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Custom Titles

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Posted 07 October 2009 - 05:15 PM

Custom Titles
Granting Requests

Because many members have requested them, we are offering custom titles. Please don't PM the staff about this, or post questions about it in this topic. These guidelines should be self-explanatory:

  • Post in this topic with the title you want. You'll receive the title exactly as requested, so write carefully.
  • Maximum title length, including spaces and punctuation, is 20 characters.
  • Titles may only contain standard alpha-numeric (US keyboard) characters and punctuation. No special characters, diacritical marks, or accents.
  • Your warn level must be 0% to be eligible.
  • When new requests are completed, they will also be deleted from the topic. That way we will be better able to track changes that users request.
  • Do NOT request anything rude or offensive, nor anything that could be interpreted as making you appear to be a member of the forum staff.

This offer may be terminated or amended without notice, at any time. Custom titles will be granted at the sole discretion of the staff. Offensive or misleading titles, or those deemed inappropriate by the staff, will be ignored.
Humiliation resulting from a member's stupid title choice -- including (but not limited to) spelling errors, bad grammar, inflated ego, or general nerdiness -- is the sole responsibility of the member.

Offer void where prohibited by law.

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