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#1 Batch


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Posted 02 August 2011 - 12:26 AM

An adventure platform made for the GMC Jam 3.
Created by:

  • CubinJ - Programmer
  • Linx - Spriter
  • Ravenmonkey - BG artist, Level Designer, and Spriter

Adventure, Platform
File size: 9.39 MB (cuz of .mp3s)
GM8.1 (vista compatible)
Fullscreen (F4)

Click HERE for a sneak preview!

Pangaea Download

The difficulty of the boss correlates to the number of enemies that you kill.
Can you tell how?

Please, please, and please leave comments, criticize, bash at us, as we are going to revamp this game completely and bring you back a game better than before!
Comment! Yeah?

Posted Image



With your lover dead, you resort to any means to get her back. You must overcome the Titans!
Scour throughout the continent in order to find the saplings needed to summon the final titan, Altus Lignum Malum.
Defeat his 3 main eyes and claim victory!

[Screen 1] [Screen 2]


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Posted 03 August 2011 - 03:57 AM

the games visually pleasing, and killing enemies feels definately satisfying. but as the dude above said, some things could use work, such as collisions when you hit something above you while jumping. Otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing how this project goes in the future. good work!
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doodles are found there :)

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Posted 03 August 2011 - 04:06 PM

Thanks guys! And yeah, the camera was really bugged, especially when ledge climbing.

And yeah, level design took up a huge portion of the time (we were still fixing levels with 20 minutes to go haha).
If you've heard of the game Swords&Sworcery, on the iDevice, that is our "ideal goal."

We want an ambient, atmospheric, story based game, where graphics and sound play a HUGE deal.

We hope to improve combat in some way, but we could use some help.
Anyone willing to throw out ideas with their criticism?


Yeah, the collision with blocks above were a problem, I admit.
We really, really hope to finish this one with a bang!

Here's a sneak preview for those of you who read this topic:

Appreciate the comments guys!


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#4 ParodyKnaveBob



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 03:03 PM

Howdy! I apologize that it took so long to deliver my review of your game. In attempt to greatly speed this up, I decided awhile back to simply upload my raw materials for the 37 games I played and reviewed. Originally, I recorded audio of myself playing so that I could go back through and type out my live reactions and feelings; however, I changed that plan and instead have been just giving everyone the audio itself.

Note that during the long reviewing process, I wound up changing some of my goals and recording+playing methods. Therefore, your review may or may not contain the following elements:

  • Good, clear audio talking about your game.
  • Terrible, spotty audio talking about your game.
  • References to +1 and -1 etc. (which I had originally used for part of my review process for judging -- before the vote time ended).
  • Concise descriptions of what I like and don't like.
  • Long rambles about what I like and don't like. $:^ P
  • Emotive grunts and hurrahs.
  • Outspoken aggravation at some game-breaking bug(s).
  • Disqualification (from my competition judgment/vote) for copyright infringement.
  • Unrelated tangents from my mind wandering.
  • An extra text file or recorded "post script" stating more about the game as an afterthought -- after I thought I'd finished reviewing.
  • Long spans of time with no real audio -- which usually means I was quite engrossed into your game! Good job there if so! $;^ ]
  • Long spans of time with terrible, spotty audio, in which you can tell I'm trying to tell you something, but I didn't do a good job recording. Wow, sorry if this is the case for yours. $:^ (

This link ( http://www.mediafire.../?67g4j40c2xwn2 ) will take you to my list of all the reviews. You can download yours -- along with anyone else's in case you're curious and/or want to compare. $:^ J

If you would like me to replay and re-review your game -- either because my audio is atrocious or because you've greatly improved your stuff since that summer jam many moons ago, or even something like somehow I missed something and you have information that you feel would change my whole view of your project -- just let me know, and I'll see what I can do. ~nodnod~

Many regards,

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