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Introduction and rules.

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 06:43 PM

Some of you may be aware that an 8.1 update to Game Maker for windows is currently being worked on, but before we make any major changes we would like to open some discussions with you, the community, and get some real feedback as to what's wanted, what's a good idea, and what we should avoid at all costs!!

This sub-forum will be moderated directly by YoYo staff, and it'll follow some very strict posting rules. These aren't the normal "do this" or "do that" and you'll warn level will go up, or don't double post, or say hello, or even don't let us catch you eating cheese while typing. This forum has a very definite goal; to get real, productive feedback.

So to this end, we will not stand for:-

  • There will be NO bad-mouthing YoYo for any reason.
  • In these discussions, we really do not care if you don't like our publishing agreements.
  • Rambling topics - there's plenty other places you can "chat", please keep to the point.
  • All comments must be constructive. We all love a good discussion, and it's perfectly okay to disagree and put forward your better solution. We don't know everything, and you may well have a much better way of doing things, this is great, and exactly why we're doing this. But simply shouting that's "crap", or "your all useless" will not be tolerated.
  • While it's okay to point out that a competitor has feature "X" and it works great, it's not okay to say application "Y" is better, and ours will never be as good...blah blah blah....
  • No flaming of anyone taking part for their opinions - or anything else for that matter.
  • We'll add more here as they come up....

Any breach of these, and the post will probably just get deleted. We aren't going to get into warning folk, or trying to reason with people that just want to waste our time. If it's an honest mistake, then that's fine, we're all human, but if your post has suddenly gone; now you know why. No offence taken, but it'll be gone.

Persistent offending however, will probably get you banned. Period. This is extreme, and will probably only happen if we get constant abuse from someone, but I want to make it absolutely clear, we will not stand for things like constant YoYo bashing in this sub-forum.

We want as many people to take part as possible, the more input we have, the more chance we have of getting it right.

There will be many topics appearing over time as we try and firm up our ideas that we want to implement. Many of these ideas will not appear until GM9 or perhaps even later, so don't expect to see it discussed here, and be out a few hours later.

So.... don't be afraid of posting your honest thoughts and ideas. Look upon this as a great opportunity to help shape Game Makers future. We're all very excited to be working on Game Maker to help every one here make better games, but we're very aware we can easily screw it up for everyone. So tell us when we're wrong. Tell us when we're right! Tell us when you want more, or less of something. But most important - get involved and tell us!
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