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Posted 04 August 2011 - 10:13 AM

1: Doodledoo (Best! Very Unique!)
2: Pangea (Very professional looking!, Polished nice!)
3: Everybody lives( ragdoll physics +1 ;D)

BY THE WAY!!! ....soulsnatcher... I kinda dominated your game highscores just for the hell of it ;PP
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Posted 04 August 2011 - 12:06 PM

This set of reviews took much longer than last time! Anyway here we have my reviews for all 57 games!

RogueLife by True Valhalla

Nice presentation to start with, I enjoyed being zoomed into my world. You are then left with a message telling you to explore and survive... So I did. It emerged that if I walk into what I am assuming are baddies, you fight them in a cool little "you did x damage, they did x damage" turn based sequence. I soon killed a green pixel dude, and set off for greater things. I took on a spider, to be pleasently surprised when I was poisoned, leaving a trail of pixel blood behind me as my quest continued. It soon dawned on me that if you tap up/down.left and right rapidly while engaging with a monster, you would generally kill it alot quicker, taking less damage. I then became injured, and by this point, my health was reaching an all-time low, with no indication of how or where to heal. So I clicked menu to see if that would give some indication, but it took me back to the menu, only to start again. I did restart, and I saw something that turned out to be a well, but it was poisoned, and I died. The game was charming, but felt that I would just be wandering forever without getting anywhere! Music was good.

SakanaJo by Yal

A nice intro, naturally everyone at some point in their lives wants to be a squid, so I could relate well to the short but sweet introduction. It then took me a while to figure you have to press Z to move the text on, but then I realised there is help in F1. I was swimming around talking to other fish, and soon realised that this game was going to be about getting the dosh to buy a suitable fish zapping gun. The graphics and music and sound effects all fit in really well, and it was a pleasure to play. The story was developing well, but then the phone rang, and cut me short. I can see this game is going to need a while to play, and has clearly had a lot of effort put in. It is quite an achievement for just 3 days of GM time!

Cantilever Bridge by ThatSnail

From the start the game looked great, graphics were fitting and quirky, and music was good. I ended up playing as a tramp in the search of something. I liked grabbing up to a ledge with the hat. I got issued a gun by some bloke, and he told me I could propel myself upwards by jumping, then shooting down. I had a slight issue with this, as it felt unnatural to hit Up, and try and hit Down and then X to do all this, it was the Up and Down at the same time part which sent my brain spinning. I then spent a while trying to get up the next ledge, and eventually having done so, fell down a crack in the tree branches! Watch out for this one people, it will leave you with more practise with the gun boost than you had originally anticipated! It was annoying having to keep asking the guy for the gun again and again. I then got stuck further through the trees, and with 53 more games ahead, I decided enough was enough- it was too tricky for so early on in the game, but still, the game felt good, and I was hanging on trying a fair while!

Die by Davve

Reading the description in the GMC topic, this looked interesting. I grasped the concept immediately on the first level, and made the guy jump to his death first time, and it was good. I've now been sat here playing until the end of level 6, that's a good sign, it has kept me playing, just thought I would add that I am not sure if I completed the level correctly, it seemed dubious just lifting the spikey cog off, then placing just as he was about to walk over it. Level 7 was a race against time, which was ok, I guess the concept seemed a little obvious, but then I suppose with more time and levels, simple ideas like this can be turned into complex levels, ie, this level introduced the concept, so I'm fine with it! And then that is the end, a solid entry here, I enjoyed it!

Soulsnatcher by Fireball16

First off, a game named after me! How amazing! Lets hope the game lives up to the name! Ok, the intro was cool, obviously there is the spelling but I have read somewhere the reasons, so I won't judge too harshly there. Now, I'm in the game, and there seems to be some basic programming flaws, such as a running animation while standing still. I died in the first fire, as the man, and the red monster, and then was a blue thing, which I worked out to be my soul. I then ran that into a mouse, which was already in fire, and then died again, just to release another soul, which could not get into anything. So I restarted, and just ran through the level. I repeated such tactic in level 2, but needed a mouse to get through a thin hole, so I died, got the mouse, but then what appeared to be a mask issue I couldn't get through a hole clearly big enough (even for the human). I had unlocked the doors and what not, so felt this, although a nice idea, had flaws in the gameplay. Yep, tried again, and the mouse is stuck, floating in mid air.

Tidal Wave by Imperial Games

I didn't understand what I was meant to do, until a tidal wave came up behind me. Human insinct took over, and I just ran for it. I couldn't work out how to (if you even could) use the gun, and then the game just froze and crashed on me. Still, it was nice seeing the sweaty nerds getting washed up!

Colour My World by TheUltimate

This game was going really well, it was a good pace, nice colour and kept me going. Then I was shooting the blobs that turn into blocks to help you, and I was disappointed when it trapped me after turning into a block. Faced with no option but to quit and start again, it was a real shame, as the game seemed flawless. Anyway, without that, it was great. Good graphics and noise.

Jam! Live! Random! by ParodyKnaveBob

Having read people had not managed to play this elsewhere in the GMC, I decided to read the instructions first. My impression was, backspace as a control button, weird, but fair enough. It was actually a pretty decent mini game. Running away from jam was fun. There were a few collision issues where you couldn't run through gaps to the left and right, and I don't know what "what" was for. Online highscores would keep people playing longer, there wasn't too much to keep me wanting more, but as a random generation thingy goes, not too bad!

Freedom by michael pw

It was novel running a load of chickens around. I thought it would be cool if you shot at the chickens their heads came off, but it didn't happen! Anyway, while playing, I missed that you can do wall jumps, so I have had to go back to try again. It is an alright game, stuff like the mine cart is cool, and the game has potential. The menu looked good, and for the time limit it's a fairly solid platformer with chickens and eggs! I have to say however, it didn't quite grab me as much as I may have liked, it needs an extra little something to keep it interesting!

zombie/ alien platform shooter by GamerTeen

Presented with a bland room with a few zombies in and a blue circle with a gun in which to kill them, I can't say I was too optimistic, I'm not a massive zombie fan as it is. I figured you have to reload with right click, otherwise 6 bullets wasn't going to get me very far! Unfortuantly the slopes don't always work, and you sort of stick to the walls. I got to a shop, and bought a gun. Next room, there were more zombies. Oh yeah, it would be nice to be able to move with WASD controls aswell as UDLR, it is awkward for right handed mouse use. The 3rd level can be completed literally by just holding right, unless of course you want to collect everything. Entering the shop after this gives an error, and I decided to abort.

Underfall by orse ost e7 o

The idea of this game interested me, and it looked visually appealing. I played the tutorial and then went onto the normal mode. It was good; a unique style of play for starters at least. I was trying to strategically destroy blocks in order to drain the lake as quickly as possible. That was all fine, but I have to admit, it wasn't too long before I realised the easiest way of draining the lakes was to just click randomly like a mad man. I like the title screen, the way the water falls in, but really, there isn't too much to do here and it didn't keep me playing all that long.

Bound by JonathonPzone

The intro was so slow I was concerned that I was going to fall asleep before anything happened, but then, just as I was giving up the will to live, some crazy white coat men get hacked up by your new super-strength character, and you are off. Controls are painted on the wall in blood, which I liked. The graphics are actually pretty decent, it is cool the way the white coat men writh on the flaw clutching their eyes after getting hit by what appears to be brain juice. The blood splatters on the wall are impressive too, alot of thought has gone into this. I have to say though, I have a tendancy in these sort of games, to get bored quickly of just killing the same bad guys in the same way, when I can just as easily run straight through the level until something interesting happens. And so I did, and I reached the end of the demo. It is well put together with alot of potential, except sometimes the AI just jumps at walls in an iratic manner, still, very impressive.

