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God's Watch - Parkour Style Platformer

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Posted 20 January 2011 - 03:09 AM

Do you mean like swimming?
Sewers are pretty cool.
A flood would be a neat story element to keep things moving.

Swimming would probably happen because of it, but I was more referring to the excuse to use constantly pooring water. I guess a flood would make things interesting... a great flood. A FLOOD THAT COVERS THE ENTIRE PLANET. Well, that right there is an idea! Thank you :D


Ugh! That last helicopter level...ugh!

I had trouble with the rolling. I finally got that you had to press forward and down, and then I got that you had to re-press them during the jump if you were already holding them. I wish it had just been holding them instead (forgive me if I am wrong, I had troubles...)

But GOOD GAME. The story (or lack thereof...the unexplained premise) kept me going until the end...the VERY end, me being who I am. Not a "new" concept (dates being transcribed and yadda yadda) but it was REALLY interesting.

Wish I knew why I WAS this odd roof-hopping badass...the people in the mall were rather uninterested...is it a 2024 thing? Haven't played Mirror's Edge...

Finally...I just personally didn't understand the answer at the end... SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER people believing in God doesn't hinder free will in many religions. In fact, many highlight it...confused me a bit. Maybe explanation in a sequel?

I really liked the controls when I got going with them, I couldn't play with sound but wish I had, and I thought it was a really good game.

The anticipation of the ending was great...I truly thought the whole idea was very good, and the gameplay was well-executed (especially the frequent saves up until the very last level, where they rightfully got skimpier).
Surprised you only got as far as you did in the comp (didn't play Blackout so...). One of the best games I've played on the GMC...definitely in the top 5.

Excellent job: 4.3/5
The points I took off were for clunky controls and the "bad" resolution (the allowing for anticipation was awesome though)

The sniper...gimmick? I thought it was a nice (difficult) bit of variety to overcome.

Glad you liked it. The rolling was explained early on and there's a controls section in the pause menu, but I understand the confusion. When it first tells you to do it, you don't NEED to do it, so it's hard to tell if the player actually learned the maneuver.


Freewill wouldn't change with the knowledge, it was more referring to what people might THINK because of it. The concept of a god with omniscience and all that. I'm mostly around Christians, which does have the concept of an omniscient god. I don't know about others, but I assumed at least Judaic and Islamic views would as well. I could easily be wrong though, as I just made the game :P. Not much research here!

In any case, I do plan on going more into the story in the next game. Even if the story your using has been done before, making it detailed will at least make it a GOOD story, original or otherwise.
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Posted 05 June 2011 - 04:35 PM

This game is awesome. I still don't get what happened in the end though. :P
I liked the part where the rocket launcher misses and shoots the helicopter. (I laughed.)
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That is all.

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Posted 06 June 2011 - 06:13 PM

Whoa... Awesome game. Awesome... everything.

Just finished it, and wow. I'm impressed.
I like the graphics. I find that the simplicity and namelessness makes you concentrate on the story more than the characters themselves, and just adds that much more mystery to the whole thing. Also the fact that you don't have points or lives, just falls and stuff that wreck your concentration and the flow of movement, which makes you want to try even harder.

The controls work really well and it's intuitive, so you don't constantly die because you forgot what was what. Also, the animations are cool. I like how his scarf moves realistically. Did you use physics for that or is it just a well-done animation? And how the heck did you do the inversion thing for the level screen?

The helicopter levels were epic. That was the only type of stage that I got through in one try.

Oh yeah, and that guy's apartment is freakin' HUGE!!! Three stories? Really? :)

Couple of nitpicks:
There was a one-letter typo in the notes at the beginning.
Sometimes it's kind of hard to tell what you can and can't jump on. (Like the blue and orange railings, and the vents that protrude from the roofs. I kept trying to jump over them since they were similar to the little ledges you can grab onto.)
You can't fall off the end of a rope, but you can fall off the end of a pipe.
The sniper part in level 2. You know the checkpoint most of the way through your second encounter with him? It's in the worst place possible. I couldn't get by him so I restarted the level to do it.

One last thing: The last level's password... I totally should have seen that coming lol.
(Also, turducken. Being sold in the mall.)

Now, this is one game that deserves the three pages of replies it got. (or however many there are when you read this)

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Posted 08 June 2011 - 11:35 PM

I finded again omg :

Long story short : I downloaded this game like last year i think , but then my computer just... well... died... i bought a new one and i was remembering of this game and like : Oh yeah that aweesome game , and now i am checking the forum for something to waste my free time xD and i find the gameee yeaaaaah and going to play the f*ck out it!!
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