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Tibia Titans

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#1 Candlejack


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Posted 09 June 2011 - 08:42 PM

Tibia Titans

The Annihilation

YouTube Video
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This game was inspired by the Flash "Tibia Tower Defense 2". I was addicted to the game for about a week and was confident I could make something better! :P This is a tower defense game based off Tibia, there are no Towers, rather, Titans! There are 8 Titans to choose from. Titans will level up and get stronger as the game progresses. You can "Train" and "Promote" your Titans to make them even MORE powerful!

* Smooth, Custom Built Tower Defense Engine
* Balanced and formulated for strategy!
* Elements, Effects, Spells
* Damage over Time Spells
* Healing Spells
* Smooth Lighting System
* Beautiful Sound Track
* 8 Titans To Use - Each very unique with it's own specific task
* 30 Levels - This is a demo
* 3 Bosses
* Smooth menu and selection system
* Auto Updater
* Highscore System
* Blood and other special effects

Key Features -

Frequent Updates Via Auto-Updater!

Game will receive regular balancing updates, more levels, more monsters, and additional changes on nearly a weekly basis. Big plans for this game! Maybe even some sort of multiplayer one day ;)

Formulated Damage

I didn't just throw numbers and variables around to come up with the damage system. It's actually a real formula that takes into account your attack skill, level, monsters level, monsters defense, and could possibly take into account a weapon (if I added one that feature in-game). Also a chance of miss, block and hit for melee units based on your level to monsters level, as well as monsters shield, etc etc.

The formulated damage is actually my most favorite part about the game!

Damage Intake

Some monsters your units face can actually attack back; which is why Druids are important. Alternatively you can use a health potion on a selected unit.

Units Level Up And Get Stronger!

Two very cool things your units will do is as they fight, they’ll gain levels and attack skill! Both of these play a role in how much damage your units will output. Levels can only be increased if they receive experience by getting a killing shot on an enemy. Attack Skill will increase as your units attack things, alternatively you can ‘Train’ your unit, which allows your to pay to increase their attack strength.

Both of these things also play a role in how much your can sell your units for later on in the game!


Promoting a unit offers a variety of benefits! Damage output will be increased, attack speed will be increased, along with other bonuses!


Game includes multiple ‘buffs’ which can offering a temporary bonus to nearby units!

Download: Tibia Titans v1.22 - Latest
Download: Tibia Titans v1.21
Download: Tibia Titans v1.2
Download: Tibia Titans Demo v1.1

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#2 Dannerz


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Posted 14 June 2011 - 02:53 AM

I claim first post.
I will dl this and try it out, then ill tell you what i thought of it later on.

Ok I'm on level 27.
I think you did fairly decent for a tower defense game.
How did you get/make all of the sprites?

I'd like it better if I could build more things.
For example building a blacksmith then being able to research upgrades.
Thanks for uploading.

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#3 stumlehb


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Posted 14 June 2011 - 03:10 AM

seemed nice. I got to the end.

There is a typo in the paladins description.. it says something like: 'change of miss', but should say: 'chance of miss'.

also, there was a glitch with the jaood? the meteors started freezing and staying on screen.
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#4 smmt


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Posted 17 June 2011 - 08:26 AM

Good game for a tower defense game , but you should add some sort of story to each level. Make it all part of some plot.
Also polish the graphics some more , make cleaner graphics , blend the colors a little better.
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#5 Candlejack


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Posted 17 June 2011 - 10:10 PM

Thanks for the feedback all. One thing I will probably do is remove the blood effects. It's pretty tacky, or have it be off by default. :P

I like the idea of upgrading crap. Balancing is just a massive pain :P Thinking of adding some sort of formula so monsters get slightly stronger based on the strength of your units. So there's sort of a flow, and you never get to the point where you're constantly owning everything.

For the graphics, I used an editor someone made for Tibia's .SPR file and exported them to a folder :P
Tibia - www.tibia.com
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#6 arirish


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Posted 15 September 2011 - 10:01 PM

Kind of annoying how, unlike in most tower defence games, your units don't automatically go for the nearest enemy furthest along the path. I found enemies were getting to the gate because a unit was attacking an enemy much further back along the line. Otherwise, really fun stuff, though I didn't get far enough to be earning enough gold to upgrade my units :( The bosses were insanely difficult - I didn't kill either of the two I met.
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