Don't Die by CoolGamrSms

This game is so intence that there wasn't time to type while playing! It was great, simple but great. At the start, I thought it was going to be easy, the odd ninja coming to kill you soon got gunned down. Then suddenly, a load of them come from the front and behind, and you soon learn as to why you need that slow motion button. It was gripping gameplay, and I enjoyed it greatly. If there wern't so many games to get through, I would definatly try and get that highscore. I ranked 4th at the time of playing, so I was content, good game!

Pangaea by CubinJ

Well, the graphics were really nice, and the music was fitting, and the engine worked well. Thats all good, and it is a good game. I realised eventually that you are collecting the plants to fill up the yellow tree by the grave persumably to bring back to live your lover. It is nice, and I havn't really a bad thing to say about this game. The combat seemed good, although dieing seemed difficult. I got stuck in the cave, but I realise you can get out, I just couldn't do it... I felt by then I had enough idea of the game to say, yep, it is well put together. It would be nice to come back to it to see the ending.

Enliven by IceMetalPunk

The download wouldn't work. Then an hour later it did, so I can write this now. Well it is a cool game, a nice puzzle. I made a connection though, and it wouldn't work, that is until I rotated one of the corners so that it wasn't a connection, and then it worked. That was only level 2, so I hope it doesn't carry on... The thing bugging me about this is the rotation. Having to put pieces down, then clicking to rotate is annoying. It would be better if right click rotated the piece you are about to put down before you place it, I think that would smoothen the gameplay nicely. Still, it is a good game, and well made aside from the points I made!

Doodledoo by TheSnidr

This game looked like an interesting concept before even playing, so i had my eye on this one from the jam start. It didn't disappoint, it was very clever and worked very well. The hand animation was better than I was expecting, and music and sounds fit in great. It was a breath of fresh air in a way this game, it was platforming, but it didn't feel generic and I liked that. Then hand could perhaps have done with being slightly more to the right as to avoid so much covering of the game play area. The game was presented very well in a unique style, and therefore I say good!

Fourth Dimension by Follomania

This was kinda cool, pretty nice graphics and all, I just couldn't belive that sometimes the gun wouldn't shoot where I was aiming! I couldn't exactly figure out where the game was going, I seemed to be trapped on the first level, and with time pushing along a bit, I decided to accept the good points of the game as far as I had seen them- which to be fair, are actually decent for the 3 days and I think this game has potential- just fix the gun direction!

Rocket Leaper by orange08

Remembering back to orange08's last jam entry, which I enjoyed playing, I was looking forward to seeing what he had come up this time. It didn't take me long to die, but after that it didn't take me long to grasp how to play the game. I found it funny getting killed by a bird just zooming into me. The jet pack was cool, and there was a variety of enemies and hazards involved. It was pretty addictive to try and get higher, and not so hard as to put you off. A solid start to a game which with a bit more graphical polish could be really entertaining!

Showtime by Gooses

Nooo, the first download I have had to wait for, in which time I usually write a sentence or two here... Ok scrap that, turns out I clicked an ad which said download on it... Dam. It took me ages to work out exactly what all the controls where doing, and how to even score points, but I figured that shooting then pressing space seemed to do the trick. I was so confused by the game mechanics, but it seemed to play ok, and was kinda fun. I wouldn't want to spend too long playing though at the risk of losing touch with reality. I'm annoyed aswell because I hit esc before submitting my highscore.

RogueLime by Dark Matter and Theg721

I'm sorry to say, but I got bored of fighting bores all the time. I guess with more time this game can turn into something, but with non-skippable text (unless I didn't try the right button) I wasn't going to stay interested too long. The combat system was down though, and has potential. I read if this gets in the top 3 then the game will be continued... That remains to be seen!

Rainbow Dash by Klassic

This game made me feel happy. The colours were happy, the music was happy, and the constant sound of getting yellow dots was happy. If you are not careful, this game will leave you in a trance, impossible to break out of. Luckily, I survived, and am here. I didn't realise until after I had played that the purple rings were bad, and eventually I got hit by something that killed me, and that broke my happiness.

Enemies and allies by slam drago

This game was good, because it didn't take long to complete. There wasn't much to it, just run through the levels, killing the guards if you want to, although alot of the levels you don't even have to. You can't move along walls without getting stuck, and if you have played a top down shooter before, you probably know what to expect here. Also, what was the point in the guy following you? He didn't appear to do anything through the whole game?!

Lead Iron Fire Explosion by turgon

This is a cool game, heading in the right direction. The idea was fairly unique, with the turn based movement and free direction shooting. It was a little disorientating trying to click then move or right click and again to shoot, you see what I mean, you can get your fingers muddled easily. It is a shame about the glitch, because I am sure with this engine some fairly interesting levels could be created offering a good challenge to the player. I think however it has potential to get boring, unless extras are added in, like different types of tank, and the ability to buy upgrades etc.

Live: The Game by ratsby

This game was ok, but didn't keep me interested very long. It was fairly rapid all the way through, with loads of stuff bombarding you. It was retro-y and that was nice, but I feel there wasn't enough variety here to make me want to play it for very long.

The Underworld by Sondar

The first thing I noticed when playing this, is that I couldn't read what I had to do to complete the mission because of the buildings being drawn over the text. I then realised the buildings don't stop you from walking over them, sure its WIP, but I am basically moving around a big square screen. My character also disappeared underneath the roads. The graphics themselves look fairly nice, the building detail etc. There wasn't much to do in terms of gameplay though, I shot the one bad guy I could find, and nothing happened. I then couldn't get back to the menu without quiting, so overall it didn't keep me imersed in the game world. However, all that aside, it looks promising, but it is still very early days with this game.

Live talk show hero by Punky

Have you ever played Guitar Hero and thought, "this is rubbish, I want to hear nothing until I press the button, and then hear random mumbling". Well, you're in luck! This game puts you at the heart of the conversation of a talk show on live tv, and if you cock up your timings too often, you'll get shut down. It is actually a decent attempt, and I don't want to give too much stick, but I can't help but feel the mix of chat show and Guitar Hero arn't quite suited. Also, you are meant to read the chat text as the colours whiz down at you, but the problem is, you can't because you are timing your button presses by looking at the colours.

The Meaning of Life and Death by fenyxofshadows

This is one of those games with loads of bullets in it. In the games topic you are warned that it is hard- and it is. In fact, it is too hard. There is no difficulty gradient, you are thrown in against the first boss which has a massive amount of health and fires a load of bullets that bounce around. You end up just holding Z and trying to dodge bullets, only to find you have barely scratched the bosses health. I gave the game a few tries to try and beat it, but I'm afraid I couldn't, which cut my time here short.

LiVEWiRE by link3000

This is a cool idea. At first, I thought the ships turned way too fast with the mouse action. I still think it is fast, but I feel a wider spectrum of turn speeds would be better, it seems you barely have to move the mouse to find yourself spinning into the massive heights of dizziness! It was a bit hard to hit the enemies with the bullets, they seemed to pop over them or just miss, but it got better with practise. Alot of potential here, not much more to say about the current version however.

Super death machine by ElecGM

No GMC link, but heres the review anyway. I couldn't find the game.

Spud Wars by Link Works

I was looking forward to what might become of this after reading the description. However, it was a shame, as all I had to shoot was apples. Red and green apples, however, so a touch of variety there. Unfortuantly, the game lags, alot. Fire loads of bullets and it soon slows down, either that or the apples arn't destroying, but none-the-less I persevered to get to the Brigade Captain, only to find a massive apple, that appeared to take no damage. Mind you, fps was probably about 5 by then, and I just had to quit, a shame really. Also, apples go over the text at the top of the screen, just thought I should say!

