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DQ5 version 0.8

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#1 SuperBlackMan


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Posted 29 September 2011 - 02:57 AM

I've been working this game for about 6 months now. Its a demo right now but let me
know what you think of this. Its reeeeaaaallllyyyy gooooooodddd ::lmao::

Read the manual Please. for controls and other tips

New Update Version 0.8
- 2 player mode NOT playable.
- Resized game window to 720 x 560
- Jumping is now controllable
- Fixed exp gain
- Changed numbered stages to names
-Green Trees
;1-1 is now Peaceful Land
;1-2 is now Cloudy Battle
;1-3 is now Ocean's Dip
- Inner Mountain
;2-1 is now The Entrance
;2-2 is now Vulgar Cave
;2-3 is now Falling Rocks
- Frozen Central
;3-1 is now Wasteland
;3-2 is now Cold Episode
;3-3 is now Blizzard
- Dark Ruins
;4-1 is now Act 1
;4-2 is now Act 2
;4-3 is now Act 3

Add ons:
- Thunder Ray has all 3 levels of power
- Added an Intro story
- Added music for stage loading
- Final Stage Act 3 are completed and playable


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New Link:
DQ5 v0.8

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#2 SuperBlackMan


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Posted 04 October 2011 - 02:41 AM

This game will remind you of mega man
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#3 SuperBlackMan


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Posted 29 June 2012 - 06:58 PM

Update yall. Show some love please... :unsure:
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#4 Koaske


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Posted 29 June 2012 - 09:08 PM

I beat the first world and I'll leave some feedback here for you. The game was pretty solid, but didn't quite have that something that would keep the players from playing it more and more. There weren't really any flashy new features, it was just basic platforming. The game isn't bad though, and I believe that with some tweaking, you can make it quite a nice game.

*In the options menu, cursor placement went a bit off after I went to the control menu. Also, I found no way to get back from the options so I had to
actually restart to play the game...

*I also suggest that you do spell-checking with all the text in the game ("pressents").

*The level select was a bit confusing at first, since you can go to levels you haven't unlocked yet. Also, why not just choose the level by selecting its name? Why do you have to choose "go!" to start a level?

*The intro to the levels is too long in my opinion. Usually the player doesn't want to spend that much time waiting.

*the background nudges if you tap right/left many times in a row

*BUG: Jumped to the right edge of a moving platform and didn't fall, but got stuck instead. I could get out by jumping though.

*I was able to hit the first boss before the fight even started... I actually beat him this way and earned the no damage achievement...

*I didn't even realise that the game had experience before it said that I had leveled up. Perhaps you could add a gauge that shows your experience, so that you don't have to view your exp from the pause menu?

*Does saving always make you go back to the start menu?

*I don't really like how the game over screen insults the player. Why do you have lives in the first place? Are there check points in the levels?

I hope this helps a bit. By the way, I noticed some familiar tunes from Mega Man, Sonic, and Streets of Rage... All those are games I like a lot =P
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