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DyLib Creations Forum Rules

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Posted 18 March 2011 - 05:22 AM

DyLib Creations Forum Rules

Please read over the following rules before posting a topic. Any topic posted in this section that fails to comply with these rules will be deleted.

Posting Guidelines

  • Only topics which showcase a DyLib (Dynamic Link Library for Mac) may be posted here. All other topics of discussion will be removed.
  • All topics require a download link to the creation they are showcasing. Any creation which requires a user to contact the creator via e-mail, Personal Messenger or other similar means are not allowed. Dylibs need to be packaged in an Extension (.gex) file in order for them to work with Game Maker.
  • Do NOT create topics showcasing examples, tutorials or engines using other people's DyLibs / creations. If you have made an example, tutorial, or engine using someone else's DyLib, you may place it in the DyLib's existing showcase topic.
  • Porting or converting discussions are NOT allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, porting GM Games, converting GML, or using GameMaker on platforms it does not natively support.
  • Creations that alter the behavior of GameMaker directly are NOT allowed. This includes tool bars, embedded windows, memory alteration, etc.

STRICTLY Forbidden Areas of Discusion

  • Prank programs (harmless or not)
  • Disabling the Start Menu, TaskManager, CTRL+ALT+DELETE, CMD+OPT+ESC, etc.
  • Shells (Sub-OS programs)
  • File management programs
  • Applications that use or access email, chat networks (eg. AIM, MSN, IRC), telephone networks (eg. SMS), or forums
  • Removal tools for spyware / viruses / cookies, or pop-up blockers
  • Preventing or forcing Log Off, Shut Down, or Restart
  • Applications that alter the operating system, system files, or registry settings
  • Programs that install software to automatically start for any reason
  • Programs that hide themselves when they run
  • Key loggers, screen loggers, activity monitors, or any other form of surveillance
  • Applications that automatically refresh web pages
...and any other project or topic the staff considers harmful.

See this linked topic for a full list of projects which are not allowed.


Q: What if a download link isn't working?
A: Make sure to try the "Right Click > Save As" option, or dragging the link into the browser bar. If that doesn't work, then it's a dead link.

In cases like this, do NOT bump the topic saying "broken link" or the likes, this only wastes forum space. Try contacting the author to inform them of the link's status. You can also try using a search engine (like Google) to find the creation. If after a few days the link is still down, you can use the report button and we will look into it.

Q: What is a DyLib?
A: A DyLib is a small piece of software that you can use to extend the functionality of other programs. In this way, a DyLib is very similar to a DLL, except that a DyLib works for programs on the Mac platform.

Q: Can Game Maker make DyLibs?
A: No, Game Maker cannot make DyLibs, or machine compile anything for that matter. You will need to learn/use an outside programming language. Possible languages include C/C++, Pascal, ASM, PureBasic, etc.

Q: How do I make a DyLib?
A: You will need to learn an outside programming language and use the tools developed for that language. A recommendation would be the C language, via XCode. There are a lot of open source DyLibs that can help you as 'templates' to creating your own.

You then need to package this DyLib into an Extension, using Extension Maker. This program is for Windows only, although it can package Mac extensions (and it's currently the only method to do so). Thus, you need a Windows computer or Windows installation on your machine.

Finally, a specific process is required to make your Extension Mac compatible. Please see this.

This topic has been left open so that other users can post their "FAQ" about extending GameMaker. When a FAQ is posted, staff will determine if it should be appended to the existing list and the post will be removed.

Questions posted in this topic may remain answered. Any questions about the rules / FAQ itself are welcome.
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