THIRTEEN by ariugh

Unfortuantly, this game wouldn't run at all on my system.

Congratulations, You're Alive by PurpleFuzzy

I hoped for good things from this, I quite like a little odd looking character in a big lost world. It provided so much, there was a big world of interchanging rooms, but I couldn't get past three colourful buttons. I went back through some rooms to see if anything had changed, but it hadn't. I also tried bouncing on them in different orders and amounts of bounces, but all to no avail unfortuantely.

Geometry by RedOctober

As soon as I saw the description, I knew what was coming, I have seen a mobile phone game similar to it in the past. And it's awesome! This was really fun, and I was absolutely hooked until I beat it. I beat it first time, but it took a good amount of time, so the AI was well made. I was challenged, without being beaten to the point I didn't want to play. Good stuff here for me!

I Have Given You Life Now Live by @Alex@

This is a nice simple platformer with the usual platforming twists, and it is well made for the time. That is, until I got to an error, one of those step event ones which are un-ignoreable! A sound track was missing, so unfortuantely I couldn't proceed too far, which is a shame as it was fairly comfortable to play, and wasn't as in your face as alot of other games, which was kinda nice at this stage in the day.

and then he fell... by AntonHuckleberry

I don't have a clue what the falling part at the beginning was for, I thought that was it, after my character disappeared off the edge for a while. I thought you must have to die, but it reset the health. I was confused. Luckily though, I hit the blue bubble, and was cast into the next stage of the game. It was fairly pleasing, finding different memories was nice. Being able to go through walls helped find them quicker, but of course killed you. I didn't manage to get up to 50 memories, but I picked up alot, and got the jist of it. It was nice, but I couldn't keep going.

Germs Life by Fiuz'en Had

This game was presented excellently. It is a shame there is no AI however, I can't really play against myself, so therefore it is short lived, but actually looks like it could be a real fun game for a pair of people to play. Could be extended to allow more than 2 players, and online would work well on it. That's all for another day though...

Livewire by Cakefish

At first I was sat in the middle just moving the mouse, wandering what the colours were for. Then I realised you can move, and the game became awesome! The powerups were wicked, and it was great blasting the enemies. The game seemed to start to lag up a bit, as if the bullets wern't being destroyed or something... The online highscores are good, I just hope the game doesn't actually lag, it may put people off!

Sanctum by ziggler1

The game description claims this could be "very scary", which is just what I need before hitting the sack for the night, here goes... Wow, I was pleasently scared, as in, I didn't really expect anything shocking, but when that face appeared for the first flash, it was cool. The sound effects and creepyness actually went very well together, and I can imagine some people having a little pee pee while playing this! Good work!

Suburban Warfare by Ivaxlar

You can tell we are getting pretty far down the games list now, not many downloads on this one. Well, it is an artillery game in which you can upgrade stuff or shoot your enemy. It is another turn based 2 player game, so testing the features is the best I can do. It works, the GUI could look better, in fact all graphics could, but I don't mind because of the 3 day limit. It is a little confusing to control at first, but to be fair it is actually an okay game for the time limit and I think it could be fun with a friend after a little more work is done on it!

Nature comes alive by Fuzzle

Press insert?! Okay. This game was not what I was expecting, but it was actually kinda fun. Obviously it looks very plain, but it was charming in a way- the dead guys splatting and sliding down the screen was a nice touch. Powerups seemed random as to when they came, it might be nice to be able to activate them, to opliterate the bad guys when the going is getting tough. And what is up with that annoying noise sound effect. I often don't comment on music/sound because I don't think you can expect so much out of every game, but I found that noise sound effect quite annoying. Mind you, the music was good, so not too much problem here!

Breaking News by Soulsnatcher

The first thing I notice while typing this, is because I had to press insert in the last game, my review template just got eaten by this. Oh, and this is my game, it is always nice to review it a few days since making it, to see just how crap it is! The link on the first page doesn't seem to send me to the correct post, but I checked the link and it should, so I hope that doesn't stop people trying it! The graphics look like they were drawn by a 2 year old, and the text is written in a hurry. The news reporter looks funny though, and the game has potential if effort were put in, to provide different news stories and scenes etc. Online highscores is good, but how am I meant to beat that highscore Adrax?!

Penguin Survivor by kalzme

What do you know, it is Penguin Survivor! And it is a remake of my original Survivor, with even a few of the original graphics thrown in for good measure! And I love it! The graphics that are original to this version look great, and there are some good variations on the enemies. I love the polar bear, you can jump on him to make him go away! A few negatives though, the "Time" text is drawn below any new blocks that have fallen, you can't push blocks and you can't duck, and as far as I saw, there are no powerups. However, the versus mode is a great idea and works absolutely perfectly on this game (why didn't I think of that...)!

Alive? by masterofhisowndomain

This game seemed to have a eery story to it, and it was going fine. But it seemed very slow. I went past everything, and nothing seemed to happen... I flew right to the edge, and back again, and up, and down, nothing... I have probably missed the point of this somewhere, in the topic it says "don not pick up survivors", so I didn't (assuming they are in the other spaceships), but I'm not sure if you can anyway. I think it is safe to say, I just don't get it!

Die Again by Big Bomb

This game was really good. It was so simple, yet highly addictive gameplay. The idea of just being in control of which blocks you can stand on and which you can't was good, and well executed. The difficulty was good, that is until the level where you must climb up through what looks like a spaceship outline, that was difficult! But overall, music included, this is a pretty well rounded game!

tale of Isamu by linkronny

This game really is a tale, there is alot of text to read, which is fine. Bonus is different endings, so if you are feeling up to it, try and find them. The engine itself was ok, I was wary when setting the key map, A,B,C,D and Start, along with UDLR, is alot of keys, and I often found myself wandering which it was I should be pressing. The dash move I thought would dash you along, but it seemed to just keep me put on the spot. Still, I can see alot of work went into this, and it shows, I just think it needs a touch of polish applied to make it as user friendly as possible!

The Statues Live! by orange08

A very good game here, it reminded me of the sort of game we were seeing back in YYG comp04, teamwork. You must guide one of your squares to the exit, by helping each other along by standing on various buttons to get through doors and to help jump to higher places etc. It was good, the music didn't get too annoying, and there were 3 tracks to choose from which helped. The puzzles got progressively harder, the first 10 or so were very easy, but it was fine, they kept you playing so that was the main thing. Nice game.

Bomb Disarmer by GamerTeen

Wow, random. It is hard to tell if you do anything, it seems one click and you either win, or fail! To be honest, although lacking in much gameplay, at least it is a variation on the theme "live", there is no living character in this one, so that is a good thing! Upon further testing, you draw the lines by dragging, it was quite a hit and miss method of drawing lines, but it eventually works. The first few levels it is just a case of clicking the red line. When you lose, the game closes, which is off putting if you want to try again, especially if you just ran the download.

Traim by creativebunch

Short but sweet this game, just survive as long as possible shooting as much as you can. It plays ok, there is the deliberate slow turning and aiming mechanism, it wasn't particually annoying, it just felt a tad frustrating. There were health pickups, but nothing more, so there wasn't much to keep you coming back. It is another of those where online highscores may help, but obiously, as it was only made in 2-3ish hours, you can't expect more. It is actually fairly good for that time span!

