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Issues with SGAudio

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Posted 31 December 2011 - 11:50 AM

((I believe I posted this in the wrong section, I hope this rectifies it))

Hallo there, it's been a long, LONG long long time since I posted up on these forums, I'm back with more questions and more things to learn.


My problem this time is involving SGAudio, in specific, I want the game to
A.) On Death play (not loop) the died.ogg, and THEN restart the room, including the music.

What it's NOT doing is Restarting it, or even changing music, it pretty much just freezes on the spot there and then, and it's a real, real pain.

The relevant objects are obj_plr, obj_draw and obj_level1music.

obj_draw contains the info such as health, etc, but obj_level1music is the one that plays music, and in specific, restarts the room. Anyone able to shed some light on this issue? Much appreciated.


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