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The Elemental: Metroidvania Style

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 10:27 PM

Right now, I have another topic in this forum just talking about the graphics of The Elemental, so I just want to clarify that this is not a duplicate topic, but a topic discussing an entirely different point of the game.

The game's progression is a sort of Metroidvania-meets-Guild Wars. I know that might not make sense, but bear with me.

How the game works is that you have the ability to absorb any of five elements from the world around you: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and pure Energy. Each element has a set of a skills (a work in progress at the moment) that makes them fulfill a classic, RPG role. But each element also has abilities that help with progression in an open world to be explored with upgrades to be discovered. The reason I say Guild Wars is that the story is advanced through Missions, which are areas separate from the explorable area that work more like a linear level game. Once these missions are beaten, the areas they take place in either just become a part of the explorable area, or become closed off, depending on what is appropriate.

Where I need help in all of this is thinking of "upgrades" to be found around the map that would allow you to advance through the game. For example, in Metroid, in the beginning you don't have missiles. Eventually you find missiles which then becomes a useful part of your arsenal, but it also allows you to open doors previous closed to you. Which then behind those doors you find another upgrade, etc.

Any suggestions to add to this list would be great! Just tell me what element it is for and how it functions in game.

Here's what I have so far:


*Charge Fire (Breaks down large barriers)
Enflame (Fire) (Normal fire no longer damages you)


*Charge Wind (Pushes blocks or similar objects, moving them out of the way or onto buttons)
Double Jump (air) (used to jump over higher ledges.)
Flight (air) (Lets you fly over large gaps – Flies upward slowly, left and right quickly.)


*Charge Water (Lets you dash through small passages or past closing doors)
Underwater Breathing (water) (Lets you breath underwater.)


*Charge Earth (Blast through certain walls of rock.)
Harmony (Earth) (Communicate with plants to make them do various things for you, such as move to open a passage way, raise up to make platforms, ect. Usable plants glow – click them to activate)


*Charge Energy (Guide orbs through obstacles to hit hard to reach buttons)
Spirit Sight (You can see the dead – including those you’ve killed. Some of them will assist you if you ask them. This is passive: click on a spirit to communicate.)
Revive Element (Some objects have had their elemental energy drained by the Void: use this ability to revive them, for example: if a plant you can communicate with is dead, bring it back to life with this. Or bring back a fallen flame to use in a puzzle or against enemies.)

*Charged attacks are the charged form of a normal attack, comparable to the charge beam in metroid games.
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Posted 24 January 2012 - 12:07 PM

I think each Charged attack should have another update that lets the charged shots break special blocks of the same element (fire charge Lv2 can break fire blocks, etc). I think that with your focus on pretty graphics, you could do some real cool effects with these blocks, for instance the fire block would look like a fire closed inside a crystal and would visually crackle and sparkle, perhaps with glow and stuff too; the energy block would have electrical bias flashing inside, the water block bubbles and perhaps a whirlpool, etc.

Also, how about having something similar to the Metroid missiles for each element? Basically, they could be spells or something that runs on limited ammo, and function like missiles in that they break some blocks and pack more punch than your normal attack, but are ammo limited.

The spells wouldn't just move in straight lines like normal missiles, though, they would have different patterns. For instance, the fire spells would work like Cave Story/Super Mario fireballs: they'd bounce on the ground and follow the outline of the terrain over slopes and stuff; the Energy spell could perhaps go trough walls, or work like Smash Pikachu's Thunder Jolt attack that works like a fireball, but sticks to walls and ceilings. The Earth spell would work like a Sticky Bomb: it'd stick to wall, then send off a earthquake/shockwave after a little delay. Useful to lay traps, etc, and to hit switches that close after a short while (before you manage to enter the passage that is open when the switch is active).

The fireball/energy jolt spells would also be used to hit timed switches, but by moving near the door and then fire the terrain-following spell (that will reach switches previously unreachable when you just had normal bullets) and letting that go get the switch while you just stay still ready to enter the passage/door/etc.

Also, both fireball and energy jolt spells would break once they hit water. Maybe the earthquake spell would dissolve into mud, too. So the only spell you can use underwater is the water spell, and perhaps use the wind spell for a different effect - make bubbles. Could perhaps be used for puzzles, too, like using the bubbles to make stuff float that would not normally float, and that hurts to touch so you can't carry them.

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