Mickey Mouse - In search of life by livsk

Hahah, this game was funny. I mean, it was catchy, the music was, and I saved the world in 84 seconds, not a bad days work. No, I'm afraid this game is poorly programmed, the platform collisions are dodgy, and the final bosses were just a case of standing next to them and mashing the Z key for a while. If you strip the game down from its frantic music and borrowed graphics, there isn't much to it, but even so, it kept me entertained for a minute and half, so thats all good!

Everybody Lives by chance

A simple ragdoll game where you must land the humans in the live bucket, and the zombies in the cogs to get ground to a pulp and dropped into the death bucket. It worked well, but I must admit I didn't find myself wanting to play it over and over again. I could only manage a measly score of 90, and most of those were through quite a bit of luck. There are some code coding touches in this game, they just need to be exploited into making an enjoyable replayable game!

The Ball 2 - Live Current by Shadowrend

This has potential, it is a good engine. I found jumping awkward, with the way you can not quite land every time, and timing it was frustrating. I did think the way the ball can squeeze through gaps and mould its shape was really impressive! I found having to hold down to zap a little annpying too to be honest, I don't know why, I just couldn't get along too well with this. I found it impressive, but just to play, wasn't quite what I was hoping for I'm afraid. I'm sure with some more work done on it I would find the experiance much smoother.

Sunless by exar3000

I thought this game looked nice, it was simple innocent exploration. It was fairly satisfying making the little plants pop up into existance, and collecting the occasional coin. I couldn't work out how to get past the purple dinosaur thing, so I never got to experiance the ending, but yeah this game was slightly mystifying in a strange sort of way.

Live As Long As Possible by jeff159357

I was guessing before the game even started what I would have to do here, and I was right! Just live alap! The game had a nice intro cut scene, and various things trying to kill you. The music was fast paced and fitted. It was a strange experiance, because it felt so happy- the music was happy, your face was happy, there were spinning flowers, and even the clouds were happy! But all around you were bombs, mines and stuff like that. It was fun, and online highscores helped with replayability!

High On Life by speedchuck and makerofthegames

Haha, the computer text voice is funny. But then, that helicopter, what the?! Is it even possible? I chose noob difficulty setting, and tried like 20 times to kill it, but I couldn't. I don't know what was going on, and I couldn't understand what the voice was saying at this point. I even tried moving around to get the helicopter lock on missiles to hit into the heli itself, but this wasn't happening either.

(Super) Novavon by BearealisGames and Earthwalker

A very intersting entry, you have to make black holes, I think. The game was hard to pick up what was going on, for a while I was even stuck on the menu screen! Once I was in, I found myself faced with generator things, to suck or emit particles. I couldn't work out the correlation between the different types, and wasn't sure what madee the blue and red bars go up. I have to say, from what I played, it did seem a bit tedious, just moving them around. Graphics were intense though, very bright and cosmic colours put you in the heart of a star, which was good.

The legend will live on... by bretboy129

Ah so this is the Catch The Clown game I've been waiting for. Actually playing CTC was fun, then this maze crap came on. Nah, just kidding, the maze bit was great, I particually enjoyed the nerds having different GMC usernames by them, so I knew exactly who I was slicing up. I am glad I never came across myself, that's pretty much all I have to say here!

Story of a Mother Bird by ador862

Finally the last game of this long list, phew! This is an interesting game, it's original, which is nice for the last game on the list. It is a simple game, feed your chick to keep it alive, and drop stones on other birds to rack up your score. Rocks keep falling from the sky, not sure where they come from, but that's fine. They make a satisfying thump as they land, occasinally squashing a poor innocent worm. When your chick dies, there is a GM pop-up which is un-skipable (step event by the looks of things), which is a shame, a tad more work to turn it into online highscores would have been nice, but never-the-less, it is a pleasent little game!
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Posted 04 August 2011 - 05:17 PM

Reviews now, votes later.

Games 1-10:

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Posted 04 August 2011 - 08:36 PM

1. DoodleDoo - by TheSnidr
2. Rainbow Dash - by Klassic
3. Pangæa - by CubinJ, Linx and Ravenmonkey
4. SakanaJo - by Yal
5. Cantilever Bridge - by ThatSnail
6. Sanctum - by ziggler1
7. The Meaning of Life and Death - by fenyxofshadows
8. Tale of Isamu - by linkronny
9. Die Again - by Big Bomb


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Posted 04 August 2011 - 09:01 PM

Still playing through this massive group of games.

So far, all I have to say is that Cantelivier Bridge looks preetty awesome.
And great job to every one else. My reviews will be here shortly.

Edit: Oopsle. Under my review I put "Don't die", though I meant "Die", by Davve. Sorry xD

My Votes:
  • Sakanajo by Yal
  • Cantilever Bridge by ThatSnail
  • Die by Davve

My Reviews:

I'll also do honorable mentions later, when I have the time.


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Posted 05 August 2011 - 03:16 AM

My votes go to

1. Die - Davve
2. RogueLife - True Valhalla
3. Pangaea - CubinJ

I would write a review for each game, but I really don't have the time, sorry. :( But all those games were great, kudos to you guys!
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#107 Rani_sputnik


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Posted 05 August 2011 - 04:58 AM

1. Cantilever Bridge by ThatSnail
2. Sakanajo by Yal
3. DoodleDoo - by TheSnidr

These are my votes (even though I never finished :/ ). Brilliant games, so fantastic to see, and great to see Yoyo getting behind this too :)
Congratulations to everyone in general really, thank you all for filling my spare time with many laughs and extreme gaming sessions :D heh.

On a side note, I am running GameMaker in secure mode, so I tried to turn it off before playing the games with DLL's but I discovered that this does not work. My GameMaker still wouldn't let me play games with DLL's even with secure mode unchecked so unfortunately I couldn't play a couple of games (one of which was Die :( I really liked the look of that game.) Sorry to anyone who missed a vote of mine because of this.
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Posted 05 August 2011 - 11:57 AM

My votes go to:

1. Die - Davve

A great concept. The art style was very simple, but looked the feel of it was good. The sound wasn't great, but the game, I think, deserves to win the most out of all of the Jam games I've played.

2. The Statues Live! - Orange08

A fun, easy casual game. Has mediocre sound (music is okay, until you press shift twice, then it gets awesome
. Posted Image Of course it's subjective, but...), and somewhat plain graphics but a pleasing aesthetic. It is paced pretty well; some of the later levels are very well designed. All in all, it isn't too special in any way, but was enjoyable and was made well. This is here instead of his other game, "Rocket Leaper" because it stuck to the theme much better ;).

3. Enliven - IceMetalPunk

This game is pretty good! Graphics are good, sounds are okay (the music is not great, especially not in a loop over and over) and the gameplay is interesting. I didn't finish playing the game, but it left a good impression.

"Honourable mentions", I guess, go to 4. Cantilever Bridge - thatsnail, 5. Rocket Leaper - Orange08, 6. Sakanajo Jamdea - Yal,
and 7. Catch the Clown II, which I liked (in that order, if you want to count them as votes).
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Posted 05 August 2011 - 09:18 PM

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the time to play all the games, but since the voting deadline is here, here are my votes:

My votes go to
1.Doodledoo - TheSnidr
2.Die - Davve
3.Geometry - RedOctober

Here are my reviews on all the games I played, if your game isn't here, that means I unfortunately didn't play it.

