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Super Castle Wars beta1

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#1 Dannerz


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Posted 30 October 2011 - 03:42 PM

^click here to download and play.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Over 100 things to build and buy.
Over 400 objects in the game's design.

Use the mouse to click on options. The squares to the left are the first options.
While playing a level, click on the icons at the top of the screen to select then
build and buy. Direction keys move the view left and right. Press [P] to pause game.

I'd appreciate it if you try the game.
I've been working on it for a while and i decided to release it for feedback and bug finding.
Level 4 has a bug just click ignore on the error messages they subside.


Brief manual is as follows:

What you should know before playing:
Every unit has a weakness and a strength. At the very top of the view,
there is a list of all of your resources. Different units and buildings take
different kinds of resources to make. You can also gather resources with certain
kinds of units and buildings. Gold is for most units and upgrades. Wood is for some units and
buildings. Stone is for stronger buildings. Souls are for spells. Food is for monsters
and mounted units.

Archers defeat swordsmen.
Skirmishers defeat archers.
Axe throwers defeat skirmishers.

Also a tight cluster of units can defeat a group of units that is spread out thinly,
because more attacks all happen at once from the group that has no distance in it.

A variety of options are available to you strategically and you can develop-
your own method of play. To win you need to spend your resources wisely but quickly.
Lowering the game speed will let you do more in a shorter time and give you an edge.


Each time a unit kills an enemy, it gains a chance to become veteran
or even elite. Stars above the units show if they are veteran or elite.
Veteran recieves a smaller star and have 25% more health and attack power.
Elite units have 50% more health and attack power.
Buildings cannot become veteran or elite.

I decided to not have sound effects for this game, because all it would be
is allot of screams and explosions. But I did add the Doom OST, because I
think that's a good song.

Thanks for trying my game.
Hopefully this game will be perfected and improved in the future.

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#2 greep


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Posted 17 February 2012 - 08:59 AM

Heya, tried the game for an hour or so, and it's pretty fun :) There's a lot of room for imporvement of course:

A) While the game gets really easy after you beat your first castle, I think the game goes a bit too fast on the first level. Usually these types of games give a "dummy" first level, so that you should beat it on your first try easily.

B)Once you know what to do, things get rediculously easy, to the point that I could probably quite literally beat 10 high level castle at once Here's how it generally goes, in build order

3-4 axemen
1-2 stone gatherers
sell all none food/wood
build 2 pikemen
build 2 double height towers
spam 10 skirmeshers
back them with a crystal wall
Build the economic buildings

Now build nothing build crystal walls, stone sniper towers, and mangonels, and win.

C) Some minor bugs. Had to stop at fighting the two castles at once, because for whatever reason when I saved after beating the previous level, and reloaded from the start of the two castles, it instead loaded midway into the prvious battle, then crashed consistently midway. Gives this error:

action number 1
of Collision Event with object axeman_obj
for object smartass_shot_obj:

Error in code at line 16:
{if savings>9 if global.enemy_units<global.enemy_unit_max
at position 8: Unknown variable savings

D) Multiple resources is interesting, but honestly in a fastpaced game like this, I'd stick with a single one. Just have chopping/mining all give gold. You just convert it anyways. Souls and experience could stay though.

E) As stated in B) there's some serious balance issues after the first 10 seconds of a fight. I think part of this is resulting from simply having too many.

Edit: Just skipped the bugs by cheating to unlock. Turns out the only way to beat mangonels is to use bomb cannons, so in super I had to I basically just spammed those and crystal towers and mangonels in the end.

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