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Interstellar Cleanup

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Posted 25 January 2012 - 04:21 AM

It is finally time for another release from Firehammer Games!

This one is an Asteroids Clone, which will fit nice in my "Free Classic Games" section of my website.

Here is the webpage, with screenshots.

Here is the direct download!

The game is simple to pick up, like classic Asteroids.

The default controls follow, though you can customize then via the options menu, including joystick support.
**Left and Right Arrow Turn the ship.
**Up Arrow Thrusts
**Space bar fires.

Thanks for playing. I welcome comments and criticism, and thanks for looking.
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My KBInput system is now on the marketplace here.  It wraps up nice and tight GMStudio's input system into a few function calls making a user configurable input system that works the same regardless of what inputs the player has chosen including keyboard, mouse buttons, and gamepad/joysticks using DInput/XInput.  The support forum topic for it is here.