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#110 Dark Matter

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Posted 06 August 2011 - 09:39 AM

>My votes are at the bottom
>Please take my reviews with a pinch of salt. I had a lot to get through, so I may have been a bit harsh, or not played through you game fully enough to understand how it worked. Please reply if this is the case and I'll explain my judgement. Forgive me if I haven't been fair! ;)

Okay, here's my list of reviews. I'm being very ambitioius with 57 or so games to review (although Soulsnatcher and zeddidragon have done it). My top 3 will be stated at the bottom of this post. I'm going to give each game a score out of ten, as well as a short paragraph of my thought for each. I hope you'll excuse me for not writing whole essays (especially towards the end) - I have a lot of games to review. The use of theme will have a short sentence too. Any games that simply used the concept that "you can die, so it's based on the theme - alive or whatever, may simply be abbreviated to YCD - You Can Die). By the way, if I get anything wrong (like I've missed something, or something like that), please tell me. I'd hate to judge a game unfairly. Anyway, here goes...

The menu was nice - minimalist, but gave a good impression. Upon starting, I found out the character moved very slowly, the speed needed to be doubled at least. The text was a bit hard to read, but that's to be expected with a pixel font. Combat was simplistic, but it worked, and was all that could have been expected given the time frame. I liked the music, and thought the donation link on the main menu was quite clever. However, clicking on the "MENU" button took you to the menu, without saving or anything. This is counter-intuitive, as I thought it would contain a "RESUME" button. Unfortunately, I had to start over. The random generation was nice, although there weren't that many different features. I liked how you trailed blood when you were injured. There was no objective, so I was just wondering around, but for the time we had, this was a pretty good game.
Theme use: not that good. Just your basic "well, the main character is alive" attempt - YCD.

The line "When she was a girl, she wanted to be a squid" scores 6/10 straight away :P The text for score/money/lives/whatever was pretty much unreadable. To begin with I was just wondering around aimlessly. The music got very annoying very quickly. The graphics were pretty good. The gameplay was okay, but there was quite a bit of wandering about.
Theme use: YCD.

Cantilever Bridge
The main menu is pretty good again. On the options menu, it would be been nice to say that X went back to the menu. The graphics were nice. Using the gun to affect your jumping took some getting used to, and it was too hard to do really. In fact, I couldn't get past the first woods level. The music was okay. I liked the cut-scenes.
Theme use: I didn't get very far, so I don't feel I can judge it, but I couldn't see anything to do with the theme in the time I played.

The main menu was fairly nice. The graphics are simplistic, but work fine. The music is okay too. On reading the first few lines of text, I thought of Karoshi. It seems like exactly the same idea, except there is a goal you can't touch. It took me a fair while to figure out how it worked - I didn't get what made the character decide to move and I didn't know what I could drag (the player, goal and spikes would not move). It seems to be AI based, but it's not that easy to understand. All in all, it's a fairly good game with potential, especially with the deadline, but it could be improved.
Theme use: again, not that imaginative. It seems to just be the "live/dead" take - YCD.

(My original comments seem to have been deleted somehow for some reason, so this one won't be as long)
The graphics were very good, although the animations weren't so nice. The idea itself was a good one, and original, but I don't feel it was pulled off quite so well.
Theme use: Good - when you died you had to inhabit another creature to continue living.

Tidal Wave
Poor graphics, okay menu. It crashed every time I took a few steps though, so I don't feel my rating will be very good.
Theme use: I couldn't tell very well, but I'm pretty sure it was just a YCD.

Colour My World
Graphics were meh. Gameplay was a bit boring really. I got errors quite a lot. Just seemed to be your standard platformer.
Theme use: didn't seem to be based on the theme at all.

The whole game was rather simplistic. Not much to do. Backspace is not the best key choice. All in all, fairly poor.
Theme use: YCD.

Okay graphics. I liked the way the chickens moved, but there was no sense of progression - new levels didn't get unlocked or anything. Not much to comment on here.
Theme use: YCD.

Poor, glitchy gameplay. Very poor effort.
Theme use: YCD.

I liked the graphics, The water looked good whenever it wasn't falling. However, the aim of the gameplay just seemed to be to lower the water level. It wasn't much fun. The water physics weren't that good either, and water hovered above lava, which was a bit strange. Music was okay.
Theme use: None... well, possibly the plants, but that wasn't hardly to do with "live".

The graphics were pretty nice. I don't get why he transformed though. The music was okay and suited the game. The main character was very weird, but cool too. J and I were strange buttons to use. Attacking made satisfying sounds and the blood effects appealed to me :P The gameplay was good fun. Probably my favourite so far.
Theme use: YCD.

Don't Die
The graphics and music were mediocre but the gameplay was surprisingly fun, especially with the challenge of beating those on the score-board. Could have used more variety - something to consider if the game is continued perhaps. The water didn't seem to do anything apart from make enemy corpses float - perhaps make motion more difficult or something?
Theme use: YCD.

First impressions (based on the screenshots) were very good indeed. The menu looked very nice, although the (fairy?) moved a bit too slowly. The speech font was hard to read. F was a weird button to use. The combat was a bit boring, but it worked. The sprites were very nice indeed. I'm not sure the music really suited the game. It was a bit too calm. There was a small glitch (where when you went right from the big golden tree room, you couldn't move unless you jumped), but it was good for the time they had. Enemies (and other sprites - like the fountain) occasionally appeared from nowhere. Overall, it was a good game.
Theme use: This had a nicer use of the theme - trying to get your loved one to live. Well done.

The puzzle gameplay was pretty good and I managed to work out what to do without any instructions - which is always nicer. The graphics and music were okay. I liked the voice acting :P It was pretty fun, though a tiny bit repetitive. There was a glitch where placing an L piece on the right of the battery would not not conduct electricity unless you put another piece on the left of it, and sometimes, not even then.
Theme use: Pretty good - making monsters live.

This game was presented very nicely and the gameplay was original. I liked the hand effect and the custom sound effects. The dialogue was also very good! :P It was pretty fun to play too, although a bit hard and the hand often obscured your view - to the effect you often could see whether you were going to fall to your death or land safely. Perhaps if the hand drew from the right it would have been a little better. I noticed signs weren't drawn properly, but that didn't really matter - it was hard enough keeping up as it was.
Theme use: Maybe that the hand is drawing stuff "live"? Perhaps just a YCD though...

Fourth Dimension
The gameplay was just your standard platforming. Not much going on except jumping and shooting. Movement felt a bit slow and the character didn't always face the mouse, which was not what you would expect. There's not really much to comment on.
Theme use: YCD.

Rocket Leaper
The graphics and presentation was pretty poor, but I'll let it off since the gameplay was actually pretty fun. It was just a climb-as-high-as-you-can game, but it was still original in the fact you had to freeze your platforms first. It was a bit limited - there wasn't much content, but it was still fairly fun. The jumping physics felt just right.
Theme use: Supposedly, you were freezing missiles "live"... Well, better than YCD I suppose.

You moved too quickly, the mouse moved the view way too much and the movement was confusing. Once I worked out how everything worked though, it was a pretty nice game. The graphics were okay and there was no music. There wasn't much different content.
Theme use: You were on Live TV. Yes, a pretty poor theme use, but preferable to YCD.

Rogue Game (RogueLime/whatever you want to call it)
The graphics were pretty poor and simple. Ignoring that and the fact there was no music this game had quite a few nice features. The scrolling TV banner was cool. The battles were unique for each enemy, which made the gameplay fresh, although there were only 4 enemies. The water effects (reflections and blood) were great fun to play around with. Overall, there wasn't enough content, which is the only reason this wasn't so good. With more time, it could be a great game. (Has anyone actually played this?)
Theme use: Live TV again (2 in a row). However, this one did it a bit better, with TV screen effects that actually worked.

