspected from 63 entries. Oh well, there were still a few gems in the bunch.

My votes:

1. False - Really liked the concept (kinda Super Mario Galaxy's "Space Junk" level made into a full game) and the graphics fit it quite well.
2. An Inconvenient Facade - Pretty enjoyable and it looked nice, although it did get a bit repetitive (as far as I played it).
3. Boximus - It looks nice, music's good, and it plays alright overall. Had one stuck-in-a-wall glitch, though, and the timing in the controls for the jetpack is quite aggravating...
4. Redhood Revelation - It entertained me.

Best Use of Theme: Feet of Clay
Best Presentation: Katie's Flight to the Netherlands
Best Devlog: Duality (also winner of the "Most Tasty-Looking Level Editor" award)
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#86 orange08


    Art Game Movement

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 08:30 PM

I had to make some tough decisions, but here are my votes... there were a lot of other good games too :(

1. Boximus
2. An Inconvenient Facade
3. Disillusion

4. Falling For Milk
5. Nothing Will Ever Hurt You

Best Use of Theme: Feet of Clay
Best Presentation: Disillusion
Best Devlog: TrueValhalla

At last, all the mini-reviews are done :*)


Other random stuff:

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#87 lap202



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Posted 05 February 2012 - 08:52 PM

1-Disillusion by True_Valhalla
I felt TV showed the most skill in the competition, making a fun game in a couple days. The graphics weren't spectacular, but I actually felt they added to the gameplay. The game was fun and although the theme integration wasn't that good, it still stayed on track. The spider scared me for a second XD.

2-Duality by Thesnidr
This game simply impressed me as it is a decent 3d game made in little time. I think it shows the creators skill level with Game Maker at his best as he made great physics and a fun game. Just like above, I am impressed at the results with so little time to actually work. The graphics in the game were a bit lacking tho and really didn't fit together perfectly. good Job tho!

3-An Inconvenient Facade
I thought this game was simply a great example of the theme. I enjoyed the puzzles as they were challenging, but not so difficult as to force me to give up and quit. This game deserves a vote!

Best Use of Theme - An Inconvenient Facade
Best Presentation - Disillusion by True Valhalla
Best Devblog - Disillusion by True Valhalla
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#88 True_Predator


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 01:11 AM

My votes go to

1 An Inconvenient facade by Retarded Lemon
Loved the gameplay and the simple design of the game. Good play and fits the theme.
2 Save us - Khornel
This is an excellent game the whole atmosphere of the game world with the game play make it very enjoyable.
3 Moonlight Sonata - Docopoper
I liked the style this game was presented in, true it was difficult for me to get past a certain part but idk I just liked the look of it alot.

Best Use Of Theme - Feet of Clay - Blake
Best Presentation - Citified - Venomous
Best Devblog - True Valhalla

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#89 fyaopo


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Posted 12 February 2012 - 11:01 AM

My votes:

1. Boximus - Harrk


2. Water, water, water - Orange08


3. Breaking the Facade - Ziggler1


Best use of theme: Feet of Clay by Blake.
I laughed so hard playing this. I was writing up a mini review while playing through it in notepad: "oh, great music, screenshots look good" then that happened. You are my favourite person ever.

Best presentation: Disillusion by True Valhalla

Best devlog: TheSnidr and Kekka with Duality

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 04:43 PM

(1st) Duality
One of the few games that took my attention right away.
The game ran really smoothly and I enjoyed the puzzles, even if I did suck at them.
I really loved the graphics too and there was so much detail put into every level, really good job on this one.
Note: I didn't even know you could pick things up until I accidentally picked up a barrel. :P

(2nd) Mario Norris Kart
It could use with a bit more action like good ol' Mario Kart with the boxes and things.
However, I loved this for what it was and I would really love to see a new version of this game post-jam!
A good effort I must say.

(3rd) Water, Water, Water
The first game I actually played even before the Jam finished and I loved it then, and still do.
I kept playing it until I had uncovered every little ending. I'm a right little sap for a story.
Am I weird because I keep walking left/right over and over again because I love the sound of the footsteps and the sand kicking up?

(4th) Disillusion
I felt I needed to vote for this game as the graphics and tone were just amazing.
The game was too short for my liking though and I felt the combat could be paced faster. After all I pretty much ignored most of the enemies because of the slow combat.
The ending was a little confusing at first, like "Do I jump?", but it was certainly amusing.

An' yeah... that boss spider thing scared the crap out of me. I didn't bothered trying to fight it - I just ran. xD
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