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#1 MrOpposite


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Posted 02 August 2010 - 07:33 PM

:GM130: Timeline :GM130:

I just decided to release my current project "Timeline". The current version is more of an engineshow rather than a real game.

General Info:
This is a powerful engine which allows you to manipulate time in the game. You can jump forward and backward, interact with yourself, make changes to the timeline and finish the levels.

The current version contains 2 levels as well as a tutorial level. The tutorial level doesn't cover the games unique mechanics. So if you want to explore this engine in it's full potential you should continue to read this topic.

The time jumping by clicking + paradox checking is threaded so the game wont freeze.

Concept Idea:
This is will be a puzzle game. You have the ability to travel time and you can jump back/forward to help yourself out.

It could be like one of you pushes a button and opens a door. Then the original you who were trapped in the locked room gets out and jumps in the portal and becomes the one who opened the door.
Meanwhile the one who opened the door continues to the exit. You have now completed the level without any paradoxes.

The engine also includes a way of checking for paradoxes. Whenever you try to complete a level without have linked all portals so there's only ONE person who jumps throughout the game, you can't finish the level.

Planned features:
  • Powerful level-editor which allows for really cool gameplay changes.
  • Installer (along with zip's)
  • Content files with association (installer).
  • Skins
  • Levelpacks
  • In Game level sharing system (with search and stuff)
  • C++ coded launcher (so you don't have to load the complete game to send the opened file to the currently opened instance of the game.)

Controlls (playfield):
WASD = Move around (A/D = Left/right, W = jump/doublejump, S = walk into doors)
LMB* = Select a player (IMPORTANT when you start a level, the player is deselected. You need to click him to be able to move.)
RMB** = create a player (If you cant spawn there a red indicator appears to let you know why you cant place anyone there.)
RMB** + CTRL = Remove the player + portal that you clicked. (you cant remove the original player.)
Delete = Remove the selected player. (you cant remove the original player.)

* Left Mouse Button
** Right Mouse Button

Controlls (GUI and Time):
Q/E = step backward/forward trough time. (hold to "play")
Space = play pause time (IMPORTANT when you start a level, the time is paused. You need to press space to start time.)
LMB* = Jump trough time (click the timeline bar.)

* Left Mouse Button

I currently DO NOT have any ingame credits. So I'm posting them in this topic instead.

Menu = Vlad
GMThreads 2 = Snake_PL


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Not the opposite, MrOpposite!

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I'm working on a new project. The project name is "Timeline"

Reinventing the wheel is stupid, but stealing a car is illegal.

#2 peceecar


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Posted 04 August 2010 - 01:40 AM

there is an error in the game something about the GUI but can be played just ignore the errors very good game btw
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#3 MrOpposite


    Yesterdays games

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Posted 04 August 2010 - 06:26 AM

there is an error in the game something about the GUI but can be played just ignore the errors very good game btw

obj_GUI is the controller object. It was meant to be the object that handled the GUI, but it got out of hands. What was the error message? (copy paste it in here)
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I'm working on a new project. The project name is "Timeline"

Reinventing the wheel is stupid, but stealing a car is illegal.

#4 AE35


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Posted 06 August 2010 - 10:59 PM

It's an awesome idea for a game!!!

I 'll be lloking forward to this conecpt !
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#5 santa22


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Posted 07 August 2010 - 06:30 PM

good game, but i couldnt get past level.
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Posted 03 November 2011 - 07:56 PM

Very interesting game idea. I always love puzzles that play with the 4th dimension.
There are a couple things though.... the first is the completion of the tutorial. You explained only the movement basics. Either the rest was not in there or it was skipped as soon as the character approached the yellow square.

It would be helpful then to edit/fix the information concerning duplicate copies. Specifically, that there is a limit on where you can place them.... Still haven't figured that out.

Also, I would like to see it based more off the time factor.... ie. you travel backwards in time, seeing your 'old' self doing exactly what you did, and your new self has to interact with the old character. That way, it would be better suited to your title of "Timeline" rather than being a cloning process or just opening portals to alternate dimensions. This would also remove the need to control multiple characters, and would eliminate the need to check for "paradox's" seeing as how you would just be controlling the "current" self, and the other's would be essentially rendered moot because they are following the timeline you yourself originated, rather than them all having timelines of their own. Hope that made some sort of sense. :P

It would also be cool to integrate a limit on the number of time-jumps you can make, and you could probably increase that as the game progresses to give the player a sense of progression and accomplishment.

I do realize that the project is still in really early stages of developement, but I could see this game growing very popular if given the proper amount of care. I wish you luck on the project and will definetely keep my eye on your progression.
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