Rainbow Dash!
I liked the graphics and the rainbow was nice and curvy. The menu was nice too. The music and gameplay was a bit repetitive though.
Theme use: You're getting the planet to live. Fairly good.

Enemies and Allies
Horrible graphics, horrible gameplay. NEVER use arrow keys and mouse controls! Think about us poor people with laptops. If you're using the mouse, use WASD. Or else people like me give you low scores. Then again, this game deserves it anyway. Also, the healthbars extend when damage. Isn't that the wrong way round?
Theme use: None (I think).

Lead Iron Fire Explosion
The title doesn't make sense and it's an acronym for "Life" rather than "Live"... Anyway... okay graphics (I liked the intro). The gameplay was nice in that it was turned base, which was a nice change. It was an average game. Not bad for a jam.
Theme use: Maybe the attempt at a title?...

LIVE: The Game
It was hard distinguishing good things from bad. Rubbish graphics. Pretty poor game.
Theme use: YCD

The Underworld
Very unfinished. Most of it didn't work.
Theme use: None (I think).

Live Talk Show Hero
Not much going on. A bit boring. It was easy to cheat by repeatedly pressing all the keys. Graphics were bad and there was no variation in the gameplay.
Theme use: It was on a live TV show. Okay.

The Meaning of Life and Death
There was one enemy and you shot at it. That was it.
Theme use: Not really...

The model and presentation was very good, but the gameplay lacked in... gameplay. Wasn't much fun at all.
Theme use: None.

Super death machine
This looked great! Why is there no link?!?

I liked the presentation - how it was like Star Wars, but the gameplay was dull. The graphics were okay, as was the music.
Theme use: None.

The textboxes obscured the view - they should have been at the top. Gameplay was a bit boring. Not much to do.
Theme use: None.

Congratulations, You're Alive
Title sounds like one of 2Dcube's games... It was pretty boring platforming really. Graphics were poor. Music was okay. However, it was dedicated to me, so it deserved 4 for that :D
Theme use: None.

Basically a Galcon clone. Fairly good gameplay, but wasn't original. Graphics were okay.
Theme use: None.

I Have Given You Life Now Live
The dialogue at the beginning was far too fast to read. Platforming was a bit glitchy (when you jumped up into a block, you snapped back down instantly). I also got an error, which forced me to stop playing. Overall, it seemed like an okay game.
Theme use: None.

...and then he fell
Repetitive, not much going on.
Theme use: None.

The graphics and customisability are very nice. The gameplay seemed like it could be good too, though I couldn't really tell how to play. The mouse view scrolling was awkward and moved too fast. I reckon this was probably good, if I could have figured out how it worked.
Theme use: None.

The menu was nice - simplistic but with a few cool effects going on in the background. Only thing I would have said is that on the Instructions menu, it should have said which button made you go back. Although Escape is an obvious choice, too many GM games use this simply to quit. The gameplay itself was fairly good, though a bit generic. Again, the graphics were nice. When you respawned, it was possibly to spawn right next to an enemy, however. Also, it asked you your name each time, instead of remembering it, when you finished a game. After about 4000, enemies started coming much less rapidly than they needed too. The game also slowed down at this point. Bullets colliding with enemies didn't feel quite as satisfying as I felt it needed too - perhaps add a bit of screen shake or something?
Theme use: Keep the body "alive", I think, but it wasn't in the game, so I don't really know.

Okay. It told me I needed to "live" to survive. No, really? :P The shadow effects were pretty nice, but inside the house it got so limiting you couldn't really see anything. The gameplay seemed to consist of your standard (zombie?) TDS-ing. Graphics were okay, but nothing special. Sounds were the same.
Theme use: YCD.

Suburban Warfare
It seemed rather complicated. The instructions page was very hard to read - there was stuff all over the place. Seemed to be a 2-player game, no AI, which was a bit disappointing. Took me a while to figure out how to change the power and angle - you couldn't hold down any of the buttons - you had to keep clicking. The randomly generated terrain was nice, but the rest of the sprites were pretty poor. One I worked out how to play (which took a while), it was fairly fun. The game definitely had potential, but for now, it isn't quite up to the standard of some of the other games.
Theme use: YCD.

Presentation on the first two screens was very poor. However, I do not have an Insert button so I could play no further. Thus, my rating will probably not be true to the game's actual worthiness.
Theme use: I don't know.

Breaking News
The concept was nice and worked pretty well. I could see it being pretty fun if continued. The graphics were fairly poor. There wasn't much to do - there was just one scene with a few events. I couldn't figure out how to exit from the highscores list without quitting the game, which was annoying as I wanted to replay.
Theme use: You were filming live. A pretty good implementation of it.

Penguin Survivor
The gameplay was just to survive as long as your could with stuff dropping down. It was pretty boring really. The graphics were okay. There was plenty of variety, but the gameplay itself wasn't fun enough to make that count.
Theme use: YCD.

You just held Up for the duration of the game. It had a sort of story, but it needed gameplay too. The graphics were pretty poor - they didn't fit in together.
Theme use: Well, I presume it had something to do with the story. It was better than YCD, at least.

Die Again
A nice, clever game mechanic. Made gameplay interesting and you had to think. Maybe a toggle instead of a hold would have been better though. The graphics were simple, but worked fine. The music suited the game. The puzzles had enough variation to keep the game interesting and got quite hard.
Theme use: YCD.

Tale of Isamu
Movement was too slow. The platforming felt a bit buggy. It wasn't all that good. The graphics and music were okay. I stopped playing pretty quickly.
Theme use: YCD.

The Statues Live!
The music and sprites were good for the game, even though the sprites were pretty simple. I liked the way they shot the orb instead of just switching straight from one to the other, though it was perhaps a bit too slow. I actually had to think to solve some of the puzzles (though that may just have been me :P). I don't think they should have gone grey when not active - it made you think they weren't there, so when I collided with them, it surprised me (because grey's the colour of the background too). Gravity didn't affect the statues when they were not live, which was a bit strange. Blocks were not clever enough - they should have only fallen if there was nothing in the way of them and you. The levels were well designed and there were a lot of them for the time given for the jam. I played this right through to the end - the longest I spent on any jam game so far.
Theme use: Each statue could live to gain control. Nice idea (though maybe not 100% original).

Bomb Disarmer
Very poor graphics. You quit the game each time you lost, instead of restarting, which was annoying. I liked how the colour spread through the wire, though the wire drawing itself was quite poor. The third level was too hard.
Theme use: The bombs were live. Better than YCD, I suppose.

Bad graphics really, although not too bad for 2 1/2 hours. Controls were horrible. I cannot press the left and right mouse button at the same time and I don't have a middle mouse button. Because of this, I doubt my score will be very good. The gameplay itself was just generic and not really fun.
Theme use: None.

Mickey Mouse in search of life
The title and screenshots made me cringe in anticipation. The gameplay was pretty rubbish. The graphics were pretty rubbish. The clock continued to count even when you couldn't move because of a textbox, which is bad game design. Poor overall.
Theme use: You had to find life? I don't really know...

Everybody Lives
It was an okay idea, but it was too hard to actually play. It just seemed luck-based really. The graphics were pretty poor. The fact one pot was moving made it near impossible - it was hard enough without that.
Theme use: I don't really know.

The Ball 2 - Live Current
Gameplay was pretty bad and glitchy. The ball didn't move well. You could fall off the screen without dying. Bad graphics. Poor in general.
Theme use: I don't really know.

I seemed just to be wondering around. The graphics were okay. I didn't have any idea where to go though, so I gave up pretty quickly.
Theme use: I don't really know.

