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The "different" zombie TDS game :)

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Posted 13 August 2011 - 11:42 PM

ok folks.. :)

I am working on a "different" zombie TDS and I am in need of spriter/animator or a graphics designer (logos, menus, HUD, etc)... So.. you ask WHY is it "different"... well story mode won't be too different i suppose :( but the Survival mode is where things get... interesting ;) in this mode you "survive" against zombies (what a shocker ;)) the difference is you can build towers, mines, walls, etc. to help stem the flow of endless zombies, as well as upgrade the towers and your player! Also you are not only surviving against the zombies but you have to protect a certain object (for the sake of programming without sprites it is a wall for now... although once we get a era and story in place this will change :)) All the programming will be done by me. Most of survival mode has been completed (just need to add some details and put in sprites, sound fx, etc). As for story mode we are working on a story line to get started :)

Obviously we are going to need a spriter and an animator to get some headway into the game. This is the style the game is going to be in: Posted Image So... if you are a sprites/animator out there that would like to join and help design the first "different" zombie TDS (they all say this but none of them have towers do they?) than PM me and we can get started!

If you would like to see a sample EXE of the survival mode so far (WARNING: play at your own risk... possibility of breaking your monitor due to the ugliness or mismatching of sprites.


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