Live As Long as Possible
Graphics were very poor. Gameplay was bad and boring. Seemed very glitchy.
Theme use: YCD.

High On Life
The graphics were poor. The voice acting didn't fit the sentences - it was probably computer generated. The running level was far too long. Controls were not the best. The gameplay wasn't that fun.
Theme use: YCD.

(Super) Novavon
The graphics were nice, as was the story before the game began. However, the gameplay wasn't very fun at all and was very slow.
Theme use: I don't really know.

An amusing idea. I really liked the way the names represented many of the GMC members (myself included). Worked well with the humour. I liked the sound effects (well, the speech) as well. It was a pity there were few levels added before the jam was actually finished.
Theme use: "The clown will live"?

Story of a Mother Bird
The fact that you could either middle click or press space was very good. However, the gameplay and graphics were not. It seemed very unfinished
Theme use: None.

Well, those are my reviews over. That took a long time. Hope everyone appreciates it. Feel free to respond to any of my reviews. Now for my votes. I'm just going to vote for 3, although since I have put score, anyone can put together a list of all of them if they want, but I can't be bothered doing it. Here they are:

1. The Statues Live!
2. Bound
3. Pangaea

And I think that'll all :D

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Posted 06 August 2011 - 04:14 PM

Having let the games sink in, I have decided upon my votes...

I am going for three categories here, because I feel there are 3 main interpretations: to live; to watch live; and to be a live current.

So, the winners are my votes go to:

For best staying alive game:

Don't Die by CoolGamrSms
Livewire by Cakefish (I couldn't choose a clear winner out of this category, and these two were the ones I had most fun playing!)

For best live TV show game:

RogueLime by Dark Matter and Theg721 (only because the IRC said I couldn't vote myself ;) - and I hadn't realised in my review that this actually was a live TV show!)

For best live electricity game:

Enliven by IceMetalPunk
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#112 Punky


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Posted 06 August 2011 - 09:37 PM

I shall be playing every game in order and reviewing them just the same. (that means everyone gets a review! hopefully*....)
I am not voting based on the amount of content, or the most polished looking game.

*edit later I am missing 4-5 game reviews but the rest are there

1. Doodledoo - By TheSnidr
In terms of what he achieved in 72 hours I think this project stood out the most technically speaking.

2. Enliven - By IceMetalPunk
Was one of the more coherant games that properly followed the proper word using "live electricity" instead of living.

3. Underfall - By orse ost e7 o
Because it seems well crafted, a neat puzzle/physics type game and out of all the games involving life you didn't actually "die"

Why I voted how I did

Best of their type



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#113 Davve


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Posted 07 August 2011 - 09:15 PM

Here is a short review, including a few pros and cons about each game. They are sorted in worst to best, think of it as a top 54 list.


To summarize:

Longest post ever!
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#114 Debels


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Posted 08 August 2011 - 12:04 AM

My votes go to

  • 1 Live As Long As Possible - By jeff159357
  • 2 Enliven - By IceMetalPunk
  • 3 RogueLife - By True Valhalla

I have the top 2 scores of Live As Long As Possible, its a excelent game
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#115 Terrified Virus

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 03:07 PM

1.Die - Davve(awesome game!)
2.Doodledoo - TheSnidr
3.RogueLife - True Valhalla

These three games are pretty cool.
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#116 Sharkhboy_Salvatore


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Posted 09 August 2011 - 05:42 PM

I vote for:
1.Colour My World - By TheUltimate
2.Die - Davve
3.Doodledoo - TheSnidr

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#117 Melle1


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Posted 09 August 2011 - 07:19 PM

My Votes Are...

1.Colour My World - By TheUltimate
3.Doodledoo - TheSnidr

There we Go!
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#118 masterofhisowndomain


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Posted 09 August 2011 - 09:01 PM

My vote goes to '''Don't Die''', by CoolGamrSims. :)
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#119 wakeskater_X


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Posted 10 August 2011 - 02:50 AM

my votes go to:

1. Colour my world
2. Sakanajo
3. RogueLife
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Posted 10 August 2011 - 08:32 PM

Finally got round to playing all the games, and thanks to everyone that played mine, glad to see people enjoy my...*reads reviews* ah...never mind... :P anyway, my votes are for:

1. Doodledoo

2. The statues live
3. Cantilever bridge
4. Enliven

My reasons for voting:


There were more great games, but these are my votes as the ones I enjoyed the most, good luck everyone!
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#121 ThatSnail


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Posted 11 August 2011 - 02:50 PM

Haven't had the time to play all the games but from what I've played here are my votes.

1. Geometry by RedOctober
2. Penguin Survivor by kalzme
3. Doodledoo by TheSnidr
4. The Statues Live! by orange08
5. Sunless by exar3000


Voted almost exclusively on depth of gameplay this time around, because I felt that that aspect weighed in the most here. Good luck to everyone!
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#122 AhmedElyamani



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Posted 11 August 2011 - 04:50 PM

My votes go to
  • Enliven - Ice Metal Punk
  • Enliven - Ice Metal Punk
  • Enliven - Ice Metal Punk
    wow loved this game i have one note: 12 levels only ? need more it's really fun ;)

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#123 bllaahh


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Posted 11 August 2011 - 09:50 PM

1) enliven
2) live alap
3) rogue live
4) doodledoo
5) under fall

1) because its a fun game and well done
2) i think i played this one longest
3) he asked for a vote right just before i wrote this
4) the ideas good but the games too hard, butg it looked like you put alot of time into it
5) its the prettiest game i played
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Try my first game here. i will try yours if you do mine.

#124 PurpleFuzzy


    Punk Rock Princess

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 10:17 PM

I was only able to play shockingly few of these games due to time restraints, so if I missed yours, please don't take it personally. Here are my votes, thoughts below. As a rule of thumb, I only voted for games I played through to the end.

1) Die Again by Big Bomb
2) Cantilever Bridge by ThatSnail
3) The Statues Live! by orange08
4) Enliven by IceMetalPunk
5) Underfall by orse ost e7 o

Please excuse the disordered nature of these thoughts, because I just wrote things down as I played.

Nice work to everyone. Even if I didn't play your game, congratulations on making something for the Jam.

Also, thanks to Nocturne for organizing it. It was a blast.

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#125 King Tetiro

King Tetiro

    King of Orenna

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 10:45 PM

My vote goes to.

Catch the Clown 2 - Bretboy129

I always vote for the funny one
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If I have provided feedback on a game of yours, it would be epic if you do the same!
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#126 Joh


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 12:19 AM

My votes goes to
4)pinguin survival-kalzme
5)rainbow Dash-by Klassic


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#127 makerofthegames


    My last custom title

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 04:33 AM

Am I allowed to only give very low votes? Like have a 10th and 11th place but not 1st or 2nd? Sort of like a "stick it to the manSSE-voting" thing.

Anyway, I vote for Catch the Clown II because it's the classiest thing to do. I can't be bothered to actually play any of them much less check to see which is higher or lower quality and then vote for the lower, so instead I'm just copying King Tetiro.

For 2nd I vote Live As Long As Possible or w/e

Edited by makerofthegames, 12 August 2011 - 08:01 PM.

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#128 W!TS


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 06:03 AM

My votes go to
1. The legend will live on... - By bretboy129
2. Super death machine - By ElecGM
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#129 BretHudson



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Posted 12 August 2011 - 08:09 AM

1) Colour My World by TheUltimate
2) RogueLime by Dark Matter and Theg721
3) Super Death Machine by ElecGM

I wanted to say thanks to Nocturne for organizing this, and to all the fellow members who participated and made this game jam one to remember! :)

Also, thank you for everyone who's voted for my game Catch the Clown II: The Legend Will Live On. I seriously didn't expect anyone to vote for it because it wasn't at all suppose to be a serious entry. Thanks, though, for all that did vote for it. :)
-Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

Edited by bretboy129, 12 August 2011 - 02:49 PM.

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#130 chance


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 12:12 PM

Frankly, all three of these games deserve to win.... but here are my votes:

1st: Die - By Davve

2nd: Doodledoo - By TheSnidr

3rd: Enliven - By IceMetalPunk

I loved Die. Innovative puzzles, great graphics, intuitive gameplay. Perfect. The game's overall quality and feel seems very professional. Well done!

Doodledoo was wonderfully fun. Great to see something really out of the ordinary. And the mix of (apparent) live action and animation was a great use of theme. (I rarely use this expression, but) the game was charming.

Enliven is the type of puzzle game I enjoy, so it was an easy choice for the "Top 3". Lots of challenging puzzles, and a good choice of pieces to solve them with. A well-made game. Loved it.

(I'll come back later and add my other reviews. There are many other games that deserve honorable mention.)
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#131 Earthwalker


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 03:11 PM

I finally got around to voting! I just want to say good job to everyone who entered the jam! I know I had a lot of fun with it. Ok, here are my votes:

1. Doodledoo - By TheSnidr
2. Geometry - By RedOctober
3. Die - By Davve
4. ...and then he fell - By AntonHuckleberry

And here are my reviews:


Again, fabulous job everyone!
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#132 Tsn


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 05:45 PM

I vote for.
Don't Die - By CoolGamrSms
I like the slow mo and that it is a good shooter.

Edited by Tsn, 12 August 2011 - 05:49 PM.

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#133 sbenders


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 06:28 PM

1) Don't Die - CoolGamrSms
2) RogueLife - By True Valhalla
3) Bound - By JonathanPzone
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#134 XD005


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 08:51 PM

My votes go to

Don't Die - CoolGamrSms
LiVEWiRE - link3000
Spud Wars - By Link Works
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#135 JonathanPzone


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 09:13 PM

1. Pangaea / CubinJ, Ravenmonkey, and Linx137520
2. RogueLife / True Valhalla
3. Don't Die / CoolGamrSms
4. The Statues Live! / orange08

I tried to vote in terms of how efficiently these games were made in the time allotted and how much I thought was put into it, as opposed to judging them as if they were the finished product.

Edit: Misspelled name :unsure:

Edited by JonathanPzone, 12 August 2011 - 09:16 PM.

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#136 Lolligirl



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Posted 12 August 2011 - 11:24 PM

1. Doodledoo by TheSnidr
2. Don't Die by CoolGamrSms


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The Little Tornado, That Doggone Cat, Race Friends, Poker Defense

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#137 boyohboy


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 11:42 PM

Colour my world - The Ultimate - Short but sweet
(Super) Novavon - By BearealisGames and Earthwalker - Most well-done and atmospheric
LiVEWiRE - By link3000 - Great 3D graphics and music
JAM! LIVE! RANDOM! - By ParodyKnaveBob - Most hilarious

Some reviews:
RogueLife - I loved the music. The idea's nice, but you need more stuff to do.
DoodleDoo - Downloaded this just because everyone was voting for it, but I found that even though it's probably some of the most complex ideas to pull off, the game's not quite as fun as some of the others. It's too hard to time your jumps and the hand keeps getting in your way. Keep at it, though, it looks awesome and I'll play it again if you choose to add more to it.
Colour my world - I just liked this game. It may have been short, but the idea was quite original and it seems like something you'd want to play when it's done.
Pangaea - Loved the graphics and the story, but it felt a little too generic as a game. I couldn't get past the eyeball-tree, but it did keep me captivated enough to try it five times!
(super) Novanon - I don't know how you made so many levels in 3 days! I didn't have time to go through them all since I wanted to try some more games so I replaced the 2 in the save file with a 25 and tried some random levels. It actually gets pretty fast-paced near the end.
LiVEWiRE - It's kind of impressive to make a 3D game in such a short time. It was just really fun to play and look at, even if all you can do is hold D and turn if you don't want to get blown up right away.
JAM! LIVE! RANDOM! - Okay, the level design in this game isn't really that good, and it's the most awkward thing ever to use space, the arrow keys, and backspace, but it was still fun somehow.
Bomb Disarmer - I don't know what to do in this game. Really. It needs some instructions.
Super Death Machine - Uh... what?

Edited by boyohboy, 13 August 2011 - 12:15 AM.

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#138 makerofthegames


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Posted 13 August 2011 - 12:21 AM

So, the voting is over.

Inb4zeddy and lock

Edited by makerofthegames, 13 August 2011 - 12:22 AM.

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#139 Zeddy


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Posted 13 August 2011 - 12:27 AM


Also, here are the results. If you are interested in the process of tallying up the votes, the 700kB text file of output from the program can be seen here.

And because I'm terrible at adoes, here are the results!

Doodledoo, by TheSnidr

Tied for 2nd:
The Statues Live!, by orange08
Don't Die, by CoolGamrSms

Die, by Davve
Enliven, by IceMetalPunk
Colour My World, by TheUltimate
Underfall, by orse ost e7 o
RogueLife, by True Valhalla
Tied for 9th:
Pangaea, by CubinJ
Cantilever Bridge, by ThatSnail
Tied for 11th:
Bound, by JonathanPzone
Geometry, by RedOctober
Rainbow Dash, by Klassic
SakanaJo, by Yal
TalkShow Hero, by Punky
Sanctum, by ziggler1
Die Again, by Big Bomb
LiVEWiRE, by link3000
Tied for 19th:
...and then he fell, by AntonHuckleberry
Live As Long As Possible, by jeff159357
The legend will live on..., by bretboy129
Rogue Live, by Dark Matter and theg721
Livewire, by Cakefish
Penguin Survivor, by kalzme
(Super) Novavon, by BearealisGames and Earthwalker
Tied for 26th:
Soulsnatcher, by Fireball16
The Meaning of Life and Death, by fenyxofshadows
Spud Wars, by Link Works
Germs Life, by Fiuz'en Had
Mickey Mouse - In search of life, by livsk
Everybody Lives, by chance
tale of Isamu, by linkronny
Rocket Leaper, by orange08
Tied for 34th:
Tidal Wave, by Imperial Games
JAM! LIVE! RANDOM!, by ParodyKnaveBob
Freedom, by michael pw
Lead Iron Fire Explosion, by turgon
Live: The Game, by ratsby
Congratulations, You're Alive, by PurpleFuzzy
I Have Given You Life Now Live, by @Alex@
Suburban Warfare, by Ivaxlar
Nature comes alive, by Fuzzle
Breaking News!, by Soulsnatcher
Sunless, by exar3000
Bomb Disarmer, by GamerTeen
Tied for 46th:
Zombies, by GamerTeen
Traim, by creativebunch
Fourth Dimension, by Follomania
Showtime, by Gooses
Enimies and allies, by slam drago
The Underworld, by Sondar
THIRTEEN, by ariugh
Alive?, by masterofhisowndomain
The Ball 2 - Live Current, by Shadowrend
High On Life, by speedchuck and makerofthegames
Story of a Mother Bird, by ador862

Congratulations to Snidr and his homage on a mandolin and his C++ port and his awesome surprise by ThatSnail and his t-shirt and his forty virgins and his private jet and his limousine and his song career and his presidential election.

Kudos to orange08 and CoolGamrSms and their yoyos.

Edited by zeddidragon, 13 August 2011 - 12:29 AM.

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